Monday, January 31, 2011

Post Release

I seem to always screw up a release. Even after fixing the worksafe and easy load issue, I forgot to turn the tutorial back on... oh well it makes debugging easier on average.

So lots of interesting bugs please keep them coming. I'm basically claiming the next two days as lazy days. And then will start tearing through them on Wednesday. Hopefully will have a debugged version out for the weekend... We shall see how many bugs you guys find.

Balancing is something I am really concerned with, and for me probably the hardest part to get right, as I don't PLAY Otherworld as a gamer, I play it as a designer. So if an item is too powerful, too weak, too expensive, too cheap. Please note it up on the balancing board.

I'm also wanting to know if the new sickness is too punishing or not punishing enough and if any job is overpowering the game or making too much money. I don't normally play long games that would show these issues so you guys feedback is very important.

Have had a few requests for a different upload. Very few requests though and I'm unsure if this is an issue with the files or with people un-familiar with multiple files rar. If you don't have winrar please go download it first.

Download WinRar

Also I have re-uploaded the files. THERE IS NO CHANGE IN THESE FILES!!!! They just have a slightly different compression ratio.

MF 1

MF 2


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sorry, I seem to always mess something up every time I try to do a release. Here is a version not stuck in worksafe and loading all the girls not my fast loader with only safe girls that I use at work.

MU 1

MU 2

MF 1
MF 2

Sorry again,


February Bugged "V"

I was bored with adding content so here is the release a day early.

Whats New:

Tasks, Furniture, Re-Vamped Assistants

As always I ask that bugged releases not be spread around on the net. Please post bugs on the forum not in the blog, thank you.

Bug Reports

I'm going to bed,


Saturday, January 29, 2011

More random stuff

Well read up to current on Nurarihyon no Mago. So now I've fallen in love with this girl. I do like 'em crazy.

Fixed the text issue it was a problem with my code. Implemented three jobs that I thought I did a month ago and hadn't. Updated some Items, yes there will be a few new items not many. Began re-writing the quest screen as an instance, as the last part of the Waitress' quest. Just didn't want to add to code that I was going to throw away anyways. Will get that done tonight and then see about adding another quest or two. By my count just two days to go. Trying to just add content and see problems before they happen.

Have a great day,


Friday, January 28, 2011

Text done I wish

Adding all the text is done unfortunately the game still has some bugs surrounding it that I need to figure out. As far as I can tell randomly, nothing is ever random, text is pushed that is a null. So much fun.

Also upgraded Lace and Mews quest reward. Began another quest with the waitress who is named... I forgot, she will also have a nice quest reward.

Three days to go and going to spend as much of that time as I can adding quests and other content. We shall see how that works.

Have a good day,


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adding Text

Added text last night to the assistants. Think I have a pretty good handle now on Docclox's engine and just need to add the text. Which you think would be a fast job... it never is. And its particularly slow when you have multiples of the same job since they all have to be merged together. Just slow.. and boring, god awfully boring. Especially when the only internet channel currently unblocked by my company is Last night was Nightly Business Report, PBS News Hour, Frontline - Something about soldiers returning to the US, American Experience:Panama Canal, American Experience: Grand Central Station. I'm about PBSed out. And yes, I just felt like complaining.

Another night of text adding and hopefully will be done.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Few More Images...

Nice lazy day added a few images and that's it. Once all the assistant text is in place will be able to release though going to hold off until the first and keep adding content. Just five more days.

asNeko.neko1Lesbian.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Lesbian.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Lesbian.visible = false;
asNeko.neko4Lesbian.visible = false;
asNeko.neko5Lesbian.visible = false;
asNeko.nekoFrontImage.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Futanari.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Futanari.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Futanari.visible = false;
asNeko.neko4Futanari.visible = false;
asNeko.neko5Futanari.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Rest.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Rest.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Rest.visible = false;
asNeko.neko4Rest.visible = false;
asNeko.neko5Rest.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Combat.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Combat.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Combat.visible = false;
asNeko.neko4Combat.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Religion.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Religion.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Religion.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Artistic.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Artistic.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Artistic.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Money.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Money.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Money.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1HouseHold.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2HouseHold.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3HouseHold.visible = false;
asNeko.neko4HouseHold.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1Dehumanization.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2Dehumanization.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3Dehumanization.visible = false;
asNeko.neko4Dehumanization.visible = false;
asNeko.neko1BasicTraining.visible = false;
asNeko.neko2BasicTraining.visible = false;
asNeko.neko3BasicTraining.visible = false;

Have a good day,


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adding a few images...

