Saturday, April 30, 2011


Redcape continues to pump out the new sprites. Go check them out...

Sprite Thread

Tyrranus is moving the wiki over to the new site... But the wiki can always use any help you guys can give it.

New Wiki

Also I am asking for any help of transferring important stuff from the old msg board to the new one, if your bored please help.

Sorry no new tutorial today just not feeling it spent too much time playing with the SVN.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Explorer - Tutorial - Dungeon

Another update to the dungeon using the new FTP set up by Tyrranus:

Explorer Update

Everything in the explorer uses a Dungeon->Map->Square format when building and the reverse when actually checking for events. What this means is that if you set an item at the Dungeon level, you don't have to set it again, unless you want to. Examples include Width, Height, Enemy's, Treasure. So were going to talk about the dungeon today and go over each variable.

But first we should talk about xml. Except I am not an expert at the tags and a lot of the greater then and lesser then get eaten by the html of the blog. But here is what you need to know. So if you see ! its actually a < or a >.



Don't mess with the root commands and were done.

now were at the dungeon level

name = "blank dungeon"
startlv = "0"
background = "greenBackground.jpg"

So were talking about the top level dungeon... For updated versions of all the variables head over to /trunk/otherworld/libs/otherlib/explorer/ (just pull off the dungeon and all lower case. Or check the parser).

I'm sure I'm going to add stuff as we go a long but this is a current list.

name - identifying tag. Shows up at the top of the dungeon. Is also used to find the dungeon called for SO MUST BE UNIQUE!
startlv - The map the player starts on.
enemysafe - How many safe steps before possible encounter default 2
enemyrandom - Odds of a random enemy encounter 1 out of random default 4 or (25%)
scale - scale of the dungeon this width and height of the tiles default 38 pixels
width - the number of tiles that is right left NO DEFAULT
height - the number of tiles that is up down NO DEFAULT
background - the background image behind the dungeon MUST BE IN /background/ folder

The following can be in declared multiple times. For each time though they have to follow the xml pattern in the file.

map - the floors we'll talk about this tomorrow
loot - loot list this is the default loot for the entire dungeon. You can add as many as you want by either name or number. More variables may be added later on.

!loot type = "Simple"/! - Loot by name
!loot number = "1001"/! - Loot by number

enemy - list of enemy's for the entire dungeon. You can add as many as you want as well. Also more variables may be added later to do strength of enemies.

!enemy name = "Mugi Zombie"/!
!enemy name = "Green Skin"/!

And at the end of all this stuff we have to close the tag with a


I'm sure I will add to stuff and change it as we go along but pretty simple. Maps tomorrow.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Locking down the Forums

It's official moving the forums over to

Special thanks to Tyrranus for setting it up.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Explorer - Tutorial - Tiles

Okay so I have 2 tiles one that's a wall and one that's a walk...



Drop them in the /tile/ folder.

Now comes the hard part, well not really. Open up tileInfo.xml, you should see a list of tiles.

There are basically 3 types of tiles.

less then 0 (<0) Walls (can not be walked on) 0 (==0) an empty image (this is also the default image if something breaks down.) greater then 0 (>0)

paths (can be walked on)

Its that simple if there negative there walls if there positive they are paths.

Now lets add our two test examples.

loc is just the file name in the tile folder. You can add your own folders but they have to be in the tile folder.

info (does nothing) description of the title.

wall (does nothing for now) true or false if its a wall.

id specific number that differentiates it from all the others. If your putting in your own tile set probably best to just assign it its own starting number (ie 100 and -100).

And that's it.

Tough huh?


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Explorer - Tutorial

So now that the exploration is about done going to write up a series of tutorials on how to make your own dungeon. First off lets give a down load of the required bits. These pieces can also be found in




(assuming doc hasn't moved it again)

You do NOT need CS4 or CS5 to make your own maps just a .swf player and an xml editor. You can use notepad or any text editor but I recommend notepad++.


So you should have the following files...


First off to talk about because it does nothing is preferenceInfo.xml. This basically tells the game that your playing in Game Mode or Tester Mode. You don't have to change anything, it knows... and because your in tester mode. The little + button appears. The + button allows you to change dungeons.

tileInfo.xml allows you to add more tiles. The little blocks that make up the maps.

mapInfo.xml actually draws the maps.

explorer.swf plays the game.

/Tile/ holds all the images.

Lets do a little vocab

Tile - is the smallest piece, a square, an image pulled in from the /Tile/ directory.

Square - is a tile with an event on it.

Map - is a collection of tiles on a single layer.

