Monday, February 28, 2011

Background Stories ~ Gentlemen's Club

It's been brought to my attention lately do to about a dozen chat conversations that I need to update the bible with more background stories. So when I got nothing else to say that's what your going to get. Be advised there may be spoilers and that will be noted also all of these will be added to the forum.


Gentlemen's Club

External Appearance:
Brick building with large windows. A large wooden door at the front with a small sign identifying the club. The club is on the better side or is the best side of the red light district.

Internal Appearance:
Wooden paneling, leather chairs, bookshelves on the first floor. Think about any male club on earth but with out the tacky dead animals. The second floor is off limits to most members as is the basement. A kitchen in the back which serves lunch and dinner.

The Gentlemen's Club was founded as a way to get away from the women and to conduct business deals. As such no woman is allowed in the club. There are probably dozens of examples of Gentlemen's club in English and American History. Mainly used to conduct business deals and so that the movers and shakers have a chance to discuss stuff unofficially. The majority of Magmell's business is probably done in the Gentlemen's Club.

Founded in year 7 during the government reorganization, what started as a few backroom deals quickly became a way for the wealthy and influential to try to protect that power. Needing a more in the light place the club sort of just flowed out naturally.

Guild membership allows you in the door. Its up to you to get farther then that.

People of Note:
Battler ~ The maitre d' - Don't let him fool you he knows every secret in the club. Rumor has it he is also the true owner.

Sure I forgot stuff,


Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Title Screen

Still vegging.

But Docclox new xml girls and loader is now the standard. And while there are some bugs, related to the conversion, it is so much faster loading. It also has otherworld back to working on linux and Firefox. Just want to give a big thank you to Docclox for his hard work. (Take a deep breath don't make fun of linux users, those quitters who can't take the unstable and buggy windows and go to a solid free operating system. The same as ex-smokers.)

Sadly vacation is almost over just another two days left and then back to work.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

The trouble with pixels.

Beastiary Completion: 55%
Dungeon Completion: 63%
Event Completion: 66%


Some new rules for SVN access:

Downloading the SVN is open to everyone.

To get rights to upload and commit to the SVN you must first have created a patch a change and had it vetted by one of the people in charge of the SVN.

The reason behind this is simple. You have to show that you know how to make changes before we give you permission to make changes. This should also stop people from trying to trash everyone else's work. As it would require them to actually work first before getting access.

I think this is pretty self explanatory.


The little program Docclox made of Zero_Profiles art showed a few problems in the making. As a few of you probably noticed the anti-aliasing was creating edges that were both hard and soft. Another issue was that the slightly turned bodies would make it much more difficult to make clothing.

So I'm sorry to disappoint Mr. Anonymous:

Anonymous said...

please put this in the game
February 25, 2011 11:37 PM

But after much thought we decided to go back to just sprites. A rather heated discussion ensued over 8bit or 16bit. Magic Missile! Then of course there was the discussion to animate them... at which point it was finally decided to use a pixel. .<-- There it is. You can copy and paste it and post it on Gelbooru if you want.

In all seriousness though Zero_Profile is doing a great job looking over these issues and we might be going to a more cell shaded vector drawings. As I understand the technical speech. Not really something I'm an expert at. But waiting with baited breath to see the results. Yah, I'm still on vacation.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Zero_Profile Example

Okay I admit it I'm still doing nothing. But Zero_Profile and Docclox have put together a test program that will let you play with the new Zero_Profile bodies.

Then copy this into that folder

If you want to play with it yourself.


The SVN has been merged and that was a freaking pain in my rear. Thanks to Docclox and Zenzou for there patience. I still think that I'm doing something wrong. We shall see in future merges. The trunk is now rather unstable and Docclox is still merging in his stuff. You've been warned.

Back to vegging,


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Veggin still

Still vegging... brain turning to mush so good. I'm still trying to decide if Neptunia is actually a reference to the Saturn. My personal favorite is White Heart from Lowee, such an apathetic appearance with a foul mouth.

Sorry for the update,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation ~ Vegging


Docclox and I are merging the SVN so it is now pretty unstable. You have been warned.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Day

A night of trying to build a better mouse trap... As Zero_profile created the amazing idea of a backgrounds for the town that move with buildings in the fore ground. Then me and docclox created about a half dozen different versions. And it looks way to interesting to throw away so expect the towns to be a bit more exiting then a long list of buttons... someday.

Not much else to say, if you want to see an example of the panning backgrounds come join us in chat.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Only 1 radio button

There is but one radio button. (Actually 1 open and 1 closed button). But that gets rid of about 30 of them that were loaded at start up. Not really that intensive ram wise but its a little less, and looks more professional.

Also for those who were paying attention they will note that I have made a few modifications to the icon screen. New cosmetic buttons instead of radio buttons. More game play wise you can now cycle through girls on the icon screen if you want to. I still think the icon changer is one of the most powerful tools that is ignored. The ability to monitor 2 separate stats (8 if you set them shift) of your choice with out popping back and forth to the character screen... Goodness.

SVN updated


Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Instancing

Finished instancing the guild hall, and moving towards killing off the radio buttons. Not to mention that it removed about 200 lines of code. Not a bad night, and had enough time to get the majority of the icon changer screen instanced. Just got to finish up the radio buttons on it and will hopefully have removed all radio buttons from the game but one. I don't remember any where else they are used. After that if I still have time tonight will start instancing the shops.

Some of you new to the blog are probably wondering why I'm spending time re-building old screens. Instancing has about 5 advantages.
1)Easier Loading at start - By instancing the items they are made when needed rather then all at the front. Makes it a lot easier on some peoples machines.
2)Easier Cleaning - Because it's an instance once the screen is done its killed. Not held in memory.
3)Listeners don't carry over - One of the major problems early on was that items were being used over and over and the listeners on the items kept having odd results or going to the wrong screen.
4)Making the game more modular - One of the things Docclox is pushing and it makes sense is making the game more modular. Much easier if it's already all instanced.
5)Vacation starts tomorrow and I don't want to do anything that will overly break the game.

Vacation... and new game should be here Tuesday... I'm planning on vegging don't expect much.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Menace's Head // Instancing the Guild Screen

Zero_Profile has finished Menace's head. I as always love Menace. He is hard at work still on the body types, shading, and nipples. All of it just very, very impressive. So go ahead and tell him how good his work is:

Board Thread


I began instancing the guild hall last night in my bid to get down to 1 radio button and its going to take another night. Just boring but important to move the game to only one frame, and get rid of all the loading troubles.

