Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guide - Events(This Girl)

Now here is a question for you?  What do you do if you want to make a specific variable for a specific girl.  Say MugiONE meets a fox on the street.  Obviously MugiTWO has never met that fox.  There should be a way for the fox to know that.  So now we have the thisgirl events.  They act the exact same as evechange and evecheck but are girl specific.  Also if the girl has never hit the label before on a change, and only on a change, it will add that label to the list of known labels to the girl and modify as needed.  That's a little complicated but it works the same as the sex classes and I will example.

Example 1

MugiONE has met the fox...  Learn Variable metfox and set to true.   So when checked she returns true. 

MugiTWO has never met the fox.  So when checked she ALWAYS returns false.  Because she doe not even have the variable metfox in her variable list.

Example 2

MugiONE has met the fox 3 times.  Has learned variable metfoxcount and has it set to 3.  

MugiTWO has never met the fox so even if metfoxcount is checking for zero it will still FAIL.  She does not even have the variable on her list.

Lets looks at the xml...  Like I said before it follows the evecheck and evechange syntax exactly just has a different call at the front.

System can check (eq and ne) and change boolean 
System can check (eq and ne) and change string
System can check (eq, ne, lt, and gt) and change int

Text replacement works off the variable name... make sure the variable name is unique or may replace it everywhere.  Tested to work with strings and int should work with bool as well but not tested.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Multiple Changes #showchange

Fixed #showchange so it will now only show one change even if multiples of the same change are made.  #showchange is the command in the text engine that shows all the stat changes and formats them.  

Love the math here 

1000 + 9 = 1006!

That's fixed moving on.  To more interesting things... ( I hope that was fixed too easy a bit scared.)


Friday, March 29, 2013

Fixing Bugs before they happen

Nylva made a lot of interesting mods to the game adding a bunch of new jobs, rooms, classes, and building.  The update is on the SVN and it got me a little worried that the game is going to be out of room for houses and rooms soon.  Rooms are maxed as of this update.  So trying to fix that.  

Also added borders to the room screen around the rooms.  I think it looks better but any feed back would be appreciated.  Onsen should really not be an option for the small house... one disaster at a time.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Promotion Exam Quests

Trying to get the promotion exam quests back in the game.  Trying being the key word... anyways they should be in the next update which will be sometime next week.  Interesting stuff on the boards hope to check them out today some time but looks like there may be new classes soon.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Quest Creator Walkthroughs

That was a lot of posts all 4 guides in 24 hours.  Going to take a few days off the blog be back Thursday most likely.


Guide - Quest Creator (popup)

So now we are on the last part the pop up that asks for the girl to turn in.  What the pop up can ask for is actually relativity limited.  I may expand it later on but right now you can only really check for number of girls, 2 stats, and 2 items or 2 effects, plus a special.  Lets take a look at it by the numbers.

Keep Items - Does the player keep the items on turn in or lose them that the girl is wearing.  Basically is the quest idiot proof.  Though if an item is required it probably should be taken for the quest to succeed.

Number of Girls - How many girls are asked for?

Checks - Stats to check.  How to check (gt - great then, lt - less then, eq - equal) the stat.  The number to check against.  Up to 2 checks can be made.

Effect or Item - Basically the pop up can only check for up to 2 effects or 2 items it can not check for both items and effects only one or the other.  Select the item or effect from the combo boxes to add.

Special - A special check that doesn't fall into the above checks must be manually added to the game at the moment.  Currently the only special check that exists in twins.  Help is provided for each special.  

The pop up may get an over hall to make it more event system based some day.

Good News!  We don't have to create any new xml files this time lets just add the xml to the quest file we already created at the start.

Added now then lets go see if it works.

And that is that.  One of the easier steps.


Guide - Quest Creator part 3 (text)

All the heavy lifting has been done lets go look at the text portion.  This is the part you will need to do the most changes in.

First off you can input text in the violet fields and the quest creator will update them... If you want to make a cheap and dirty quest that's fine.  I'm not going to do it that way I just want the formated xml with all the names consistent.

Once again lets make a new xml file.


is the default directory our example is at


Don't forget to the add the file to the text files at


and to add the root tags.

Now comes the part that is labor intensive no matter how you look at it adding the actual text and images.  At least you don't have to worry about the call names since there all set up for you.

After adding some text we now have a quest that says stuff.   Now lets go look at the quest book because we need to make some modification to the original quest xml from the setup.

If you look the quest book is only showing the first line of a multi line quest set up.  No problem we just need to add the rest of the lines now.  Just add more textlabel and textlabelend using the text labels from the text in the text xml.

It's that easy to add the remaining lines to the quest book and are quest book filled out.

That's about it for text.


Guide - Quest Creator part 2 (events)

Okay so we have done the basic set up.  All the events are already labeled with a name for us now making event creation so simple and all the text is also named.  There went 30 minutes of copying and pasting.