Dungeon - is a collection of maps that make up an entire quest.

That seems like enough for a day,


Monday, April 25, 2011

New Sprites? New Website?

Redcape the original designer of the sprites wants to go bigger! Why? So that sex acts will be possible in battle. Cool idea but a lot of work, for the artistic department. And how can you not love the idea of seeing Yoko raped in battle...

Tyrranus has built up a website for Otherworld. Its still in the creation stage, but very interesting, go check it out at...

Rearranging the explorer screen. Joshua_D recommended that traps should be visible when sprung... they now are. Also moving and adding components to make the play area larger and to add the girls brought into the dungeon. Actually have more to talk about on the dungeon dealing with the test mode vs. play mode but need something for tomorrow.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Explorer

First off I want to say that Docclox is an evil genius. Took me about 10minutes to add the explorer.swf to the main game. This is something I tried to do for days with combat and failed miserably at...

Another look at the exploration random dungeons. This one a little smaller tiles... gives us a huge map. But still made using recursion I feel like I should go play Zelda now. Also demonstrates the new overlays.... yah probably hard to notice them, lets blow it back up.

A little easier to see overlays are objects that rest on top of the map and create features or enemies waiting for you. What I'm showing here is actually going to be really bad practice as overlays shouldn't be used on random maps. The game doesn't have collision with overlays just whats under them.

I'm sure everyone was expecting really complicated code to build them... and that's it. As you can probably tell they are scaled by tile size and placed by tiles x y. This to me makes the most sense as they are covering tiles.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

First look The Green as a dungeon

Looks a bit different from the old two colored dungeons? I'm really freaking happy with the current system now. That dungeon was created with the code in the xml file right below it. That's it and a lot of those you don't even need to be added if you don't want to the game default values them if you leave them blank. Most of the stuff also follows a pattern for looking for traps or enemies or treasure. See if it is defined in the square, see if it is defined for the map, then see if its defined for the dungeon. So you are walking along and you meet an encounter. If its a forced encounter pull the enemies marked on the square, if not see if there are any enemies marked for that map, if not use the enemies marked for the dungeon. Same with treasure. That way you can be as detailed or as lazy as you want.

Oh and I think i forgot to mention it though its pretty obvious from the example defining the tiles to use is just a list of the command tiles. How easy is that?


Friday, April 22, 2011

New Slave ~ Belldandy

Lonewolf has uploaded Belldandy and all I can say is he worked over time on her. About 130 images, great job Lonewolf!

Compared to him I had a slower but steady night working on the dungeon. Specifically getting the recursion to add the same things the xml adds so that I get consistency for event handling.

type = "exit"
x = "1"
y = "1"
next = "2"
end = "true"

So you common exit parsed in. Tells the type where to place it where it goes to and if its an end or a start (useful for placing the character... other wise they always warp to the top not a great thing). So now when the recursion creates the exit it adds the same information. Same for the treasure chests. Recursion also will now look up rather then down if you start at the end.

Also added some stuff that even if you built a recursion or pre-drawn dungeon you can change a square to your specific choice. IE if you want to add a treasure chest at point 4 4 with neko-mimi on a random dungeon, you can. If you want to add a treasure chest at 2,3 with a flash light on a pre-drawn dungeon and don't feel like figuring out which spot is 2,3 just add it as a square and walk away. Over all I'm having fun.

Traps, enemy encounters, and i'm sure a hundred other things tonight.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dungeon Stuff

Trying to get the loading of tiles to happen and complete and then changing the height and width. (You can't change the height and width before they are loaded as that results in them being turned into 0 x 0.) My original plan of a timer was just well amateurish. So with a HUGE amount of help from Docclox trying to solve this issue.

Other stuff adding even more to the xml parser for the dungeons.

type = "exit"
x = "11"
y = "9"
next = "2"

type = "treasure"
x = "3"
y = "3"
lootrand = "false"
lootNumber = "1001"
changetile = "2"

Trying to build in a system to check squares when you hit them and allow people to program the xml to allow for a lot of possible events. Sounds like fun right?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mugi and other fun

Really tempted to pre-order this statue of Mugi. The real nylons are just so sweet, and she is huge 1/4 scale. But so expensive.

Got a bit of Mugi done last night. A small bit. I was unable to find a cleanable miko version for Mugi... What no one see's her as a Miko?

Zero_Profile is back on the scene after an extended play of him vs. his computer. Should see new heads and new push up breasts soon.

