Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saving still iffy.

Okay saving is still a little iffy. And I really need more information cause I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what is wrong with it. If you find an issue with the saving and loading please bug it on the bug thread with as much information you can give. Including if it was at start of game or mid game that you loaded. What you saved with and what appeared, etc.

Oh as a little side note the real estate button in the guild hall is a debugging tool... pressing it will probably crash your game. Same goes for the fact that the maid potion is now giving out musician, another debug tool. Sorry.

Spent last night changing out preloaded stuff to instances. If its in green then its now an instance if its in red its tonight's goal. Took out about 1200 lines of code yesterday was able to just delete them all together, and loading should be a bit easier. Not only that but adding new jobs just went from a 20min to about 5 min job (not counting the actual job event). I feel so stupid about the way I was doing this before, but then again Otherworld has been a huge, HUGE, learning experience. Going to keep on working on the stat icons tonight. Will hopefully have them done before weekend.



  1. well one postive note on the christmas version. It loads fine again in a browser :)

    another suggestion is to remove the book and joystick icon and keep them on top from the daily activities screen. Why need both of them ;)

    Also I get the idea I cannot get the mansion clean. I have yet to check it further though. but with 3 maids it kept getting dirtier.

  2. Yeah, it happened to me too. I also had 3 maids and couldn't keep the mansion clean.

  3. i managed to get i clean with 2 maids. they didn't do anything else than cleaning and resting though