Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bugs - SVN Help

Another day another list of bugs... probably about 2 more days worth.

A long time ago I played with SVNs and found them to be the most frustrating things ever. Spend days trying to set them up, even longer trying to make sense out of them, and then as is my custom, gave up. But more and more it's becoming obvious that Otherworld needs an SVN as I try best to transition from a one mans game to a community's game.

Given that above, I am looking for someone interested in being an SVN Master or CEO or some odd title. Who would be in charge of the SVN, help people out, that includes me, and basically keep it up running and organized. Would really prefer someone with experience in using SVNs. If your interested send me a tell on the board.

reported - When saving and reloading the game, the furniture seems bugged in that it can no longer be placed. - unable to reproduce tried soft load and hard load after saving
question - Should a trainee who is assigned to an assistant for all shifts with the "allowed to rest" option allowed ever become sick ? I don't want to have to micro-manage to avoid it. - should never get sick if you do auto and 3 on 1 off strategy - please report if this isn't true in the next release
balancing - I got faith healer easy but the Miko uniform should give it pluses like the maid uniform gives maid pluses - done
balancing - this probably should apply to the Teachings of Arin'Thar too. - done
bug - The game seems to be saving without me telling it to. I open the program, continue my previous game and play for about a day then close the program without saving. If I reopen the game and continue it will be at the time I closed the program except Items purchased in that time are gone, but skill increases and money spent are kept. - added flush to loader as well - hope that fixes the issue - maybe fixed
suggestion - When a moderately skilled cook makes a meal, the text displayed is
" created a satisfactory increasing the health and happiness of ." This results in the odd sentence "Jane created a satisfactory meal increasing the health and happiness of Jane." This might work better if it was " created a satisfactory meal increasing health and happiness." The name substitution has to be smart enough to use "her" when the two names are the same. - she will eat her own meals now - done
bug - Oh here is an interesting one. I was useing the stariting house still and had let the house get filthy though sickness and other reasons. Well after a monster cleanign effort. (Two girls going full cleaning three shifts a day.) I got the house spotless again but the game still thought the house was filthy. Think saving and reloadign the game fixed it. - the game was taking an average of 6 rooms rather then the number of actual rooms - fixed
reported - Also, the Stables don't have a cleaning option... - working as expected I just can't see those living in a stable being in charge of cleaning the stable
reported - Fourth, cleaning seems bugged. It seems to ignore the stables and milking parlor most of the time and occasionally other rooms, focusing on a room that's at 0 dirt while others are maxed out... - seems fixed when the averaging was fixed - ran through a few weeks with one maid cleaning and she kept the entire house at 0 dirt.
suggestion - Next there is no clear definition of what each training does when you're having an assistant do it. - text is updated to be more explicit - done
bug - Some are even more confusing such as Dehumanize which seems to do nothing other than cause happiness decreases. - oops for some reason it was upgrading artistic skills - fixed
bug - Basically, the system assumes that any girl with the cowgirl class is lactating, however if they get the class by random chance at purchase they aren't. This doesn't seem to be a problem until you try to get them lactating in order to milk them... - cow girl should never be a starter class when girl is purchased its tier 2 - ah found it sakura had it set as her arch ability - fixed
reported - not sure if this is a bug or not first time ive ran into this. I have 7 slaves that are going insane and unhappy while my 8th is just fine. The 7 have gone from 100% happy to in 2 cases negative in only a few days. I lost 40 % happiness and about the same in sanity in a day on one of my slaves. The only thing they have in common are they 7 of the 8 were at 100 lust and had anal toys, so i though it might be the toy removed that and its still decreseing. Not sure exactly when they started to drop sanity and happiness but i know it was for sure after they hit 100 lust. If this is something I am doing wrong please let me know what it is but this is the 1st version I have ran into this problem with.
too high lust make girls insane, so far I try to keep them bellow 50 lust, because after that they can became addict to it and even without toys and sleeping with them 3times a day, they rise lust each night => insanity - this is how its supposed to work - if you keep a girl at really high lust for a long time she's not going to keep sane - if this is too overbearing please write up a suggestion to a better balance
suggestion - Quest: when the reward is an item, we should be able to see it's effects in advance, in order to choose if it's worth it or not - the two furniture jobs now display the reward when the choice is asked
balancing - Cow girl is extremely long to raise - this needs to be discussed on the balancing board
bug - Little time cook : The quest doesn't end when you deliver the slave and you get no reward - quest will end now if you turn in - fixed
reported - Cannot bid more than 100, whilst some girls start at 300 - ;_; - has no one ever been to an auction and seen that bids are incremental? The only way to get around this would be an input box and then were away from 1 hand play...
reported - In the auction,It seems that when I bid, it doesn't refer to the correct girl (estimate price: 7, sold at 350) - i'm going to take a look at the pricing again after this release and suggested price it seems a little to wild still
reported - Items in my inventory temporaly disappear, I have to visit the tattoo shop to make them appear again (bell, cow tail, horns,...) - where, when, why, what screen, character or bag?
bug - -Mouseover text in options menu doesn't work. Instead of getting a description, hovering over the options gives you the message "I screwed up double check". (It may not be a bug so much as an oversight, but it seems like it'd be a pretty simple fix.) - fixed
reported - When restarting from a save file, the accessory store is empty. - expected behavior you can not go back and over refreshing the stores with each save load you have to wait for the next day
reported - While personally training slaves in sex, several of the messages get cut off. I click to progress to the next part of the text, and instead, it jumps directly to the next activity. - please bug the broken lines with the first few words so that they can be divided into peices
reported - When I attempt (successful or not) to give an assistant something, I often lose the item list as well. - giving and equipping are two different things
bug - If the players is a futa you don't get the option for tit sex after you learn the skill. Theirs a space for it but no options appears. - fixed
reported - After you milk a slave you lose the ability to give your assistant items. Was able to equip her with dresses and accessories nothing happens when I try to give her something else. Happened with lamia, cat-girl, and angel. - will need to know if this still has the issue after this update
reported - every once in a while while cooking and getting the message "____ makes a feast and increases the Happiness and Health of all the Girls" all my girls would lose ~20% more of there Health. seems to only happen with the Haruhi architype - i double checked this what i think is happening is people are seeing the end result - 33 health for there jobs + 5 health for the heal = -28 health - working as intended



