Sunday, October 31, 2010

November delayed... Pop up finished

First off I start vacation today and am delaying November release until... well it has stuff. I would much rather spend vacation time adding new content as well compared to debugging which is best done at work. So Novemeber won't be released for at least another 7 days. My apologies but right now all there would be is the new items and thats just not much of a release.

That being said I think the quest pop up is finished, lets look at the power of quest turn ins.

Bubba would like a slave naked, but for a collar. Lets make sure that she is both a nympho and a sex expert as well.

Lacey needs new staff for the Cat's paw. Only maid cat girls need apply.

The realtor is having trouble convincing a client to purchase a house, if only she could sweeten the deal with a pair of virgin twins.

So multiple girls can be checked, multiple items can be checked or effects. Multiple stats can be checked and if none of the apply a special slot can be added to be checked.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Even more off topic

So I finally broke down and for 6 months of working on otherworld bought myself a toy.

Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: Nanoha Takamachi 1/7 Scale Figure

After taking me 30minutes how to figure out to get it out of the package. It definitly surprised me at the detail. They always do. Rising heart in rifle mode is cool beyond beleif and the wings on the feet she floats a good 3 inches off the ground. Anyways... Very very cool and she looks nice next to Menace weilding Setra. Though in a 1 on 1 battle my money would be on Nanoha.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Off topic distractions

Mugi in a formal gown.

November script is released for all those with better english then I, please help the english to make sense it is a confusen me you know? In all seriousness thanks to everyone for the editing.

Redcape has updated Ranka, will be in the november release.



Exks has translated another Nana To Kaoru, get it from his site. Yes I know the pic has Nana as a cat girl, but is just a teaser... *sob*.

Possible LA version of Nana to Kaoru?!?!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing but cleanings

Mugi in a china dress.

Princess in a china dress.

So anyways another day of nothing do to work/training/hell. So will toss you two images for the price of one day. What a bargain and for only the price of your soul.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work sucks and then you die.

Mio in a china dress. One of the hardest cleans I have done and not sure how it is has worked out to tell you the truth.

Nothing else done today do to work. Sorry.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another lazy day of puttering with stuff.

Orihime in a plug suit. Another great creation by Redcape. He has also updated Horo, Mikuru, and Haruhi.

Also as a side note I am updating girl default items and effects. The actual code is really simple for game designers:


girlDefaultItem:10065,//free item a girl gets when created and can't be removed by trainer.
//for list go to item number (first number in array) Not Implemented yet...
//add 10000 to item number if it is only given to a prime otherwise just the normal number.
//add 10000 to effect number if it is only given to a prime otherwise just the normal number.

Still not implemented but working that wasy slowly. I also can't decide if the items are locked or not when you pul the girls. Any thought on this?


Completely unconnected Cmacleod42 has updated slavemaker with cat girls I still haven't had a chance to pull Menace and see if that cat girl trainer code works with the update if anyone has please send me an email or a comment.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Lazy Day

Menace in a plug suit. Created by Redcape, I wish I had 1/2 that talent. Great job, Redcape!

It was a lazy day. Played with some images of my own for a while and then tried to take over the world with Civilazation Revolutions, not sure if I really like a stream lined combat oriented version of Civilization but its still entertaining. Of course the best version of Sid Meyer games is Alpha Centauri, why they never continued the franchise has always mystified me.

Will probably try to do something tonight, but most likely will be adding images.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

The quest pop up is back

Miko in a china dress :)

Still not happy with the actual display but its getting there. Anyways got the checks up and running they look like they are working. Got the girl remove function up and untested. Got the exiting events up and untested. Really just needs a bit of reformating to make it more "pretty", and some final checks. Then should be able to add quests.

Oh and a special thanks to everyone for not adding any new items, pretty much done with items for this month.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Even more items

Miko in a swimsuit... I rather like this one.

Even more items added about to put a stop to them if they keep coming in at this rate not getting anything else done and about a week behind on getting the effects added. Goals for this month were character screen, quest pop up, lots of new quests, room goals, new jobs, and furniture. I don't think i'm going to get any done but there will be lots of new items and effects.

Also as a side note my schedule is rather insane this week, as such there is a good chance that nothing will get done this week. Normally I work on otherworld at work, an excellent use of my time. This week is all training, so thats not going to be really an option. And next week should be vacation.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Short Term Effects

Miko default Image.

