Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heads and Format

New head from Redcape! (I hear there is a Horo in the pipe line.)

So spent some quality time hashing out an xml format for conditionals with Docclox.

Probably this is only interesting to about 1 person in 20. But it was rather necessary to hash out a standard for conditionals in xml. Why, you may ask because that way the effect conditionals are the same as the event conditionals. And standards are good because then you have to make less code and require less training.

So going to work on conditional effects tonight. I actually got normal shift and daily effects to work last night now once I get conditional to work that should make lactation doable... as well as stuff like virgin +1 happiness only if lust under 50.

We'll see how it goes not the simplest thing I have ever programed.


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