Sunday, July 31, 2011

Give me heads!

Redcape has finished the heads. If you see him pat him on the back for a job well done. The auction block seems rather full lately. Hopefully though new girls will be on the block soon. Hopeing to stop the hold on new girls once this release is stable.


Working on logic from the parsed data. Its some pretty complicated logic and its more a matter of doing it right in the first few tries. Every time I think I am on the right track I realize I forgot another case. Oh well its pretty interesting if frustrating.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heads and Format

New head from Redcape! (I hear there is a Horo in the pipe line.)

So spent some quality time hashing out an xml format for conditionals with Docclox.

Probably this is only interesting to about 1 person in 20. But it was rather necessary to hash out a standard for conditionals in xml. Why, you may ask because that way the effect conditionals are the same as the event conditionals. And standards are good because then you have to make less code and require less training.

So going to work on conditional effects tonight. I actually got normal shift and daily effects to work last night now once I get conditional to work that should make lactation doable... as well as stuff like virgin +1 happiness only if lust under 50.

We'll see how it goes not the simplest thing I have ever programed.


Friday, July 29, 2011


So continuing to work on effects. Got virgin to remove when sex is had and been working on sick. The main problem though is that every time I change something I have been forced to make deeper changes.

checkClassPoints(0, 1, girl);
checkForEffect(22, girl)



A lot easier to read and add conditionals later on from parsed data... but when your removing over 100 instances to the new format it takes a while. Hopefully will have sick working tonight and get to play with other stuff.


Thursday, July 28, 2011


So there were a few bugs...

I'm currently working on finishing up effects. Got lactation and virgin to come back, but there just back, not working. So will keep puttering with them as I want the effects completely automated from xml. Which is going to take a while but the idea that you can build "The great anal vibrator of Boehner" (sorry for the political jokes) and add an effect that adds +1 insanity each day. With out any internal programming will add a few billion item options.

Docclox has found the problem behind the red screen of auction. And he's found the sales code! So we should have those up and working sooner rather then later.

Compuscribe has been working on the save and load, check the forums for updates. Thanks all the evil gods, because I really don't want to play with it.

And that is all for today.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011




New Heads thanks Redcape

 New heads thanks Redcape.

On final night hopefully done in a few hours.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Bug reports will be taken care of sooner or later.


Last Hotfix for the night only links cow clothes

Links cow items to paper doll



Hotfix 3

link removed

This time with the fix for the whoring issue.


Hotfix 2

link removed

Actually fixes the whoring issue.

Also updates the closet and adds a few slaves including mio, saber, Rena, and yoko. Who slipped through the cracks.


hotfix 1

deleted link

Whoring no longer crashes the game and a few other things.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Expect Hot fixes as the night goes along.


ninja 1

Bug Fixes

Crash bugs in IconChanger
Float Over text in Icon Changer
Night no longer going to day

Paper Doll - Thanks Irrbloss

Stockings added to paperdoll editor
cow suit - positioned
china suit - positioned

Working on shops selling all the new types of crap now.


Last Night of Fixes

Last night of fixes before Catherine. Will probably spend the entire night off fixing stuff and then release sometime really early in the morning. Stuff that needs fixing.

Crash bug on main screen do to icon changer.
Mio looks like princess.
Mugi needs finishing.
Effects still not done.
Any other things I see.

Will probably do an early release in chat channel to have people make sure I didn't forget anything in the release since I normally screw something up. Possible ninja updates as well.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Personal Jobs fixed. Problem with only morning jobs firing fixed.

So personal jobs fixed completely not just in small test. There was a bug where only morning jobs would fire during the day and that has been fixed as well. And that was the entire night.

Tonight will be effects again I hope. Not really that amazing.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personal Jobs seem to be working in small test

So spent last night trying to get personal jobs to work again. Think I fixed them but now have to spend a night bulk programming click to event. Which I plan to rip out in the next few updates when jobs get xmled. Basically the main problem was that up until recently the little icons that you select for personal jobs were made at the start of game and the listeners with them. A very bad way to do it since it makes start up longer and means that they are held in resources for the entire game for no reason. Now there made on the fly but forgot to re add the listeners to them. Also changed the slide show, with girl over to Docclox's event frame. Which will help out later on when there are more personal job events.

