Sunday, September 30, 2012

Events are fun

Okay just adding event hooks.  Still don't really have it past that point but working the issue.  Slowly but steadily now copying the quest to GameData.  Displaying the quest in the quest book and then actually having it the pop up complete the quest.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Random Quest Stuff

This is actually starting to fit together.  It's AI is very simple but trying to build a quest system that will allow the player to advance in there group.  So far pretty interesting as it just searches through all classes and then randomly chooses a skill and a point to go with it.  If I can get it right will allow you to do quests constantly.  Then add some upgrade quests every so often...

So much fun.


Friday, September 28, 2012

My mind is going the wrong way

More work on the random quest system.  All of it just display rather then internal.  Brain Fried.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bugs and Quests

Killed some bugs and then worked on the random quest system.   Expect this to be the standard for the next few weeks as I try to get the random quests working.

The memory leak bug may be fixed anyone with svn access please play with it to confirm, I want to thank the anom who put me on the right track it was an easy fix once I knew where it was.

Bugs fixed...

9/26/12 Arandur && crusaderbond && Flagnine1

The Cards in the Homescreen Loading more than 1 Times after
you go to the ome Screen
Run in the Heavy Memory Load Issue Again. Every time the Cards
in the Home Screen are Loading the Memory Load of the Flash Plugin
increases. Had to terminate the swf on Day 11 because PC run out of

I can hardly play it. It takes up 4 gigs of memory by the time i get to day 10

by day 11, the “home” buttons are taking 9 seconds to respond

If I'm reading the code logic right (and have the current version of the code, as I don't know what version I have currently), think I found a memory leak in the main screen code. Seems the ringmaster keeps track of what screen is displayed, and the switch to the main screen calls msBuilder.buildMS(), which pushes stuff on the msItems array and never bashes the array.

-- I want to thank the anom who sent this really put me on the right track.
-- this is fixed but I don’t know if it was the only memory leak.

9/26/12 Arandur

Girl Info Screen: REQUEST! Pretty Please Change Measures B / H / W to
Centimeters instead of Inches.
95% of the People will know and Understand Centimeters. But mostly US
Americans will understand
Inches. Most People have No Idea how much Centimeters thoose Inches are.

-- metric is now an option but the girls need to be originally set in inches and the display does the math.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bug list sorted

Sorted the bug reports.  Thanks to all those that sent in bugs and suggestions and I am still taking more bug reports but please check the bug doc before submitting them.

I'm hoping to start actually clearing bugs soon... We shall see.


Monday, September 24, 2012


Okay finally think we're done with this will be on the svn tonight.  One of the interesting things I added is that it is possible to add images at the top for all the buttons pulled from the xml as part of the text system.  I may add them some day or maybe someone out there will feel like adding them.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

I can't believe it's taken this long either

I really thought this was  a two day project... now on day 4 and still have a few more things to finish.  The good news is that isn't a mock up but an actual in game screen.  The text for the help is now coming from xml.  Buttons work.  Just need to load the presets from the xml prefs and add some image support for the last selected button and maybe I will have it finished sometime tomorrow.  Maybe...


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still just moving on...

More work on a character selection screen.  Still more mock up then anything the actual programming still not there.  Also the svn is officially broke.  Why?  Because all those buttons have been removed from the otherworld.fla.  The swf may still work.

Finally figured out how I want to do the random quests by using a weight system.  I spent a few days a while back on it but could not quite get it straight in my head.  I feel now that I have a better understanding of how to accomplish it so may go back to working on it soon.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Character Creation Screen

Lots of bug reports, thank you all and if you have more please keep them coming.

Still trying to get back in the flow after vacation.  Working on a new character creation screen that will fit the newer game size.  But progress be slow for lack of motivation more then anything.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still looking for bug reports

Not as many bug reports as I was expecting.  I can sure use any and all, shooting for another release in about 10 days or the first of the month.  We shall see how that goes.  Want to squash bugs, add more help, and remake the character creation screen and then hopefully go to a release a month.  With xml events being on the blog for down load as they become available.  Not sure if it will work but that's the plan.  So anyways more bugs please.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

End of Vacation Report

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 - B

The reviews all go on about how good the plot is... I just didn't see it.  But I liked the over all combat system it was a nice upgrade compared to version one (real fun seeing Steins:Gate camios) as one of the attacks.  Also any series that starts off with the main characters in tentacles.  Transformation sequences that actually go loli -> adult but then for some of the girls loli->super loli lots of fun.  

Hyouka - B just finished translating this series.  I had read the first novel over on bakatsuki as was not that impressed.  And the reason is the first novel is by far the worst of the mysteries.  As a matter of fact this would get a much better grade if it wasn't for the first 6 episodes deal with it.  The second and third major mystery are very very nice.  

