Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Otherworld ~ Pimpin' ain't easy

Pimpin' ain't easy and don't even think that you will start out with the best spot in town. A back alley way is about the best your going to get, when starting out. Pimping is a job that will only be available during certain hours showing up one of the basic advantages of the personal supervision jobs.


Gratz to HighPriest who I didn't even confuse for more then 4 hours with the bad pic of the Siesta sisters. (The blond Siesta sister should have an eye patch.) So I am raising the bar with this one. Don't expect the girls names but I would like the series. Only hint see pic:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Off Topic ~ Nana to Kaoru 14

New Nana to Kaoru, well worth reading if you doubt me see the image above. As always go get it from Exks Translations.


In Otherworld news I taught Sugar how to pierce slaves. Which sort of freaks me out a hand sized fairy jabbing with a needle that would be the size of a sword in proportion.

Gratz to Molenir again who not only figured out Elise from Nodame Cantible, but the other two characters on the page. I really thought that using a LA picture would at least stump you guys for a day. I guess I will have to step up my game to with really obscure characters. Lets try this one for size. The only hint is the pic.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Otherworld ~ New Shops Jewelry and Accessory

Added two new shops to the game and somehow while making my code more efficient I destroyed all my shop code. Still debugging that. I really don't want to have overly redundant code, but if it works with redundant code and doesn't with optimized code... grr.

Quick Edit... stupid error the new shops were pointing to the old non-universal code. Once that was fixed, all was good.

Congratz Molenir you passed our test, that is Hikaru and Tsubasa from Figure 17.

Today's Otaku quiz, identify the anime character from the pic and the series. I don't think any other hints are necessary.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Otherworld ~ Building the better mouse trap

Doing more clean up with otherworld, adding more float over text help. Which unfortunatly once you have seen it once is just not exciting enough to need more pictures added to the blog. Still my beleif that everything should give information (bang head here) I hate guessing in my simms.

Gratz to HighPriest you get the Otaku points that can be spend at our special store.

Todays otaku quiz. The series I am watching this week, again. Solid action sequences added to a super depressing plot.

1) See pic above
2) To my knowledge still the only anime ever done in an hour long tv format.
3) Both anime and manga had official releases in the US.



I had forgotten to mention that I normally hang out in the #slavemaker channel. Everyone is more then welcome to come by and say hi. I normally ask the channel for help as well as using them as alpha debuggers.

How to connect to #slavemaker completely stolen from Leeter on Futanari Palace

Download an IRC client such as Xchat2, Chatzilla, or mIRC
type /sslserver into the chat bar
type /join #slavemaker


Navigate to
enter #Slavemaker in the channel box
enter your nick in the nick box
click connect
say something! we might be lurking, so saying someone's name (exact spelling) should bring them back if they are not AFK

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Otherworld ~ Future Plans

I wanted to mention stuff that won't be in the PoC that I really want to be in the game.

Combat System - think old Final Fantasy system. With background images from Lightning Warrior Raidy. Will probably not even be in the first full release since I want to do a really good job with it and allow you to actually do party combat with yourself, your slaves, and your assistant fighting monsters.

The Senate - Think Disgaia senate system. Where you are able to increase your influence if your trying for "Powerful" ending or change the laws of the land. For example if slaves are allowed to read and write.

Quest Givers - The three primary places you will get quests are sex based. A unnamed gentlemans club that only allows males, the futari palace a fortified castle on the edge of town for the futas, and the spherian embassy dimensional traveling lesbians. They will give quests where they want a certain type of slave and its up to you to make that type. Maid Cat Girl Lesbian or 4 matching pony girls etc.

Epic Girls - The three princesses of the king. I'm thinking a blonde princess (I want to do drill hair but not sure if I will have enough pics.) A Miko princess, black hair traditional clothes. And finally a pink haired loli princess. Getting them to be your slaves will be dificult and there will be different paths for each so that you can perhaps get them to agree to be your slave as a love slave, blackmailed slave, kidnapped slave, etc. There will also probably be other unique epic slaves depending on how long I work on this project.


As no one was able to identify Lobelia's series I will give you a pic of her in uniform this time.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Otherworld ~ Status Update

Sick for the last two days, and of course that was also the only time this month I had over time, so not much done. Basically doing clean up anyways and pulling all the parts together for the PoC release which I'm still shooting for July 4th week or so.