Did notice a new bug where personal jobs seem to be repeating even if the girl is not in the room anymore... yay something else to fix.

Catherine in 3 days now.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting Stuff done, but what really is stuff?

So I said that I was going to work on effects. That was a complete and utter lie. Instead with the help of Docclox we went hunting down the major bugs. Fixed one with all the girls being sent to room 1 from the pens. It was seriously getting crowded in that room. Also it was impossible to unlock stuff, fixed. And you could actually remove any items you wanted in the blacksmith except locked items and those were kept by the blacksmith her sticky fingers problem was resolved with counseling. Docclox fixed a fun little bug with comparing the mini pics was always returning the first one. Resulting in the game thinking that you were always picking up or clicking the first mini pic on the main screen, even if you were trying to move the second girl to another room. Thanks for fixing it Docclox.

As for tonight personal jobs are broke and I was thinking fixing them is more important then effects. Since someone will complain if I do a release and your no longer able to fuck your slave. Pretty sure its an issue where I changed from normal pre-loaded to instances will take a look probably just need to add name tags.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nothing Night

So my IT was on site all night, well actually they upgraded the server would leave and then the new server would crash and repeat. So I got nothing done at all boring night making sure they don't know my business.

Will try to do effects tonight but even odds they will still be pretending to know what there doing tonight.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An actual wall of text

So lots of really interesting stuff. Paper dolls are working well enough to be ready for a release, though there is some rag doll to paper doll line up issues. And I don't think the shops are selling a lot of the new item slots right now, which was on my fix list for the next release, but will have to do something for the debuggers. Also Mio has gone on hiatus will not appear in the slave market. Though oddly the princess does appear and yet Mio is the one doing the jobs... There may be a connection. Lala has also taken to hovering above the rest of the girls... If I knew why it would already be fixed.

Tonight it's back to effects and trying to get them to work automatically based on the xml. Really I wanted to do these next update so probably still going to do it as easy as possible but rewriting stuff in a few weeks that I can do right now is just counter productive. But that way if someone makes "The vibrating phallus of the pig." Item and adds an effect to it +1 lust a day its completely automated and all handled through the xml. Which I think gives a HUGE number of options. I'm really expecting an item explosion after this update and the next with xml shops.

So for those asking about releases. I will release on or before Tuesday. Why? Because I go on vacations on Tuesday and just about everyone knows vacation means gaming and I don't touch stuff until the game is conquered. So there will be a release sometime in the next week I promise no matter how buggy it is.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Ninja pic

Decided to put the doll on the blacksmith.


More in game fun

Seriously this be looking nice. Still a little love on removing images and adding images in the blacksmith for locking to be done. But overall its looking tight. Thanks as always to the art department. Now if only we had more heads...

But we do, Thanks to RedCape for this awesome Lala. Going to have to get her a tail now and finally get attached items to girls working... next update.


Super Cool Update

No mock up at all. Ain't it cool.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Still effects....

I think I'm in love, again, with this nice goddess.

So I got effects:
Data Path is Correct for xml and images now
Effects to show - started the line up system
Float Over working
Items add effects
and a bunch of little stuff.

Still need to do:
Timed changes
Add or remove - item based
a bunch of automated stuff so that the xml is being used rather then the hard coded system

Not going to mess with any of that today since its a Lazy Day will work on the paper dolls mirroring items now that doc has them up and running also need to finish up Mugi she's only about 2/3 done. Would also like to get the miko done since she has a head. Oh and there is more paper doll aligning work if I get bored. All of these I just can't quite do at work.

Still feels like release is close but not for probably a few days and the very earliest.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paper doll is up and working

Thanks to Docclox for getting the dolls working. I know what I'm doing this weekend. Hopefully will get the alignment between paper doll and rag doll up then.

