Friday, December 31, 2010

Furniture Screen 1

First look at the new furniture screen... it looks great doesn't it. And right that's about all it does. Lets see what else to say, putting furniture in the item array for the time being will be number 10000+, really thinking i should get rid of the item compare array, but then I realize that I have better things to do for the next month or two. Though going to do the items for the furniture as an array of numbers not of images like I have been with the other item arrays.

Really not much more to say. Its new years eve and I'm working.


Thursday, December 30, 2010


The pens are now instanced completely.

Rooms are all instanced except for the name labels for the jobs, something to do tonight. Also will need to adjust all the float text so they work again with the new instanced versions. Not a big deal just time consuming. I want to get rooms finished so I can start adding new content to them. Furniture and tasks, need to get done then might start thinking about doing an official release.

Not much more to say,


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There is only one check box

Added some images to the Miko (titfuck and blow job), added some more jobs, make talisman, cooking, fortune telling.

Made all the check boxes instances another 20 things removed from start up and a couple hundred lines of code deleted. Will have to add instance versions on the option and character screen but the pens screen is up and working.

Added 2 new rooms, dark room and kitchen.

You know a nice lazy day.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the Erobeat solutions.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meditate, Easy Loader, Offtopic

So on my nice lazy day, been adding new jobs... I really want to finish up rooms a bit before going back to combat. (Really tired of combat for the time being.) Tasks and furniture being undone has been bugging me. Plus we need more jobs and classes.

The easy loader seems to be successful have 3 confirmed cases of it loading on systems that had failed to load before. Which means that going to instance screens will probably consume a day or two of each week until there all brought up to code. (I rather like that pun.)


Offtopic part 1:

Been playing "Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle" rather enjoying the bad puns even if I haven't found an H Scene after 3 hours of playing.

Offtopic Part 2:

I admit it Erobeat's code has bested me I spent more then 1/2 an hour trying to crack it to no success. If someone could e-mail me the answer for the last 3 days I would really appreciate it. Please do not post as a comment as I don't want my favorite hentai subbers pissed at me.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Instances Done

So about 5000 lines of code deleted. 200 less object instances created at start up and adding new jobs and icons is quite a bit easier. More of the what was I thinking being fixed and I saw a few places that I can probably remove even more code.

If otherworld has issues loading for you try this build its a new easy loader. If you don't have problems I don't recommend it quite yet as there are a few bugs, oh and don't touch meditate it is rather odd.

Getting some really odd feedback about the saving bugs. Please keep them coming, some of them are just odd. I'm starting to think that pointers after saving keep on pointing... *sigh*.

Bonus points to anyone who can ID the manga from the last two days.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saving still iffy.

Okay saving is still a little iffy. And I really need more information cause I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what is wrong with it. If you find an issue with the saving and loading please bug it on the bug thread with as much information you can give. Including if it was at start of game or mid game that you loaded. What you saved with and what appeared, etc.

Oh as a little side note the real estate button in the guild hall is a debugging tool... pressing it will probably crash your game. Same goes for the fact that the maid potion is now giving out musician, another debug tool. Sorry.

Spent last night changing out preloaded stuff to instances. If its in green then its now an instance if its in red its tonight's goal. Took out about 1200 lines of code yesterday was able to just delete them all together, and loading should be a bit easier. Not only that but adding new jobs just went from a 20min to about 5 min job (not counting the actual job event). I feel so stupid about the way I was doing this before, but then again Otherworld has been a huge, HUGE, learning experience. Going to keep on working on the stat icons tonight. Will hopefully have them done before weekend.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Small Christmas Gift

Otherworld Download

So a download for Christmas, of the current build. Mainly its to allow for some tough testing of saving and loading. Saving and loading seem to be working now, I made a number of changes but I can't point to anyone that would actually make it work. But it is working, I think, so if everyone else could pound it and check for bugs I would appreciate it.

Good early version of the combat system, so that everyone can pick at it and make suggestions. Doesn't really do much right now except combat. But I'm sure there are a bunch of people out there that still want to play with it. Still really have to play with balancing and adding more special attacks.