Soul Eater - B- 

Watched this entire series in two days... and what can I say.  As action animes go it has a bit too much wandering into madness.   Lots of real cool but quite a bit of slow too.   If you have seen any shonen jump manga your probably already know most of what Soul Eater is about just in a stylist Halloween type world.  

Mouretsu Pirates - B+

My largest complaint, I want more episodes.  So much unresolved ready for an another season.  (And just so were clear it's a full 26 episodes.)  Lots of and ridiculousness, the entire plot is just insane, but I really don't care.  Pirates searching for treasure, kidnapping maidens, and of course raiding ships.  All of this while still maintaining the school comedy aspect.  Cross fingers for another season!  (Oh!  And solar sailing ships!)

Prism Ark - C

One of the worst opening episodes EVER.  Just about sunk the series right from the start.  It actually recovers and almost becomes reasonable and then your out of episodes.  A lot of the harem is interesting and Sister Hell looked like she had lots of promise but the series just sunk itself.

Another - B+

Another suckered me so well I was highly impressed.  The series is a rather nice mix of Horror + Mystery.  Trying to figure out who the "extra" person in the class is before everyone dies was fun.  I recommend it and can't say much more with out giving away the fun as the first 3 or so episodes actually just.. Go watch it for yourself.

Book Girl (movie) - B- 

You know I have read most of the book girl books.  And first off if you ever plan to read the books DON'T watch the movie.  The movie ignores books 1-5 and jumps right to 6.  All of the exquisite anticipation of how Miu influenced the main character and has been pulling strings from behind the screen is gone.  That right there is enough to disappoint.  But if your just watching the movie and have not read the books its not bad.  But it does get slow at points.  Read the books... then watch the movie if you feel like it.

Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari - B+

Okay I (am/was) a huge Tenchi Muyo fan.  That being said most of the later stuff ain't that great.  This though was damn fun to watch and well worth it just for the harem.  Sure the main character is too perfect.  And maybe a little too much older women bossing him around for my like but still it's fun.  The action was entertaining, but so was the school hijinks.  And of course when comes down to it way too much, huh?!?, background story that you just throw away because thinking about it to much is just not worth it.  

Well that's a short week vacation.  (By my count that's about 6 full series + video game)  Getting low on new anime but the summer season should just about be over and lots of stuff I'm anticipating.  (Going to re watch Dog Days season 1 tonight... need season 2 to finish damn it, I want to watch.)  


Monday, September 17, 2012

Neptunia 2 Ending

I rather liked the end theme... no real spoilers as far as I could tell just the end credits.  And yes I just got the normal ending, not sure if I want to spend the time to get one of the other endings.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Website Being Taken Down

Basically according to Tyrranus the issue with the malware is pretty much done.  But we're going to have to kill the website and then bring it back up.  So it should disappear for a few days...  The forum will probably be lost a back up is being made for download.  And everyone will need to re-register.  Ain't it fun...

just let people know it will be redone soone and that the malware IS dead

You have been told.


Friday, September 14, 2012


Definitively like the Tsundere Cave the best.  Well worth the $3 on the ps3 store... such a rip off making me pay for a game I have already bought...


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vacation ~ Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Actual screen shot of the game.

Yes, I am on vacation now.  Will look at bugs soon, probably next week but I will keep on adding them to the bug doc.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A bugged Release

I did promise a release this week.. but it still has a lot of bugs and events missing.  I can always use more bug reports but please double check with the bug sheet on the right to see if its a known issue.  Being able to replicate a bug is like gold so any suggestions on how to recreate them are VERY appreciated.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Bugs ( Not really a surprise )

More bugs and issues with interface. It's slowly becoming smoother and better.



9/9/12 - Arandur

In the Girls Info Screen Some Missing /False Values
Age: 17 Owned: 0 <-- I Own her so it should be 1 ( Other Girls have
3-4-5 and i have only one of them )
One Girl shows Age: 3284 ( So i think there is some Love Needed to get
this Page in Shape ^^ )
B: 0 ( cup: 2 ) W: 0 H: 0 <- Generic Bust Size shown but all other
Values not. Same fo all Girls.

-- Owned is now Days Owned
-- Yes Menace is over 3000 years old?!?!