Not much else to say it was a lazy day,


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mio Finished Up Finally

Finally finished up Mio, 139 images. Started up on Mugi now. While at the same time Lonewolf is finishing up another new slave, the ever popular, Belldandy, who should be in the next release. I will write up a guide to making slaves probably after this release and the debugging is done. I want to check for final problems before turning everyone loose.

Docclox has just about finished the new auction screen integration. YAY! Moving forward towards a bugged release sometime this year.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Explorer - Dungeon

A look at the xml driven dungeons...


A quick look at an xml parsed and hand written dungeon. See that long list below of numbers they all coincide with a tile. Yah its that tough. Oh and did I mention that the actual tiles are pulled in from another xml so that the builder can add there own... Thought you would like that.

Lets change one variable and make a random dungeon...

That's the difference between a created dungeon and a recursion random dungeon... one variable. What's not to like. And if you noticed the xml can change a lot more then that and I am still adding stuff. Give me another week and I think it will be truly amazing. Its in the SNV for those who want to play.


Sunday, April 17, 2011


So spent all night breaking working code and then trying to figure out how I broke it. One of those I have a working function so now lets make it a universal function rather then copying and pasting new copies to handle almost the exact same thing. 2 hours later I was back to copying and pasting. But still think I got a lot done the dungeon program has a working xml parser. Doesn't really effect everything but I'm working on that and trying to build it to allow for large range of random maps or create your own. So its going to take a while. And every time I change something I blow up the recursion. Just one of those nights.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enemy Attacks

Got the elemental system up and running to damage mods to my satisfaction. It will need some balancing but it was just math to begin with.

Then I had a bright idea. Why not let the enemies use the same attack list as the players or to be more accurate lets call it a master attack list. Which creates a huge amount of options. Basic attacks can be used by both players and enemies. Enemies can have multiple different attacks. Which is cool and that can all be xml loaded.

Lets take a look at the big picture for a second if you don't mind or the goal. Yuki wants to create a quest that includes exploration and fighting. Docclox has been working on an xml loading event and quest system so with no programming experience Yuki can create an event that leads to a dungeon. The dungeon also requires zero programming as it is all xml driven as well. At that time the dungeon enemy list, treasure list, and event controller are all added by xml. (theoretical I will probably get bored with the combat tester and move over to this in the next couple days.) And then why wandering the dungeon a random encounter and the game knows which enemies fill the dungeon, we already declared it and there difficulty.... Those enemies is specific for the dungeon can all be added by xml including there attacks the animation of the attacks. It sounds like a lot of work. But that 0 real programming. To build a huge amount of content. I think that's cool and is one of my goals.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Working on attack math

Started working on elemental attacks and magic last night. I could include a photo but pics of code are really boring. The great thing is I now have a tiny little program to work on it with, and can see the results much faster. I'm doing the elementals as forces of opposition. IE if you have a bonus defense and attack to fire (10%) then you must have a reduction of attack and defense in water (10%). I think that's a pretty simple system but fun. Do you got for the super fire character who does double damage and is immune to fire spells but can be one shotted by a water spell or do you go with a balanced character? But this takes the math and thats what I am working on now.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

A frog on a log, on the bottom of the sea

Sing along if you know the song. There is a frog on a log on the bottom of the sea. There is an array of classes on frog on a log on the bottom of the sea. There is an array of classes, in an array of classes, on a frog on a log on the bottom of the sea. There is an array of classes, in an array of classes, in an array of classes, on a frog on a log on the bottom of the sea.

But it gives a large range of motion... which can't really see with static pictures. But that sword is growing, moving, and turning at the same time. That is about the best I'm going to be able to do with my current brain. A few bugs with hiding aoes need to be fixed and then I think I'm done building an animation system. Give it a try again and of course its all xml so can be changed with no issues or added to.

Combat Tester 4

Docclox is finishing up the new auction screen to see it in action update the trunk and then run otherworld/zero_test/simple.swf. It looks so much better then the old version but still keeps and adds to the actual feel.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Numbers Game

A lazy day playing Diablo 2. No I don't know why. So for today's filler content, d/l number.

4932 4344 Media Fire
5667 3893 Mega Upload
10599 8237

Broke 10k~! At least for half the downloads. Not quite sure about the 2 thousand who didn't d/l the second file. Anyways definitely the most popular release beating the last out by about 7k. WOW! Though that may have something to do with the longer time in between releases.

Going to work on the combat tester some more tonight. Maybe a little more on actual animation then onto balancing.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Updating Mio ~ Lazy Day

And now for something completely the same, continuing to update and shift over Mio as a lazy day, I'm watching TV, and yet somehow am still working on Otherworld, thingy. Mio had a lot of scenes with just one picture... this is slowly but steadily being fixed.