Double points if you can identify my avarter from above.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Off Topic ~ Sick


Cmac has posted the next version of Slave Maker


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Off Topic ~ Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Right stuf had the Suzumiya novels on sale recently and I couldn't resist ($6 bucks). Surprisingly there even funnier then the TV show. Poor, poor, Asahina getting bullied by Suzumiya just cracks me up every time. Just how many times will she strip her anyways?

They have been put on my pre-order list along with Twelve Kingdoms and Spice and Wolf. Novel translations can be rather hit or miss depending on who does them. Go read the GiTS novel translations the sentences feel so akward almost as if they were just plugged into google translate. The Haruhi translation on the other hand is smooth, you can tell that they worked on them until they were happy.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Otherworld - an average morning

Finally bringing it all together.

After aranging the girls in there rooms and the tasks they are doing as well as the one you want on personal supervision click the next button.

First off the morning events fire.

Then the girls in there room fire. Mio rested and regained her health.

Personal events fire, with there icons, we select walk and then temple walk. (this btw is remeber for tomorrow if you just want to repeat.)

An event happens.

The next shift starts.

There it is in pictures. Best I can explain it with out you guys actually playing the game.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Otherworld ~ Personal Supervision

Personal Supervision was the last major hurtle before all the major elements of otherworld were up and running. Its really hard to show it with images. But those pics are shown on the fly as you mouse through the options for personal supervision. They are NOT the actual job pics, well they might be if nothing happens. But say for sex jobs there would almost certainly be an event there... hopefully still working towards that. Really, really, really hope that I can get my proof of concept up by around the first week of July when I go on vacation.

As no one ever answered my puzzle i'm going to put the answer in the comments of the puzzle.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Orihime Open Source

Oh Orihime, what you can do in a week off, a crazy idea and huge love for a game that I had been playing almost constantly for a month. My original idea was a fairy ending where Orihime would meet up with the queen of the fairys and become one. Obviously that never happened do to lack of images. Then there was the fact I could never get choice events to work, just yes and no.

I was 2/3 done programming Orihime before I even said a word on the boards just so I could walk away at any time. Then someone no one had ever heard of starts to pick Cmacleod42 brain about stuff on the SDK questions.

BTW if your wondering how I chose Orihime in the first place. I was reading through the MB suggestions future slaves thread and someone said Orihime. There was a girl who at least I knew, and who would have lots of images. And that was that no real super thought out or anything, just seemed like a good idea at the time.

To tell you the truth not sure if Orihime should be used as an example for slave girls, but open sourcing her anyways. Enjoy!

Download Links are to your left.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Otherworld ~ still looking for room backgrounds

The hunt for room backgrounds continues. After DL the entire futa CG library on Futari Palace and slowly wading through it about 1/3 done. I still havent really found that many good BG images, the empty room one, that I am looking for seems to be the hardest. On the other hand I have seen so much futa now its engraving itself in my mind.

Just out of curiosity how many images of blah teenage room backgrounds do you need?


No one has awnsered my logic puzzle yet going to reframe from awnsering for a few more days to see if anyone is actually interested else won't repeat that type of post again.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Logic Puzzles

Something new thought I would toss out one of the bugs I had earlier for otherworld that was actually a fun little logic puzzle that I scratched my head on for about an hour before finally seeing it. The picture above is what the bug outputs and then what it should output.

As a last hint there is no problems with the other functions.

catsPawTradingFirst(); //the text added to the hopper
return fillLongString(); //sent to output

function fillLongString():String {
var stringy:String = new String;
for (var i:Number = 0; i < storyHopper.length; i++) {
stringy = storyHopper.pop() + "(htmlbreak blog eats it)" + stringy ;
return stringy;

Have fun

Edit: Wanted to show what the quest screen actually is looking like now.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Off Topic ~ Nana to Kaoru

So new Nana to Kaoru... two girls in a bathroom, playing with a little bondage, on the busiest night of the year. I wonder what will happen next?

New place to get the translation, same group.

exks translation


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Otherworld ~ Two Snips Tailor

Really happy with this, took longer to clean the pictur of Souseiseki then to actually build another shop. Thats even after converting most of the cats paw functions into universal functions for the next 10 shops or so. Note that she only sells dresses right now, I may change this to a few other taylor possible items. But she does search through the entire itemcompare array pulls out the itmes that she wants and only displays them in her sale screen. More code I will never have to write again. Cat's Paws trading on the other hand only looks for single use items that I gave an entire different numbering too (1000+).