Slave updates of Mikuru (Redcape) and Yoruichi (Lonewolf), will be in next update.

Even more items thanks to Redcape, FlagNine1, and docclox go check the boards for them.

A few things as soon as I get time cooking will be a new job that will make items, will also raise happiness with everyone in the house... someday.

One of the major problems up until now was short term effects. The game wasn't really designed to allow for them. I wanted to put in 100s of effects but didn't really want to put in 100s of variable in each girl to measure how drunk she is, how high she is, how long the nympho potion will last, how long the lust potion will keep her wet, etc. And then I had an epiffany why not make multiple effects for the same thing as time delays. They are all using the same image so it won't actually make the file size larger but will make the compare array a little bigger... on the other hand effects are really tiny icons. After playing with drunk for a few hours of head banging do to an OOO error it works now. Should allow well for short term effects, I hope.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Items

Princess in a plug suit (Can you beleive that was supposed to be askua? No neither can I).

Even more items and effects added for the list head over to:


I am staying in front of the items, the effect and tattoo effects not so much but working at it. Tattoos were actually a bit undone, that issue has been fixed, for a while no matter what tat you got it was always a tiny flower.

Running a bit late tonight so will catch you guys tomorow.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Even more new items

Mio in a plug suit.

Lots of new items being added, thanks to Redcape. Head over to:

For a look at the over 30 new items.

Still thinking about how to do furniture. My current thought is to put furiture in the item compare array as the 10000+ items or so. ANd then using the sort algorithms only show them on screens dedicated to furniture. Finally 1 new array with a hard 40 spots (10 rooms x 4 furiture = 40) that will hold all the furniture in use. A variation on the girls hard 20 item array. Then have 1 screen that will let you sort all the furiture to all the rooms at once. Finally I was thinking that most furniture will be quest rewards only as they will give room bonuses and new jobs. Any thoughts on this?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flash Goddess Yoruichi

Thanks to lonewolf the flash goddess Yoruichi is now added to the harem. No talking cat with a male voice included.

A nice 6 square of the school uniform.

Plenty of new items added in the last few days for those interested go to:

I wanted to thank Flagnine1 for the item images, I missed him yesterday.

Lots of new outfits being added. Looks like item sets will need to be created soon with bonuses but thats just going to be a pain in the rear and not sure as yet how I would do it. The two ways that come to mind is to add another variable to all items that would be a set number. The other is big long item worn checks in the add or remove.... and no matter what it would be some interesting code as you would have to take off the last set check and then add the new check for every item added or removed. It can wait.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Lots of new items

Mugi in a plug suit.

Redcape made the new plug suit images. While Flagnine1 made the item images. So we get a lot of new items. Most of these were on the to be added soon list. Though the plug suit was not, but its looking goooood so who cares.

Continuing work on the pop up screen. Just about done actually got the checks done but untested. Still working on the interface which is actually a little tougher then doing math checks.


Was sort of curious on d/l numbers for those using my links.

I like stats:

September MU:494
September MF:808
Total: 1302

October MU:580
October MF:798
Total 1378

Already more this month then last month and only about half way done.


new items thanks to Redcape for the images
effect Lactation added
worked on pop up again

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More popup~

Miko school girl.

Still working on the pop up I could give you a pic again but its the exact same thing just more checks and internal code. At the current rate will take me about 2 more days or so. Your probably asking why this is so taking so long. Its the checks, lots and lots of checks:

What if there are no girls?
What if there are less girls then the ones required?
What if the girl doesn't have the necessary stats?
What if the girl doesn't have the necessary effects?
What if the girl doesn't have the necessary Items?
What if the girl doesn't have the necessary special?

Then still have to modify the remove girl and the event pop. So much fun so little time.

That's about all I have to say, so gonna give you pics of cute cannibal girls, to distract you from the small post.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

More about the stupid pop up screen

Princess school girl...

First off made another minor change to branding effects, I think I have fixed the issue again. Made a minor change on how the girls are selected. It worked for 3 days and 9 girls, and then I ran out of cash.

I'll admit it I got almost nothing done last night. But I got the cycling up and working so now there arn't blank spots when girls are already selected. Which created an infinite loop now that I think of it. Going to have to fix that tonight. Anyways still working on the popup, will be playing with it tonight as well.


bug - Brand effects still not working correctly. Made a minor modification with the girl selected which I'm hoping fixes the issue this time seemed to work perfectly for me again. Ran though 10 girls in both once a day and twice a day until I ran out of cash. - think fixed again
continued work on quest pop up

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bugs defeated - On to Character love

Yay Menace in a school uniform another stolen from the old SM builds. As a side note I am looking for a picture of a Miko Maid with Long Black hair and has to be usable as a floating front image.