This is an unofficial release, please don't go posting to 3rd party sites.


bug - I have a glitch where the bar and the number value for obedience are completely different. Not sure how I achieved it, but the bar fluctuates out of sync with the value.
This happens whenever an item's bonus brings the "natural total" of an attribute out of the negatives, back to at least zero. Once the natural total is back to zero or more, the accompanying bar will match the numbers again. - hmm odd one there - fixed

bug - Milking a girl during 4th shift of day leaves her dry for entire next day. - fixed... effect just isnt pushed on 4th shift

bug - Last "Room Order" assigned will carry over if "ok" is pressed in another room.
- EX. If I assign "Milking" in the milkroom, then switch to any other room,
I can click its "ok" button and "Milking" will be assigned to as many shifts
as I want until I assign a different task.
- resolved

reported - Personal training eventually crashes the application: - Usually on blowjob training but also happened with titfuck training. - I did 10 days of blow jobs with no crash - this might be a bug with a specific slave if anyone knows please add to the bug report.

bug - Clicking on a normal item in inventory will replace a "locked" item of same slot. - hmm - yes it does - fixed

bug - reputation - reputation was misspelled so it didn't work - fixed

bug - I'm guessing the game fails to create a second instance of a name in your possession, so perhaps you should program in a couple lines that blocks the new slaves available for purchase from having the same name as already owned slaves. - I've been playing a couple days now, and I noticed a couple times when I purchased a slave, it did not appear in the guild stables area. The last time this happened, I noticed that the girl I had been attempting to buy (a Yoruichi) had the same randomly generated name (Haru, I think) as another girl (a Mugi) I already owned. I didn't yet own a yoruichi, and owned 5 total slaves, including Princess. - I really don't think it could create a bug... but names won't be duplicated anymore after all that would defeat the purpous of having collar names anyways unable to duplicate the rest - need more information
reported - Also, I wanted to confirm the "inventory shifting bug," as I had a chastity belt somehow migrate from my obedient virgin cow mimic to my best crazy whore. (Actually, the entire inventory of the one swapped with the other.) Sometimes my attached equipment in slaves gone missing(possible trigger: have a lot inventory(especially equipment), and while i try switch her dress with another dress suddenly it gone - the only thing i can think of is this happens when slaves are sold... testing - that doesn't seem to be the case the stripping functions are working fine tried from first, middle, and rear in array - tried purchasing slave - i still can't confirm this - if anyone has more info please bug it

bug - 1. There is a problem with description text. As you can see in attachment.(possible trigger: Don't know exactly maybe there is multiple selection with musician class and cow class) - found musician - fixed - unable to locate cow... - not really worried about this as the entire thing is going to be broken in the next update as i change how jobs are created
okay that leaves saving and loading - everytime i think its fixed - its not
bug - duplicate copies of assistant and player image - lost children - fixed
bug - loading seems to crash - hmmm.. definitly an infinite loop - only happens when loading from inside game - on the second load - fixed but I have no idea why

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Just pure fan service.

Combat is now working well start to finish. Nice randomly created low level battle, pictured here, still balancing it out but a little but it seems about right where it is. You can go from start to finish with out a problem. Can use more fleshing out but then again what doesn't need more fleshing out.

Added and updating assistant and player so they can regen hp. Still working on it though.

Will probably work on general debugging that I have been putting off tonight. Still hopeful for a release next week some time.


Off topic

For those of you out there who enjoy the "Another Hyper Text Transformation Game", like me, an update was offered for x-mas eve.

Futa Palace Link

Have a good holidays.


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Finally got to play a complete battle for the tutorial from arena page to start up page to combat to exp screen and finally back to town. YAY! Double checked and cleaned up everything as well. Still playing with the random enemy creation but it is working... though the game crashes the second you attack a randomly created enemy. Not sure why, something to work on tonight.

Still left to do.

-Build an exp and item making for random battles
-More special attacks for classes
-Probably should add more animations...

