Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few more bugs that died.

A few more bugs removed. Expect this slow pace to be the norm for a little while.

fixed - Tit-fuck leads to a blank event box that can not be passed. - bad link
modify - save / load buttons are back compuscribe is working hard on getting everything to work
fixed - Assistant :- Upon giving normal milk to fairy : "I've always wanted a screw up findItemName Please, oh please?".
reported - - Whore pay stuck at 2-3, without the class, no matter the sex skills level. I can't remember whether that's normal or not, apologies if it is (and it probably is). - this is standard it takes a pro to make a profit
fixed - Fortune Telling doesn´t increase the counter in the character information scren - easy peasy


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lazy Day - If only it was a lazy week.

After the last few days I couldn't really make my self work on bugs. I promise to get some tonight not sure how many but some. Its one of those off days I still have to go into work for. :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Another day of a few bugs removed.

( I am seriously running out of bug pics.)

reported - The bolded text for class changes says "screw up" - Can not locate it doesn't seem to be during a class change... More info required
fixed - Selling a slave and exiting to town can completely nuke the interface. No buttons, no nothing, just the background - fixed this previously
reported - It seems to be the interface not being re-displayed more than anything else. Going to the inventory screen and back clears the problem, temporarily, but it's back with the next event. - more info required what interface?
fixed - Lactation pills no longer seem to increase breast size after initial use though the bovine hormones work fine - does now
reported -lastly the colosseum is no longer in the game but I'm assuming you guys just temporarily removed it. - combat will not be in the next full release
fixed - If I understood correctly, the futa thing is normal, the graphics just aren't done yet. Or not implemented, at least. - my bad when i made futa optional the default turned out to be off. - it now default on.


Sunday, August 28, 2011 Otherworldgame: Project Membership Otherworldgame: Project Membership

Odd test ignore.


A new distraction

Irene is causing me a bit of an extra work load so not much got done last night. But I recently found a new distraction to hopefully bide you guys over.

Mission Brothel Futanari Palace Link

For those of you with out futa palace log ins:

Direct DL Link Mediafire

All credits for this game go to the designer: ss1123.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some bug fixes

fixed - Sometimes effect icons linger when you switch from one girl to another, or when switch back to the "home" view
fixed - If you live in the mansion and sell a slave, when the auction is over and you see the Go Home/Town button clicking the Go Home button it will freeze the game. - this was an issue with whatGirl being greater then number of girls.
reported - -The Lactation Gem has a ridiculously low chance to drop for some reason, I went for over 14 days without one dropping and going a full week without seeing one is common. Not sure if bug but damn it's annoying. - random bad luck
fixed - "Wearing" the anal toy gives the Drunk status (goes away normally after a couple shifts).
reported - That one's too subtle for me to be sure, but I'm not convinced working the favorite (or hated) training has any effect on assistants' loyalty. - it doesn't it gives bonus to the effectiviness of skill gains to girls
reported - Black Jack works but needs some visual tweeks. - suggestions?
fixed - Get an I screwed up double check when mousing over music icon (I didnt install music files yet so this may be why) - it no longer has float over

I know I'm going slow but I am fixing them.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Minor Delay

Nothing got done last night. Hopefully tonight but not sure, a minor weather disturbance on the east coast may mean nothing gets done at work this week.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bugs that didn't get taken care of

Some stuff that was reported but already cleared or that won't be gotten to.

fixed - Boob sizes are still not right - thanks docclox
known - some slaves are shorter than others (may be a head-size thing) and shorter slaves hover in the air - not going to fix this one its probably permanent
reported - The maid stockings (haven't tried others yet) don't match the paper doll - you know this was reported 4+ times but no one ever spent the time fixing the legs and giving an update even though the body editor was included with the download
reported - There also seems to be no shirts beyond the bikini top and possibly the cow corset - Someone needs to make them then... Artists Unite!
reported - Still getting old legs. Looks like only the Average folder has the new type - Pale, Dark, and Tan still have old style png files. Going to try putting in the new files after typing this. - redcape will update these soon
fixed - locking for the cow arms or strap on say location not piecred - thanks docclox
fixed - Couple of bugs on the sound front: The sound effects from the auction house don't always terminate properly when you leave the auction. - thank docclox
fixed - And to add insult to injury, the mute button doesn't mute sound effects. - thanks docclox
reported - Also, I'm not getting the user inventory screen in "A Little Time Cafe". The shop items show up all right. - once again... cafe's don't buy peoples stuff...
reported - The biggest bug is still the lack of save/load - next bugged will have save/load i promise

And that was all the stuff I didn't do. Maybe tonight will actual do something.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So some bugs.