When I first envisioned otherworld one of the things I really wanted to see was questing girls to order. To do that requires a way for you to select the girl, check if she has the right quest requirements (pony girl, nympho, etc). Turn in more then one girl at the same time, remove those girls. And finally pop an event after the pop up if it was successful or not. Going to take a few days to build well.


bug - On reload, my assistants changed. I had the fairy and had bought the catgirl and lamia. When I saved and reloaded (started with a new tab), the fairy was replaced with the angel, the lamia with the fairy and the catgirl stayed the same. Very odd. - looks like a load error - okay so in fact the icons are not being loaded onto the right assistant... - fixed but this will have to be written or changed when assistants become more flexible to allow more
bug - Managed to purchase a slave (Haruhi type) from the auction house with only an initial 1 gp bid (that was automatically bid, without me taking any action), despite that fact that she had full classes (Lesbian Slave, Whore, Combat). She appraised correctly at the auction house (between 300-500), but nobody else bid. - no idea what is going on with this one if anyone else sees it screen shot it please - unable to reproduce
bug - Try this: take one girl and equip her with everything. Fully pierced, everything that can be locked on, locked on. Dildo and anal whatchamacallit installed. Then train her until her sanity hits -100. Now unequip the stuff that's supposed to lower sanity and try and raise it again. I find it sticks at -95 or so.- it looks like ms. blacksmith isn't subtracting stats when she unlocks stuff - fixed
new function findItemNumber(item):int
bug - dildo through chastity belt no background - fixed
------------all reported bugs fixed or ignored ---------------------
Began work on quest girl turn in pop up.
new as -- going to start moving all initial created children to here sooner or later for consistancy and may be necessary later on if children become to unweildly and cause memory issues
new function questGirlTurnInPopUp
changed the ugly white slide show back ground to the Redcape yellow with knot


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internal Defense, External Security

Orihime now in a school uniform... not that original stolen from the original SM build.

I wanted to talk a little about the Internal Defense and External Security.

Internal Defense is basically the stat that controls a girls chance to escape from the house. This should drop to 0 when there is no one watching the hallway... should but doesn't at the moment. House type and furiture will modify it someday.

External Security is the defense of the room from things creaping in from the green, thieves or other unsavory folk. This one is not as dependent on having someone guard the hallway. A wall is always a wall. But some of the assistants should give bonuses, as well as furniture and house type. But this is all theoretical.


Bug Finding

If anyone gets the can't sell off slaves bugs can they do me a favor and immediatly go to the pens and screen shot the pens. I have a theory that the issue is the array not updating sold slaves but I can not replicate it. The pens screen shot will tell me where the hole in the array is. Thanks in advance.


bug - Some of the carpenter's pictures in the sex scene display underneath the room buttons. - this page is indexed lower not sure but calling - fixed
bug - estimate value issue - will play with these this month when giving character love - ignoring for now
reported - still having problems scrolling through slaves at the auction house. I have two slaves here, based on Lala and Yoko, and the only Yoko displays, click as I might upon the arrows. - unable to replicate again not sure what is going on here
bug - The first time you work at the guild house, the message is "Unknown person in charge of guild" - added text that it is filler
bug - Room Jobs - Current Jobs - Room Name Label - Furiture are all below the background - fixed
bug - I am noticing that if you put a slave in the 3rd Master Bedroom, the minipic is positioned about half a square to the right. - another bug I have seen before but can't replicate enough to figure out what is going on - unable to find
bug - Not sure if it's expected behavior or not, but buying and selling items at the store changes the color of gp (peach to black). - fixed
balancing - sanity dropping fast, a good nights sleep can help this a little
balancing - a good nights sleep can raise happiness
board suggestion - I thought that having a high happiness stat was supposed to have a good influence on sanity. - I always thought that being happy was a cause of insanity - ignored for now
question - "Are Internal Security and External Defense supposed to be in opposition to each other?" - negative stables its hard for the girl to escape(internal security) but very easy for anything to wander in and have there way with the girl(external defense) - "Their combined values never seem to exceed 100." - this will be later on modified by furniture and house type.
bug - Also, the security and defense stats for the last three rooms in the mansion read as blank and "undefined%", respectively. - fixed
bug - Got the Princess event after I already had her... didn't get an additional girl, though, so not a gameplay problem. - fixed
bug - Clicking on bought assistants brings up my main assistant's picture (fairy), rather than their own. - fixed also readjusted there position on the screen
bug - Still some very strange behavior at the brand creation counter. - SOAB! when I added the assistant can train towards the second class I forgot to remove the listener for it when going to other screens - fixed
bug - still some odd behavior with guild counter radios disapearing - hmm maybe from carpenter - it is caused by carpenter but can't find cause at all - check variables there fine - checked remove listeners they look fine but its only affecting the first 6 radio buttons those used by the carpenter - this might not be a problem with anything but indexing - fooking was indexing - fixed
bug - unable to cycle girls on guild screen or press okay button - probably broke them while tearing off listeners for radio buttons yep - fixed
reported - Brands still aren't functioning as they should. I've got a +2 Obedience on a girl twice a day, but it's not doing anything... though I think it might have had an effect on her the first day I applied it. - double checked they seem to be working for me - unable to replicate

