Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adding Text

Added text last night to the assistants. Think I have a pretty good handle now on Docclox's engine and just need to add the text. Which you think would be a fast job... it never is. And its particularly slow when you have multiples of the same job since they all have to be merged together. Just slow.. and boring, god awfully boring. Especially when the only internet channel currently unblocked by my company is Last night was Nightly Business Report, PBS News Hour, Frontline - Something about soldiers returning to the US, American Experience:Panama Canal, American Experience: Grand Central Station. I'm about PBSed out. And yes, I just felt like complaining.

Another night of text adding and hopefully will be done.



  1. Its your blog, rant away.

    Rather than shite internet tv, try internet radio. Try TotalBiker.FM from the UK. better than PBS Nightly business report.

  2. Where is that picture from? I find it very alluring.

  3. "Kitelse said...

    That's Hagoromo-Gitsune from Nurarihyon no Mago.[...]"

  4. Thank you very much

  5. Maybe a game to add the ability "Lots of Jizz"(for Dickgirls), as in Fenoxo's Games?