So some bugs but not as many as I was expecting Docclox has already knocked out a few of them and there is a hotfix for the music issue.

Hotfix 2

He has also taken care of the breast size issue and the locking issue. But I'm not sure if there in that hotfix.

Overall still a lot more stable then I was expecting. But keep the bug reports coming on the forums. I read blog comments but I don't usually write them down.

I think still missing something when doing torrents. Not quite sure why it isn't working... but its not.

And that's all my odd thoughts.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bugged 2 Release

So its finally here the second release. Thank you for Docclox for a bunch of help and putting up with me for the last 6 hours to get it out.

Additional stuff from last time:
Quests are working.
The casino actually has a game.
You can now buy potions that will affect the paper doll.

This is a limited bugged release, please don't go around spreading it on the net, it still is bugged.

This time around we are trying an FTP thanks to Tyrranus for setting it up. The torrent did not work out. Will gather notes and try again later. Also this is listed as the linux release that is because it is fixed for linux users. Windows users never had a problem to begin with and this version works fine on there computers too.

Game Download

Music pack if you want thanks to Docclox for putting this together:

Music Files

Torrent thanks Irrbloss:


Other downloads thanks Irrbloss again:

Part1: (200Mb)
Part2: (200Mb)
Part3: (106Mb)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Furniture fixed

Okay wasn't aware of it but furniture was never updated to work with the new item system. That has been changed! Beds, flowers, milkers they all work and normal items those that just modify stats are auto, which is nice and a huge upgrade versus the old system that required each one to be built individually.

Also continued to work hard on adding some new content, have a new quest in mind for the casino... but I still haven't decided on a reward. If anyone out there has a good furniture reward idea post it.

May work on the remaining bugs tonight... or play eve.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bug fixes and adding a little extra stuff

So fixed the bug with the class changes item bonuses not updating. I'm about out of non-visual bugs and actually started adding a little extra content for the big release so we have new actual stuff rather then just a bunch of updated stuff. Still have a few graphic things to finish up. Will most likely have them finished over the weekend and a bugged release should be very soon.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classes fixed again... I think...

Okay classes should be working properly. Was a bad passed girl variable and that is fixed. Added a bunch of new items to allow for changing your girls attributes but they aren't quite working yet. Overall though just about ready to try releasing again.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Quests are finally working

Quests are working again. Tonight there is a bug with the new class system and multiple girls which I will play with.

Docclox has got the bugs with the blackboard and the tit size not matching fixed. As well as an easy interface to change them, pubes, and skin tone. Going to need to make items for them hopefully will have time tonight as well.

That's about all of the bugs I can work on at work. The rest are graphic bugs as far as I can tell that just are work safe so not sure when I will get to them. Might just need to release with them undone.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still working on Quest Screen

Still working on quest turn in screen. Gave up on changing it to a class and its own .fla and am just now fixing the bugs. Should take me a few more days lots of changes to tight compare code.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lazy Day

Got nothing done.

Will work on quests again tonight.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now see Anthy would have just killed all these bugs. (Though Nanami would have misunderstood!)

"Upon the Black Rose I swear...I shall win this duel...then kill the Rose Bride!"

Yes it's that time again. The Remastered limited edition of the Black Rose Saga just came out and well, the black rose is my favorite. So it's such a much better choice then hunting out bugs not that i didn't do that for a little while.

reported - red collar doesn't show on doll when equipped - there isn't one... bug the art department.
fixed - piercing
fixed - Mousing over the masturbation button on haruhi gives a chat box with "I screwed up double check" in the title area. funari has masturbate skill but says "i screwed up double check"
----Masturbation and Futa Masturbation small icons images are gone does anyone have a copy of these?---
reported - Crashed the game when trying to replace a girl's base collar with an improved one. I was using my CS5 at the time, so I have this in the trace window. - i added some extra checks for this earlier and i think they fixed this issue.

A short list but I got bored with it really easily last night. Still working on the issue the collision issue on the paper dolls when going from paper doll/rag doll to paper doll/NO rag doll. Its not updating correctly.

