Monday, May 31, 2010

Mio, Lazy Dress, and Neko Mimi

Your Mio for the day, I don't know if it was intentional but with the way her hair flares out almost makes her look like she has wings. This gives her the appearance that she is a devil, interesting at the very least.


I absolutely hate the way that I got to the girl array linking to work, but it does work for the 10 possible owned girls, I'm shooting for. With nice randomized percentage based stat and abilities. For example, if a Mugi is on the block, there is a 60% she is a lesbian, 5% she is a futa, 40% she has her ears pierced etc. After all she is a possible version and she could have turned left rather then right when spying on the girls locker room.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mio and the Lazy Cat Girl

Think we have enough maids, finally going on to the lazy dress, one of my personal favorite and probably the most distinctive of the Mio dresses. Lets add some cat ears and we have a true classic in the making.


More internal programming, finally am getting the random girl maker working in Otherworld, rather then just using pre-programmed array fillers. Probably the last large hurtle before the game is actually up and running in a basic version.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe

Your Mio for the day. Never quite got the heart thing, but whatever, its cute.


Finally got the main text in otherworld to work the way that I rather like. Had to set up 3 seprate functions. A put the text up NOW function, a question function, and finally a long group of text funtion. Which compared to my original idea of throwing all text into one array, gives a lot more flexibility. Also got the first job to work, rest.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe

Your Mio for the day, a bit different clean left the white border around her in place, not sure if I like it or not.


Rewriting how events are handled in Otherworld till I get a way that I like. More and more I am impressed with just how good Cmacleod42 was at event handling in flash.

Pushing towards an actual working version now that the UI is in place. Really hope to get a Proof of Concept up and running in the next couple weeks.


Last a request anyone got good pics of anime drawn style of fantasy rooms. I'm sure there are some good CGs out there I just don't know them. Specifically need an empty room, a milk parlor, a stable, a bed room (many different variations) and the pics need to be high rez as they will be full screen.

Thanks in advance,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Otherworld Character Screen

All together now, poor Orihime no one has given her any clothes... oh thats better. Notice that her stats change when the dress is put on and this stat change is in green, making it easy to tell which change is from skills and items.

Right below that we have Mio modeling her maid dress. Note that orihime was wearing this same dress but didn't give any stat bonuses for her skill because it wasn't maid based.

Finally we have Mugi sporting the battle bikini, this item drops obedience into the negative. BTW Mugi's special assasin attack is the eye brow boomerang.

This is close to a final version of the character screen, except for special abilities which will be icon based and stat changes of items are still not final.

Edit:Collar Name cut off issue already fixed, just didn't feel like uploading a new pic.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe

Your Mio for the day, starting to think that I have enough Mio's for the Maid cafe, maybe 1 or 2 more cat girl maids and will move on to another dress.


Now that I have a graphical interface for the character stats been working on linking the items to the girls stat changes. Had to pat myself on the back a bit created a function with 6 variables 3 int, 3 objects that handles all the little bars moving around the character screen. Two weeks ago I don't think I would have even tried. Definitely a level up.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Otherworld Character Stats

A first look at Otherworld character stats. I finally decided on a sex as standard (straight, lesbian, futanari) + then 2 opitional classes. Just so were clear these would be considered very good slaves by being dual classed most slaves will have one and some crappy slaves none. Better hope you got a good judging skill so you can tell before you buy.

So far I have for classes and skills:


Pony Girl

Pony Acting



Milk Maid

Breast Size
Production Volume
Cow Acting




Special Ability

Cat Girl

Cat Associates
Cat Acting



Not a final list don't hesitate to suggest new or better versions and as always nothing is final until the end of the world.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe

Your Mio for today, a pain in the rear to the clean, light background in mulitple colors. But I think it turned out fine, though I did hack off a large portion of Mio's hair from the original.

Working more on the auction screen and character screen for Otherworld. I keep changing my mind if the system should be 2 skills and a sex skill, or just 2 skills. Basically should the girl be maid + ponygirl + futanari slave or if she can only be warrior + artist but a sex skills just being the most basic. Don't think I like that idea but running out of space on the character screen. Will propbably have a working mock up tomorrow.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe part I lost count

Today's Mio, using a different method to clean this one, shown to be by someone1001. Selecting all the background and then deleating it as one step. This pic took me about 10 minutes when it would have taken me about an hour. Can you guys tell the difference in the quality of the clean?