Will continue with it tonight.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Player Screen \ Wiki

Not the smoothest of release... then again I've never had a smooth release. But it's out there and done. Keep the bug reports coming, I'm pretty tired of bugs at the moment but I will get to them sooner or later.

First look at the player screen... most likely the final version will look completely different. That's just the way it goes. Most of this stuff is designed to be expandable because factions will probably be added, tasks, and skills will be added. So easier to just make it expandable from the start rather then later on.


I was asked to mention the wiki again now that we have a new release and it can use a bit more love. A wiki is only as good as the contributors, plus it stops the same questions from being asked again and again. So if you got some time, go play with it.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Official Release

February Official Release, spread on the net to your hearts content.

Main Changes:

Combat (Just an early but workable version).
Furniture ~ Change the characteristics of a room by adding furniture.
Tasks ~ Why do the same thing over and over, automate it with tasks and then turn them in for quests.
Assistants ~ Now with personality. Completely reworked system, that lets you try to direct your assistant and she tells you how she did in the training of your slave.
New Rooms (kitchen, dark room)
New Jobs (Cooking, Fortune Telling, Meditate, Make Talisman)
New Class Faith Healer
Slaves added:
Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion)



Quick Patch
(If you d/l the first version before 2PM PST 2/17/11 just replace the .swf in the otherworld folder)


Bug Log for Feb 3


updated credits
bug - bought a slave (a Haruhi), equipped her with Miko robe. Day 2, bought a second slave (an Orihime). Took the miko robe from slave 1, gave it to slave 2. Gave slave 1 a maid outfit. Her central picture remained a naked picture until I used the next arrow to display slave 2 and then the back arrow to go back to slave 1. Doing so caused her central picture to show her in a maid outfit. - there seems to be a lag do to the new update in item placement - fixed
text - For instance it would say "You don't see" and then when I click it to progress it would be a new paragraph. I know the text can scroll, so this was definitely missing text. - fixed any time a text is cut off please bug it with the first few lines
added docclox's scripts for the angel religion
bug - Stalled at day 47 with a picture of the guild hall, but no way to advance the game. - moved the town button higher
bug - any item that can be dragged and dropped onto a girl can be dragged elsewhere and left there I suck at explaining better so I took a picture - fixed
reported - the blacksmith will only but on one nipple ring on the girl the second one takes my money and either does nothing or replaces the first, can't really tell - they work fine for me... this is the third time this has been reported and I still can't reproduce - About the single nipple ring issue: I just loaded a game and a girl who previously wore two such rings now only has one equipped. It's about turn 300 so it's hard to be sure what caused it, but I'd guess at the save and load. - still can't reproduce after saving and loading - more info needed
bug - TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/isItemLocked()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\Otherworld\]
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/itemClickChar()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\Otherworld\] - fixed
reported - Purchased a demon tail and anal toy on day one. Slaves can not equip either in "other slot". Also no longer able to double click items to equip them. Items must be dropped in the proper slot to equip. - anal toy goes to tail with both drag and drop and click - demon tail as well - were you wearing a chastity belt? - neither EVER goes in other slot
reported - Probably not a bug; A Mikuru at the auction with an estimated value of 3. I click to start the bidding, and the text goes straight to Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD ! (I got her for 1 without ever having to select any of the 1,10,25,50, 100 bid buttons). - Edit1: A Mio with an estimated value of 5 has got up to 132 before I ever get to touch the green bid buttons. I bid 0 and she goes to 264, then 430. - Edit2: A Yoko with an estimated value of 6 got up to 582. - estimated value is on my too do list
bug - Turn one I bought the mansion, went to the guild and hired all the assistants, then bought a girl. Next turn, bought another one. It won't let me fight. - four assistants, two girls. Not enough people for the arena. - odd - fixed
biug - Yeah, no, that totally didn't work. I got a second assistant, put the assistants in room 2 and 3, and slid the white 'you' box over to that part on the side, and left a girl all by herself. So that strategy doesn't seem like it'll work without requiring -all- assistants, and that sounds like a horribly bad idea - not so much in this testing stuff where they each cost 1gp, but in any real release. I think you're probably going to have to find a different way than 'number of assistants', all things considered. - hmm it is still not working well enough and not sure why - ah fixed
reported - The Lamia was my initial assistant. I've got her and two other assistants training slaves, however the Lamia's portrait is displayed for each of the three when the message describing how the shift's training went, instead of the Lamia for one, the Angel for the other, and the Neko for the third. - the love assistant will always be the one displayed... for now
bug - My Lamia assistant is gaining combat experience in the Arena. I'm allocating some to the "special" category. She's also wearing a chainmail bikini. While the status bar shows the effects of both, the total is still shown numerically as zero. - yikes special was being declared 2 times - why was it also effecting girl bugs - ooh lots of little odd bugs - fixed
bug - In addition, the angel's lust bar is shown as completely pink, but numerically is 0/100 - fixed
bug - Minor cash bug, in the blacksmith and the carpenter doing things like branding and changing rooms fails to update the cash value (you still lose money and gain the service its just that it dose not show the cash updated till you change screens.) - fixed
reported - For some reason, when I try to "talk" to my prime Azuka, the event doesn't end properly. I can talk to her an infinite amount of times in the same shift (if I click "talk", after dialogue, it gives me the "supervise from home" menu again). Although this doesn't seem to happen with my other slaves. - would really like to know what slave type azuka was...
bug - One of the Haruhi archetype whoring pictures is offset up and to the left of where it should be.
reported - Im encountering the same issue I had with the last version in regards to loading. I just got out of the auction block buying the second slave for the real estate quest, I went to turn it in to find out that one started as a non virgin, so I cant turn in. I tried reloading once and the game screws up. Most of the buttons stop working and its completely unplayable. If I try quitting and reloading the program, it screws up the intial window- pressing continue will make all the buttons no longer work until you reload again. The only option is to start all over again. - - i bought 2 menaces - saved - closed and opened loading - no crash - sold a menace and saved - closed and opened - no crash... - unable to replicate
bug - Wow, something interesting happened. If in combat, you double click the player's pic, you will be transported to outside combat. And when you try to enter again, it says "You cant bring any items into combat". Gonna try and work out if this happens in other situations. - fixed
reported - And... even if the whole party gets killed, why do they still earn exp? - practice
bug - The second time I went to the arena, after having used "flip" during the first time per the instructor, the sprites and portraits are shown in the correct order, but in the lower right the names are still flipped. (The character name I'm using in this case is WorkBeta, as I'm in worksafe mode). - flip is resetting now for each battle - fixed - that should fix most of the problems reported with flipping - hmm but that didn;t fix the name issue - oh thats right its an array of info... need to be killed when you leave combat - fixed - testing - confirmed fixed
reported - Now my slave has 0hp and still standing. I guess she is a Mugi zombie hybrid... - more info please!
bug - Yeah, btw, I somehow found a way to get the slaves battle ready the next day, bring your dead to combat, heal them, (they will have 100 hp) then let your hero get killed. The slaves/ assistant will have 100 hp the next day and ready for combat. - dead people can no longer be healed... - fixed
reported - Ohh, there was another glitch, the enemy cant hit me. Im invisible, same thing happened with my assistant. - huh invisible??!?! - When this happen, you will always see them having tons of decimal points in their damage range. - added a smoother so damage can only be whole numbers - i have no idea...
reported - Got a combat bug that should be fairly easy to reproduce: When you flip the character in the front, the turn cursor is misplaced but otherwise combat proceeds normally.....unless when you flip you're not allowed to attack from the back row at which point you can attack as if you were in the front. And I don't think you're supposed to be able to do that, or at least it should be for reduced damage. Now, if you do this flip, when the back row's turn comes up the moveset is correct but basically you get to use in my case the Master and Assistant attack moves/powers twice and basically the slaves are just meat shields... - yah this is an issue until i work longer with the combat system it will be fixed with further coding and updating of the combat. It is still in a really early version.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some sprite changes