Basically a lazy day just added a few images:

asFairy.fairy1Religion.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Religion.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy6Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy7Lesbian.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2BasicTraining.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy6Dehumanization.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Futanari.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5Rest.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Religion.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4HouseHold.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy5HouseHold.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Money.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Money.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Rest.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Rest.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Rest.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Dehumanizing.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Lesbian.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Lesbian.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Futanari.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Futanari.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Futanari.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1HouseHold.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2HouseHold.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3HouseHold.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Religion.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Artistic.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Artistic.visible = false;

Just the Neko to go.


Since I don't have much for you today, just thought I would point out that Fenoxo has decided to go to the game updating blog format as well. For those of you who don't know he is the guy who makes the rather fun "Another Hyper Text Transformation Game" which is now know as "Corruption of Champions." Worth checking out:


Monday, January 24, 2011

Text Adding

My new Love, any girl who looks that good covered in blood, is a goddess well in her case a fox.

Worked on adding text and that was about it last night. I didn't really push that hard, you know one of those nights you just don't feel it. Tonight should be a lazy night but I have about 30 assistant images all ready to be added and that should do me.


The discussion on housing continues, the card idea seems to be winning as far as I can tell. Go ahead and share your opinions.

Talk here.


Also next month will be character screen, something I have put off forever, there has already been a lot of discussion on some of the views for the character screen, and some excellent mock ups by Flagnine1. But still no front screen view, so post your ideas:

Character Screen

Have a good one,


Sunday, January 23, 2011

x-mas bugging done, cards, assistant text update

First off Redcape has shown expanded on the cards with his own layering version, a bit better then mine. I'm definitely thinking that the cards are the way to go but how there layered out on the screen might be a bit different. Keep the discussion going.



A quick note about the assistant's text I've added a few new events that weren't in my original plan. Milking a few days ago and now BJs if the girl is wearing a chastity belt while trying to make money. There updated on the list, I also want to thank docclox who has been working hard on a better format for accessing this text. Also I want to thank everyone who has submitted text. Go check it out here:

Assistant Text


x-mas bugs are done, yay!

