Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One day to go.

Very close, assistant job events are up and working now just to write them. Working on the old talking to 2 people on the screen. Need this up so you can tell its an assistant training. Anyways very close may be able to get something out tomorrow but it will be buggy.


bug - job text job color is black - fixed
bug - job text background is missing... the game was rebuilding the main screen and that was losing the back screen - now it wont do that in that situation only. - fixed
room - test was fine for personal supervison... now back to bugs
new function assistantJob(room:int, girl:int, assistant:int) - hitting when its supposed to hit and trainer personal training not affected.
began rewriting showPeople function to allow for 2 people on screen at same time.
bug - job town background is not disapearing
bug - more text background disapearing - fixed

Gratz to Flagnine1 who gets to name the Alias of the king. With two times as many points as anyone else. Please e-mail me with your choice.

8/1 - Wunder
8/2 - Zincat
8/4 - Flagnine1
8/6 - Anonymous
8/7 - Zincat
8/10 - Flagnine1
8/12 - Flagnine1
8/13 - CoveredByBlankets
8/15 - Davealooba
8/16 - Davealooba
8/17 - Davealooba
8/18 - Molenir
8/20 - Davealooba
8/21 - Flagnine1
------------Double Points ---------------
8/22 - Kenki
8/23 - Anonymous
8/24 - Flagnine1
8/27 - darkwingjhu
8/28 - Flagnine1
8/30 - Kenki

Flagnine1 - 8
Kenki - 4
Davealooba - 4
Anonymous - 3
Zincat - 2
Darkwingjhu - 2
Wunder - 1
CoveredByBlankets - 1
Molenir - 1

Not sure if I will do a contest next month, haven't decided.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Assistant Jobs

Got text done. Now just trying to get assistant jobs up and running. Might be a day or 2 late.

Some information about assistants.

1. You are not your assistant.
2. Your assistant will train your slave depending on how she feels about you, her preferences, and your goals that you have set for her.
3. Assistants are lazy.

Kenki Ided:
Ship:Toy Box
Captain:Fee Carmichael

Planetes is a great series about garbage collectors, and the fact that living on the edge, exploration, creates casualties. Something that I feel that we have forgotten in space exploration. Anyways, go watch it you won't be disapointed. Oh and managment sucks.

Nothing new, will post results for King's alias name tomorrow.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adding more text

Please don't bleed on the dancers.

Still adding text why is this taking so long? Because I'm lazy but not only that but before adding job text there was 65 job texts. Now adding 91 more job texts, thats more then doubling. This is a great thing as it means text is not the same over and over and over and over and over. Format the text, set the points, create the if continues, debug, make sure the comment text is all in place so later on I will know what everything does, and it takes time. Sounds like an escuse to me as well. Still got about 40 to go.


adding more text

Still think this one is easy.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adding Text

So what remains until september release. Finish the new text, some minor alterations to how housing works, and get the assistant jobs working. Still have 3 days I might be able to make it.


Adding text written by TF and Dcb42, and adding skill ups that try to go with the authors thoughts on the text.

Flagnine1 easily got:
Captain:Yurika Misumaru
Series:Martian Successor Nadesico

I always thought this series was a bit overrated. Just too slap stick and unevenly balanced to the point you dont know if you should laugh, cry, or just throw up your hands in exasperation. Still it is a series like no other, and Megumi is BTW the best of the bridge girls.

A nice easy one again, the captain this time as well if you don't mind.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Some new screens

The carpenter screen... notice the large empty spaces that was where the room type selection was supposed to go... not going to be in this update. And it needs to be cleaned up and made pretty... not going to be in this update.

The new real estate office, only 2 houses but more will be added later on. I would really like to do that some houses have bonuses as well such as training bonuses or possibility of events, but will not be in this update.

The new assistants lounge... It works, the collision works which I wrote in an hour, compared to the pens 3 day disaster, just goes to show that doing it cheap and easy was the right way. Anyways the lounge will have to be rewrote later on so that it can be updated with more assistants. Right now it was done just dirty, and even worse the buttons don't really make sense.