-Debug the last update fix saving and loading

Really hoping for a test version to be available sometime next week. But then again I said that 3 weeks ago.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ah, Christmas that most wonderful time of the year, when the right stuf has there best sales and suddenly I'm flush with DVDs.

So far in the last few weeks have finished.

Rahxephon (finally have it on dvd and not fansubs)
Eden of the East (surprisingly awesome)
Area 88 OAV(Interesting Retro for the planes! I really want a MiG or a Warthog.)
Blue Seed (Yes I had it on VHS Dubs... had to be fixed)
xxxHolic (Replacing those pesky Fansubs)
UFO Princess Valkyrie S3-S4(Cat Maids! Cat Maids! Cat Maids!!!)
Gilgamesh (... and we all die)

Still have left to watch:

Gravion (no idea)
Baccano! (Fan sub conversion and an awesomely overly complex series.)
Romeo and Juliet (Previews looked okay)
Area 88 TV (assuming same as OAVs but in TV format)

Watching while at work and programming:

Story of Saiunkoku (Seen 2x on fansubs but I love it)
Kyo Kara Maoh! S1 and S2 (Seen 2x on fansubs but I love it)

Waiting for the mail to deliver:

Ranma 1/2 S 6-7 (If you have seen any Ranma you have seen it all)
Queen's Blade BR(Ah... Menace let me count the ways you jiggle in Blue Ray)

Yes I'm bragging but I got nothing better to talk about and isn't Christmas about the gifts you buy yourself?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Slave Maker Update

So been playing with the new slave maker update... as a player. Lots of fun new stuff that Cmacleod42 has added as well as finally some new slaves, even if there beta's its nice to see that other people can make slaves. Peach was rather fun, lots of new stuff. Still haven't had a change to pay Aeris. Most interesting to me was that Shampoo was giving warnings of Ms. N events and one of the new assistants I used was using all of Mugi's code... though not updated for personality. Unless the neko, futanari, is a voyeur lesbian as well. But its good to see the code used.

Slave Maker's Blog

Monday, December 20, 2010

I forgot to add a title.

So I thought I had the exp screen finished but obviously I need to go play with the labels again. Also was working on actually walking through from start to finish of the combat screens and still a couple of hick ups. Attack buttons aren't appearing now on the second round through combat... not sure why. Also the Neko is the only assistant showing up even if you select something else... think this an issue with some lost debug code. But actually we are just about there, I am really really hoping for a release around new years, a bugged one mind you but a release.

Today and tomorrow are declared lazy days as its finally weekend.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Exp Screen

Well the rather pain in the rear part of the exp assignment is done. Just got to rearrange the screen and add a check at the exit and should be done with the page tonight. After that the oh so fun part of putting it together.


Off topic
New chapter of Nana to Kaoru was translated over at exks. The Summer Series makes a nice holiday treat.
Nana to Kaoru (Arashi) 06

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nah it couldn't still be the exp screen

Might be seeing why I decided this time to use an array of objects... because we're at over a hundred objects already just for that small part. So whats up now still have to do some auto exp point gains for those who find manual dull. A bunch of checks can't go over 100 now can we. And then a final function that adds the points after you hit okay. Some re-arrangement of the screen and I think we're done, and back to combat tying it all together.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to the exp screen

First off I want to thank everyone who sent in code examples and changes. I'm still pouring over them and am not in any hurry to change the most called array in the game any time soon. Going to want to run a number of tests and samples before I get even close to that, and its not just that much of a priority at the moment. It works for right now let the dog sleep.

Back to the exp screen looks a bit different now and is still unbalanced and will probably need to be changed. I am playing with building large parts of this screen as objects in an array that are created when the screen is opened and destroyed as screen closes. This is how every thing should have been done, but up until doing the exploration and combat sprites I didn't have that good of a handle on it. Expect re-building of the rest of the screens slowly to this pattern. It should lower the load time at start. If you check the to do list my highest priority for the update after this is re-doing all of the jobs to this pattern. Why? Because right now all the jobs are created at start... 200+ instances of objects. Its got to die and will make new jobs much easier to add.

