Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A couple of the town locations in Otherworld

Haven't shown any images for otherworld in a while, this here is two of the town locations. Unfortunately they are more mock up then actual play screens, if you look behind them there is nothing there.

The first is the item shop, "The Cats Paw Trading" and the second is our neighborhood Tattooist. I think Yoko was born for the role.

It took me 3 different try's before I got the text displayer to work well but now I'm really happy with it. Here's the code for the tattooist (English Nazis please bite your tongue.)

storyHopper.push("" + peopleName(1100) +
"Welcome to my store, young one. As you can see I am the town's premier tattooist. But, it wasn't fate that led you to me, you have heard rumors, right? Of magical tattoos...");

storyHopper.push("" + peopleName(1100) +
"For a price and a pattern, I can tattoo anyone with powers they were not born with. For another price, I can remove my work, and the ability it gives. Though, I do hate destroying my art.");

storyHopper.push("" + peopleName(1100) +
"Have, I satisfied your curiosity? Or perhaps you came for another reason, entirely.");

storyHopper.push("The tattooist gives you a lusty stare, and laughs, at your blushing face.");

mainTextStart(1100, 0, 0);

Nice easy HTML control of the text (which unfortunatly is being displayed by the blogger because its html), pushed all into a array and then popped off. mainTextStart gives persons pic for the right and left spot, the last is events to pop when the text is done. I'm sure someone out there could do it better but this works nicely.

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