bug - girls are losing their virginity even though they're wearing a Chastity Belt. - fixed at removeEffect()- would really like to know though where it is taking place so I can fix it there. - thanks to mr. anomonus when a girl is out making money and has a chastity belt on she can only use her mouth
divided the into 4 seperate .as they were getting to long to keep together
bug - After combat, the girls lose everything they're wearing. - hmm yes it is but only for one of the two girls - nope take it back its both the girls brough into combat - ah its the class change after combat that is stripping the girl - ah the combat girls were being sent in but it was asking for whatGirl - fixed
bug - When a girl has both classes filled, and you are prompted to give her new classes, or pass, the game locks up, and you're unable to click anything. - hmm When I messed with another portion of this it appears fixed now unfortunatly the replacement text is now being put on two spots... -
bug - nevermind okay this is crashing as well appears to be an item is being placed and then crashing the game - okay this occurs after eating a lotus blossom and then passing - SOAB okay the passed skill wasn't an array it was just a null, what the hell was I thinking - added arrays to every girl - fixed
bug - lotus blossom text was too long - fixed
bug - the text box is a bit to big - fixed
bug - Sakura: She can't be given a maid uniform either (posted about plugsuit earlier) - Sakura has been updated before this and fixed
reported - If a girl starts with cow girl when purchased, she seems to automatically lose lactating the next day even when using multiple gems - girl start as cow girls?!?.. they shouldn't be - and of course they would lose the class girls who stop lactating stop being cow girls... - I don't see how a girl can be purchased as a cowgirl double checked the code doesn't look possible - More Information needed
reported - After 3-5 rounds in the arena, I put my mouse over the various help boxes on the character selection screen. (I'm not sure if it was the amount of arena rounds or the mouseover which did it) But afterwards, I couldn't fight again on the same save because it said "Please do not use items on this arena" or something among those lines, even after I exited arena and passed the day. - interesting thats the text for the walkthrough - think this might be an issue with saving and has been resolved I double checked the variables and it should be fine - added another place at the end of combat where the variable is set to true again will hopefully fix the issue - unable to reproduce
reported - Tatoo: Whenever I give a girl a tatoo (dragon for example) the tatoo is given to the girl, but also added to my inventory (icon identical to the one placed on the girl). -unable to reproduce
bug - If I 6 girls, and go to arena, I can't select the 6th girl. I can only select any of the first 5 girls. I also see a "I screwed up" message when I hover over the 6th girl.I can't select girls from column 2 (middle column) and column 3 (far right column). *Confused* This got fixed by restarted otherworld, I'll keep an look out if it comes up again though - another reusing the same label disaster that will be fixed as more and more of the game goes to instanced version then recycled version of labels. - fixed
bug - 1. if i place nipple rings on a girl in the forge i cant put normal ear rings on her after i have to remove the nipple rings put the ear rings on than replace the nipple rings (the costs a bit of money but i had alot at the time) - same bug different report - I am unable to equip earrings or clit ring after equipping nipple rings. They can not be picked up and drug over nor can they be double clicked on. If I remove the nipple rings I can drag them to the right spot. Also if I equip amethyst earrings on the nipples then I can equip other earrings and the diamond earring in the nipple spot, It is just while I equip the nipple rings. It doesn't matter if I equip just 1 or 2. This happens with Every slave I have tried it with.- fixed sort of click placement now works - drag and drop not so much - really I need to spend a month or two redoing items - but not now
bug - If I buy 3 girls of the same arch type with icons A B and C in that order, and sell icon A and/or B, then buy 2 more of the same arch type again, the first girl I buy will have icon A and when I buy the second girl she will be given icon A and the previous girl will lose her's. Every time I buy a girl of that arch type the girl I bought previously will also lose her icon. If i sell icon C however, everything goes back to normal. - confirmed - added sorting algorithm - fixed


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Da Bugs, Da Bugs!

Before we get to the bugs, I wanted to point out that Redcape had expanded on his card idea. Which I'm finding more and more interesting as we go along. I wanted to just mention that I keep planning it out in my mind how to do the cards and its a bit of a layering nightmare. Best if I just point out the layers.

top <--- Transparent layer invisible. This layer is to make sure that everything is even at the top and can be dragged from anywhere. Why? Because otherwise I have to add listeners to everything and the drag and drop keeps getting moved by the pieces.

Middle Top <-- Icons and Names.

Middle <-- Colored Transparency. Want these below the Icons so there not changing colors.

Middle Bottom <-- The Girl. Heres where it gets to the pain in the ass. If the girl pic is still in the girl file and not the otherworld file I can't changed the index point of the girl, damn I wish I could and I'm pretty sure there is a way but I can't figure it out and that's the rub. Because it has to be right at this point. The instancing of the rooms is slowly narrowing this range and making it easier, but that's still a long way off before I will have the girls index set to a specific range and adding more girls will change that range...

Bottom <-- The actual card.

I still think its doable but I just wanted to point out it is a serious huge epic undertaking. But they look really professional. As always I want to keep up the discussion on new main room designs.


Going to duplicate this post onto that forum too just to be on the same point.