Mainly just fixed a bunch of sprites thanks to redcape and then called it a night. Certain sprites weren't added or showing that is all resolved and pretty... so pretty.

Debugging starts for real tonight looking at the bug list about 1-2 days of bugs and then hopefully this time an official release. Yay! So much fun so little time.

SVN updated

Yah, its a rainy day,


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lazy Day

Keep those bugs a comin'.

DocClox has proposed a new area to Magmell, a scrap yard. Seems like an interesting idea, but I can't get the picture of Everquest Plane of Innovation out of my mind. Way too much time of a misspent youth. Going to need more gnomes.

Go ahead and post your thoughts.

Have a good one,


Monday, February 14, 2011

Debugged 3

So I would have liked to make this an official release, but saving has been modified again as well as items had a major change to allow drag and drop around locked items. On the other hand if this release works out fine then it may become the official release.

As always if you are reporting a bug, details, details, details. The majority of the time the reason I can't fix a bug is because I can't replicate it. A detailed guide how to get to it saves me time but also gets it fixed rather then stuck in reported, unable to replicate.

SVN is updated.

Release will be to the left as soon as upload is done. [edit] there up now.

Also Zero_profile has finished Ranka and the bodies. Definitely worth checking out.


fixed the stupid fix i did for moving text around if multi lines text occured during a class change
bug -
How to recreate the assistant bug:
Start game, buy a slave, set her to be trained by an assistant for some portion of the day, do training.
Save, quit game.
- thank you to anonomous who posted a nice solid walkthrough on how to reproduce the bug - for some reason the asEventFunction wasn't being reconnected after a load... this is fixed.
bug - assistant jobs are not being loaded correctly
job: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,,1,2,6,1,7,8
Job Before 0: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Job Before 1:
Job Before 2: 1,2,6
Job Before 3: 1,7,8
Job after 0: 0,2,3,4
Job after 1:
Job after 2: 1,2,6
Job after 3: 1,7,8
Assistant 1 not currently working Note that assistant 0 should have about 4 more jobs after and there being cut off
Job Before 0: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Job Before 1:
Job Before 2: 1,2,6
Job Before 3: 1,7,8
Job after 0: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Job after 1:
Job after 2: 1,2,6
Job after 3: 1,7,8
and there we go...
And once again I hope that is all the saving bugs...
bug - Also, was the arena bug for rasing your stats ever fixed at all yet? I mean you can raise the states for the assistant and the two slaves, but not yourself for some odd reason. - Unable to increase the main character's combat stats after the first training. - the math looks fine... - and it just worked fine for me... - and worked fine again this time using one of the quick assign buttons... - ah i see the problem you can't set it twice after the first time though it think that you are still setting it again - fixed
bug - assistant icon was floating over text field in combat walkthrough - fixed
reported - the mint leaf did not cure insanity but instead "increased" the sanity rating (by raising the sanity rating while insane, i.e. going from -74 to -71) - actually it does cure insane:brokenwill
bug - Minor: When you mouse-over the Kitchen while at the carpenter's, the Job List shows "Rest, Cleaning". The "Cooking" job is missing from that list. - fixed
updated credits
bug - not really a bug but one of mari (evangelion) sleep images is not 'work safe' just wanted to let you know >.> - fixed
reported - Being a female slave trainer allows the use of a strap-on on your futanari slave. Regardless of whether or not you have one. - i double checked only happens if you have a strap on in inventory just like intended
reported - ... really don't know how that one got this far. It also seems unusual that a futa slave cannot use her penis on a female slaver. Am I missing something? - Why would a lesbian trainer ever want to play with male parts?
reported - The Lamia's picture is sometimes shown even when it's a different assistant doing the training. - unable to reproduce - when where why what how please
reported - I'm sometimes getting double messages when the Lamia trains my slave (usually one that pertains to the training attempted and one that doesn't) - think fixed earlier... I hope
reported - Combat: Knight is listed as royal fever on hover. - I don't have fever used as a word in any of the gametext or any of the combat ever... - more info required
reported - Bed doesn't apply to master bedroom? (using girl as pillow) - bed is furniture
bug - During Practice 2 in the arena my assistant (Lamia) got killed/knocked out/whatever, and so the slave behind her got put up in front but the slave now had Lamia's stats in battle. That is the slave had her claw attack instead of Throw Rock like the slaves are supposed to (I assume that they only have that skill at default) and hit just as hard as Lamia would have if she was alive. The bug list that came with the release said there was a similar issue that when flipping in general attacks got out of sync and that was fixed (which seems to be the case) but I don't think that is the same thing as my er...finding... - interesting and much more difficult to fix - oops there was a bug with the new code to fix this issue wasn't quite right... and another check so that jobs are never shown for dead people - hope thats good enough checks hard to test - nope instead locked game up - think i found the issue it was looking at only the top flip variable... - yep fixed
bug - Will try to recreate it properly later, but doing another battle with the same group the next day had Lamia with the alive sprite but again could not actually battle and in fact counted as dead when the battle was over (I lost after the other 3 chars died, but she was still "standing" with HP), but before the loss, one of the slaves still had the claw attack and only when she got flipped (from another character dying) did she get Throw Rock back. - fixed the variable to reset her to alive was == ;_;
bug - null remover was not working correctly thanks to docclox for pointing it out - function removeNullEffect(girl:int) -
changed to
for (var i:Number = 0; i < person.length; i++) {
if (person[i] == null) {
i = -1;
that should fix it i think
reported- -Trying to get the blacksmith to apply a second nipple ring would take my money but leave the ring in my inventory. (I'd bought 4, to give them to 2 slaves. After trying to distribute them all, I still had 2 left. I kept trying to get the second ring to stick on one my slaves and lost about 100gp in the process.) - seemed to work fine... - tried going back and forth like 3 times was other things locked on or something?
reported - At no point did I buy or sell, anything. At first, I thought my items were simply disappearing until I noticed that they still appeared in shop's inventory screens. I could still perform sexual training with the strap-on and anal toys (and a dildo I at a different time), as well. I just couldn't give them to the girls, anymore. - unable to replicate
-----I'm going to redo drag and drop and locked items... tired the bug reports... that is the only thing else on the list moved most of these items to a new .as

