Monday, July 11, 2011

Help Needed

So I need a bunch of help making items that correspond with the paper doll parts and looking for anyone who can help make little mini pics. Your help would be much appreciated. Got paper dolls to work on the character screen more about that tomorrow.

Green Bikini Top
Green Bikini Bottom
Chain Mail Bikini Top
Chain Mail Bikini Bottom (Loin Cloth)
Cowsuit Corset
Cowsuit Gloves
Cowsuit Panties
Cowsuit Stockings
Maid Apron
Maid Collar
Maid Garterbelt
Maid Gloves
Miko Top
Miko Skirt
Miko Sleeves
bunny collar
bunny gloves
bunny hose
lace panties
school uniform collar (blue)
school uniform skirt (blue)
school uniform top (blue)

I started a thread on the forum for those wanting or able to help...

The actual link which was missing

Also will be in chat most of the weekend.


Flash novice has finished the icons thanks.




  1. I have a previous engagement this evening, so I won't be able to help until Wednesday evening. If you can point me to where the full-sized versions of the clothes items are, I can begin work on them then, if no-one else beats me to them. (Flash_Novice)

  2. Nice but unless you make the forums public (accessible/readable without registration) don't expect to get much help. I'm not going to register just to read them ... Maybe if I need to post something important but I don't see when if I can report bugs here.

  3. Flash novice has finished the icons thanks.