Monday, March 25, 2013

Guide - Quest Creator (popup)

So now we are on the last part the pop up that asks for the girl to turn in.  What the pop up can ask for is actually relativity limited.  I may expand it later on but right now you can only really check for number of girls, 2 stats, and 2 items or 2 effects, plus a special.  Lets take a look at it by the numbers.

Keep Items - Does the player keep the items on turn in or lose them that the girl is wearing.  Basically is the quest idiot proof.  Though if an item is required it probably should be taken for the quest to succeed.

Number of Girls - How many girls are asked for?

Checks - Stats to check.  How to check (gt - great then, lt - less then, eq - equal) the stat.  The number to check against.  Up to 2 checks can be made.

Effect or Item - Basically the pop up can only check for up to 2 effects or 2 items it can not check for both items and effects only one or the other.  Select the item or effect from the combo boxes to add.

Special - A special check that doesn't fall into the above checks must be manually added to the game at the moment.  Currently the only special check that exists in twins.  Help is provided for each special.  

The pop up may get an over hall to make it more event system based some day.

Good News!  We don't have to create any new xml files this time lets just add the xml to the quest file we already created at the start.

Added now then lets go see if it works.

And that is that.  One of the easier steps.


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