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Finally think I have defeated this cold, so expect bug reports tomorrow. Today, how about just looking at a rather interesting thread as a result of Zero_Profile's girls. Flagnine1 has already started putting together a transform list... okay I like it, go post your comments:


I'm assuming most of you have tried out Xadera's "Nimin Fetish Fantasy", but since it seems on topic, I might as well mention it. A very solid transformation text game...

version .86 you may need to be logged into Futanari Palace.

The actual Futanari Palace Thread.

And of course we have Fenoxo's Games "Unnamed Text Game" and "Champions of Corruption". Even more fun text transformation games. Go check them out on his blog.

Fenoxo's Blog

That should give you guys something to do.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Zero_Profile Examples


Zero_profile continues just knocking it out of the park. He is also started working on Ranka, go check it all out.

Default Girl Image Thread

Have a good day,


Friday, February 11, 2011


Otherworld has a chat channel now. Thanks to Finrau for setting it up.

How to connect completely stolen from Leeter on Futanari Palace

Download an IRC client such as Xchat2, Chatzilla, or mIRC
type /sslserver into the chat bar
type /join #otherworld_game

Bugs (I can't think of any thing complicated)


I have tried hard to replicate the bug where the day won't advance. I found one, where if you had a girl by herself in a Master Bedroom the day would keep repeating and fixed that one... but I'm not sure if that was the one everyone kept talking about. If there is a way to accurately reproduce that bug please on the bug board give me the steps.

svn updated

report - [Old Bug, but reproduced] So If I do too much loading, the screen will go blank at the auction house. Beyond 10-15 loads while in the same instance (so not closing and restarting Flash or Otherworld). - so your save scamming - probably fixed in the next few versions when the auction house becomes an instance. Not really worried about something that only occurs with save scamming - confirmed -
TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/loadGame()[C:\Documents and Settings\Joel\Desktop\Movies\Otherworld\]
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/loadButtonClick()[C:\Documents and Settings\Joel\Desktop\Movies\Otherworld\] - loading will now make sure that effects are not nulled before trying to add - fixed
bug - -I gave my assistant (angel) a dildo, clicked the training button, then back to items, and found the dildo had vanished. (I later discovered it wasn't so much gone as invisible. Some time later, I accidentally clicked on the dildo I bought as a replacement, only to discover that it evidently switched places, since both dildos were visible again ... at least until I left the screen. Then, the on in the assistant's inventory appeared to vanish again.) - confirmed - they wern't being redrawn.. that would be an issue - fixed
bug - Then, if you choose "repeat previous action" the next day, she'll recover from the illness again, rather than do what it was she was doing in that slot before she fell sick. - fixed it kills repeat now
reported - going to town and returning cleared him from the screen, but I still can't advance to the next shift, as he will appear again with his message. - should be fixed now
bug - Also, the cat girl assistant always returns the art training text regardless of actual training. She seems to give the appropriate bonuses though. - she ain't doin that anymore.. - and now it is... - dehumanizing was always displaying art text... because that is what it was told to do - fixed
bug - Well it's nice to see that things got fixed, but it seems the assistants got re-broken. meanning my assistans don't do any trainning for any of my Slaves. Pretty much all it does is it says the next shift dialogue but it remains on the same shift like nothing happened. - I tried a game in work-safe mode. I got stuck at the first shift of day 3. It would repeat over and over like groundhog day. - unable to reproduce, I know it exists but I can't duplicate - will ask the boards again how to duplicate -
bug - 3rd thing when i had the cat girl doing dehumanizing training I got the right picture and skill increase but I got the text for finger painting - fixed
bug - 1st thing the feasting bug is still there, if I get my first girl to start making feasts reliably I no longer need to have my other girls sleep if I put my first girl on a sleep, cook, sleep, cook schedule. I think it might be that the health calculator is not removing the values from the previous calculation and so using the cooking girls health for all the girls. - docclox found this one - fixed - updated a lot of whatgirls to girls if girl was passed in
bug - multiple text can put skill change warning in the center of an text block - fixed
reported - you add clothes to Lamias Assistant the effects work but when you leave and come back the clothes image is gone but the effects are still there but you can't unequip them unless you replace them with something else and then unequip that set before leaving the screen - fixed earlier
reported - Lamias Assistant equipped china dress any X marked skill to train - Huh?
bug - 1 Menace archetype slave, click next shift, Day 1 afternoon events repeats and doesn't allow one to move forward, To move forward one has to unmarked all the X's in the training path to move on to the evening or move them out of the shot to another room - nothing - this loop only happenes when you put a girl next to the assistant it will freeze time but still give you the rewards - okay i did find one if you have 2 masterbedrooms - you move the assistant to mb2 and leave the slave in mb1 by herself... keeps thinking its an afternoon event - fixed you can no longer put assistants in rooms past how many assistants you have - i hope that was the issue
bug - I've been able to reproduce zerol0v's bug when I loaded the save that I posted the combat bug with. As he mentioned, if the assistant is marked to do any training no matter how many times either Next Shift or Next Day is pressed, the game does not progress at all, except that if it's stuck on say the morning shift, and the house is dirty, all slaves lose health (because the first message repeats itself), this compounds with the issue that the game still registers the house as dirty even if you have 0% dirt in the house. (at least for my file) - think i fixed this with the last fix - unable to replicate

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bugs & Sakura

Zero_Profile has updated his body blanks with shading. You probably can't see the difference in the small pic above but if you click on it the difference is remarkable. I really can't say much more besides, wow.