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Otherworld Dialog Example

An early look at the dialog and event box. Nothing is final but this is how it's going to look. I get the feeling that maybe I have played too much Disgaia, but the format makes sense and is easy to understand.

The background btw is the first house, your pretty little shack in the middle of nowhere. Most of the game elements though are still missing from this main screen, which hopefully when I am done with it will give you an overview of what every girl is doing in the house.


Friday, May 21, 2010

First look, Otherworld Item Screen

First look at the Otherworld item screen. One of things I rather love about WM, is the tons of items in it, one of the things I hate about WM is that the item screen is a pain in the rear, ugly, to see changes to the girl you have to actually page back to the girl and then try to figure out what stats are altered. SM on the other hand has the exact oposite problem two few items and they are all hardcoded buttons. It works, but doesnt allow for that many items.

My solution, is a ragdoll system. If you have ever played an mmo, I think you will get the basic idea. Clicking on the item will put it in the first empty slot or exchange it if the item is full. Drag and drop the item from the bag to the character, and it all works. Float over text to tell you what the item is, does, etc. What more can I say.

Weapon, sheild, collar, brand, dress, gloves, shoes, hat, tattoo, mask, undergarment, tail, nipples, ears, other, rings, clit. I hope that hits everyone's fetishes.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe; Nana to Kaoru; Otherworld, Background Story

Today's Mio, another maid cafe image with tray. This image was a little bleached out which made it a bit tougher to clean.


Chapter 11 of the second series of Nana to Kaoru came out. If you don't think Tachi looks sexy like this, your reading the wrong blog.


Otherworld Background story, "The Green"

If the green was always part of Otherworld, or something that fell into the pit no one is quite sure. What everyone knows is that it is a constant battle to keep the city from being over run by the jungle. The green is everywhere though and it is easy to tell what part of the city you are in by the amount of green, only the highest of nobles can employ enough slaves to stop the green and push it back altogether. A lot of the slums are just this side of the jungle.

Many other rumors surround the deep green, many monsters have escaped the pit and the watchful eyes of the guard into this deep jungle as well as many slaves. It is a lawless area that surrounds the town and the pit. While not as dangerous as the deep areas of the pit, it is still to be feared. Rumors also abound of a slave kingdom, an elf kingdom, and a fairy kingdom all hidden in the green, though most people discount such rumors.

Finally there is the dreaded Green surge, a sudden wave of growth that can devour an entire block of the city in the night. No one knows what can trigger a surge, but you can go to sleep and the next morning wake up in the middle of the jungle.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Menace v1.1

Here it is, probably the last update to Menace in a while.

Version 1.1

New bad ends by Ichibukai, some spelling fixes.

Also I am releasing an open source version of Menace.

Menace Open Source is to be used as an example making girls.
As long as I am active with the SlaveMaker community, I control the right to release Meance updates and new versions.
If in the distant future when SlaveMaker is up to version 5 and I am no longer active, I would hate to see menace left behind,
so you guys are more then likely to update her to keep her active. To find out if I'm still active please e-mail

If you would like to make an addition or mod to the current Menace for release please e-mail me, I will give you full credit, but I want
to keep the right to release official menace versions.

Any questions, comments, or cursing,

Version 1.1 1.1

Version 1.1 Open Source 1.1 5-19-10 Open

(Yes I know the image is a cosplay of Ohno playing Menace, which is why I never got to use it in the Menace game.)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mio Maid Cafe; Otherworld Title Screen

Your Mio for the day, shy with just a hint of love.


Thought I would show you guys the current title screen for Otherworld. A graphics designer I am not. Standard click page goes to character creation page. Will probably add a credits button sometime to it.


More on the sigularity point henceforth refered to as "The Pit", many possible versions of people wander out of the pit, but the most sought after are "Primes" or the perfect or orriginal version of a person. Sought after by collectors and religious fanatics these primes are said to be the closest to perfection. They are also the rarest of girls, being able to find and properly identify a girl as a prime is the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe Part 4; Otherworld Character Screen

Your Mio for the day... the question is, what does she have under the skirt?


First look at the otherworld character creation scene. Not that pretty but fully functional. Main things to see, float over text, will be the standard for help.

The lamia seemed to be really popular in the #slavemaker channel. Which goes to show that I'm not the only one completly confused but turned on by these ladies.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe 3, Image Editing, Menace Bad End News

Your Mio for today, have I mentioned how much I like the Neko-Mimi?