Well something to do tonight.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Quests Broke... not that surprising

So trying to fix the quest pop up screen. And of course I more broke it then fixed it. Not that surprising really. Moving it to classes just created a few hundred bugs that I have mostly cleaned out. Will probably get it compiled up tonight but still its a couple days off from being done.

Tonight once I get the above compiling will work on the graphics that were on hold as not being work safe. Maybe it is a day off...


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Piercing now works

So fixed piercing! Girls now start off pierced at about the right percent, and the blacksmith and character screen shows un-pierced items with a red x and wont allow you to add items. So that's good tonight will be the quest turn in screen... lets see got to change it to a class... got to instance all the parts and link them up... then fix the actual bugs. May be a day, most likely will be a few.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

All the easy bugs killed now on to the hard ones...

fixed - Had cowsuit gloves (old ones) equipped on a girl. Wanted to unequip it, but if u hit "unequip" by the blacksmith they are still equipped until you leave the blacksmith window. At this time the player is able to unequip as many times as he wants, so you get a limitless amount of unequipped item. - there are no longer 2 pairs of cow suit gloves - and removing removes...
fixed - mansion should cost 10gp yet only 1 gp gets withdrawn from your gold stack. Still it's to damn cheap. - okay i get it... its 1gp now again in listing and price
fixed - brand logo of the blacksmith is over the next button when I first met her. - moved button to left side.
reported - music button is there but no music is in the pack so why is it there?? - will be available as an expansion next go around not part of central d/l
need info - also clicking on jewelry and tattoo parlor 25% of the time brings to a glitched inventory screen - i have never seen this has anyone got an idea why>
fixed - Space missing after slave name "Atsukoonly talks to you about the weather and other inane things."
reported - you can bypass the self stats page ... don't need name job or reason added to go to next page - expected behavior
reported - lockable items come off without blacksmith - doesn't seem to be true tested with a lockable item
huh? - mason text off health bars ... cant read the % very well - more details please
reported - Home button on the slave display screen does not work. At least not during the walkthrough. - seems to now
reported - and lolis="y" doesn't seem to work aswell - ugh no lolis in the game at the moment...
fixed - If you decline a Girl to learn a "Job" like faith healer you'll be asked again for her to learn the Job when you repeat that job specific action again later...I encountered it with "Faith Healer" and "Housepet" - fixed earlier
fixed - The girls don't gain "Lust" - lust doesn't really exist anymore its all LP... - made a few internal changes they seem to be gaining lust now i think... - erotic dream is adding lust - so are items
fixed - Gold Ring is placed on "Hat" Slot instead of "Ring" Slots...even manually drag and drop lets end it in "Hat" Slot.
reported - no boots for cow outfit. - don't have image icons for them now....
reported - Yoruichi, Sheryl, Orihime, Asuka, Horo, Mari - all but yoruichi done thanks to redcape. Yoruichi was being done by Zero_Profile
reported - Assistant complains about being ignored, not any obvious way to pay attention to her. - Bribe her damn it! give her gunk!
reported - Job glitch where it doesn't move past selection until selecting twice then gives error. - (who what where why?)
fixed - When refusing a job for a girl it will give a different job refused than when it offered it. - should be resolved with the class update.
added - Also what command in prefs.xml do you need for Futanari?..I tried "futa", "futanari" and even "futan" without success. - futa = "n" now will remove futa characters and slaves... more testing may be required
working - piercing - first off the girls some have 95% chance of piercings at start... NO! especially not clit... what the hell guys... updating girls.

Peircing all tonight. This was one I kept putting off and before I knew it became a bug rather then a I'm going to do it later project. Will take a little while.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Death to the bug infestation!