Effects was a bit more complicated then I was expecting... not that surprising on the other hand a lot of the code for them had been written when I was working on the explorer/combat. So continuing on them as well. I will have milking, love, and Tetanus working before the alpha I promised.

And yes I actually started to put together an alpha and then stopped myself when the effects weren't included so there sitting in a folder ready to go.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

More bug hunting.

So I whacked down the main screen move bugs. Also a few bugs with assistants, the wrong assistant was displaying during slide show. That type of stuff.

Tonight I'm going after fixing effects enough that they will work for the next release. While I want to re-do how effects work all together, it is not something I want to spend a week on, rather going to do a hot fix to get it working. Since I'm sure people will complain if milk is not working with the next release.

Yah it's that thrilling.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Still searching for bugs and doing odd little things.

Currently looking for this hat. If anyone knows where to buy it please tell. As a matter of fact isn't it odd that we all don't wear chickens on our head.

So anyways finished up xmling the items that correspond to the paper doll.
Added capitalization to the classes on the character screen and a work safe function.
Fixed a crash bug I had created the day before :(.
Fixed an issue where the blacksmith could show tattoo and combat stuff...
Began fixing the main screen there was an error with the drag and drop, not sure where it came from. Moving that system over to the IM class. Added a new file

Hoping for an alpha Monday... but not guaranteeing it.



Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting there

I think bikini wax will be a necessary item. Or maybe a barber... ^.^

Anyways keep cheering Docclox as he finishes up the dolls.

At the same time fixing more bugs do to classes changing from int to string. You will notice that they are actually listed over on the left hand side. That's xmled parsed classes.

As an idea I was thinking of making combat a default class like sex and putting it on a different tab all together. And maybe doing the same with sex, and adding more options then the three base ones. Hell for that matter maybe doing all sex types for a girl... Something peculating in the back brain.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Legs and other stuff

Redcape has submitted a new style of legs for the paper doll. Please go join the discussion on this and then give a vote compared to the old style.



If the direct links don't work its under general discussion on the boards.


Both Flashnovice and Ludi sent me a set of icons for item to doll. Thank you guys. We go the paper dolls to show up on the character screen. Items showing is being a bit more tricky but Docclox is working hard on getting a fix for that.

More debugging tonight and probably all week. We're about 2 weeks behind my original release schedule and 2 weeks to vacation and Catherine coming out so that will be a dead week. But hopefully will get a bugged version out before then if I can go 10 days in game with out a bug.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Icon update

Flash novice has finished the icons thanks.


Paper Doll

Ranka is going to take over the world.

Actually the princess is a pixie.

Okay here is the current paper doll editor. Stuff still needs a little moving or added but everyone wants to play with it and it helps the icon makers. Flashnovice has been knocking icons out as well.

Paper Doll Editor

Working hard on my lazy days to get the paper dolls up and running since I can't do them at work.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Help Needed

So I need a bunch of help making items that correspond with the paper doll parts and looking for anyone who can help make little mini pics. Your help would be much appreciated. Got paper dolls to work on the character screen more about that tomorrow.

Green Bikini Top
Green Bikini Bottom
Chain Mail Bikini Top
Chain Mail Bikini Bottom (Loin Cloth)
Cowsuit Corset
Cowsuit Gloves
Cowsuit Panties
Cowsuit Stockings
Maid Apron
Maid Collar
Maid Garterbelt
Maid Gloves
Miko Top
Miko Skirt
Miko Sleeves
bunny collar
bunny gloves
bunny hose
lace panties
school uniform collar (blue)
school uniform skirt (blue)
school uniform top (blue)

I started a thread on the forum for those wanting or able to help...

The actual link which was missing

Also will be in chat most of the weekend.


Flash novice has finished the icons thanks.



Sunday, July 10, 2011

Odd images

Continually working on bugs and dolls. Adding information to the classes.xml mainly because i don't want to fix a bug that I have to change again in a few months. Float over stuff really.