Now on to bugs.... Didn't get all the x-mas bugs killed but got it started.

bug - Another error, Lace & Mew's Cat Maid doesn't seem to be able to be turned in. - confirmed - moved the popup to its own .as - its registered as being good but not giving add - fixed - issue with if there is no special quest items for the pop up would always return false
bug - having no girls will crash the girl pop up - fixed
bug - having no girls says "Hello" on the girl pop up - fixed
bug - Sakura can't wear Plugsuit, the screen goes completely blank. Might be because there aren't any pictures for it. - fixed
bug - Prime Sakuras and Yoruichis get a "I screwed up" text for their classes - maid was renumber and these were using the old numbering - fixed
reported - In combat, any clothes the girls are wearing are of centered. - Works for me was it a specific outfit or girl?
***lots of bugs about saving - should be resolved****
bug - The description on cow girl starts with "Musician. The slave's [...]" - fixed
bug - It seems that the health % goes underneath the upper bar (the brown one with the money/etc) when a girl is using an assistant so it becomes unreadable. - fixed its been lowered
Interface - When given the choice to replace a class, it seems that the buttons to choose wether to remove a class or ignore the new one are too close together. It might be nicer to space them out a bit. (this is true for all events seen on jobs) - widened these a bit I hope it helps
bug - On the arena, it isn't possible to receive the items. Dragging and dropping them on top of the inventory will not do anything. On the other hand, I seem to randomly receive an apple every few rounds. - fixed
balancing - How many girls do you have cleaning a a time, per day? Having girls being a whore makes the house very messy, so it requires multiples girls cleaning over a long period of time. - cleaning is much more effective - shouldn't have to have more then 1 girl cleaning a day for 2 shifts or so for an expert maid. If it is still bad please report on balancing. Also assistant housework ability cleans EVERY room
bug - oops only maids in the first slot were getting cleaning bonuses for cleaning... - fixed
reported - The "I screwed up" msg is very common the higher the price you bid for the girl is. I almost always get it for prime girls. - Where? Thats a float over text so what spot is giving the message...
bug - the top row of the girls equipment (in this case collar and brand) periodically disappear. Removing and/or equipping items seems to restore them a majority of the time. - changed all of these to an instanced array and moved them close to the bottom. Seemed to fix the issue. - had to update the gametext for mouse over
bug - girls are losing their virginity even though they're wearing a Chastity Belt. - fixed at removeEffect()- would really like to know though where it is taking place so I can fix it there.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to the light at the end...

Finally got the assistant AI working, at least as far as I can tell. Still need to add a lot of images, and text, but the writers have not let me down there. Thanks to edthere, docclox, spicypanda, and kitelse. But there is still room for much more and the more text the more interesting the story. So if you got a writers bone in your body please help out. Or if you just want to read the great blurbs so far and want to comment go visit the thread.

Assistant Text Thread

Actually got to start adding content last night. My goal for the next two weeks is content, content, assistant images, content, assistant text, content, sex text from the writers, content, debugging, and content.

If you want to know the difference in my mind between content and core go check out the:

To Do List


Now we get to the fun stuff. Redcape has suggested a completely different version of the house screen. With a lot of really interesting ideas. The card idea especially is really interesting. My mind keeps trying to figure out how to do it but first more discussion is needed.

Go ahead and post your thoughts and comments on the forum.

Housing Discussion

Keep up the great ideas, I have a feeling its going to be a combination of good ideas that will make the final main screen.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Writers Wanted

Assistant's need love too. Its not all generic lines of "Assistant trains slaves in boredom." They want there own lines, with a bit of personality. Now if only some of our great writers would go out there and make them. As part of my goal that text is just as important as pics, if actually not more important. A picture is just a picture, a story though really adds to the ambiance.

Assistant's Job Writers Wanted

Flagnine has also started a thread for tentacle attack stories. Worth checking out and it fits with today's theme.

Tentacle Writers Wanted


Continuing working on the assistant's AI tonight. I think most people will love or hate it. Still going with my goal of you are NOT the assistant.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Actual Lazy Day

An actual lazy day.

Will continue work on the AI for the assistants tonight. Random number generator with if statement isn't really an AI.

So since I got nothing for you today, thought I would just recommend some porn reading.


Have fun,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lazy Day...