more info needed - case sensitive folders Assistant, ItemImages and EffectImages Reported that the linux and mac users have trouble is this the actual file name or is it internal issues
fixed - Tattoos don't work, save for the Flower one the artist gives you the first time you go to her parlor. Then again this particular one is a "Tattoo Plan" when those you can buy (even Little Flowers) are just "Tattoos", as in the earlier versions, so we're probably just seeing this one mid-adaptation. - tattoo plans not tattoos are sold now...
fixed - I found the present from the tutorial at the cat's paw, whether I had skipped the intro&tuto in that playthrough or not. Several times in the same game, luck willing. Is that supposed to happen ? - present is now a quest item and quest items are now not sold at stores.
related - love potions are now quest as well
fixed - I don't remember Potions being available at the Cafe in the past, they are now. High chances of me remembering wrong on this one, and a minor issue if one at all. - potions are there own category now and are sold only at the cat's paw Though a potion shop should be made for them
reported - Upon loading the swf file it says 'can't load file assistant/assistant.xml I look in the directory and see that the folder is capitalised, "Assistant" and because linux is case sensitive I change it to a lower case "a". I reload and it says 'NPCs loaded" and then sits there. No buttons load, so I cant even begin... - assistant.xml is lower case not sure if someone else fixed this or not
fixed - walkthrough causes freezes - walkthrough has issues... no crashes but need to talk to doc about the part in the auction house also love potion not appearing. - love potion is now appearing the assistant has a tendency to stick around though... but i really don't care
fixed - arena button is only seen at evening and night but isnt open, Arena button doesnt appear during morning or afternon - doesn't appear at all now!
more info needed - cash amounts do not sem to be adding correctly (where when why?)
more info needed - Day 26, went into 2 snips tailor (just recently purchased a new slave, not sure it matters) and it failed to setup correctly. Nothing apparently available to buy, drop box to filter items in upper left corner, prev/next buttons, but no buy/sell/exit buttons. (i.e. soft lock since I can't leave) Background was house image, also happened in day 2 a couple times going into cat's paw
fixed - Putting the flower pot you get from your assistant at the beginning (if you don't do the tutorial/intro, at least) into a room, when you actually go back to just the room info, the pot isn't shown in the furniture window
fixed - Personal Training (Belldandy type?) after choosing walk around magmell, the "go back" button doesn't work. (seems to be all go back buttons in personal training) Additionally, there is a semi-transparent image of the current slave in front of all the scenery image whenever you hover over the destination buttons (which may be intended?)
fixed - Somebody else mentioned something similar, but once my Haruhi type became a faithhealer, (same issue as with maid, incidentally) fortune telling caused the day to not advance. (though she still go a fatigue hit)
fixed - Love potion costs 0. Is this meant to be? - no longer sold
working as expected - lock down- went 7 days and it didn't leave 100 health .... sanity took a hard hit though - yah she aint doing nothing
fixed - in doll stats mode. removing an item brings up a partial inventory over the stat bar you are on
ignored - #6 Buying a Mansion costs 1gp, but the listed price is 10gp ( will fix when we add more buildings)
reported - beldandy fetish... she pops up as a more common character until you buy her i get average 2-3 a day ( You know i thought so too but there is no reason why...)

There are a lot of bugs you will see that are skipped if your following along on the bug list. The main reason is some require at home work, they are just not work safe and a few require hours if not days and I'm trying to clear all the easy stuff first. This list is as follows.

on hold - red collar doesn't show on doll when equipped
on hold - tjob freezes game
oh hold - Lala missing lock-down pic
menace missing cow pic
Mizuki Konoujo missing cow pic
ranka missing lock-down pic
on hold - Think this is new, no image(s?) during the carpenter quest solution.
on hold - cowsuit gloves(blacksmith) do not show on picture
on hold - when removing green bikini top doesnt remove from doll (actually appears to be happening to all tops and the specialty collars)
on hold - the bodytype of the dolls don't always match the slave's actual attributes. You can have small A cups with the huge, bigger-than-her-head tits graphics, or DDs with the "very small" graphics.
on hold - Some mix-up in the Stables, graphics wise : "treat like a cow" tends to produce a pony related pic, and vice versa.
on hold - Mousing over the masturbation button on haruhi gives a chat box with "I screwed up double check" in the title area. funari has masturbate skill but says "i screwed up double check"
on hold - yuki quests seems odd behavior
oh hold - piercing
oh hold - quests pop up
oh hold - Crashed the game when trying to replace a girl's base collar with an improved one. I was using my CS5 at the time, so I have this in the trace window.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More bug killing

Thanks for all the torrent help expect a torrent the next time around.