  1. I just wanted to say, the manga pics are hilarious. =)

    Keep up the good work, and good luck with all the bugs!

    -acac from fp

  2. While svn is an awesome product for repository management and can be quite a hassle. I would suggest actually setting up something similar to svn, bzr. I know I know, I can hear the complaints already. Svn is the leading standard etc etc. For the simplicity of use, for the types of releases that you do as well as the different types of versions that are going to be floating about. bzr does much better job at keeping revisions cleaner, keeping code apart until they absolutely need to be converged and allowing you the ability to actually revision just a folder on your computer and walk back reversions(on your computer) if you make a mistake bzr is far the better choice.

    svn and bzr both have wonderful tools such as tortoisesvn and tortoisebzr.

    From my own personal experience I prefer bzr over svn.

    Either you cant go wrong with both.

    Before I go ahead and volunteer myself,
    what type of hosting plan did you have in mind?

  3. You can use service like googlecode, which setups and keeps repository for you. Having web interface is also huge plus.

    bzr is very controversial choice. Mercurial or Git are far more popular and easier.

  4. There are quite a handful of websites that are aimed at easily setting up your project - github, googlecode, sourceforge, codeplex - have you tried any of them? (if you tried to setup your svn server yourself, I can understand that you abandoned that idea)

  5. I have set up and run SVN at many companies, for something like this I suggest taking kalngor's advice. Using an existing community project site is better in regards to interface, control and management. Handing off the administrative tasks is much better than trying to do it all yourself.