Docclox is working very hard on integration. Slowly but steadily were heading towards a new release. Go distract him in the channel if your bored.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Even more changes to the Combat Tester

First off Scaling is now possible. Why wasn't it possible before, that's a little complicated. (Those not interested in programing can skip a head.) The real problem was that the width/height would be changed before the externally loaded image could load. Since there was only the option of having 1 image total trying to change the image width and height upon loading resulted in the image actually growing on the screen. Changed that to an array of images that preload and that fixes the issue for all but the first image. Add a null image and display it for a .1s and everything has loaded and we can then change the image size at will.

Another advantage of having an array is that we can have more then one image available on the screen.

An aoe example with 3 images on the screen at the same time. A casting image and the actual hit images. So many more options now available. For those who have been playing with it a new link.

New Version of Combat Tester


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Combat Tester with Tweening

I know it doesn't look that way in a static picture, but that arrow is moving. The new xml loading system is up and running and you can actually have 100 images to make an animation if you want to or 1, set speeds, basically a ton of customization. Also objects can tween across for ranged attacks. For those who want to play I have included a link.

Combat Tester with Tween


Offtopic but very good... There were two h-series I asked for people who wanted to donate to get translated. A while back Ane-Inu was translated by DesuDesu. Yay!


And now Little White Butterflies has begun releasing Angel Yard. WOOT! What more can I ask for... going to need a new list.

Angel Yard


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Combat Tester XML Variations

So still learning XML. Spent last night changing how the tags are set up thanks to a lot of help from Docclox. (See Image above). I think we can all agree that the right one is easier to read and modify. Not that they don't both work, but ease of reading has its advantages. Plus some other advantages to do with arrays. That I didn't get working last night...

So no new example to play with today.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Animation Test with download

So still working with the animation tester. And changed how animation overall works with a first image on the caster and then further images on the enemy. Which I rather like, also added the math in so you can test how much damage something does. It so far is exactly the same math as in the game... that may change with further testing as I work towards a bit more balancing. Anyways I thought I would be nice and just toss you guys a nice compiled version to download. I'm sure tomorrows version though will be different.

Attack Tester Download


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Animation Test

The combat tester now shows and tests animation. Still a few timing issues mainly do to loads happening after the image supposedly exists. Other then that it works quite well, if you use a slower animation time. Also brings in all the enemies. What does this mean?

1) New attacks can be added with animation with no programming experience.
2) New enemies can be added with no programing experience.

Marching slowly towards combat being much more. Right now its a bit dull and well boring. With everyone able to add attacks, animations, and enemies, I think we can resolve that. Plus make create your own explorations rather good, depending on how much time people put into it.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A couple cleans

Another slow day still trying to get Mio converted. Compare that to Lonewolf who has converted all of the girls that I don't maintain. I wanted to give him a big official thank you, that was a lot of work. He got all those girls changed up to the new format in the time it took me to do two.

Also since I'm doing thank you's for the week. Thanks to Docclox who is integrating his xml girl classes in as we speak and to Redcape for the great clothes.

Tomorrow should have a more advanced version of the combat tester done.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What won't I do?

The image has nothing to do with anything.

I thought I should declare this at some point and I'm out of ideas for today. So the stuff that I'm not going to put in Otherworld. It's open source so someone else can add but will never be in an official version.

1) Amputation / Guro - This one is just pointless in a slave training game plus its not really a turn on for most people including myself.
2) Gay - just not interested
3) Scat - I have no problem with enema for anal training but the second you cross the line to eating...

This list can be added as new fetishes I've never heard of show up.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Attack Tester

Working on a little program to test out attacks and attack animation. Its not even close to being done though. Should allow a nice place to model the difference in attacks and see how to get the math to work. Plus its all xml loaded so if I get it to work correctly people will be able to add there own attacks with there own animation. I hope, theoretically, we shall see.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Otherworld FAQ

Nothing to do with anything... just my hatred of Mac Users continues. Bunch of Yuppies who have no idea what they bought except that its like an Iphone so it must be cool to bad it doesn't do anything. For them having less then 5% market share, why do people keep thinking that companies will have tech support specifically for the stupid mac they just bought that doesn't run there software or external devices. Oh and setting up there e-mail client makes outlook look simple. Flash is good stupid mac people.

Rant off, offtopic off, back to normal stuff...

I have been working on a FAQ for a while for *cough* interesting *cough* questions, for a little while. But trying to answer FAQs that you write that you write yourself doesn't help much so how going to open it up and maybe I will answer your question. If I ignore your question, their is a reason.