fixed - lotus blossoms
fixed - Some consumables cause problems (when used from the slave screen), namely rendering the "Home" button ineffective, making it impossible to go back to the game. They get the slave badly drunk though, so I guess there's a silver lining.Examples : the present you get in the tutorial, futanari potion, mystery potion.
fixed - Alcohols have the same blocking problem too, could be an issue with the drunk status. The consumables affecting stats only (foodstuffs et al.) seem to work fine.
ignored - issues with dolls and layering... not really worrying about these issues at the moment feed back is nice.
fixed - The pay announced for a whoring shift differs from what is effectively added to your monyez. I'm guessing the message is the one in the wrong given that
fixed - The pay announced for a whoring shift sometimes pops up in the negative range (or just 0). That and the above leading to things like supposedly "making" -50g while in effect gaining 3. Does not happen all the time.
unable to replicate - Rena hangs on fortune telling. - Irrbloss made a number of fixes to images and I'm thinking that it was fixed then
maybe fixed - Once I've gotten to day 57, I can't get passed any section of the day that has one of my slaves cooking (Mio), to get passed this I just stopped her from cooking. But then I tried having another slave cook (Lala) to see if it works, and it did. I figured it fixed itself, so I put my original slave back to cooking, but the problem came back. I realized that Mio doing any sort of cooking just stops the day from progressing. - re-wrote the happiness and health gain
fixed - The "fetch mah needle" quest from Sugar fails halway through, at the point you're supposed to get the actual needle from Bubba. What you get instead is an apple with its usual description and icon, yet named "Sugar's neddle". Going back to Bubba will replay the scene over and over, though the excess apples/needles will not appear in your inventory right away. Finally, the shop/Sugar will only "react" if you go there straight after said scene, and only in that it will freeze with half the graphics for the shop (shop stock present but empty, your inventory all there), Sugar nowhere to be seen, no message and no exit button, blocking you there.
fixed - I don't see a virgin indicator anywhere (or I was unlucky and all my girls already had their cherries popped) - fixed earlier
fixed - A lot of backgrounds don't seem to be working correctly. Namely in the auctionhouse with an eye searing red wall behind things for now. - thanks docclox
fixed - I have had the class achieve "whore" text come up and accepted to have any slave become one and every time I do so the text stays there as well as the options, and if I select yes again it tells me "error cannot be it twice" - lots of class fixes
reported - I have not seen any items for sale in the following slots Blouse slot,Bracelet slot ,Anklet slot,Cape slot, Other slot, Weapon slot, Shield slot,Dress slot,-- Everyone make some!
fixed - Their is no longer an undergrament slot following items are no longer valed ItemUndergarmentChastityBelt ItemUndergarmentStrapOn - they are now panties
fixed - also Mugi crashed the game on startup due to broken xml - fixed by irrb


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Class changes fixed including cow girl

After moving class changes to a class, there all working again. Including the ever popular cow girl. And the reason for changing them over to a class, items can now change classes. So the present, and futa potion work again. Will fix the lotus blossom tonight.

At the same time Docclox has fixed the sale and its about back. Just one or two minor bugs to go. Still trying to work through the rest of the bug reports and then will do another bugged release... might be sooner then later.


On a slightly different note looking for a torrent expert who knows how to set up a tracker and is willing to do so. Or can help with setting with the training of setting one up. OW is a bit large now and a lot people would like torrents.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Class Changing broke...

Had this great idea to update class changes to allow items to update them rather then to do it with hard coding. And now there broke. Will play with them again tonight or tomorrow. Until then holding off updating to the SVN as I don't think everyone wants 20 compile errors.

Stuff is moving slowly but steadily. I also have good news in about a month I should be going down to part time that will give me a lot more time to play with Otherworld and I'm still hoping to finish everything but combat before Christmas.


Monday, August 8, 2011


Bugs fixed... Lots of bug fixes... Lots more to go.

unable to replicate - Using an item like a potion on a slave causes the home button to not work
unable to replicate - and the arrows that switch between slaves to cause a whitescreen.
fixed - Trying to give any slave to any assistant causes a hang. - was a problem with null images... but i'm not really happy with the fix - fixed maybe
fixed - if you unequip an item, the stats still exists at the statistics of the slave. if you reequip them the stats get even higher. so you can reach 100 with one item very easily
fixed - there is an overlay problem in the slavesmenu. if you unequip items per mousecklick, the items are shown on the left side but the backround doesn't change to "items".
fixed - when removing items under "status" stats were not changing. (may have been reported but didn't see it yet)
fixed - If I go with the intro and walk through the game crashes when I go to open the assistants present. -- present doesn't crash but it doesn't do anything either.. lets see... sort of a cheap fix but it works
fixed - Weight and height are always 0 - this was an issue with the parser. the stat in the xml was girlHeight and the parser added a girl creating girlgirlHeight...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Simple Effects Tutorial

Be Advised Effects now run in the event system!!!  This information is no longer accurate.