Pushing forward as fast and as hard as I can to at least have something up and running for the september update.


finished carpenter enough for the update
real estate office built - need to fix the room assignment pens. - added room bumper will see if that works - ready for update
lounge created and working - need to have some sort of bumper put in
assistant bumper in place - so much easier when i can just sort the number

darkwingjhu correctly IDed:
Vehicle: Tsutomu Senkawa
Series: Birdy the Mighty
Pilot:Birdy Cephon Altera

Like I said before the original oavs were definitly better in that Tsutomu was able to run battle support, sort of command vehicle perspective, while Birdy fought. Making the battles a partnership, this is lost in the TV series. Also the TV series was obviously underfunded or did not have enough time and some of the battle scenes are just unfinished.

Okay the last one was a bit to hard, we will go easy this time, with the captain of this ship.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Title Screen

I think its pretty much unaminous to go with:

And its one of the ones that I liked as well. So will code in.

The new character screen, thanks again to Redcape, already coded in and running.

Yah and I'm running farther behind on the september release now, but the character creation screen looks REALLY nice.


Character screen revamp

How about a hint from the old '90s anime.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More title screens

Yesterday everyone seemed to be overwelming in love with:

RedCape posted two more new title screens.

A few more to vote on now. Please post your likes or dislikes.

I am really running behind this month, expect the september update to be a few days late...


Buttons now say go to town rather then go home in shops.
added in icons and jobs made by Flagnine1 and Redcape
new assistant variables
began working on assistant screen
fixed character screen happiness and sanity x and y so they can be used for assistant screen.
character screen needs fixing now that the new buttons are in place playing with it

No one got yesterdays ride. Which to me was a bit odd, since it was a great ride. Though I sort of liked the orignal OAVs a bit better then the two TV series. And any more hints would be a bit unfair.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Opening Screen

Redcape has posted 3 different title screens all of them rather nice. I know which one I like but I have no designer sense so definitly want to hear some input from everyone. Either ways great thanks to Redcape.


new function checkClassPoints(classes:int, spot:int, girl:int):int as requested by boards

Flagnine1 got Sumire Kanzaki from Sakura Wars, my favorite of all the sakura wars characters. Yes my avarter might be from Sakura Wars, but she is a crazy chick on the other hand Sumire is a great princess type. Oh and she uses a Naginata, all princess types should use a Naginata.

A fun one tonight, our girl pilots this machine.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Layout part 3

The new Cats Paw thanks again to Redcape

Yes I know the border is overlapping... but not sure really how to fix that with out a TON of work. I can't do an overlay or it will screw up drag and drop. And I refuse to do 8 pics for every item so they have the corners. Nor can we do .pngs since that screws up drag and drop. No matter what it looks really nice and big thanks to Redcape


Layout for cat's paw

Mr. Anonymous correctly IDed these models from Escaflowne. They were piloted by the Naria and Eriya of the Good Luck troops. If you have never seen Escaflowne, you are missing out on one of the best anime's ever made. The action with a plot of adjusting destiny is still one of a kind.

Since yesterdays was pretty tough thought I would go easy again.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Layout part 2

Before we had mock ups made by Redcape, thought I would post a few actual in game pics now that I had a time to play with the new buttons and text window. It looks really nice if you ask me. Thanks again to Redcape.


added new buttons game starting to really look like a profesional game now.
rearranged and moved some buttons to make everything fit and look better
love the new button look
updated pen text help so players will know how open room number is calculated
playing with the new text window underlay

Kenki easily Ided the golden Gundam.
Pilot:Cagalli Yula Athha
Vehicle:Akatsuki Gundam
Series:Gundam Seed Destiny

Can't say I was a big fan of Cagalli but I wanted her Gundam. As always Gundam is pretty preachy about war. To me the best part is that both sides are using child soldiers and would be considered evil by modern standards. This holds true with every Gundam that I have ever watched. Oh well, whats your favorite Gundam... Got to say Turn A is mine.