I got a question in my e-mail on how I clean images. Why waste something I have already written? This is how I clean an image, I think there are better ways but I dont't know them.

I personally use fireworks as my tool of choice. Its free for 30 days from adobe

This is just a personal preference any image editing software will most likely do.

Step 1 I resize the image usually about 2x, for slave maker thats 896 x 672, so it can be blown up but the key is not to try to clean an image greater then about 1000pix x 1000pix or you will be doing it for days. I learned this lesson cleaning Menace's cat suit image... 2 days later of cleaning, I resize every pic now.

- Some notes on image sizing for Slave Maker or my mistakes.

Note 1: going 448x336 the screen size in SM while good for file size, just looks bad if someone is playing in full screen. -- Learned from Menace

Note 2: not resizing all your images makes your slave much bigger then she needs to be. -- Learned from Orihime

Step 2 save the file as a .png file this is a file format that has transparency. Big warning Jpgs don't and you will be just wasting your time, and then you will have to clean it again. Not like I have ever had to do that. <.< >.>

Step 3 blow the image up to about 1600x and using the eraser tool start cleaning it pixel by pixel. I usually clean everything i can with a big brush and then using about a 3 pixel brush clean the edges.

An hour or 2 later and you have a cleaned image. Its time consuming and boring. Good luck.


If anyone knows a good site that will host nude pictures please give me a ring.


Ichibukai sent me in the new bad ends for Menace, they are very good. I really like the one for the Sphinx, he captured my favorite original character perfectly. Should have an updated version of Menace out on Wednesday or Thursday.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Double Post, Untranslated Hentai Manga

I refuse to ask for donations. But if anyone wants to translate some hentai manga, it would increase my motivation. These two manga's I have actually thought about shelling out the money to see what is actually happening. Wishlist

Aneinu is just super freaken hot even if I have no idea what the hell is going on.

These two tell a lot about the porn I like and read, you can tell a lot about a person from there porn.

Mio and the Maid Cafe 2, Otherworld

Missed my post yesterday so will do a big one today. First off... your Mio for the day, I want to know if she's on that menu.

For now I have decided to call my new game Otherworld not sure if that will be the final title but I like it and work with the other all world plot. A sort of society at the bottom of a sigularity type story. Where meeting your otherself a different possible version of yourself is not only common, but to be expected. (What that means is copy of the same girls with different stats, from a different possiblity.)

People appear from this sigularity into a pit a dungeon of sorts, that you will be able to explore, or have your slaves explore. You can always go to the auction house and purchase a slave if your lazy.

More thoughts to come.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe 1

Forgot to ever put in a before and after pic. Cleaning pics now for the maid cafe... Yah its that interesting.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mio and Cosplay Cafe 3

And that makes 10, think that should be enough images for a cosplay cafe. Guess will move onto the maid cafe now. :)

Been playing with test code to make my own game, was thinking of a cross between Slave Maker and Whore Maker, there the type I like. More plot then WM but multiple girls at once unlike SM, though limited with out the you own 200 girl micro managment that always drives me crazy in the end. Oh well way to early to mean anything right now just trying to build test interface code.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mio and the Cosplay Cafe

More cleaned images for the cosplay cafe.

Those interested,whore maker, just released a new version probably the best of the sim style hentai games after SM.

Have a good one,


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mio and the Cosplay Cafe

Adding more images to Mio, specifically the cosplay cafe. Find the pic, clean the pic, add the pic, rinse, repeat. It's that dull, nothing else to say.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Girl, New Signature

New girl, need a new signature, sort of sad to retire the Mikuru + Menace = Epic Fail, but time to move on. Hope you guys like.

More adding images to Mio... nothing much to show.

The cosplay cafe is written and coded. Should be a few more events this time around but Mugi really doesn't like the lac cafe sorry to all you fans of it out there.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slave Ideas Discared #1 ~ Negima!

Still working on adding pictures to Mio, which is boring to show, so thought I would talk about one of the ideas I had for girls and discarded.


Personally, I am a HUGE Negima! fan and I had this odd idea to do a slave of the entire class, in a sort of Pokemon got to catch them all type game. You would start with the class representative and try to retreive all the girls before they had to go back to there world in 60 days. Your payment, you get to train them and put them to work.