Compared to Items, effects offer a lot of options and a lot of complications. Effects bring about a change in a timed manner, either expiring after they are done or continuing on forever. They can also be designed to change what they do depending on other variables. Something Items are just not designed to do.

Go ahead and this time open the folder


drop your 12 x 12 image of the effect into


It must be 12 x 12 or else it will look weirdly sized when viewed.

Open up effectInfo.xml with your notepad++.

For the most part when adding effects from the fan base the effects will be associated with an item. Either given when drunk or eaten or added by wearing an item such as a tattoo. This association creates an easy way to start them.

Once started the Effect is then triggered during each time frame. They are morning, afternoon, evening, night, shift (every shift or 1/4 day), cycle (a full day). It is very important that the right trigger is used or you will have unexpected results things will either grow to fast or to slow.

The basic effect options look very similar to an items... but with a lot fewer different categories. All of the following are required though.

name - The name of the effect make sure this matches the effect name used by the item that adds the effect. Also it is dropped to lower case and then re-capitalized by the game so, odd capitalizing will be lost.

file - where the item is in the /effectImages/ folder and its name.

description - The float over text description.

maxcounter - The max number of counters that the item can have. Counters can be removed each trigger pull. Resulting in the effect being removed over a given time.

startcounter - The counter to start on or add to the current counter total. This can be important if for like alcohol that add 1 counter each time.

timedremoval - does the item remove itself when its out of counters. (true/false defaults false)

timer - when to pull the trigger

associate - where to display the effect in the character screen (health/happiness/etc)

switcher - does this effect have if conditions. (more on this later) (true/false defaults false)

That's if for the basic effect characteristics. Now here is where it gets a bit complicated or simple. The simplest type is just a mod by itself with out conditions. Even with conditions the syntax for the mods are the same the way they fire is just a bit different. * are required.


type - The stat (happiness, health, sanity, etc) or the effect (lactation, drunk, etc)

change - how much the stat is changed (+5 , - 10, etc)

*timer - when the change happens. THIS IS INDEPENDENT OF THE TIMER IN THE MAIN EFFECT!!! That means you can have an effect that does something different every shift.

modeeffect - we are doing an effect and not a stat

add - just like items this is true if you are adding an effect and false if you are removing one.

Note that the effect's change is automatically added to the float over.

Example of an effect spawning another effect...

And that's about that for simple effects. Will do conditional effects soon.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Items tutorial

Items now have the option of being completely customizable. Allowing for the community to add items at will or for a bored player to alter the rules of the items to make them more in balance with how he/she feels they should be.

This is not a tutorial on XML but if you have ever done HTML you basically know XML if not there are online free classes or just fill in the blanks from a copy and paste.

To make an item you will need an image of the item, please try to hold to the current background images for items. These can be found on the items thread of the forum.

You will also need a text editor, I recommend notepad++ as it will highlight XML linkage.

And just to be on the safe side an xml validation website is always nice. We will come to its use and the end of the item creation.

Go ahead and go to the following folder.


There should be a folder there called


just go ahead and drop your image file in the folder. Yep that hard.

There should also be a itemInfo.xml file in the folder. Open it up. For the most part I recommend copying and pasting an item like yours and then just changing the information as required. Saves a lot of time that way and its basically fill in the blank. Lets talk about the options that are available.

Items have a large number of options so that they are sorted correctly. When you make them try your best to get them sorted in the right category. Though you don't have to include every option most will default to false automatically if there included in the xml.

Item Variables.

*name - Name of the item. If you are linking this item to clothing it must be exactly the same as the name of the clothing item! Also case doesn't matter as it is dropped to lower case immediately.

