Thursday, June 10, 2010

Offtopic:Cat Girl Alliance

So as you can tell I got distracted from hunting Menace bugs by a standard ero game. Normally after an hour of two of pressing the left mouse button over and over I'm bored of most ero game. The main reasons being that sadly all the games are the same and its easier just to look through the CG library. Whiny or perverted hero with next to no personality who just somehow luckily falls into a bunch of girls... While I get that its supposed to be you. But the guy never makes the choices I would make.

My other real complaint against visual novels is that even though there porn games they can take an hour or 2 to get to a 5 min porn and then your back to long waits for payoff. At least Cat Girl Alliance does not suffer from the problem. Add in a bunch of cat girls, and more anal sex then I think I have ever seen in any ero-game and well I'm still interested.

Menace can wait she's not going anywhere after all.


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