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Running Otherworld

Mugi in a school uniform... pretty standard stuff there.

A lot of people report having issues just running Otherworld. One of those things I just don't quite get if you have an up to date flash player:

You should be able to run the game.

But people still report issues to running the game. If you are experiencing the issues will you please try updating to the newest version of flash if that doesn't work please test.

Suggested by tf it seems like a good back up and may be in further releases as an option for people having trouble. Give it a try and post your feed back on

Like I said I never have an issue, so its a bit of an untestable thing for me. In other words please update flash.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Open Source, October Goals

First off the new open source will be up today sometime, not at time of post but soon, check the message board for the links.

The loader has slightly changed there is a new walkthrough for it on the message board as well.


Like the cat girl, she will be bringing you messages for character events.

Of the things that stuck out people wanted done for the November, saving (which now sort of works), combat (keep asking it ain't happenen), and more love to the characters. That one I'm willing to work on. So we need a messenger to deliver events that are class based and I like cat girls... you probably realized that already.

The current new bug list I will double check tomorrow at work. The majority of the issues seem to be more balancing then bugs. Take sanity its much easier to lose... but I don't think your actually able to raise. Will play with that.


Monday, October 11, 2010

October Debugged Version

October Debugged Version

New to this release:

3 new item
4 new classes (Farm Animal, Whore, Muscian, Artist)
9 new normal jobs
5 new sex jobs(Tit Fuck, Fingering, Masturbate, Masturbate Futa, Masturbate Futa Self)
4 new rooms
1 new quest
100+ new images
6 new slaves all thanks to Redcape (Mikuru, Ranka, Yoko, Horo, Mari, Lala)

Character Screen remodeled, Room Screen Remodeled, Carpenter Screen Remodeled

Thanks to all the debuggers and your hard work.

Download links are to the left.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Almost done with bugs

Going to try to get a set of school cleans done to add to the other front images. Think it might be time to start on the Miko Princess soon as well.

There was another loader issue that I think I have resolved.

Next all the listed bugs are fixed except for an odd saving and loading bug where character data (date, time, room assignments, etc) are not updating. Which should mean that a new official release tomorrow unless something changes.

I didn't realize it but the prostitute class was not up for learning. This has changed. Whoring in rooms will now also result skills up for whores and more money... I hope it was acting odd.


made some modification on how the new whore payment system works.
continued working on issues with the quest screen - fixed
bug - The carpenter's quest doesn't show up in the quest screen. - fixed
bug - A slave will tell you the sad dog story before you have the quest. - fixed
bug - the bar images are just strange, showing multiple colors (blue and green) for stats that I only have through item bonuses. The bonus stats appear to be showing up half-blue half-green, which makes for a fairly misleading image. - fixed
bug - The welfare sliders are badly messed up. - fixed
reported - A lot or reports of doing the wrong sex with a girl resorting in plain text - pretty much working as expected as you can't really train a straight woman to love being a lesbian all you can do is make her proficent - ignorning for now
reported - obedience loss on certain random girls - more information required - unable to replicate
bug - When a class change is offered, it comes up after being told how the shift went, but then after choosing to change classes, the shift report for the girl was shown again. I had two girls, the girl who was offered the change was a Haruhi type.- Simplified timeline: Shift Report --> Class Offering --> Shift Report (same girl) --> Class Change Report - fixed
reported - gave her items that affected them - Happiness, Obedience, Lust, and Nymphomania. All appeared to be zeroed out, but as soon as items were added, both the green bar for bonus stats and the blue bar for base stats both appeared correctly. - other character screen bars fixed this - fixed
reported - Equipping a class stat increasing item (bikini/ maid dress) and changing the class afterwards resets the stats. Unequiping the item causes the stats to drop to -10. - unable to replicate may have been fixed with the other character bar screen fix - unable to replicate