Got called in to work early, be safe.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can of Worms

Okay so the next post is almost entirely code. If your not interested browse on and come back tomorrow.

Opened up a can of worms and going to go into it a bit. First off this entire code program is at:

Object Test You will need Flash to compile.

Or you can just follow along on the image below.

So This is how it SHOULD work but doesn't:

First off lets make the array and object:

//A simple global array because I'm lazy
var simpleArray:Array = new Array();

//A simple global object class because I'm Lazy
var TempObject:Object = {

function standard() {
var result;
//a variable since i don't care what its
//called when placed in the array

//Now it should work as
//result = new TempObject();
//this dosen't compile in action script though for
//any other object it would work
//fine... So instead this is the best version we
//can do and all the pointers now
//point to the same spot.

//Your loop to make 3 copies
for (var i:Number = 0; i < 3; i++) {
result = TempObject;
//show it before changing one variable in the object
simpleArray[0].hello = 1;
//after changing the one object OMG it changed all
//the same variables GOD NO!
//pointers issue

//See pic

//My work around is the ghosts.

//an array exactly the same as the last with a different name
var ghostArray:Array = new Array();

//make 3 ghost objects Note I changed the number of world so you can see which one //is which

var GhostObject1:Object = {
var GhostObject2:Object = {
var GhostObject3:Object = {

function ghost() {
//Just push the 3 into our global array
//trace it
ghostArray[0].hello = 1;
//change 1 spot and trace again

//see pic

And what do you know it changed. Your going to want to check out references other then my say so.

If you guys have a better solution I am more then willing to hear it, as I admit I am a cheap programmer using the KISS system.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The number of girls...

Over and over I feel like I am repeating myself that the number of slaves is pretty much set in my mind to be around 10. There are a number of reasons for this but the main ones are,

1) Code reason. Do to a limitation of the object classes in Adobe Flash it is not possible to make infinite arrays of the object classes. Why? Because if you make a copy of the object all the copies point to the same point. Yah it doesn't make much sense to me either. I fought it just recently when making enemies for combat and researched it out which is something I didn't do when making the girls 6 months ago. And besides a really complicated recursion which is supposed to create false objects and never worked its just not an option. So instead I have to create ghost objects (my name for them). If you actually open up you will see that about 2/3 of the entire .as is 14 ghost girls. Why 14, 10 girls + 1 push girl for quest winning + 3 for the auction house so it doesn't crash even when you go in with a full compliment of girls.

Sure I could add more ghosts, but its a pain in the ass to add variables to 14 ghosts and 10+ slaves, every time there is a new stupid Boolean that needs to be added. Especially when the game isn't even to beta yet.

2) Content reason. More then 10 slaves becomes huge Micro Management. For those of you who have played Sim Brothel and Whore Master where you have 50+ slaves in multiple brothels it just takes the fap out of the game. Instead your going from one brothel to the other trying to tune the girls so they don't require attention and in the case of Sim Brothel leveling them and adjusting there cost. After a while you just start clicking next turn to finish the game. Compared to Sim Brothel I really like Whore Master, something about impregnating your slaves just is enjoyable but once you have 2 or 3 brothels the game quickly becomes more annoying as your paging through looking for problem girls every turn and slowly you stop caring about the girl you have been working hard on and lose the fap.

So by imposing a hard cap on the number of slaves you can own, I'm hoping to fix that issue and hopefully keep the girls personal and interesting rather then numbers. I'm failing at the moment, but that's more because still working on core system rather then content. Compared to either one of the two examples above Otherworld actually allows events with each girl, mainly used right now for different text when talking to them, but any job can be interrupted. And that brings us to the next point, once the content for individual slaves gets added do you really want each turn interrupted by 50 plus slaves as they all do there individual separate special event? Yah...