Cool Ideas to go with it: Big battle with Eva, she would not want to go back to her prison, Chachamaru robot sex, Bookstore girl working at the library reading porn ( i really wanted to see Nodoka masturbating in a library. Damn it, all you artists make more pics of her!) The baka rangers vs. Miss N! The commander Mana working as a bounty hunter. Zazie what the hell is up with Zazie anyway?!?! Kaede training ninja in the forest? So many possible fun ideas

Reason discarded: 31 Girls, means a minimum of 31 events (could be less some of the girls hand out in known groups), shoot me now. Not only that but 4 of the girls are very loli (Twins, Eva, Yui). And how the hell do you fuck a ghost? Pure logistical problems with that many girls and how to have them interact in sex, day, etc.

Maybe someday... no i'm not that insane.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Mugi v.31


Added Menace (she was there just forgot to turn her on.)

Fixed issue with Loading, and Mugi clearing variables. She will now only clear her variables for new slaves.

Forgot some code for Mugi Love event fixed.

V.31 Standard

v.31 Advanced with Open Source


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Release Mugi v.3

Mugi v.3

(For the media fire links copy the spaces and paste them into your browser) v.3

v.3 Advanced and Opensource v.3 Advanced with Open

Whats new:
//Changed how eclipse dates for orihime are checked. -- Untested
//Papus draft antidote warnings - untested
//All Guided Done -untested
//Slave sold to Mugi - working
//Slave sold after sold to mugi - Bad End - UNTESTED!!! I am having a very hard time testing this do to lack of slave sold events ran 6 games and only had 1 event
//Noble in town event - working
//Tea Time with Mugi - working

This is the end of the mugi guiding updates. Unfortunatly there are a lot of flags I just don't have the time to check and find say if the slave has recruited a nun or if she has captured faires. You can help though just d/l Mugi advanced and find those flags. Send me the flag changes and I will add them into mugi.

Sex Act Guiding is still basic just because its time consuming, but some new ones have been added.

Last Mugi is a bot who I loaded a lot of data into and just dont have the time to test the 50 odd endings so if you find an error please post it and I will fix it.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winter Festival

One of the things, I have seen mentioned many times on the board is that there needs to be a festival. Mio will have a week long winter festival culminating in a battle of the bands. Spoke to Cmacleod42 a few times about the festival to make sure it fits with Moiya's culture and will be a combined celebration of the new gods. Sort of like golden week in japan a number of festivals all lining up together to create a week long festival. ( Yes I know golden week isn't really a week long.) Expect special outfits at different stores and a new outfit every day on the paperdoll.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Try stealing my slave will you! Well I have Mugi!

More fun with Mugi Intercepting Events... That pesky noble who keeps stealing your slave and costing you money. He hasn't met Mugi's guards yet :)

The code for next lessons update with assistants.

function DoWalkTownCenterAsAssistant(NumEvent:Number, present:Boolean) : Boolean {
if (!present) return false;//If mugi isn't there no event
if (NumEvent == 3) {//Event Number 3 Passing Noble
MugiAngryMini._visible = true;//small pic
MugiAngrySoldSlaveMaleSM._visible = true;//big pic
_root.AddText("Mugi Pissed retrieved slave");
return true;
return false;//Wasn't event number #3 nothing happened

How many is too many

I have an addiction to bunny girls. Mio unfortunatly has fed this addiction.

function HideBunnyGirl() {
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarMugi2._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarMugi._visible = false;
PlanningBunnyGirlLazySleazyBar._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitLingereSleazyBar._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarEmbarresed._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarBlueLeotard._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarBlueLeotard2._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitStreetGigSinging._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitStreetGigLazy2._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitStreetGigBlackLeotard._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitStreetGigLazy._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarRedLeotard._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarRedLeotard2._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarRedLeotard3._visible = false;
PlanningBunnySuitSleazyBarRedLeotard4._visible = false;

Is that enough?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Adding Images to Mio

Nothing really to report adding images to Mio and still playing with Mugi intercepting events.

Probably the final Job list for Mio. The maid cafe and the cosplay cafe do not like each other. Expect Lacey and Barbra to make a come back. If anyone has a good idea for a maid with long black hair and a regal appearance please send me a tell.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Neko Mini Mode UP!

Still working on Mugi intercepting events but thought I would show you one of the quest items for Mio. Is there anything more famous then the neko-mimi, and as part of the mirror project the neko-mimi will be worn with all dresses.

Also will toss in the Song that goes with it :)

Neko Mimi Mode up!