Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lazy Day

Cmacleod42 (Slave Maker) tossed Otherworld a shout out on his blog and so I am returning the favor. Go check it out at:


Then again if you read this blog you have played slave maker I should think.

Not really much mroe to say today just taking a weekend off for once. Will catch you guys later.



  1. I know you said you were taking off, but could you help me when you have the time. I came here from the SlaveMaker blog and wanted to try your game. How do I start is, as my computer can't seem to open it.

  2. @Merlin
    did you make sure to use the latest version of Flashplayer? (otherwise download it from www.adobe.com)
    the game is running on my pc

    some questions and suggestions concerning the game: i know the game is not ready at all and there will probably be a lot of changes on the way to completion anyway but it would be really nice to see where you can click on and where not (like in slavemaker, by just making the cursor appear as if it touched a link). also the joystick-symbol and the book-symbol could use a desciption (maybe just a popup appearing when the mouse is hovered over them, like "Options").
    after equipping a girl with a lot of cowgirl-stuff she learned the house-pet specialisation. i guess that's a bug. if not i'd like to know how i can get farm animals?
    should it be possible to save and load a game already? the game said, my game was saved but i wasn't able to load it later on.
    another very important thing: maybe i'm just blind, but i can't find a way to plan using different rooms for one girl. the only way i found was changing the room she's in at the carpenters, everytime i want to change what i do. especially annoying when you have to milk her^^

    even if it doesn't read like that, i like your game and i'm looking forward to new releases.
    keep up the good work ;)

  3. @Hessi will try to add more mouse over help to the front page.
    Girls can learn two classes. house pet is the easiest just let her sleep, to get farm pet get a stables and start training towards any pet.
    save load is currently broken will try to fix for next release.
    the rooms will remeber what girl is in at what time also what they are doing. So if you have 4 girls to milk and only 1 milking parlor. First turn all the milking parlor actions to milking. next put girl 1 in parlor for morning, then girl 2 in parlor for afternoon moving girl 1 to one of other rooms. Repeat as required. Once you set it the game remebers it.


  4. thx for the quick reply. i don't know why, but i didn't think of the simple possibility to drag and drop her to another room. took me a long time to understand that the boxes on top and left side represent the rooms in your house. maybe you could add a permanent line on the picture, naming them, like:
    Master Bedrooms

    to make it more clear.

  5. is there a oficiall releace (where can I find it)
    and if not when will it be

  6. This has a lot of potential, keep up the good work and looking forward to future releases.

  7. @Hessi
    I do, but when I go to open it, nothing. I can play Slavemaker just fine, but not this, so it's bugging me. Did I download the wrong thing? I got the one from the November MF link on the side.

  8. @Merlin
    i chose November MU, because MU is my favorite filehoster (due to very high speed, being a free user). there shouldn't be a difference, but you can try to load the game there.
    i just posted a comment on the slavemaker-blog for the same/similar problem. i just think there may be a problem with some OSs. (i'm using windows vista, which probably most of the community does not, since win7 is faster. but it's still less compatible even though a lot of people say it wasn't)

  9. Hi, i think i'll wait for a release with save/load (because i don't want to play 3 hours in a row) but i just wanted to congratulate you because from what i saw you put a lot of work in this game. And maybe you should invite the guys on the messageboard to start a wiki since the game has so many features ;)