3) The third reason and the one I prefer as the most thought out. Because I said SO! Don't like it, the games open source. Need to add more girls to the, update the and


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lazy Day

Nice lazy day. I didn't start work on the backpack added size checks to the array. Added transfer of items from the exp array to the backpack array and since the backpack array is just really a small mirror of the player array to that one as well. Now only have to add backpack to exp array so that way you can discard and exchange items in the backpack.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Exp Screen part 1

False Enthusiasm C42. Got the basic lay out done, except for the player and girls. Item after combat is up and being made okay. Even works for arena. Still have to make a much more complex backpack version as it will be necessary to have exchange back and forth because of the back pack size limit. Also probably a take all button. Add that to the girl exping, class changes, and general trying to balance equals at least another one or two days.

But I'm declaring the next two days to be lazy days. I got a pile of anime to get through thanks in part to the Rightstuf's 12 days of Christmas. And I think 2 days of relaxing is well deserved, since this week I got a ton done.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

So another night of playing with the combat system. Tutorial is up and running, everything seems rather fine except for some reason Teresa is getting two attacks if you kill the zombie. Something to fix tonight after that the exp screen and more work on enemy creation. Combat is killing me already 5000 new lines of code and three new screens. That's about two months worth of updates by itself and still not done.

And my upstairs neighbor creating a sail boat in his third story apartment is driving me crazy to much banging, sawing, and power drills. That I can't really think of anything else to make this wall of text longer.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Screen flow in Combat

A flow chart for arena and exploration combat. Yah the arena screen looks sort of ugly in comparison, but going to work on that some day. Right now re-working on how enemies are created and scripted enemies events. Also some day will have to build the exp and item screen at the end. Getting it up and running slowly and steadily still hoping to release a test version some time this week. That's what I said last week isn't it?

I actually can't think of any thing else to say.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Set Up Screen about done finally


So the sort algorithm can create infinite recursions. Something I wasn't aware of, and that I must have missed in the bug reports. Removing for now, and I recommend you don't use sort.

Other then that as you can tell the back pack is up and working. Also played a little with the floating task bar. Next up is the ever popular integration of set up page to actual combat page. Such fun...


I have posted a to do list on the board basically just a long list of stuff I still consider undone. Also a way to keep record of good ideas so they don't get lost when I put them off. Might be interesting read, might not.

The to do list.


To help out the wiki guys I have uploaded my main image repository. The ones I carry around with me each night as I go to work.



Sort of Off topic but still sort of on...

Docclox frequent board member and the creator of the Whore Master game has his own blog now.

Worth checking out if your willing to read more then 1 blog a day. Now if you only read one you have to read mine, just so were clear.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Set up Screen part Infinite

So got all of the placement stuff up and working last night will still need to add some UI help and mouse over but that's about it. Will be working on the player items to backpack next. I did these a little oddly in that the backpack items are actually just pointers to what is in the player array. Rather then making multiple copies or moving stuff from one to the other and then back again. That seemed to work out pretty well up until this point. Now the array sorting of the two is going to be interesting. Will probably have to rewrite how stuff appears. But now that I think about it the sorting buttons do that already... maybe a special hidden sort for combat items... ooh. Good talking to you I need to go play with that.

Testing out another .swf player sort of like the Gom Player. In my search for the perfect way to play otherworld, it seems to run it quite fine and fast.

Redcape has pretty much finished up the sprite parade. They are as always so kawaii that I feel like I am getting sugar shock and want to thank him again for the great work.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Set up Screen

Another day of not doing much. Come tomorrow this screen will be about done, if work goes okay (in other words no work at work.) Then will start looking on an exit combat screen to do exp. Then back to the combat screen and pull it all together. I still hope to have a test version up soon.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Set up Screen, Wiki, Offtopic

Didn't do much last night except add a few more elements during a dull Castle and rather good John Stewart.


The wiki team continues adding information adding TF to the team.


The rest is completely off topic and probably been rephrased in my mind. Read only if your bored.

So I get a phone call at 9:45am this morning.