A boring lazy day just added a few images to the assistants for there jobs. Ignore the .visible = false; I'm too lazy to take off.

asAngel.angel1LesbianSex.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2LesbianSex.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1Combat.visible = false;
asAngel.angel2Combat.visible = false;
asAngel.angel3Combat.visible = false;
asAngel.angel4Combat.visible = false;
asAngel.angel5Combat.visible = false;
asAngel.angel1BasicTraining.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1LesbianSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia2LesbianSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia3LesbianSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia4LesbianSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1FutanariSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia2FutanariSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia3FutanariSex.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1Religion.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1BasicTraining.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia2BasicTraining.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1Combat.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia2Combat.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia3Combat.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1HouseHold.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1Money.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1Dehumanization.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1Rest.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia5Lesbian.visible = false;
asLamia.lamia1Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairyFuckSlave.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1BasicTraining.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Combat.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Combat.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3Combat.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy4Combat.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1Artistic.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy1HouseHold.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy2HouseHold.visible = false;
asFairy.fairy3HouseHold.visible = false;

Have a good lazy day,


Monday, January 17, 2011

Just more assistant stuff

Miko in a plug suit.

Another day of tweaking:

Milking effect checks now happen at the END of night shift.
Sleeping is now a bit more effective.
Assistants have float over text.
Assistants can now be bribed.
Assistants now become unhappy if ignored.

And that was a night. Still got to play with the Assistant AI to do but its a lazy day instead going to probably play with images if I feel like it.

I am thinking of doing a tentacle slipped into the rooms sequence, not kidnap, if anyone is interested in writing it up please go post in the writers wanted section will be most likely though in the next update not February.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Assistant Screen again and again

No change in the actual assistant screen today so, enjoy Mugi in a bunny girl suit.

Saving and loading again ate too much time. But the new assistant arrays are now saved and loaded correctly... I hate saving and loading. Did some collision for items that wasn't working correctly on the assistant screen and that was the entire night. Still got mouse over text to do and then off to actually working on the AI portion. That's probably a night, if there is any time left finally will start adding content I got all of the farmer written out and need to add.


Redcape has added this idea to the house debate and I love it I just don't know if its doable. It just seems that everything would be too small. Anyways still taking comments, suggestions, and ideas for a new house design.

Housing Discussion

That's it for today,


Saturday, January 15, 2011

More of the assistant screen...

Getting there, definitely getting there. Items add and subtract points, though I don't recommend removing items too often, it may decrease loyalty. That was about all I got up and running last night. Yah, it may not seem like much but had to add an array for the items, instance item creation, stat smoothing, more variables to the assistants to allow for items and then a total variable. Just lots of little busy work.

Tonight mouse over text, saving and loading of the two new arrays (items and training) and a bribery system. That actually sounds like a full night.


I wanted to give a big thanks to both Flagnine1 and Redcape. With out these two helping out with the art, the game would still be full of ugly brown buttons. Thats about all I got to say on that, thanks.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Assistant Screen, House Designs

Angel showing Items

Neko showing Tasks

Lamia on guard duty (no furniture)

Fairy showing tasks again

Now is the the time to mention anything else you would like to see on the assistant screen before I wrap them up.

Tonight is actually connecting the items and creating the item arrays for the assistants. Like the furniture its going to be an array of integers rather objects and instanced when needed. Will slowly go towards that as the standard but I just don't want to re-do all of the items again to that standard.

A last thought would you guys like a list of events that occur with the assistant. Basically press one button and you would get a large text box showing events and when they happened. Would be just a long string that keeps getting added too. If it works well might add to slaves as well. Is this a good idea? I want opinions.


Another house design suggestion by Krezar. I actually think this idea has a lot of promise, it needs love but it still allows a lot to be seen in a nice GUI that would be easier for newbies to understand. I think everyone agrees that its more of a rough draft then a finished product though.

I won't have time to implement any of these ideas before February, and they are still in the very early phase. Go discuss, suggest, comment...