*file - The file name to access the image. Case sensitive and has to be exact.

alcohol - does it make you drunk? (true/false)

food - is it edible? (true/false)

expendable - does using the item make it disappear. Example eating it. (true/false)

*description - The text message that explains the item. "This is a candy bar. You eat it."

set - Set's are currently not implemented they will at some later day give bonuses for the girl wearing pieces from the same set. Theoretically when they do work the set name should be exactly the same for all pieces.

tattooPlan - Is this a plan for a tattoo? (true/false)

tattoo - if this item is associated with a tattoo ( a tattoo plan) the name of the tattoo

*value - how much it costs (a number)

quest - is this an item given in a quest (true/false)

locking - does it require the blacksmith to add or remove (true/false)

lockunder - this is locking under where futa's can not wear and nothing can be worn under it

equipment - is this a worn item (defaults to true)

furniture - is the item furniture (true/false)

assistant - can the assistant wear the item? (true/false)

player - can the player wear the item? (true/false)

stack - can the item be grouped together to create a stack. Wearable equipment should not be stackable. (true/false)

garment - does a paper doll item exist for this. Not really used the association is based on the items exact name. (true/false)

That is the current list of single variable items. Most of them are not required. Only those with a star are. But there are a number of things that can have multiple changes, they are slots (what slot the item goes in on the girl), effects (timed changes from wearing the item), stat changes(the one time change from using the item), combat stat changes (the change of using the item during combat, usually more significant.)


*Name - what slots the item goes into on the rag doll and paper doll. Only needed for equipment items. Current list is hat, mask, collar, brand, bracelet, gloves, bra, top, anklet, stockings, panties, skirt, tail,
shoes, apron, cape, nipple left, nipple right, ear left, ear right, ring left, ring right, other left, other right, clit, tattoo, weapon, shield, armor, ammo. If you screw up it will default to a hat.

Effect (we will go in depth on this and how to do effects soon.)

*name - name of the effect has to exactly match up to the effect.

*add - does this item add the effect or remove it when used. If you add a dildo it should remove virgin.(true/false)

unequip - when you remove the item does it remove the effect. This is important in case the effect continues even after the girl has the item unequipped. An example for why you would want stuff to continue is if you ruined some part of the girl.(true/false)

Stat Changes

*type - what Stat is changed. (happiness, health, hp, lust, lp, etc)
*change - how the stat is changed. (+5, -3, etc)

Combat Stat Changes

*type - what Stat is changed. (happiness, health, hp, lust, lp, etc)
*change - how the stat is changed. (+5, -3, etc)

Okay at this point we are about done. So lets check for mistakes, remember that xml validator? Go ahead and drop your new item xml in it and see if there are any errors. If they're are fix them. And that's about it.
Sorting is done with the sorting tag now.  Also special tag event to call events on expendable items.

This is the rough draft before posting on the boards suggestions?


Friday, August 5, 2011

Milk Mafia and other stuff

Items when removed now will remove there effect that's associated with them if you want them too. Expect a walk through on items and effects and how they connect in the next few days, maybe.

Farmer Guild event now spawns but the automatic collection of milk from the tasks window was of course requiring me to rewrite so much more crap then I was expecting. So going to keep working on that and assuming it starts working will start on bugs, I have the bug list and know how to ignore it.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thanks to Redcape for the rather interesting picture.

Lactation and milking working. Stressed tested the effect system and it worked much better then I expected. Need to get milk mafia done and auto stacking. Items need to remove effects when removed. Then on to de-bugging probably tonight.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Effects still...

So most of the parsed effect stuff works now. Spent a bit of last night also expanding the Float Over. Working on timed removal and double checking everything tonight. Hopefully will be about done with them and on to bugs soon. Need to make sure lactation works and that drunk works both of those are rather complicated. Lactation needs to go away after 3 days. Drunk needs to go away and remove stat mods each time it does. Those were both done through complicated functions that were made specifically for them and that is unacceptable.

Check out the forum for the discussion on the ever popular topic of futa penis'.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still working on Effects... not really that surprising.

This parses! I know that seems not that amazing but it took me a few days just because there is so much nesting. I kept forgetting parts.. and would see stuff as existing in the parse but only parts. Oh well. Working on a conditional class now. Assuming that everything works I think that is about a one day job then some final fixing if there is anything on tonight I might be done tonight. Otherwise in the next few days. Then probably a day to make lactation work. And then bugs. So thrilling.

I encourage everyone to go look at Redcape's new legs on the boards and comment as once we get a good consensus I doubt they are ever going to be redone.

Also I have a question for everyone. Do you still think that the floating girl in the personal job selection should still be a stolen pic or should we change over to using the paper dolls? Any preference?


Monday, August 1, 2011

Not much

Trying still to get conditionals parsed and working. So far my parsed conditional data I can see the parsed conditional modifications after that not much luck. But getting some help from Docclox and continuing to work on it sure it will fall soon.