-- wow no arch there was an over site

-- bwh were not being transfered from arch to girls fixed
--  Added defined sides for Days Owned, Weight, Blood Type
-- Hopefully that fixes most of the issues


9/9/12 - Arandur

The Next Button when forwarding Text should be replaced.
Its for me exactly over the Next Day Button in the Home Screen.
So a Load Lag or just clicking to much/fast results in going to next Day

-- The bar can be moved at any time... but then again thats probably a bad place for new users.  -- moved to another location
-- also all positions of where stuff is on the main screen is now saved.  Old saves may put stuff at 0,0’
-- fixed

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Lots of bugs still open but hard to replicate.  Go check the bug doc and see if you can find a pattern.  Also make sure your on the latest SVN version.   Back to try to add some content I will keep playing with bugs though as well and try to actually play the game a bit for once.



9/8/12 - Daisy

Leaving auction bid screen to outside auction ends with white screen.   I had a similar issue earlier with leaving acution to town resulted in white screen.

-- fixed

9/8/12 - Arandur

Home Screen Showing only Two Slaves with there Shifts. ( Had up to 7 )

-- the card is not saving so the girls are all piling up on top of each other
- fixed

-- also it doesnt seem like the cards are showing like solitary cards when you add a girl like they are supposed to.
-- this was debug code getting in the way they should now tile out...
-- fixed

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Item Bugs

Fixed some odd bugs do to items. See the detailed explanation in the bug comment. I'm really don't think I'm going to be ready for release in time but I will still release one way or the other, sometime next week.

9/6/12 - Daisy

Girl Screen Items don’t appear on first load

-- this was an insane weird bug.  Here is what was happening.  When the game is made it makes 3 sort boxes (shops, girl screen, furniture screen).  The class that is used to make items for the girl screen is called before furniture screen.  So the sorter box was locked onto (of all things the furniture screen.)   So adding items only added at best furniture.  This took forever to figure out.  I have made sure that the lock is now fixed on for shops and for girl screen.  Furniture isn’t really working at the moment to begin with.


Sept. 2 2012 rudi_stoned otherworld Sep preview bugged

* I can’t equit items


can't put any clothing on the slave  -- yep
I played with the blacksmith listeners and i think that is the cause of the issue
it was an issue with the listener cleaning fixed.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nada Night

Just got nothing done last night.  Tried to figure out why items aren't appearing in the character screen on first load and it still isn't working.  Got some great bug reports so hopefully this won't be the standard I still want to release next week.  


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Simple is best ~ Bugs

Getting some good bug reports and have been trying my best to clear then as fast as they are found.  Lots of iffy or bugs I just can't seem to replicate.  But thats normal we will slowly fine and deal with them all together.

9/3/12 - Osakina

Save and load images are backwards....

- fixed

9/4/12 - Daisy

Display caller on float over for effects

-- Hello Crash bug

ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.
at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/setChildIndex()
at otherlib.core::FO$/floatIn()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\core\]
at otherlib.effectStuff::Effects$/effectfloatIn()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\effectStuff\]

-- fixed


9/3/12 - Daisy

No pay this might be save load or not

-- was a save load bug, variables are now saved...


9/5/12 anom

options bar to the top right of the screen when i visit the auction


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inferno Baby

That's right Inferno baby!

Sure beats debugging.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Website Issue Continues - Cleaning of SVN

Still having issues with the website but it is being worked on!  (Thanks Tyrranus!)

Spent last night working on cleaning of the SVN.  Removing files that are no longer used to make it easier to release.  That sort of thing.

Fixed a bug where the title screen opens the options and credits... that was a rather big bug.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warning - Website Issue

At present there is an issue with the  If you have google it will tell you there is an issue.  Our hosts the ever friendly (Tyrranus and Yamiko) are looking into it.  There may be malware involved so at this time I highly recommend NOT going to the website until the coast is clear.  Just your normal day on the internet.


Saving and Loading

Compuscribe really is a genius.

Fixed most of my issues by either adding the variable to be saved or moving the variable to a class that is saved.  A stupid cheat that worked very well.

Quest status is saved.
Market items are saved.
On the fly variables are saved.
Assistants are saved.

What can I say that was my list and then some.  I'm sure there are forgotten variables but those will depend more on you guys when debugging starts.  Still planning to release around the 10th a bugged.  version when I go on vacation.  Right now its down to content, content, and polishing.

SVN is up to date those who want to start debugging early are more then welcome to find bugs and post them.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Options / Saving Loading

Option screen now exists.  Thrilling... it has one option...

Saving and loading works.  (Compuscribe is a genius.)  But it is not working for certain things (Daisy_Strike is a moron.)  Mainly the issues are stuff I am going to be playing with...

Variables were moved or changed.  -- completely my fault
Assistants are broke.  -- they were modified heavily recently
On the fly loaded quest variables are not saved.   -- did not exist last time save and load was done.

I swear I will keep working on them.