(ME) Hello?
(Charter) Hi, I'm BEEP with Charter Fraud is this BEEP I'm talking to.
(ME) Yah...
(Charter)We just wanted to let you know that last month you exceeded the download threshold last month.
(ME)What threshold?
(Charter)Well on October we sent out that there are new thresholds in the amount you can download. It seems that with your current account you can only download 100gb a month and you downloaded 793gb... (pauses) Do you download movies from Netflix or something similar. HD movies on Netflix can run 8gb.
(Okay so I found a new porn site last month and went a little insane but 100gb is ridiculously low. But hell if I'm going to tell Charter that I'm using bit torrent.)
(Me)Something like that, there's a threshold?
(Charter)Yes, we just started notifying customer this month, if you exceed it more then three months in a rolling 6 months, we can discontinue your service.
(ME)Isn't 100gp a bit too low.
(Charter)The average family only uses 25gb a month.
(Obviously except for the ones using Netflix... So that's how it is. Cable is $65 a month and Netflix is $7.99 but uses the same bandwidth.)
(ME)Isn't 100gp a bit too low?
(Charter)Well if you do upgrade your service we can increase the threshold up to 500gb... oh wait your area doesn't have that service. The max we can upgrade it to is 250gb.
(And I did 3x that in a single month!)
(ME)Can you send at least e-mails when I'm close to my threshold like cell phones.
(Charter)We don't have that as an option.
(ME)Okay upgrade me.
(Charter)Thank you for using Charter.

(Looks like quest is going to get a new customer soon.)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Combat Effects, Combat Startup, Wiki Cont

So effects are in now that's why my party is drunk. Can't say I blame them. Effects don't do much yet but will need for poisoning and drunk etc. Not sure though about player and assistant effects if they will be persistent after combat or exploration. That makes all of the basic core parts of combat in place. Are they fleshed out, oh hell no, but core allows for testing... on to the next part.

The combat set up screen. I'm looking for ideas how to arrange it pretty cause its stumping me. Go check out this thread if you want to suggest your screen design.

Screen Set up


The wiki is growing rapidly thanks to Redcape, Flagnine and A Wikia contributor. In one day they have put up a huge amount of information, pics, and are really fleshing it out. Thanks guys.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Redcape has been good enough to start a wiki.

Not much there yet but then again its a wiki it depends on you actually adding content, go for it.


Son of a Bitch... so somehow I deleted my build from last night so combat effects and the start of the Combat Setup screen gone. I'll re-write them tonight probably a bit faster, but still son of a bitch. I can't believe I made that mistake. But at least that is why I do daily back ups.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Signature

New Signature, yah, I got nothing really to talk about..

Items are up and running, Yay! Simple drag and drop it where you want it, 1 item per a turn. Bamm! Had to make special effect versions of each item for combat (expendable items only), to make them a little more combat ready. Tonight is displaying effects, and some combat effects. If I have time the interface before combat (select girls, select assistants, select items.)

Thats about it.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Let them eat cake!

So obviously working on items. A nice simple drag and drop system, you can drop on the sprite or the character info. All thats in place the actual removing of the items not so much. Also have to figure out a system to allow items to be much more powerful in combat then they are in day to day operations about 3x I think. Still need to also make an interface to choose items to take with you into combat, and an interface to choose assistant and slaves. Over all slowly but steadly getting there.

Redcape has continued to create some of the cutest little sprites for combat. Lonewolf created Sakura and Yoruichi for his girls. And I wanted to thank both of them for making up for my lack of artistic skill.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maze Editor

Got the Maze Editor up for making maps for scripted events... not sure exactly when there will be scripted events but I have a map editor for it! Will post it on the board so everyone can play with it. Right now there are only a few tiles but that will change, probably with people suggestions. I did take the recursion out of it, since isn't really needed for a maze editor.

Maze Editor Thread

Download it:



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Troubles Running Otherworld

So I'm getting more and more reports of people unable to open Otherworld. Which shocks me a bit because it should be click and go. So I'm asking everyone who has trouble running Otherworld to try the work arounds in this thread.

If none of these work please post your system info and OS so I can try to track around what type of OS it is not working on, browser etc. I test it personally on Vista and XPS3 but obviously there are dozens of different configurations. And if we get a list of what its not working on I can find a work around and better solutions in a text file with Otherworld Downloads.

Please don't post to this blog but to the thread on this issue.