I wonder if that will make sense to anyone.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Otherworld ~ Cat's Paw Trading

Last time we saw the Cat's Paw Trading it was just a page with a bit of floating text. It's been upgraded. Selling and buying are now completely functional. Not really happy with the layout. But working is 5x more important then layout in my book. Cat's Paw is supposed to be an item trader, I still haven't decided who will be the tailor any suggestions?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Menace 1.2 ~ Watch out for Anarista

Finally got Menace updated, yes I'm shocked too. Links are to your left.

Changes for 1.2


Menace loses to Anarista event was not firing correctly.
BE ADVISED it is now, losing to Ana during the second battle will have MAJOR consequences.


There was a bug in the Arena. The slave's account didn't had enough gold to cover the 'watch' option and was denied access, despite the slave maker's account having plenty.

-- resolved

Raphe: long list of Edits

-- resolved


The "Ponygirl" action results in a yes/no query about the onsen.

-- resolved

Sphinx wasnt showing when you fought her.

-- resolved.

Nothing shown on sphinx bad end.

-- resolved

Mr. Tibbs

sphinx now matter how you lose it just rotates to another fight whether its SM or menace.


I cannot for the life of me get owners vengence bad end. I have had yammamato take her away but never had a bad end with her (bad ends always on). Just curious hope everything is going great with otherworld. Thanx

-- reworked how these fire. Unable to test can never get the sold event to happen

v1.04 in Sandbox mode with Ayane as assistant. Bad end where Menace loses the bossfight with Anistaria. The graphic with thumb, wrist and elbow cuffs appears but only in the lefthand pane, and there is no way to move forward. I am trying to reduplicate now.

-- resolved i think Text for first 2nd lost part 1 will now fire and losing the second battle is very bad.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mio and the Lazy Dress

Your Mio for the day. Yes, when I'm out of idea what to post, I do Mio cleans. Starting to think she would be perfect for a different version of Drug Whore ending. Well we shall see.

Otherworld:Adding single use items to the game, and building Cats Paw Trading from a form with a back ground to an actual item trader. Doing it rather cheesy just because I can add pretty later on. Much rather have a working version that takes a few hours to a pretty version that takes a few days at this point.

Off topic: If you haven't been watching Stargate Universe the season ending was one of the best tense thing I have ever seen on US TV. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 major crisis going off at the same time... to be continued to next season. GAH!

Off topic:Am I the only one who wonders if there was ever large scale natural oil spills. If the stuff is in the ground, wouldn't there have been times with earthquakes ruptured it into oceans before? What do I know.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Otherworld: Bidder Screen

Another Lazy day, so screen shots of Otherworld. Specifically this is the bidder screen. I hate "auctions" that are static, another stupid pet peeve of mine. So when purchasing your new slaves you actually have to bid against other people. With a retarded AI, so they cheat a lot. But it does mean that you can get a great price if played right, or pay way too much if your bad. Specifically the estimated value is based on one of the players stats, the AI knows the value. Oh well if I could write good AIs.... computers would rule the world! BWAHAHAHA


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Offtopic:Cat Girl Alliance

So as you can tell I got distracted from hunting Menace bugs by a standard ero game. Normally after an hour of two of pressing the left mouse button over and over I'm bored of most ero game. The main reasons being that sadly all the games are the same and its easier just to look through the CG library. Whiny or perverted hero with next to no personality who just somehow luckily falls into a bunch of girls... While I get that its supposed to be you. But the guy never makes the choices I would make.

My other real complaint against visual novels is that even though there porn games they can take an hour or 2 to get to a 5 min porn and then your back to long waits for payoff. At least Cat Girl Alliance does not suffer from the problem. Add in a bunch of cat girls, and more anal sex then I think I have ever seen in any ero-game and well I'm still interested.

Menace can wait she's not going anywhere after all.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Debugging Menace Again

Tracking down and clearning Menace bugs.


There was a bug in the Arena. The slave's account didn't had enough gold to cover the 'watch' option and was denied access, despite the slave maker's account having plenty.

-- resolved

Raphe: long list of Edits

-- resolved


The "Ponygirl" action results in a yes/no query about the onsen.

-- resolved

Sphinx wasnt showing when you fought her.


Nothing shown on sphinx bad end.


Mr. Tibbs

sphinx now matter how you lose it just rotates to another fight whether its SM or menace.


Unable to duplicate...

I cannot for the life of me get owners vengence bad end. I have had yammamato take her away but never had a bad end with her (bad ends always on). Just curious hope everything is going great with otherworld. Thanx

v1.04 in Sandbox mode with Ayane as assistant. Bad end where Menace loses the bossfight with Anistaria. The graphic with thumb, wrist and elbow cuffs appears but only in the lefthand pane, and there is no way to move forward. I am trying to reduplicate now.