Lots and lots of events on the left hand side but just a tiny amount on the right hand for options.  Thats because I did all the heavy lifting for you.  But to be on the safe side I'm going to go over everything so that way modding should be easier.  I really don't expect anyone to use the quest creator as a direct tool some basic changes will by needed.  Hopefully though most of them are marked with comments.  First off though lets look at the options.

Run Once, basically will the quest giver offer this quest every time you meet the quest giver or only once.  Default is only once.

Ask to accept.  The quest giver will ask if you want to take the quest or just force you to take it.  Selected is ask.

Ask to Turn In.  Same as before will ask if you want to turn in rather then forcing you to turn in.

Pop Up.  This quest has a girl turn in pop up at the end.  If not your doing a fun custom quest most likely a fetch and carry.

That's the entirely of the options lets go look at what they make.  Not selecting them will remove that section from the events xml.

Lets first off make our xml file.

This is an event so it needs to go in the events folder


For this example


Don't forget to add your root tags and adding the file to


Copy and paste all the xml into the new file.

Yes it's about 3 pages worth and we are going to go over it quicly.  Right at the top the creator gives you a postevent to add to current events.  Postevents run after the current event is finished running.  They do not stop other events from running first but the point is there easy to tag onto exiting events.

I'm going to go add it to Souseki's talk events.

Now when you talk to Souseki the quest will fire after she does her basic talk.  There are other ways to intercept the events but this way works.

Next up our the variables.

Really simple here.  The run once means that the quest is only asked once.  That was one of our check boxes above.  The other one just confirms that the quest is running.  No reason to pay them much mind.

A lot of the next items are straight forward with in line notes.  I am just going to point out important stuff.

For the start quests this is also where you add conditions (evecheck) to see if the quest is available at this time.  Since the event creator is designed specifically for this it is something that is not added to the quest creator just copy and paste the conditions in.  I'm going to add a reputation condition...

Continuing on...

Accepted Quest - Player said yes to taking the quest or was forced to take the quest and the quest is added to the quest book.

Refused Quest - Player said no to taking quest.

Ask to Turn in Event.  - Player is back ask if the quest is done.  Note this event has the same name as the start event and will trigger each time the start event would trigger.  This can be changed by renaming the event and calling it from a different location.

Declined to Turn in Event - Player said he/she/it wasn't ready to turn in the quest.

Turn in Event - This creates the pop up box

Win give reward - a few notes the times for the reward are here already for you if you filled them out before.  This marks in the quest book that the quest is completed it also stops the quest dialog from appearing on the quest givers.

Failed Turn In - player went to the pop up but didn't have the goods.

Fail out event if quest has already run or finished - A blank event if the quest is not running.  REQUIRED!

That's it for the events.  All the heavy work there is already done for you.  Now onto Text.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guide - Quest Creator part 1 (setup)

Welcome to the guide for the quest creator.  Your one stop to doing a basic quest.  I repeat a basic quest for the most part it does all the repetition for you but still expects you to modify as needed.

What you need.  A copy of the SVN.  Notepad++.  Questcreator.swf.

A few basic things to know.

Clicking on pins expands that text box.

Clicking on the pin will collapse it back to small.

Clicking on any of the green buttons will change the view, we will go over each one separately.

Floating over any of the text will give help.  Find you don't like the help you can edit it as well just go to xml/eventcreator/popuphelp.xml  A great way to make notes to yourself and if you find a better explanation don't hesitate to share on the board.

First off click on the setup button.  When you do the empty screen should suddenly fill with a lot of xml.  Don't worry it's supposed to do that.  Click the pin at the top so you only see set up information.

Label defines a lot of the xml names but is never seen by the player so its best to use a long unique string with no spaces.

Name is the name of the quest as it appears in the quest book.

Rewards are just like it sounds and how they are displayed in the quest book.  They are also entered automtatically when the quest is won.  So you don't have to do anything for the reward for the players to get the reward... more on that later.  First box is for gold.  Second Box is for items.  You can add multiple items.  Last box is reputation bonuses.

We now have xml!

NOTE!!! In many places I have added comments they are the <!-- -->    These can be deleted, though  the xml will ignore them, they are important enough that I added them to remind you when creating the quest.

This is all the xml to make a quest and put it in the quest book.

Now lets put it where it needs to be.


for this example it will be in


NOTE!!! - The root tag is needed but not included in the xml for any of the created xml from the quest creator and must be added for each new file!

Add the new file to the 


if you don't add the file it won't be found...

Copy and paste the xml from the quest creator into your new quest file.  DON'T FORGET THE ROOT TAGS!

Now you will note the big comment about the text tags right now we're going to forget about them but come back after we had fully fleshed out the text event and have all the text encoded.  Just as a note though textlabel and textlabelend are used to display the text that the player sees in the quest book for the quest being give and the quest finished.

Also there is more that can be added to the quest book part such as status and completion conditions but for  how to add those check the quest book guide.  It's a bit to advanced for the quest creator at this point.  I may add at a later date.

And that is the first part the set up for the quest.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still quest creator

Was going to start guide tonight had it a bit done and found out I was missing parts.

