Monday, August 13, 2012

Guide - Assistants

Assistants allow a lot of character to the training.   They work for you but they are not you and like any employee work better if they are paid more or if they like there job.  That all being said adding an assistant should be rather simple until you come to the customized jobs.  First off the assistant folders are...



the add file is


xml events


xml text




(As a note assistant images are pulled from image base just to add a little extra customization so you do need to add the assistant directory for image calls.)

-------------------- BASIC XML Properties --------------------

Top level properties.

Name = "Angel"  -- Default name
Arch = "Angel"  -- Arch of the assistant if different from the name
MouseText   = "An angel. She is more than happy to help in most religious actions, though she will take no part in any evil actions. She is, however, quite interested in sex."  -- Description
PreferedSex = ""  -- Preferred sex type, straight, lesbian, futa --- not implented
PreferedJob1 = "Sex"  -- Favorite Job 1
PreferedJob2 = "Religion" -- Favorite Job 2
HatedJob1 = "Basic Skills" -- Hated Job 1
HatedJob2 = "Rest"-- Hated Job 1
Special = "Corruption"  -- Her attack for combat not implented
InternalSecurity = "10"  -- bonus to house security when on guard.  -- not implemented
ExternalDefense = "10" -- bonus to house security when on guard.  -- not implemented
miniimage = "angel/angel.png"  -- where her mini pic is has to be in the assistant directory
morningstart = "religion"  -- starting job when hired
afternoonstart = "religion"-- starting job when hired
eveningstart = "religion"-- starting job when hired
nightstart = "rest"-- starting job when hired

------------------Jobs --------------------------------------------

You can completely customize what jobs an assistant will do and when they will have that job available and how much they like that job.

name = "Artist"   -- name of the job must line up with the jobs in the libs/otherlib/xml/assistant/joblist/assistantjob.xml
morning = "false"  -- default is true if false is not displayed at that time
afternoon = "false"
night = "false"
evening = "false"
like="50"  -- basic chance of success

------------------Images ------------------------------------------

Images work the exact same for girls as for assistants.  Go look it up under text images.  Though they may look a little difference its still just name, worksafe, and path you can also have multiple images that are randonly chosen.

****************Basic Events*************************

For the most part events for assistants work the exact same as for everything else.    The main difference is that assistants have a success and fail based on whether they did the training assigned.  I just recommend copying and pasting one of the other jobs if your making a new job.

The fail success stll works like any other event and has can be seen from the image is just:

evecheck label = "#asJobSuccess"  vvar = "false"

Also you can pull the amount of success by using #aswintotal allowing different variations of text and skill gain.

That's about it.


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