Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tasks Done, Framework for new Classes, Assistant Screen Revamp

Tasks fell so easily, I'm a little shocked. But besides some testing and probably fixing everything a few times it is working. (Didn't really want to test the milking tasks at work for some reason.) Looks the exact same as the pic from yesterday so no real reason to post the same pic over and over.

Began playing with adding 3 new classes. Just out of curiosity what class do you think should be up and running already? For the artists out there I can really use class Icons for both new and old classes and get rid of those nasty "?" marks.

Request - Images

Began reformatting the assistant screen... which was more in a place holder status then any real version and ugly. Also want to add the option to add items and changing how assistant works by quite a bit.


1 comment:

  1. would like to see mage or alchemist, and a tier 2 for maid and whore. also ponygirl would be nice then we can start the races.