Why does everyone speak the same language?

Translator Microbes. (See Farscape) Everyone is still speaking there original language but they hear everyone's response in there native language.

What language do Spherians Speak?


What language do humans speak?


How much does the average person make about a day?

5 - 10gp

How much does an average meal cost?

1-2gp Food is always a key resources more then money, for some who just trade and work for food.

Do most people own ?

Not really mainly if you make 5gp you can build up enough money to purchase one but then after feeding them your back to broke.

Well what about housing then?

Go carve out your own home from the green is free as long as its not claimed (most people build conclaves for protection). City housing, you either carved your own spot out already a while ago and held onto it or payed a pretty penny for it. It's definitely in this aspect where strength, skill, and insanity are the keys.

So housing, food... that leaves water right?

it rains everyday, and I mean everyday for about 15 minutes at around 2am. Plus there are lots of "natural" springs everywhere, almost as if they were set up to water a large garden.

Oh forgot clothing...

There are some risky farmers trying to grow plant fibers to wear, but with food just barely being in surplus cash crops are looked a little down on (but still make good money.) Animal skins from the pit and the green are common. As well as what ever is pulled out of the pit.

So where does the Gold for GP come from, there isn't any heavy metal, and there can't be enough gold coming through the pit?

Quiet you. Logic is not allowed.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nothing Really

Nothing really today just a demo of blackjack game for the casino. Which is probably one of the dullest things I will ever post but I got nothing better.

Black Jack


Nana to Kaoru OAV is out. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I'm still going to give the link.


Friday, April 1, 2011


Last night I started experimenting with some code for a black jack card game. Sort of reminds me of college doing stupid games and trying to build stuff outside the comfort area. But I now get the package classes and built my own external loader. Something Docclox has been doing for the past few weeks and I had to play with myself. Also showed me I need to do some major rewriting to combat, now that I get how to do classes correctly. No images, and i'm sure most of you are bored with this already. So lets pull out something from the vault. For April Fools how about just a wall of text.



On the exterior of "Safety Valve" is a mass transit system designed to move people and goods quickly. Stress exterior, it is actually on the outside of the sphere, one of the reasons it was not damaged by the P-Door opening. It is currently offline do to the green which has spread filling it up and making it impossible for the maintenance bots to keep up. When online or even if sections of it are online it would allow for rapid transportation to all the primary maintenance locations on Safety Valve. As well as access to the other subterranean research complexes and housing.


The non-sentient AI of "Safety Valve". In charge of maintenance of Safety Valve. Her main processors are held next to the fusion reactor (sun), one of the few places that the green has not reached. She communicates wireless to the distant parts monitoring and adjusting the life support. The green though has severely limited this ability. (The green being created for combat, has a tendency to jam wireless communications.) She can contact main installations but is unable to contact her bots, most of which have gone into hibernation mode or have been eaten by the green.

Valve-chan is unsure exactly what is happening. Not designed to think outside of the box. She knows there has been an accident (the p-door), she knows that she has lost communication with most of her bots. She is waiting for directions as to what to do next.

Like most Spherian technology Valve-chan is designed to be used by Spherians and only by Spherians. (Why even with super tech lying around in some places most of it is in-operable). Spherians design all there technology so it can not be used by other "barbarians." That includes its spheres. If she felt the "Safety Valve" had been overrun by non-spherian "barbarians" she would cleanse the sphere.

The Spherian Embassy is not in direct contact with Valve-chan. They consider a non-sentient AI to be just a part of daily life and don't really see any need to say hi to a dumb computer.

AI Notes:

Spherian AI's are in two classes.

Sentient AI's which are considered spherian Citizens with all the rights of citizens and are ruled by the AI Council an off shoot of the Spherian Council, that work together. The AI Council makes the determination if a an AI is sentient. This doesn't mean that sentient AI's are used to control major ships and colonies. It is seen as a great honor for a AI to be chosen to run a war ship or a habitation module, disrespecting a sentient AI is the same usually as disrespecting your home, something that is never done, as a mad AI can make your life very unpleasant with out killing you.

Non-Sentient AIs the dumb back bone of Spherian society that handles all the little tasks that no one wants to think about. They are not acknowledged by the AI council as brethren and are created by anyone who wants a semi-smart computer program, that is usually both physically and code wise restricted from becoming self aware. A non-sentient AI becoming aware is not a crime but at that point it becomes a citizen and well its not likely that the new sentient AI will want to run your toaster oven.