A new day of bugs, a lot of the reports are misunderstanding of mechanics. That's a failure on my part and I am trying to update the mouse over text to make it clearer for players.

I will update the SVN as soon as my current checkout is done... we'll see how it works. [edit] updated.

updated credits
added text to angel
made changes to thanks - thank you editors
bug - The conversation with the farmer runs its course now, and ends with a message "a new task has been added to the milking parlour" - but there's no new task. Maybe tasks in general aren't implemented yet. - i know i tested it but its definitly not there - oops i was testing it and never turned it back to the right room - fixed
reported - Are the new positions of some of the icons intended? - i changed most of the town screen to instance... and I really don't care what the order is
reported - question, since I'm not sure its a bug or not, but is the box for skip jobs not supposed to be there intentional? - yes its not up to date... - updated mouse over
reported - I also don't appear to be getting any quests other than the Carpenter's, but that might be it just hasn't popped up yet--I'm only on day 26 at this moment. - was able to get a few quests open at once - probably just need to get some reputation to spawn more quests
reported - Cleaned areas with Dirt 0 are occasionally registering as dirty (At the moment small house with 1 of each room with 0 dirt and still getting the dirty penalty) - ran 50 days and couldn't find the problem speciffically watching house dirt and it seems to be working exactly right - unable to replicate
reported - When Asuka cooks for anyone but herself it says she cooked a satisfactory meal and raised there health but they lose a shifts worth of health instead of gaining any. - they lose a shift and then gain 5 health its not like they gain a shift and the hp... that doesnt make sense
reported - Seems to be issues with giving items to assistants to gain loyalty. It only seems to work twice before gifts start reducing it. - don't bribe them so much in a row... they start taking you for granted- this is expected behavior - updated mouse over
reported - Also, should I be able to move the player character to one of the other master bedrooms, because I've never been able to get that white square to stick anywhere but in that first room or the guard square (or whatever the one just above the buttons is). - player can only be in the first room after all he is the master
reported - Something's wrong with dirt accumulation. I'm in the second house. The first four rooms are empty, the fifth is a milking parlor and the sixth is a dark room. At the start of second shift, the dirt levels are 66,75,75,57,62,69. All the rooms are occupied by a girl. The first five rooms all have "cleaning" set as a task, the sixth is whoring. After the shift, the dirt levels have increased to 74,82,69,79,84,70. - more dirt stuff - was the girl a maid - non maids don't clean much
reported - My Lamia assistant is at zero health. Giving her items does not seem to heal her, nor does she gain hp overnight. - only when resting with player
reported - Also, and not really a bug so much as a weird glitch, I healed my dead assistant (not sure if you're supposed to be able to do that in the first place) with the player's Heal skill and it gave her positive health but could not actually attack or flip back to the front (as if she were still dead), she still had the death sprite so I'm assuming she is supposed to remain dead/knocked out, unless you use some kind of resurrection potion/item and that the heal was just supposed to do nothing on a dead target. - correct
reported - a different question, is the prime yoruichi ment to be a lesbo slave with Hakuda Master (is this unique to her only?) and maid? just want to make sure, since i would hate to have spent around 600 gold to have a faulty prime (I'm still broke at the moment, but i think it was worth it 8-)) - combat classes are specific to each player expect special attacks some day - and yes Lonewolf has her as a maid for her other prime ability
bug - Asuka shows the Pig girl picture when meditating - fixed
reported - Question; Is it intentional that the clean chore is not available in the Dark Room ? - yes
bug - Here's an odd one. If I hit the next slave button in the jewelry shop or the tattoo parlor, it takes me to the sell slave screen from the auction block. I only had it happen after going to see about selling one (and hitting the town button to leave), but it's a bit late for me to test it without doing so. - had removed the removed listener from town prematurely - put back in - fixed
bug - Edit2: Started day 22 with all six rooms at 0% dirt. Now for the evening shift, I have 46, 70,100,100,100,100. Perhaps I cleaned them so much when they were at zero (I had two girls cleaning) that it rolled over ? Edit3: Day 24 Evening: Dirt 0,0,0,2,2,0. Had two girls cleaning. At the start of night shift, I suddenly had 42,42,0,0,0,42 ! - even more dirt bugs... - i finally found it the assistant was adding dirt when she cleaned
bug - This appeared after farmer bill buying a crate full of excellent milk. There seems to be a bug in the calculation system. Unfortunately i can't check whether i got -4 gold or the actual price I should get for the milk. - i swear i checked all of this - basic math is the devil - added something to the player screen to show farmer rep - hmmm helps if the cases aren't worth 10gp - okay everything seems to be fine now...
reported - My thought as far as the dirt in the house is concerned is that the dirt from activities, such as whoring and cooking, (with cooking being what I had it set for at the time) piles up before the dirt check for cleanliness, and even though the text for that check comes first before the task checks do, it counts the house as dirty. Though it still does this even if cleaning is set as the task, so I'm probably wrong. - cleaning is done in the same order as everything else last to first
bug - Looks like the arrow key listeners from the combat screen stay active after combat is over. - added the remove listener to the hide all and the exp screen
bug - I'm sometimes getting "Kiyoko looks confused. She doesn't seem to understand (260) when Angel teaches religion. - confirmed - fixed way to many array [[]][[]][[]] confused me -fixed

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My lazy day, but the community is hoppin'

Zero_Profile, (zerol0v on the board), the outstanding artist who does the slave market selection images from Slavemaker. Has come over to the otherworld and is building a series of images to allow for body changes. See above. This will allow you the player to actually modify a girl, so cool. I think the picture says more then I can about just how great an artist Zero_Profile is and having him on the project adds a huge amount. Follow along on the message board:

Default Girl Image Development Thread

That right there would be enough but Docclox is working on a way to externally load girl images and an independent loader. Just a huge amount of code that will make modifying the game a lot easier for people developing girls. This will also make the game run easier for a lot of people. Not to mention a lot of internal advantages, that I won't go over here... but if your interested go check out the threads as well.

Indexing Images
Easy Loader

And even more stuff as zenzou, finrau, and docclox are still working on the SVN. With this much help the SVN will become more and more important. It will also allow everyone to add content!

SVN Thread

My goal for Otherworld was always for it to be a community project. This much help shows that the dream of it being a community project isn't a dream at all. I want to thank everyone who is helping, and point out that now with the SVN it should be doable for anyone to add quests very soon and that's not just writing the script but actually coding them in. Not that writing scripts won't still be wanted... not in the least and with the core system so close to done. I will be able to start adding them as well... just so much fun.