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Debugging and other stuff

Okay first off the previous hot fix had a nice new loader, that was supposed to make game loading faster and easiser on systems by loading each file one at a time in a linear fashion. It was freakin slow and actually seemed to lag my test system more. GONE! (would take my labtop over 5 minutes to start)

New hotfix, once again this hotfix is just to pound save and loading please

Basically just another night of debugging. Got most of the easy fix stuff fixed now the indepth stuff is up. So expect shorter lists, but as is my policy I will keep pounding at them until I am happy its debugged the more bugs killed now the less next month.


playing with the new loader and just about threw it away.
bug - Above the previous jobs, the label only says 'Previous'. dunno if intentional. - fixed
bug - Lamia's scroll-over text in the guild lounge is the same as the angel's. - unable to replicate but i bet it was a large label so the label size is forced - fixed
bug - I suppose it would e a pain to implement, but in the lounge, if you click on your assistant's icon, it shows her stats screen. The only way to exit that is to click the home button. Dunno if that's a big enough issue to want to change, but... maybe make it a 'close' or 'back' button that returns you to where you came from.- not desired behavior and will not happen anymore - fixed
suggestion - not a bug, a request: if it's not too much trouble, can you put the items in the text section for review too? - done
bug - The girls name disappears from the blacksmith screen after a while. Day 10, 7 Girls. Girls on CWWZ except the one being assistant trained, where the assistant's priority is "money". - should be fixed already hard indexed - fixed
bug - If you enter the pens from the guild, the button to return says home, but you go to the guild when you click on it. works fine if you enter from your house.- it now says guild or house depending on where you came from - fixed
bug - Giving the fairy her needle, the text was there, but the text-box wasn't. - fixed
bug - Quest screen: click current quests, nothing. click completed quests: Rare Coin and Sugar's Needle show: like they should. click current quests: Sugar's Needle shows. if you exit and reenter: as it should be. do the above: same problem.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Not that sick anymore.

First off no longer dead sick, Yay! Next up a hot fix for saving and loading:

Removed the loader did not work correctly. 10/9/10

This is not a fix to all bugs just to saving and loading. If you guys could pound it for a while trying to break saving and loading I would apreciate it. Last note the new loader is NOT WORKSAFE and I am currently working on fixing that. I'm hoping the loader though will allow more people to stop having issues with initial start up.

Whats changed.

Having the character blank white image, won't crash the game.
The continue button on the start page works.
Pushing the next shift/Day button after loading won't crash the game... (that one took me 2hours to figure out and fix).

*******PLEASE USE NEW SAVES NOT OLD SAVES*****************

Some odd Notes: For those using the oppensource and making new girls from this version on may need to add more java virtual memory, when compiling. Yah I know it makes no sense to me either but its getting huge and I guess java(how the hell flash compiles in java) doesn't have enough memory for the initial compile. To fix this: Of all the suggestions here only the changing the virtual memory worked.

Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Vars
Make a new var like this:


and its value

-Xmx256M my labtop only would go to -Xmx128M

(May be time to upgrade the old labtop... 4 years of service to the cause).


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Was sick now just iffy

Will try to have an actual update tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sick and lazy

Sick day. Will not get anything done tonight either. Thats all I have to say.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lazy day

The giga slave looked good in HD. Finally got around to finishing Slayers Evolution R(Blue Ray). Going to take another lazy day again, will start back up debugging on wednesday and probably go after save/load first. Save/Load is a bit of a pain in that I'm constantly expanding other stuff and that causes the save/load to quit working. So keep expeciting it to be iffy until a final core build is done.

What do you guys want to see in the November release... post your thoughts here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Bugs...

Maid, Bunny girl, glasses. Think I hit all the standards.

