Monday, February 14, 2011

Debugged 3

So I would have liked to make this an official release, but saving has been modified again as well as items had a major change to allow drag and drop around locked items. On the other hand if this release works out fine then it may become the official release.

As always if you are reporting a bug, details, details, details. The majority of the time the reason I can't fix a bug is because I can't replicate it. A detailed guide how to get to it saves me time but also gets it fixed rather then stuck in reported, unable to replicate.

SVN is updated.

Release will be to the left as soon as upload is done. [edit] there up now.

Also Zero_profile has finished Ranka and the bodies. Definitely worth checking out.


fixed the stupid fix i did for moving text around if multi lines text occured during a class change
bug -
How to recreate the assistant bug:
Start game, buy a slave, set her to be trained by an assistant for some portion of the day, do training.
Save, quit game.
- thank you to anonomous who posted a nice solid walkthrough on how to reproduce the bug - for some reason the asEventFunction wasn't being reconnected after a load... this is fixed.
bug - assistant jobs are not being loaded correctly
job: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,,1,2,6,1,7,8
Job Before 0: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Job Before 1:
Job Before 2: 1,2,6
Job Before 3: 1,7,8
Job after 0: 0,2,3,4
Job after 1:
Job after 2: 1,2,6
Job after 3: 1,7,8
Assistant 1 not currently working Note that assistant 0 should have about 4 more jobs after and there being cut off
Job Before 0: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Job Before 1:
Job Before 2: 1,2,6
Job Before 3: 1,7,8
Job after 0: 0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Job after 1:
Job after 2: 1,2,6
Job after 3: 1,7,8
and there we go...
And once again I hope that is all the saving bugs...
bug - Also, was the arena bug for rasing your stats ever fixed at all yet? I mean you can raise the states for the assistant and the two slaves, but not yourself for some odd reason. - Unable to increase the main character's combat stats after the first training. - the math looks fine... - and it just worked fine for me... - and worked fine again this time using one of the quick assign buttons... - ah i see the problem you can't set it twice after the first time though it think that you are still setting it again - fixed
bug - assistant icon was floating over text field in combat walkthrough - fixed
reported - the mint leaf did not cure insanity but instead "increased" the sanity rating (by raising the sanity rating while insane, i.e. going from -74 to -71) - actually it does cure insane:brokenwill
bug - Minor: When you mouse-over the Kitchen while at the carpenter's, the Job List shows "Rest, Cleaning". The "Cooking" job is missing from that list. - fixed
updated credits
bug - not really a bug but one of mari (evangelion) sleep images is not 'work safe' just wanted to let you know >.> - fixed
reported - Being a female slave trainer allows the use of a strap-on on your futanari slave. Regardless of whether or not you have one. - i double checked only happens if you have a strap on in inventory just like intended
reported - ... really don't know how that one got this far. It also seems unusual that a futa slave cannot use her penis on a female slaver. Am I missing something? - Why would a lesbian trainer ever want to play with male parts?
reported - The Lamia's picture is sometimes shown even when it's a different assistant doing the training. - unable to reproduce - when where why what how please
reported - I'm sometimes getting double messages when the Lamia trains my slave (usually one that pertains to the training attempted and one that doesn't) - think fixed earlier... I hope
reported - Combat: Knight is listed as royal fever on hover. - I don't have fever used as a word in any of the gametext or any of the combat ever... - more info required
reported - Bed doesn't apply to master bedroom? (using girl as pillow) - bed is furniture
bug - During Practice 2 in the arena my assistant (Lamia) got killed/knocked out/whatever, and so the slave behind her got put up in front but the slave now had Lamia's stats in battle. That is the slave had her claw attack instead of Throw Rock like the slaves are supposed to (I assume that they only have that skill at default) and hit just as hard as Lamia would have if she was alive. The bug list that came with the release said there was a similar issue that when flipping in general attacks got out of sync and that was fixed (which seems to be the case) but I don't think that is the same thing as my er...finding... - interesting and much more difficult to fix - oops there was a bug with the new code to fix this issue wasn't quite right... and another check so that jobs are never shown for dead people - hope thats good enough checks hard to test - nope instead locked game up - think i found the issue it was looking at only the top flip variable... - yep fixed
bug - Will try to recreate it properly later, but doing another battle with the same group the next day had Lamia with the alive sprite but again could not actually battle and in fact counted as dead when the battle was over (I lost after the other 3 chars died, but she was still "standing" with HP), but before the loss, one of the slaves still had the claw attack and only when she got flipped (from another character dying) did she get Throw Rock back. - fixed the variable to reset her to alive was == ;_;
bug - null remover was not working correctly thanks to docclox for pointing it out - function removeNullEffect(girl:int) -
changed to
for (var i:Number = 0; i < person.length; i++) {
if (person[i] == null) {
i = -1;
that should fix it i think
reported- -Trying to get the blacksmith to apply a second nipple ring would take my money but leave the ring in my inventory. (I'd bought 4, to give them to 2 slaves. After trying to distribute them all, I still had 2 left. I kept trying to get the second ring to stick on one my slaves and lost about 100gp in the process.) - seemed to work fine... - tried going back and forth like 3 times was other things locked on or something?
reported - At no point did I buy or sell, anything. At first, I thought my items were simply disappearing until I noticed that they still appeared in shop's inventory screens. I could still perform sexual training with the strap-on and anal toys (and a dildo I at a different time), as well. I just couldn't give them to the girls, anymore. - unable to replicate
-----I'm going to redo drag and drop and locked items... tired the bug reports... that is the only thing else on the list moved most of these items to a new .as


  1. Im encountering the same issue I had with the last version in regards to loading. I just got out of the auction block buying the second slave for the real estate quest, I went to turn it in to find out that one started as a non virgin, so I cant turn in. I tried reloading once and the game screws up. Most of the buttons stop working and its completely unplayable. If I try quitting and reloading the program, it screws up the intial window- pressing continue will make all the buttons no longer work until you reload again. The only option is to start all over again.

  2. Oh yeah the disappearing items might have something to do with instead of the show all being the default thing at times, it tends to shift to only equipable items along with the food.

    I think it might have something to do with the item viewing section changing at times, but other than that it's really a minor issue though.

  3. Ok with a new release comes newer bugs. I only found three so far, but other that it's mostly fine.

    Ok one bug is with the mansion you have to have 2 assistants to actually use the multiple rooms this time.

    Another is if you have 2 slaves and two assistants, you'll need one more slave to actually fight in the arena at all.

    The third one is a wierd one. Pretty much clothing my slave still keeps them without clothing at all, but the stats still work though. That and it looks like you have to drag and drop items into its respected slot as well it seems, but double clicking it when an item is in a slot dequips it.

  4. RE: "reported - ... really don't know how that one got this far. It also seems unusual that a futa slave cannot use her penis on a female slaver. Am I missing something? - Why would a lesbian trainer ever want to play with male parts?"

    Ignoring the whole "Is a Futa cock Male" debate that you can easily stir up on this issue, there is nothing currently stating, or even seriously implying, in game that the female slave trainer is an outright lesbian.

    The closest you come to that is the "carefully avoid" lines which could easily be interpreted as training related.