So expect it a day late and $1,000,000 dollars short.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Quest Creator Think done

Quest creator I think is done.  Will start testing and adding quests tomorrow if everything goes well should see a few more quests in the next version.  Its on the svn if anyone wants to try making there own quests... I'll do a write up on how to use in the next few days after I test.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to Quest Creator

Back to working on the quest creator.  I hope to get it finished this week and start cranking out new quests... We shall see how that goes.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bored of Debugging

Fixed a lot of bad effect events... That's it.  So dull.  I'm this close to taking another break from debugging and going back to the quest creator so that I can fill the game out with more quests.  Not like the game isn't stable at this point.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Debugging

Why break this weeks theme?

So more bug fixes instrument jobs now work... and even more impressive

evechange label = "#playinginstrument" vvar = "#rand3" 

now works.  For some reason many parts of the game don't recognize changes by reference rather then direct this include checks.  It now for at least girl changes.  And the event system gets even more unweildly.  I want to rewrite it a bit and clean it up should only take me about 2 months or so... skipping for now.

Going to see if I can make it check for rands since that is what is breaking milking at the moment.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Bugs and Sleep and Confirmation

This was the first return on google confirmation + sick + sleep + anime... I couldn't believe it either.

Sleep now works well for assistants with beds and sick.

Saving and loading asks for a confirmation 

Other bugs to stupid to list.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beds and Bugs

So trying to make beds do something and sick work correctly.  Beds and sick don't work, or didn't work.  Basically the array that holds furniture was being overwritten every event.  Fine if your doing furniture events directly such as rest.  But if your doing events with post events then not so good such as sick.  Fixed this girls are now separated by a nulljob.  I may need to upgrade tats, brands, and effects the same way sooner or later.

Personal sick should now work rather then saying it did and doing nothing.  Just assistants left to upgrade.


Monday, March 11, 2013


(I had to share.)

Just going after bug after bug.  The ghost girls are gone and will no longer crash the game.  YAY!  Virgins with chastity belts have decided to stop allowing dicks to teleport into them.  Working on fixing sick to where I think it should be but unsuccessfully at the moment.

Some notes will probably do then next release around this time next month.


P.S. Long time since I posted a bug numbers.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ghost Girls

So one of the more common bug reports is that turning in girls for the Realtor twin quests creates ghosts.  Just building enough to be able to debug the problem was a bit of a bitch.  Created on the debug bar a way to force run events.  Then built an eveKey to create girls... more on that later on when we try to get the princess quests formed in the next few months.  But that atleast lets me make a huge number of mios.

(so much fun)

Now lets see... oh yah the actual ghost bug... I still haven't solved it yet.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Debug bar and OMG its an Onion Bug!

First off I know a dozen people are going to bug report it but I want to say right up front that if you have debug up the hotkeys for "p"(pens) and "t"(town) are disabled... so that apples can be added to the game.  Want to use the hotkeys turn off debug.  As you can tell I keep adding crap to the the bug bar and items are now added if you can spell them right.

The last two days I have been trying to figure out why the float over text didn't recognize items held by the player.  This was an onion bug.

1) The text parser didn't parse anything but simple variables such as 1 == 1.  So added an event checker for all types of events.  Okay that should have been it right.
2) Nope the issue goes deeper seems that items are not being parsed in if they use label instead of name for the tag so a lot of item checks weren't working.  This is bad documentation on my part but is the reason chastity belts aren't working.  That's fixed.
3) Oh but we are not done yet.  You see the checks were true and always checking if exists not if doesn't exist.  That's fixed.

I'm tired of bugs.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Still bugs

google = anime + item

Anyways the missing keeping on playing jobs seems to be fixed.  Will need testing by everyone.

Working on getting float over to hide buttons correctly if items are owned it still doesn't work... not sure why now.

Thinking about adding def and sec bonuses to jobs this should fix the lock down runaway also maybe jobs adding to the house sec and def how does that sound to everyone?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skipping missing

Working on missing girls no longer firing jobs for one day.  Basically adding a hard stop if something happens to the girl so that shifts no longer continue.  Its in the game right now and on the SVN but not tested.  Another of the bugs on the list.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Eye Candy

Thanks Flash for the image.


Black Jack Back

Black jack is back.. I hadn't realized it was gone but someone bug reported it.  As you can see I updated it a bit as well.  Need a picture of a dealer though... It is now called through the event system which will allow me to write events for it pretty easy...

Yes this is what I wasted the weekend on.  Gomen.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hotkeys and Text

(This is googles second result to hot key anime.)

Well as it's probably been easy to see I have still been slacking.  But contributors have not.

Dexatq has been working on bringing the hotkeys back.  It's not perfect but beats my crashing version lots of room to get this up and running.  Thanks for the help!

Leriche Adrien has been working on more text for the angel.  Its updated and in the SVN a few less place holders is good.  Thanks for the help!

I'm almost through the Campione! novels and then will go back to stopping the slacking... maybe.