SO what games do you guys play at work? The IT department at my work has a chronic case of blocking anything that moves, more for the hell of it them any other real reason I can figure out. Right now the two games I can play when I'm not debugging is Gaia Online and Ikariam. So what does this have to do with any thing, nada. Today will be a lazy day, where I veg on the couch and be sick, so don't expect anything tomorrow.


bug - The girls name is missing from the "farm animal" reports. - fixed
reported - I have four slaves, but the next button on the auction block seems to only cycle between two of them. - unable to replicate
reported - It also allows multiple sales on the same day, which wasn't previously the case. - expected behavior you can sell as many as you want but only buy 1 a day.
reported - Even with two slaves left, there's still one I can't get at to sell. - unable to replicate will keep an eye out.
bug - blacksmith screen losing shop backgrounds - hard indexed - fixed
bug - Mikuru seems to be able to remove a dildo while locked into a chastity belt. - class change issue checking strip girl - think were getting collison because the dildo happens after the belt in order there put back on - fixed with a new cheat variable
bug - I just managed to break the auction screen again, albeit in a different way. - hard indexed entire auction screen - fixed
bug - Some times, when I choose "introduction and Walkthrough" and active the "gift", there's no "next" button shown in the dialogue, so I get stuck and must reset the game. - should be fixed hard indexed, also reindexed items so they wont get in front of the assistant when she's talking to you on the character screen - fixed
suggestions - lots of suggestions on changing how stuff is loaded will look into this for the next months update not something going to work on for this release
bug - Mikuru was listed as a native when loaded as a native... fixed she's not a native
pen - names wrong color - fixed
reported - Another Bug. Create a stable and a normal room. Go to the stable and set everything to pig training. Then go to the normal room and click "OK". Suddenly you can train in pig behavior in the normal room.- unable to replicate
reported - What I did was take five girls at various levels of training, sell them all off in one turn, and then without leaving the auction house, buy another girl.- working as intended
reindexing more stuff to the hard index as I find spots that need it
bug - tried to change what icons show next to the girl: clicked on a radio button: everything went fubar. radio buttons/text moved/disappeared. - hard indexed iconchanger - fixed

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some more bugs to smash

Sort of played it lazy last night and only got a little bit done. How dirt and cleaning is done, is now completely different but makes more sense. Rooms accumulate dirt seprately and an average is taken to compute the total house dirt. Slaves cleaning the house clean the dirtiest room first. Going to need some testing but was working.

Whoreing now makes more money if your a well trained whore. Balancing will be important for this.

A final note a girl learning a class is always random chance and takes a little luck. Will work on more bugs again tonight.