Thanks to everyone who is helping,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After a lot of trial and error. And then of course help from Docclox and Zenzou we have an SVN. Please note that the girls are in a separate folder that can be downloaded. Mainly because they aren't really something that needs to be constantly modified.

Other then that lazy day, keep the bug reports coming for the second round of debugging.


Monday, February 7, 2011

February Bugged 2

I'm sure I'm forgetting to do something but here is Bugged version 2. My apologies to the editors, I didn't get any time to update your corrections. They will be done before the official release.

As always I ask that this version not be spread around the net since I really don't need the 10 thousand bug reports.



Updated Credits
reported - Is it now possible to raise the housepet skills? 'cause the trainers don't raise it despite using dehumanising training...also wasn't able to find another way to raise it... - fixed earlier
bug - The bottom 1/4 of the "collar name" text is missing in the auction house. - 50 pixels longer - fixed
bug - On the cooking bug a few have commented on, or at least the issue I have encountered is when a girl hits 100% health during the cooking. Seems to set the girls health to that of whoever cooks.Edit: Was using a Lala archtype, but went back and tried with a few others (Menace, Haruhi and Mugi.) with similar results. It also depends on when the girl's shift comes into play, seems like the last shift to take effect is the first girl you bought, while the first is the last girl you bought. So, if all your slaves start a day at 100% health and the last girl you bought makes a feast, all other slaves take a health hit, then their work shift comes into play and they get hit again... - still looks good to me ran through 50 days with girl in the first and the last spot seprately as the cook and health stayed where it should be.
suggestion - I haven't done a lot of combat yet, but the impression I'm getting is that it's going to be way too easy to heal an enemy or clobber one of your own side. A bit more intelligence for the target cursor would be very welcome right now. - good plan... not something going to mess with this debugging
balancing - Having the sick option you basically can't let your assistants decide if a slave should rest because they always go into negative health before an assistant let the rest, but having a negative health ups the percentage of getting sick by a lot. - asssistants should never go sick if you have healing on... if this happens again please bug - sick check is done after rest!
bug - Lamia (I assume this applies to the other assistants as well) isn't recovering health. - moved this around a bit - and its still happening - ... variable was asHp should be asHP... - fixed
bug - Doesn't seem to be anything, outside of combat, that you can do to heal the player, either. - oops - after any shift player should be back up to max hp
reported - click exit and game stops doesn't let me click on anything else afterwords - unable to reproduce
bug - -Upon returning from the Arena (tutorial?), all of your slaves' collars disappear. (I'm not sure if the stat changes disappear with them or not.) - this has got to be a whatGirl stripping bug I thought I had it fixed - whatGirl seems to be accurate... - okay its in the temp array - i think its not actually being added to the girl - okay... fixed - would you beleive the apple bug and the missing collars were the same bug - that took a bit forever
bug - Also,the bad guys keep attacking even though the battle is over. Which may be the intended behaviour, I suppose. - Basically practice shouldn't cause a game over to begin with - new bug if combat is over game crashes - looks like because the timer keeps on going... interesting - fixed remove all timer listeners
reported - This is an old one: if you get the blacksmith to fit nipple rings, and then return to the girl screen at home, you cannot then drag items from the inventory. - this is intended behavior - someday I will fix it so you can drag and drop and hit locked items but right now it is set to stop you from hitting locked items with drag and drop - though drag and drop still works on other items not involved as in this case dresses and collars.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bugs about done - SVN continued

Bugs are about done. Combat bugs, and a few reports that have been added later on after I got my list are all that remain. If I can clear all of them will go on to the text but... I plan on releasing a bugged two tomorrow with or with out editing. I apologize in advance to the editors, your editing will be in the February official, but I really want the debugged 2 out before MY weekend.

The SVN issue definitely requires more information. I have got a few tells from people interested in being an SVN master or whatever the term is. So new discussion thread, and once the experts have had there say will go towards getting an SVN working.

SVN Thread

reported - lots of users on the board still saying I didn't find the awnser for the feast - and ran through 20 days of feasting and it seems to be working fine also the code is really simple
bug - The assistant always thinking items are for her bug seems to chain if you have more of one item of the same type. For instance if you have 2 puddings and you say yes to the first one, then the second one will pop up asking if you want to give that to her as well. - ?!?! - okay i must have broke giving items somewhere - fixed - the pudding problem appears to be fixed as well
reported - Side note... I had her loyalty going up when I directly gave her items but after awhile of this bug declining giving her items she will lose loyalty the next time you give her something instead of raising it. So it's more then just text popping up wrong. - working as intended
reported - Dirt doesn't seem to save and vanishes magically when you load. EDIT: After a shift or two it just magically reappears. - okay - maybe I fixed this with the flush earlier either way its not happening now
bug - Well you start selling milk a man shows up at your door and starts to talk to you about said selling of milk. However after your assistant brings up the idea of selling to the farmers union instead, the conversation just ends.- well now I thought i had checked all this - and for some reason it is resetting the event number to shift event - yep there is a buy pass set up so events keep on progressing... not surprising since this is the first in line event that there would be issues - but i thought it worked before - added a bypass really though should rewrite how it works - and that didn't work - removed function maintextnow was only being used for 1 text message in the game at this point - okay i finally found the issue choices was resetting to 0 after a choice - and if i fix that then every choice now loops... - okay it looks fixed only issue now is losing a background - seems fixed this may be a long term problem though
bug - Sakura tried milking her but the screen came up with no background and the front nude pic instead of the milking image - fixed backgrounds for milking - which sounds really easy but the main problem was that the old background had been moved to instances so had to make an instance version for it now also remove it etc it seems to be working though... will probably generate new bugs
reported - Using Assistant Leima(Snakewoman)with slave had her on training the slave All things. Tried advancing to the next day doesn't advance and sometimes only advances next shift instead of next day. - ran through 10 days think i fixed it earlier with another fix
bug - zenge chan is filling in for the waitress if you are low on cash - fixed
bug - When my item list makes it to two panels just by one, and I use the single one on the second panel, I can't seem to get back to the first panel until I buy something else. - feels like an obo error - fixed
suggestion - Not so much a bug as a comment on combat: going from practice 1 to practice 2 is a HUGE leap. - practices have been toned down will need more feed back or random enemy creation later on
bug - In the arena, once you flip, the possible attacks get out of sync, both with the fighter and their position in the party. - this looks more like a bug where combat turn isn't resetting between battles creating a weird jump and flip out of place - resetting it now to turn 0
bug - assistant is now lowering herself on the main screen - fixed
bug -3rd Apple you get as a reward for completing the the Arena tutorial lingers, allowing you to fill your inventory with apples. It even remains after leaving screen, generally getting in the way. (It will disappear if you save, shut the game down, and restart, however.) - ran through tutorial didn't see it when running through and taking all apples - did tutorial did not take apples and they disapeared like inteneded - tried removing all but apple 3 nothing not sure about any other way to test it - and now why testing other stuff it just appeared... - changed it to the new while loops and added a second place the cleaner is called... - and once again i see no apples... no idea if its just ninjaing though

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bugs - SVN Help

Another day another list of bugs... probably about 2 more days worth.