Blog Comments


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Assistant Screen Day 2, Image Upload

So continuing the assistant screen update. I'm hoping everything seems pretty straight forward here. The check boxes allow for a lot more variation to the assistant training. Already set up the arrays for them and they work, quite nicely and easily, since there are less then 10 of them the .sort() command actually works. Tonight Items and a general rebuilding as I want to add some more stuff to the left hand side. It will look different tomorrow.


I was asked to upload all the images in Otherworld, and unfortunately I know I have lost some along the way, here is the majority of them, in one little .zip.

Otherworld Images


Last but definitely not least another house suggestion by Krezar. While it needs a bit of love the general lay out idea isn't bad. Please give it a discussion on the boards. I'm really thinking that the housing discussion is something that we are not going to finish before February update and that the game will probably retain the current look do more to time constraints and the fact that these ideas need more polishing.

Housing Discussion

That's about all I got to say today,


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Updating the Princess

Another day of just updating my girls:

Princess Cow

Princess Bunny Girl

Princess Miko (no idea why she is drunk)

For those of you new to the blog and wondering what girls I update:


That's a lot to keep updated to tell you the truth. But what the hell. I still need to start work on the last of the princess' a pink haired idol on the loli line. Something to think about not to do.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Girl Template Update

Went a little crazy updating Mio for the next release.

Cowgirl example requiring kit:

Same outfit with different Nymphomania example:

Spent way to much time cleaning and adding new stuff. But for the girl creators the template is updated. Updated version small mistake on my part -5:30pm 1/11/11

Template Girl

Other then that didn't get anything done. Oh well,


Monday, January 10, 2011

Assistant Screen Revamp

Hmm... yah that actually took a rather lazy night. Combat will be in the next frame. Assistant pic in the middle and then tabs for items or jobs on the right I think. Still working it out in my mind. You will notice that assistants now have preference this is to help out their AI (does rolling random numbers count as an AI?). Getting rid of the radio button system and going to a check box system to allow for you to chose multiple trainings as an option.

Some of the new check boxes in my mind:

Assistant's Choice

Going to try to keep it expandable.

Lazy day but going to try to update Mio and add more images to the assistants.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tasks Done, Framework for new Classes, Assistant Screen Revamp

Tasks fell so easily, I'm a little shocked. But besides some testing and probably fixing everything a few times it is working. (Didn't really want to test the milking tasks at work for some reason.) Looks the exact same as the pic from yesterday so no real reason to post the same pic over and over.

Began playing with adding 3 new classes. Just out of curiosity what class do you think should be up and running already? For the artists out there I can really use class Icons for both new and old classes and get rid of those nasty "?" marks.

Request - Images

Began reformatting the assistant screen... which was more in a place holder status then any real version and ugly. Also want to add the option to add items and changing how assistant works by quite a bit.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Look Tasks

A first look at tasks. There are actually two types of tasks that I'm trying to make, one a bundling task, if you have enough of an item there bundled together and you get a quest reward, cash. The other is a long term goal that takes a while to accomplish. I actually am working on status bars for it as well on the long term ones. Actually its going a lot easier then I thought it would, might be able to wrap up tasks this week.

After some great discussions, I'm going with my original definition of loli at least in my mind of pre-menstrual, no breasts. Or if most people think a girl is loli then she is loli.

A bunch of continued discussion on both loli and the proposed new house on the board go check it out. As always I recommend discussion on the board over the blog as blog comments keep getting pushed down every day.


I'm going for a real release at the end of the month and a debugged by the middle of February. That should give me plenty of time to add a bunch of content. Going to add a bunch of new scenes for our writers for quests. Especially the new sex based ones. If you want to try writing them and saving us all from my odd version of English go for it.
Writers Wanted

Have a good weekend,


Friday, January 7, 2011

Lots of interesting stuff.

So Charter was down again... and that's why the late post. Add to that my IT department was at work all night so I didn't get much done at work. Finally though think I'm done with furniture and started working on tasks. But that doesn't mean we don't have some interesting stuff going on.