Was a bit hard to find pics of these machines, had to do my own screen caps in the end. Happy hunting.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Layout

Redcape posted this truely awesome layout page example. Guys the one thing I am not in any shape or form a graphic artist. So really happy to see nice graphics like this will try to implement as much of it as possible. Just want to say thanks to Redcape one more time, very impressive.


continued working on assistant room placement.
bug - assistant cant go from 20 to 24 or from 24 to 20 player can - partial fixed moved to new bug - resolved
bug - assistants cant go from 21+ to 20 even when assistant is in that room - fixed
bug - char 24 to 20 causes both assistant and char to go to 24 - resolved
bug - assistant can't go to room 20 to 24 - resolved
all basic collision seems to be working... checking to see what happens when rooms are not open.
bug - pen collison is putting girls in non-existant room - this may be a debug bug do to filled array - was - fixed
bug - girls can be put in non existant room - fixed
bug - assistants can be put in non existant rooms - fixed
bug - name labes on top girls being cut off - fixed
bug - slaves can be added to rooms with out an assistant - fixed
bug - slaves can be added to rooms with out an assistant pens - how pens calc open rooms in now based on room + number of assistants - fixed
new function checkAssistantinRoom(room:int):Boolean{
assistants seem to be fine - though acting like personal supervison.
bug - girls after supervision falling out of room 10? - and can't reproduce again
bug - getting offset girl bug again - hmm looks like the other shifts were using the old locations - fixed
bug - can't add girls to room 11 after first shift - mispelled afternoon - ... - fixed
bug - afternoon jobs aren't running - oh no code for them added - fixed
new .as assistantscreen.as

Gratz to Flagnine1 who correctly Ided Allister Agrew from Last Exile. Last Exile was a fun ride when Gonzo was good, before Gonzo did the same plot a good dozen times. Definitly one to put on the watch list if you have never seen.

Double Points are starting up again for Naming the King~this time around its name the ride, name the girl, and name the series for the double points. What does that mean?

If I were to post the pic and ask for the navigator:

The reply for the double points would be
Ride:Vanship (Red Combat Version)
Girl:Allister Agrew
Series:Last Exile

Simple enough? Lets give it a try.

While she only piloted this vehicle once, it's definilty her vehicle.


Friday, August 20, 2010

New icons

Lots of new icons thanks to Flagnine1 and I wanted to show them in an image. Which is why they were put off a day. Love easy to understand icons that speed up game play.

Still working on the room set up for assistants. While it should be a simple replication of the code used for the slaves, I made a few modifications the main one being that the player can only be in masterbedroom 1 or the hallway, and getting that to work is turning out to be rather entertaining.

Changed text around in gametext.as so that there grouped together as per board suggestion
new function spotFlipAssistant
new function findWhatAssistant
new Global Variab whatAs
bug - assistants won't change in room 23 - haha added the code didnt add the trap
new function checkLastRoom
bug - assistant cant go from 20 to 24
bug - assistants cant go from 21+ to 20 even when assistant is in that room
added new job images... still cant test them jobs still broken
added new buttons will need to format them again once all new buttons are in place
bug - x spots seem to be wrong when just one slave - now seems to work will have to watch for this one
note tomorrow need to look at jobs.as function personaljobList and start working on assistant based jobs

Davealooba correctly IDed Mawata Awayuki from Pretear. Pretear is a rather hard to describe anime, a reverse harem that just keeps refining itself. The ending is done very well and the maid is freaking awesomely evil, evil maids are good.

I think this lady is pretty easy... but I have been wrong before.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trinity Universe pt 4

Beat Rizelias story and got a null end... It's cross edge all over again. SOB!

Redcape posted some really nice buttons:

If I had half that talent for photoshop I would be working for the National Enquirer. Love the fact that they are both visual icons and words. People see images much faster then they see words, why your desktop is full of distinctive Icons. Also why the majority of otherworld runs on Icons over words, if you haven't noticed.

No one Ided this girl, so will give you guys a better pic.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trinity Universe Part 3

Just about finished Rizelea's story, I think. Anyways probably one more dead day and then will go back to working on Otherworld, thats when work starts up again.

The board has a thread on Icon suggestions that if anyone who can do any type of image creation or editing will really help me out and get rid of all those pesky "?" Check it out here.

Molenir correctly IDed Honami Sayaka from Yawara! One of the great series by the same Author as Monster.... yes a sports comedy/romance written by the Mangaka who wrote Monster and Master Keaton. Not only that its excellent. Now if only Animeigo hadn't lost the license mid season... so I will never get to see the end of this series.

Your mystery girl for the night and one of my favorite constantly depressed girls.