A long time ago I played with SVNs and found them to be the most frustrating things ever. Spend days trying to set them up, even longer trying to make sense out of them, and then as is my custom, gave up. But more and more it's becoming obvious that Otherworld needs an SVN as I try best to transition from a one mans game to a community's game.

Given that above, I am looking for someone interested in being an SVN Master or CEO or some odd title. Who would be in charge of the SVN, help people out, that includes me, and basically keep it up running and organized. Would really prefer someone with experience in using SVNs. If your interested send me a tell on the board.

reported - When saving and reloading the game, the furniture seems bugged in that it can no longer be placed. - unable to reproduce tried soft load and hard load after saving
question - Should a trainee who is assigned to an assistant for all shifts with the "allowed to rest" option allowed ever become sick ? I don't want to have to micro-manage to avoid it. - should never get sick if you do auto and 3 on 1 off strategy - please report if this isn't true in the next release
balancing - I got faith healer easy but the Miko uniform should give it pluses like the maid uniform gives maid pluses - done
balancing - this probably should apply to the Teachings of Arin'Thar too. - done
bug - The game seems to be saving without me telling it to. I open the program, continue my previous game and play for about a day then close the program without saving. If I reopen the game and continue it will be at the time I closed the program except Items purchased in that time are gone, but skill increases and money spent are kept. - added flush to loader as well - hope that fixes the issue - maybe fixed
suggestion - When a moderately skilled cook makes a meal, the text displayed is
" created a satisfactory increasing the health and happiness of ." This results in the odd sentence "Jane created a satisfactory meal increasing the health and happiness of Jane." This might work better if it was " created a satisfactory meal increasing health and happiness." The name substitution has to be smart enough to use "her" when the two names are the same. - she will eat her own meals now - done
bug - Oh here is an interesting one. I was useing the stariting house still and had let the house get filthy though sickness and other reasons. Well after a monster cleanign effort. (Two girls going full cleaning three shifts a day.) I got the house spotless again but the game still thought the house was filthy. Think saving and reloadign the game fixed it. - the game was taking an average of 6 rooms rather then the number of actual rooms - fixed
reported - Also, the Stables don't have a cleaning option... - working as expected I just can't see those living in a stable being in charge of cleaning the stable
reported - Fourth, cleaning seems bugged. It seems to ignore the stables and milking parlor most of the time and occasionally other rooms, focusing on a room that's at 0 dirt while others are maxed out... - seems fixed when the averaging was fixed - ran through a few weeks with one maid cleaning and she kept the entire house at 0 dirt.
suggestion - Next there is no clear definition of what each training does when you're having an assistant do it. - text is updated to be more explicit - done
bug - Some are even more confusing such as Dehumanize which seems to do nothing other than cause happiness decreases. - oops for some reason it was upgrading artistic skills - fixed
bug - Basically, the system assumes that any girl with the cowgirl class is lactating, however if they get the class by random chance at purchase they aren't. This doesn't seem to be a problem until you try to get them lactating in order to milk them... - cow girl should never be a starter class when girl is purchased its tier 2 - ah found it sakura had it set as her arch ability - fixed
reported - not sure if this is a bug or not first time ive ran into this. I have 7 slaves that are going insane and unhappy while my 8th is just fine. The 7 have gone from 100% happy to in 2 cases negative in only a few days. I lost 40 % happiness and about the same in sanity in a day on one of my slaves. The only thing they have in common are they 7 of the 8 were at 100 lust and had anal toys, so i though it might be the toy removed that and its still decreseing. Not sure exactly when they started to drop sanity and happiness but i know it was for sure after they hit 100 lust. If this is something I am doing wrong please let me know what it is but this is the 1st version I have ran into this problem with.
too high lust make girls insane, so far I try to keep them bellow 50 lust, because after that they can became addict to it and even without toys and sleeping with them 3times a day, they rise lust each night => insanity - this is how its supposed to work - if you keep a girl at really high lust for a long time she's not going to keep sane - if this is too overbearing please write up a suggestion to a better balance
suggestion - Quest: when the reward is an item, we should be able to see it's effects in advance, in order to choose if it's worth it or not - the two furniture jobs now display the reward when the choice is asked
balancing - Cow girl is extremely long to raise - this needs to be discussed on the balancing board
bug - Little time cook : The quest doesn't end when you deliver the slave and you get no reward - quest will end now if you turn in - fixed
reported - Cannot bid more than 100, whilst some girls start at 300 - ;_; - has no one ever been to an auction and seen that bids are incremental? The only way to get around this would be an input box and then were away from 1 hand play...
reported - In the auction,It seems that when I bid, it doesn't refer to the correct girl (estimate price: 7, sold at 350) - i'm going to take a look at the pricing again after this release and suggested price it seems a little to wild still
reported - Items in my inventory temporaly disappear, I have to visit the tattoo shop to make them appear again (bell, cow tail, horns,...) - where, when, why, what screen, character or bag?
bug - -Mouseover text in options menu doesn't work. Instead of getting a description, hovering over the options gives you the message "I screwed up double check". (It may not be a bug so much as an oversight, but it seems like it'd be a pretty simple fix.) - fixed
reported - When restarting from a save file, the accessory store is empty. - expected behavior you can not go back and over refreshing the stores with each save load you have to wait for the next day
reported - While personally training slaves in sex, several of the messages get cut off. I click to progress to the next part of the text, and instead, it jumps directly to the next activity. - please bug the broken lines with the first few words so that they can be divided into peices
reported - When I attempt (successful or not) to give an assistant something, I often lose the item list as well. - giving and equipping are two different things
bug - If the players is a futa you don't get the option for tit sex after you learn the skill. Theirs a space for it but no options appears. - fixed
reported - After you milk a slave you lose the ability to give your assistant items. Was able to equip her with dresses and accessories nothing happens when I try to give her something else. Happened with lamia, cat-girl, and angel. - will need to know if this still has the issue after this update
reported - every once in a while while cooking and getting the message "____ makes a feast and increases the Happiness and Health of all the Girls" all my girls would lose ~20% more of there Health. seems to only happen with the Haruhi architype - i double checked this what i think is happening is people are seeing the end result - 33 health for there jobs + 5 health for the heal = -28 health - working as intended


Friday, February 4, 2011

Text Editing and Bugs

Seems like I did less over all last night mainly because I wasn't fixing bugs I was adding content that should have been put in before. Faith Healer now has icons, mouse over text, etc. Assistants selection all and preferred choice now choose the related options. Which is good, maybe. But not really a debug when it was never added in the first place.

