Thursday, January 13, 2011

Assistant Screen Day 2, Image Upload

So continuing the assistant screen update. I'm hoping everything seems pretty straight forward here. The check boxes allow for a lot more variation to the assistant training. Already set up the arrays for them and they work, quite nicely and easily, since there are less then 10 of them the .sort() command actually works. Tonight Items and a general rebuilding as I want to add some more stuff to the left hand side. It will look different tomorrow.


I was asked to upload all the images in Otherworld, and unfortunately I know I have lost some along the way, here is the majority of them, in one little .zip.

Otherworld Images


Last but definitely not least another house suggestion by Krezar. While it needs a bit of love the general lay out idea isn't bad. Please give it a discussion on the boards. I'm really thinking that the housing discussion is something that we are not going to finish before February update and that the game will probably retain the current look do more to time constraints and the fact that these ideas need more polishing.

Housing Discussion

That's about all I got to say today,



  1. One thing I would like to have is a recap of girl tasks for the day in the girl screen

  2. Work continues...
    We all waiting for beta-realease...
    So many things, i want to try...