Also working hard and heavy during my normal lazy time on the dolls trying to figure them out and add them to the character screen. Hence the interesting pics up top.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Onto bugs

New head from Redcape.

So finished expendables and not onto finding bugs... lots and lots of bugs. My goal is running 10 days with out a bug still haven't made it past day 1. A lot of the bugs are caused by changing the ID of classes from ints to strings. Not really that surprising. Also worked on jobs and image hiding which is working a lot better now.

Also working on the rag doll implementation in the character screen. Thats something I can't do at work so it will be slow and eat into my eve time.

Anyways getting closer to release...


Friday, July 8, 2011

Fixing Confusion

First off I will be releasing bugged versions very soon, probably limited alpha releases (in chat channel) and then general beta releases. I made a mistake with releases and it shows, its much better to do bunch of small releases test it out fix the bugs. Then a large super buggy release. So expect that after this bugging and release cycle to see releases every time I get a new feature added. Not really time based but when there is a new shiny toy there will be a release. Also now that were going more and more xml there will not need to be a release to add new stuff. New girls and new items will be doable with this release by just copy and pasting from the forums.

So items now add stats yay. A bunch of new bugs do to changing classes from ints to strings which I spent a lot of the night pounding down, most of which would have been removed when I xml jobs later on anyways but that would take me a month or two so I think fixing for now is a fine compromise. I started expendables... and then got distracted and forgot to finish them... Oh well.

Redcape has given us the following new head goodness...


Thursday, July 7, 2011

XML Classes

So everyone probably saw this but me... but to make the items in a string equal a class string equal. I need classes in strings... and that requires information. So since I was going to change classes over to xml later on in the next a few updates to allow for community added classes it just seemed faster to do it now then have to rewrite stuff twice. So obviously that was a tangent and the girl point adding is still only about 1/2 way done.

To answer the class questions now, no that is in no way the full xml later versions... which depending on how much head banging is required to fix the bugs this caused will add the float over text and image loaders for the icons.

Stuff I want to XML but people will kill me if I delay the release any further...

4)Personal Jobs

I really want to do shops and allow the community to add events and items for sale.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still Nothing

Will get to stat changes and expendables tonight. We shall see how that goes it should be easy... it should be.

Still really nothing.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Lazy day. And no new toys I have noticed recently. Still just messing around on eve. If anyone has found any new toys do share.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming in for a landing

Landers now show if its a slot the item can fall into... and it was like 3 lines of code. I was rather pleased it fell in under 10mins.

Producer is working now too... as a matter of fact all movement is done. Finally had a good night just getting stuff done.

The only things left now are stat changes and expendables which sort of go hand to hand. Remove and item change the stats and your done. That will actually be simpler then changing the girl equipment items stats since they have affect more. Still should be about one nights worth... (plan 3) and then off to bugs.

Happy ID4


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Character Screen again float drag drop done

It's a little difficult to see since the lander is pretty light but if you look closely it's there in the image. I may at a later date add an ability to show floats over on spots the item is equitable at... actually I may do that tonight. Drag and drop and collision resulting from drag and drop works. The main PITA is the producer I ripped out the code again for it, as it was putting producers to the wrong items and driving me insane. So starting at page one again with that code. Hopefully this time I will have an epiphany.

Still to go...

Lander Upgrade


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Working on the lander

Was working on landers last night but didn't get it done. Did get all the floating done and checked each spot and there line up with the girl item array. Which should make all the float over to come rather easy. Just keep on plugging along...


Friday, July 1, 2011

And still more mods to the character screen

Okay now can remove items from those added to girls... Also collision when clicking from player items. Got most of the listeners in place last night including the drag and drop only thing I forgot was the futa wear restrictions but since there parsed in shouldn't be that hard to add tonight.

To do list:

Stat changes


So I was asked what MMORPGS i have deserted. This list is incomplete...


I'm sure there is more but I have pushed them out of my mind.