First off Two new girls this week are working there way to up and running. Flagnine1 has been working on getting Nanoha up. Lonewolf has updated Sakura and Yoruichi and created Askua. Just out of curiosity is a 14 year old a loli? I would have pics but running out of time today so pardon me.

Last Scout has offered this rather excellent idea for modifying the main screen. The idea of an actual expanding house with pictures. This is a great idea that makes sense and allows for GUI that is easy to understand. I'm curious what you guys think.

And its almost time for work... so I'm out good luck to all of you.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bunch of Nothing...

Yay the carpenter screen is now instanced... can you tell the difference? Didn't think so, but the large backgrounds are no longer made at start up, which is a small victory.

Furniture screen got the collision up for the drag and drop that I should have done earlier. Furniture now displays on character and assistants screens... though to tell you the truth they be turning ugly and need a formatting change. Not that they looked that great to begin with. Player screen is actually even worse.

Furniture saving and loading tonight, as well as rooms that you don't own shouldn't appear on the furniture screen. After that tasks!


No new suggestions for a main screen redesign. What I would really like to see is a new type of hoop for the girls and assistants maybe a braid, rather then the black squares. Anyways if you have a brilliant idea please submit it.

Submit your idea.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Lazy Day

The gentlemen's club, with it's representative Battler (who probably will have to be cleaned again.)

The little time cafe now with a waitress.

The Futanari Palace, with its unnamed representative. Ready to take over the world.

Another lazy day where I added more people and places. Not really that thrilling but I want to spend at least a week sooner or later adding new quests as soon as I get tasks up and running.

I want to thank docclox, compuscribe, and zenzou. Between them I think they have helped fix the save and load issues. Added to credits oh and updated all the credits to add new debuggers and wiki. If you should be in the credits and are not. Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment and I will fix the issue.

Will work on instancing the carpentry screen tonight. Why, the carpentry screen? It has radio buttons... which I want to die that is over 100 instances by them selves. Add that if I get the room pictures instanced that is 7(?) room backgrounds that can all be removed from start up. Expect radio button screens to be the priority for the instancing project until there gone. If there is time left there is a collision bug with furniture that I need to fix, saving and loading of furniture, displaying furniture in assistant and master bedroom, and finally furniture abilities. I think that is enough for one night.... probably more like 2 or 3.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Lazy Day... of Cleaning...

Zange of the Church of Eternal Salvation

The guild leader Virgilia who had for so long been unnamed guild leader.

One of the representatives of the Spherian Embassy, Miu

Unnamed representative of the farmer guild.

Unnamed representative of the Inari Shrine.

A nice lazy day but somehow I ended up doing cleanings. Lots and lots of cleanings, enjoy.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Call for Help

First off sorting is now working again... I think and furniture screen is done. Will need to actually work on the furniture items and there effects but that is a different issue. Oh and the landers are working now, they will be come a standard for drag and drop from now on.


Call For Help

Main Screen Redesign

Going to have to change the main screen anyways as it no longer fits. There were a lot of good suggestions some of them I plan on stealing for the new design but not going to play with it for a week or so. If you want to submit your own design or suggestions, please go and post on the board.

Items to be added:

-Landers for the drag and drop over rooms
-Girls will hide when dragged over to fix the bug of some girls being on top of others
-Rooms not owned will NOT be shown, make it a little more user friendly
-Would like to do assistant AI icons so you know what the assistant is doing is visible at a glance
-moving everything so they fit with the task bar

Items that will need to be remembered but won't be added this update
-Assistant + Trainer

Game Content Thread

Saving and Loading

I admit it I am stumped on the saving and loading bugs. So I'm calling for help if you have any ideas, especially code, please post them. I really don't know where to go from here its just seems to be eluding me and is becoming more and more spaghetti code.

New open source is up and to the left.

Saving and Loading Help

Image Requests

Still need help for new icons for jobs and class skills. Also depending on how the main screen redesign goes may need icons for assistant AI jobs. And expect even more requests in the next few days for items as I try to get the task and faction systems up.

Image Request Thread

I want to do a bugged and wip release this month. Your help speeds that up, and I can always use it.