suggestion - whoreing makes more money if she's a whore
bug - tattoo is off center on tattoo screen - fixed
also hard indexed the tattoo screen
bug - skills (slots) problem, after "studying" whore skill in bikini to 100% I got 96 but after dressed of the bikini, and after that could raised it - changed how total points item + skill is calcultated... can no longer be greater then 100.
alphabatized bug finders
bug - Even with a maid, the rooms do not get clean - fixed
new function dirt(temp:int)
new function findDirtyRoom
how cleaning is done has been completely redone each room has a dirtiness and an overall average is the house dirtiness, finally when someone cleans they clean the dirtiest room first.
bug - "skip jobs is not working correctly... - haven't updated skip jobs in a few months... turning off for the time being. - not fixed head in sand - will have to spend some time on this before the next update
bug - The girls' metric height and weight stats are still wonky. - lack of information anyone who has the correct height weight bloodtypes please post - waiting on data
bug - The hover-over text for Blood Type has the information for the Prime check box - fixed
reported - Horo type I got had a blood type UK - Uknown - need information
bug - color changing of text in guild hall - fixed
bug - The text color for nymphomania is darker than the rest (again for the single Horo type girl I've got.) - oops it was falling behind - fixed
bug - I've been meaning to mention that the text for getting the girl from the event walking in town is a bit odd... it says she bumps into you and disappears and then she's suddenly in your pens - text updated to tell that shes a free girl until there is a quest for her - fixed
bug - Also, I got an image for the princess girl during the event, but the text in the box and the girl I received were (Native) Mikuru. - oops i had changed the number of girls and how there loaded... number 4 was the one loaded though and that became mikuru... - fixed
bug - item tattoo rag doll character screen missing if you go to the tattoo shop... - fixed
suggestion - After saying "SOLD!" he says "The current bid is now: 57." Perhaps it could be changed to "The winning bid is: XX." The winning bid was my own - done
suggestion - Some of the girl pictures for hovering over personally supervised actions really need to be edited down, because they're obscuring the various area pictures, specifically Haruhi and Rena. - this is up to the designers of the girls to do this
suggestion - room okay button I do think that button would work better at the bottom left, or at least underneath the options box.- moved - will leave it up to everyone which way was best
bug - If you click on the unlabelled checkbox on the girls' general tab, it takes you to the pens screen and checks the girl into the pens - fixed
bug - seems like buying the room upgrade for the mansion gives you money instead of deducts it. - it does... - fixed - also the gold amount updates on screen now
reported - also dont know if its a bug but had a rena slave do pig training for like 20 days straight and she never picked up farm animal class. - 5% chance so theoretically it can happen on day 1 or 1000
whole bunch of cut off text fixed thanks to slackerfuu for finding them.
bug - empty text box just appeared on the character screen while doing the check box thingy - and can't reproduce will keep an eye out.
bug - girl name labels disapearing on pens screen - fixed back ground is now at the bottom using new hard system - fixed
bug - buttons are going missing on the assistant screen:- fixed back ground is now at the bottom using new hard system - fixed
bug - found the quest coin again after turning in quest. - fixed
reported - I bought a (Mikuru) girl at auction who's appraised worth fluctuated between about 100-250 gold, so I started out with a hefty bid of 100 straight off and won, but when I got her home, her worth seemed to be about 10. Is this a bug, or just my character's abysmal judge of slave potential? - bad skill - and will be fixed when I update the character screen - ignored for now
bug - the Native/Prime label next to the check box on the character screen has disappeared - hard indexed - fixed
bug - labels in the information top disapearing as well - hard indexed - fixed
bug - age is giving age when its supposed to be purchased - fixed
reported - fingering ups the tribadism stat - has to raise something

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ugh... where are the bugs?

Was expecting a little more bug reports. I actually cleared all the posted bugs last night before going to work and had time to find or make a couple modifications. The flickering of the mouse over text... gone. Some 400 lines or redundant code, another what was i thinking, gone. Also some odd radio button behavior in the rooms is fixed. And I even found a bug I can't figure out dealing with disposable items. Plenty more bug reports for tonight. Thanks to all the debuggers, expect a long list of fixes tomorrow as well.


bug - Jewel shop missing labels - reindexed with the new system should be fixed again - fixed
bug - pony raising cow and cow raising pony - fixed
bug - assistant screen items disapearing - reindexed with the new system should be fixed again - fixed
bug - Happiness on my slave reset to 0 after I changed classes from combat to maid. - oops the new strip girl function that keeps the item was resetting the base happiness stat and not the item added stat - fixed.
reported - Job icons don't appear to display on the farm screen. I set cleaning in a general room, or "pig" in a stable - the it always displays a "Z" when I'm done. The job appears not to be set as opposed to not displaying. - think this might be just unused to the new room system or unable to replicate.
bug - Haruhi is 3284 - now 16 - fixed
board suggestion - changing prices of rooms and manshions - most likely this will be better balanced later on, right now keeping low to allow for more testing
bug - extra radio button full appearing on stables screen - fixed
bug - radio buttons moving around - when selecting dance it applys it but moves back to singing same with instrument - this is a return to the current day time - moving to selected day time - fixed
updated worksafe on cow, pig, pony images
bug - prime % needs fixed - added text - but its fake - not sure if thats a fix or not
bug - flickering of mouse over text - fixed - changed how it was calculating position
-----------all bugs reported before going to work fixed-------------
changed how rooms jobs are created - removing 400 lines of code and making adding new jobs much faster - another what was I thinking
new item ItemExpendableChocolate
bug - expendable item usage isn't updating stats - happiness is not updating correctly...

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Bugged Release

New release what do we get:

1 new item
3 new classes
9 new normal jobs
5 new sex jobs
4 new rooms
1 new quest
100+ new images
6 new slaves all thanks to Redcape
Character Screen remodeled, Room Screen Remodeled, carpenter Screen Remodeled

This is the bugged release of course and for the first time, I'm asking everyone not to share this release until the de-bugged release comes out. Why? because its just a pain trying to explain bugged releases and then reposting debugged releases.

I'm hoping you guys enjoy. Feedback is always apreciated... and motivational.

Downloads are to the left like always.