Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Late Bugged

Well I finally got a new game to play! Yay! and I have been hitting otherworld hard for 4 days around the clock so its time for some actual vacation.

Whats New:

New Quest Turn in Pop up!
2 New Quests(Realtors Twins, Lace and Mew's Maid)
1 New Class(Cow Girl Tier 2)
3 New Jobs(Milking, Painful Lockdown, Erotic Lockdown)
50+ New Items(Just tons of new stuff)
1 New Slave Yoruichi
2+ working new effects(Yes there are a ton that were added but not working)
2 New Rooms(Dungeon, Milking Parlor)

I want to thank everyone on the boards who have been putting up with my crazy requests the last few days to help speed stuff up. You guys were great.

Since this is a bugged release would apreciate if you guys didn't share it, until a debugged release comes out.

Download links are to the left, also will put out a new script today as well on the boards.



  1. the 3rd of the month isn't really late. and feel free to put up requests whenever if it makes your job easier.

  2. Links removed for a second to fix problem with milking.


  3. Playing under Chrome. After buying the other house, the carpenter gets stuck in the second sentence and the game freezes, requiring to refresh.
    (Lord_Ian here)

  4. Using IE8. Text page freezing during supervised BJ training. Not sure if it is just the willingness level or not, searching for more experienced starter girl.

  5. Text freezes constantly restarting does not help, begins mainly in the field of trade items, but not less often hangs every other conversation, can also stop responding to the Home button ... I hope soon this problem will be corrected.

  6. Using GeoVid Flasch Player after reload i loose half of the girls every time of reload (The newest go loosed) after some reloads the girls are completly away and the games freeze in the girl equip menu