If anyone else out there has had these two bugs occur please send me an email or comment. I have been unable to duplicate. With the conditions and path. Owner vegence should spawn every time you sell Menace but for the life of me I can never get the sale to pop. And I allways see Ana... she starting to haunt my dreams.

Anyways if you can duplicate please tell me how.

I couldn't resists bringing back the epic failure Mikuru.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mio and the Lazy Dress

Been a while since we did a Mio of the day. Nice easy clean, what more can you ask for?

Actually don't have any more to say today, think I'll be lazy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Offtopic: Animal Academy

I've been on topic way too much, need to fix that. So I thought I would go off topic and recomend a manga. What makes a good manga? Thats obvious neko-chans! Clingy cat acting neko-chans, trying to pretend there humans. Who are super kawaii, I love it, I love it, I love it.

Basic concept, seen it a hundred times, girl enters academy that turns out to be for a specific hidden culture, good examples Alice Academy (Psychics), Rosario + Vampire (Mythical Creatures), Kanokon (Mythical Creatures). Hijinx begin based on dealing with their new freinds quirks. Love blooms etc, it works and is always good. Animal Academy just has the added bonus of super kawaii.

wiki link

Give it a read.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The slideshow, otherwise know as the porn

Really simple design I think, dialog box tells you whats going on, picture floats on top of the main screen. And then we have porn, and all was right with the world.

All this btw is completly bypassable for quick games. The pics are both from the room based jobs and not personal supervision.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Otherworld Main Screen

With most hentai sim games your stuck moving from one screen to another to see stats jobs and manage the girls. This was the number 1 thing I wanted to remove. If you want to change something of course your going to have to change screens but you should be able to monitor everything from a quick "room" view. Change the stats that you are monitoring, change the rooms that the girl is in. And if everything works out okay the slideshow will sit on top of the main screen as well as personal training. Its my insanity so who knows if it will work for most people.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Mio and the Lazy Dress

If I was going to rate this one it would be pain in the ass. Love the pic especially the water mark on the dress but damn black on black and then white on black grays. So much fun.

Spent all last night tracking down a simple head vs. wall bug. But it let me get the core system a little more refined as I polished over and over looking for the bug. Jobs are firing now nicely, updating stats etc, onscreen information is updating correctly. Now just need to get the pre-events up and running and the fast game options working. Hopefully will get the job slide show up and running this weekend. Then will have something worth playing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Offtopic: Nana To Kaoru 12

As always I feel it is my duty to point out new "Nana to Kaoru" down loads.
Here is the question what does Tachi have under that thick coat? If anything at all. The plot has been rather predictable last few chapters, but I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A couple of the town locations in Otherworld

Haven't shown any images for otherworld in a while, this here is two of the town locations. Unfortunately they are more mock up then actual play screens, if you look behind them there is nothing there.

The first is the item shop, "The Cats Paw Trading" and the second is our neighborhood Tattooist. I think Yoko was born for the role.

It took me 3 different try's before I got the text displayer to work well but now I'm really happy with it. Here's the code for the tattooist (English Nazis please bite your tongue.)

storyHopper.push("" + peopleName(1100) +
"Welcome to my store, young one. As you can see I am the town's premier tattooist. But, it wasn't fate that led you to me, you have heard rumors, right? Of magical tattoos...");

storyHopper.push("" + peopleName(1100) +
"For a price and a pattern, I can tattoo anyone with powers they were not born with. For another price, I can remove my work, and the ability it gives. Though, I do hate destroying my art.");

storyHopper.push("" + peopleName(1100) +
"Have, I satisfied your curiosity? Or perhaps you came for another reason, entirely.");

storyHopper.push("The tattooist gives you a lusty stare, and laughs, at your blushing face.");

mainTextStart(1100, 0, 0);

Nice easy HTML control of the text (which unfortunatly is being displayed by the blogger because its html), pushed all into a array and then popped off. mainTextStart gives persons pic for the right and left spot, the last is events to pop when the text is done. I'm sure someone out there could do it better but this works nicely.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mio, Neko mini, Lazy Dress

Your Mio for the day, another Lazy Neko Mimi, thats all I have to say about that.


Now that the random girl maker is up and running been working on the Auction system. Basically, I hate the idea of a static purchasing price, but an actual Auction where the price will fluctuate based on how you bid. How do you do that though with out building a huge and overly complex market scheme. Now that is the question. This version will be pretty static, I hope that in a future version to put in timers and actually make it a real time bidding war.