Weirdest bug that the compiler that the compiler should have found and warned on was a function function that was crashing the game. functionName()() I really think the compiler should have found that rather then letting the entire program crash.

Uploading the Text files for the editors today including the assistant files there is a bit of text in them that should be double checked. I really should have done the text files before the release but I got lazy. Thanks in advance to all the editors.

Text Editing

And your list for the day:

bug - While performing her daily chores, Flossy thinks she may understand how to become a combat:" - this is supposed to display the girls battle type but its not.. - okay not displaying combat name type is fixed - only took a few hours
suggestion - Assistants Choice or All can be activated alongside other choices. It would have been more neat to those 2 choices manipulated the list (sorry for offtopic). - done
reported - Slave Asuka is missing her hair from the sprite - issue with sprite
bug - oh another bug, i got the faith healer job, but the mouse over shows the text for a lactating cow girl stats. - cow girl fixed - faith healer icons weren't in place - fixed - faith healer text not working - fixed
reported - i think that next shift is increasing the day counter at the same time. - unable to reproduce
bug - The number displayed next to the heart icon of my one and only slave shows 108% on the main display. Then I view the slave's individual screen, the bar shows 100%. - hmm smoothing might be missing somewhere - after each turn it now auto smooths everyone's health a little worried about this do what girl having to be changed... - seems to have no long term effect and smoothing is fine
reported - i was surprised when i bought a futa slave 0.o - there is always the odd chance that a girl will be futa based on the % set by girls authors - not a bug
reported - A slave can't learn the "faith healer" class while "skip jobs" is enabled. I tried to add "faith healer" three times with "skip job" on, but couldn't, then disabled skip jobs and it let me add the job normally. - skip jobs is supposed to be disabled for now it is again - fixed or broken
bug - Tried to sell my clothes I bought back to the store and came up with a error!!!! I tried 4 times selling my school uniform and got 4 china dresses after I left the store and returned. But was able to sell those 4 china dresses I was given back for cash. - fixed earlier this was an error with the listener
bug - A Little Time's Cook Quest problem, when point it out in quest book dialog pops out. - okay that is definitely a weirdy - fixed on front... and now after quest is crashing - that really should have popped an error - fixed -
bug - pop up is now not showing girl images - this might be an issue with the instancing down - it was fixed... but going to have to be cautious until instancing is finished - and now its not again - i think something is pushing the girls images down... - or not it may be an issue with acceptable girls - not showing for catspaw but is showing for Realtor... - okay fixed this time for sure - maybe

Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the bugs begin...

Okay this was a bit more bugs then I was expecting. A lot of them of course just stupid stuff and a few head scratchers here and there. Definitely think there is going to be two release rounds for debugging, before an official release. Then again its been three months before the last official release, a crap load of bugs is to be expected. Anyways last nights list,


bug - TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/loadGame()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\Otherworld\]
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/loadButtonClick()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\Otherworld\]
- unsure if this is while loading old data to the new loading... added an extra check to be sure - maybe fixed

bug - The ' from the line "You're a girl. Made of spices and everything nice... until you pull out the whip." turn over half of the game code green... of which I don't know the term for it in action scripting. - fixed

bug - trying to sell milk in town drops you into the "give item to assistant" dialogue. "Darling! A Cheap Milk! How sweet of you!". It stays stuck there until you run out of items. - forgot to remove listener - fixed
bug - Angel's picture is displaced on subsequent visits to her screen as well. But she's displaced downwards, so it doesn't matter as much - fixed
bug - lamias picture is on top of the tick-boxes for her training options so they can't be changed. Doesn't start out that way, but after 10 turns I can't click on half of them - fixed
bug - Also, basic slave training isn't raising any of the target attinutes - after 10+ days solid training by lamia, none of the named stats are any higher. - oops yah the function to raise them wasn't built do accept slave skill raises - fixed
reported - Lamia obscuring buttons, loyalty says zero, but bar is green at 100% - obscuring fixed - loyalty seems to be working - need more info
reported - The tutorial option seems to be gone. - forgot to turn it back on have created check list for next time
balancing - Edit: I was finally able to buy one, but it took all but three of my gold. If the real estate agent only pays 300 for a pair, you have to get them for 150 each or less, or it's a losing transaction. - twins are now worth 800
bug - "Skip Jobs Disabled" option screws up next day/shift progression. It starts to work REALLY funny. It doesn't work IF girl have REST option or you have multiple girls (Its what I checked). BTW, what it does anyway?("Skip Jobs Disabled" option I mean). - skip jobs is not supposed be able to be enabled - fixed
balancing - How can I get some furniture? Can't test it otherwise :P - walkthrough now gives a bed
balancing - sick now is a bit harder threshold at -20 raises at 15 a shift and after becoming healthy gains 40 health
bug - Still getting "I screwed up! special text 0" for Prime's class 2 (In my case, once again Sakura) - issue with sakura not using the new class numbering - fixed
reported - The screen randomly going blank is still occurring,. Can't figure out how or why it's happening. - huh where when why?
reported - Sakura is still not showing your clothes correctly in combat. - issue with the sprite
reported - If I buy something then load, the item i just bought is not reloaded. i.e it's missing from both the store and my inv. - unable to replicate tried save and quick load and save close game and load
bug - Cure potion says it cures sick status, but when you exit inventory slave is still sick. - cure potions are now discounted to 20gp - cure potions now give 50 hp ONLY when girl is being cured - fixed
bug - getting nulls for every assistant action... seriously was it this broke or did I do something - all fixed - was every assistant action really giving nulls to you guys...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lazy Day Part 2

A nice lazy day again. Will do bugs part 1 tonight, looking to be at least two nights worth of joy. After that will decide whether or not to do an official or another bugged version. Anyways,


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lazy Day

Nice lazy day. Please, keep the bug reports coming in for tomorrow. I really don't have anything great to talk about today. So if you don't have anything to say...