Sunday, August 19, 2012


Rudi_Stoned has released a new version of Pytherworld


Features (preview) 
* Got to the slave market and buy new copies of Mio there. 
* Train your slaves and sell them 
* Define the jobs your slaves have to perform in the schedule screen, accessible from the character screen 
* Watch the fatigue and health  of your slaves and let them rest when they need to. Forcing them to work without rest will eventually kill them! 
* Save and load your game 
* Edit your savegame with any text editor (good for testing, bug fixing or cheating) 

Look this time I even put the link in the blog with out forcing you guys to go to the forums.... *sigh*


Assistants text is up to date except for sex classes.  Decided not to do a random text choice system at this time... will do it when I'm feeling adventurous.

Anyone who has SVN access and can pound at the assistants I would be appreciative.  Will do there pay checks and loyalty mods in the next night or so.

Vacation got pushed back so did the release, maybe 2nd week of September now.



  1. It's still a preview version, quite incomplete. Consider it an Alpha release, not meant for playing, but to give you insight into were development stands at the moment.

    For more info, please visit the forums (or ask here if you just have a quick question).

    Thanks for the coverage, Daisy :-)

  2. Thanks for the link d00d, I'm allergic to forums d00d, I never register for anything d00d.

  3. ^Hey dood! Your like totally a Prinny dood! SO give me all your hl.. Now..

  4. Oh, a mere Prinny attempting to shakedown someone in front of me? Perhaps I should give you a little toss as punishment for your insolence~

    On a more serious note, I look forward to a release. I've been watching updates near-daily for quite sometime now, and it fills me with hope to see an actual date.

    Sorry for not helping at all, Daisy. I swear I would if I knew how.

  5. @Dae
    Hi! There are a number of ways you could help with the development of Otherworld. Daisy is very open to contribution from the community. You could
    (a) write the storyline for a new quest (if you like creative writing)
    (b) create new graphics, e.g. doll graphics (if you like drawing)
    (c) improve existing artwork, e.g. by cleaning pictures, replacing icons whose style does not fit the rest and so on (if you like working with Photoshop, GIMP or something similar)
    (d) write new events for Otherworld (if you want to learn Otherworlds scripting language)
    (e) improve grammer/style/spelling of existing ingame texts (if you're good in English)
    (f) start learning ActionScript by watching tutorials on YouTube and help debug Otherworld later (if you want to learn programming in Flash)
    ...and so on

    So, if you want to help, I'm sure you can find something to suit your talents :-)

  6. if you want me to set up some gameline stories for quests and the likeiwill be more than happy to this. If you want ideas for more items i will be more then happ to do this as well.i have many ideas, but lack knowledge in many places.

    For starters, in a magic realm this item has always seemed like a good idea.

    Bottled Whore Moans
    Increase sex drive when un corked (eg used)
    blah blah blah

    but in idae format i would give complete descriptions.

    Let me know if you would like that kind of help
    Just tell it as for elcat21, i read all the forums.

  7. Well, I'm incapable of doing art of any type. Even computer assisted, it comes out more like Picasso had a nightmare than anything else. I'm afraid scripting is out for now, as well.
    HOWEVER, I can do A, probably. And I can damn sure do E. I unconsciously spell/grammar check everything I read, anyway.
    How would I go about this? Download text files from the SVN, I assume?
    Also, are there any guidelines for what sort of quests/stories you're looking for? Consider my writing skills somewhat similar to Math or Science - the more details I have to start with, the better the product I can create. If you give me a blank space and endless materials, I'll make you a shed. If you give me a small box and only a hammer, two nails, and a highlighter to work with, I'll give you Escher's "Relativity."
    Warning: Small proclivity for exaggeration.