Friday, October 22, 2010

Short Term Effects

Miko default Image.

Slave updates of Mikuru (Redcape) and Yoruichi (Lonewolf), will be in next update.

Even more items thanks to Redcape, FlagNine1, and docclox go check the boards for them.

A few things as soon as I get time cooking will be a new job that will make items, will also raise happiness with everyone in the house... someday.

One of the major problems up until now was short term effects. The game wasn't really designed to allow for them. I wanted to put in 100s of effects but didn't really want to put in 100s of variable in each girl to measure how drunk she is, how high she is, how long the nympho potion will last, how long the lust potion will keep her wet, etc. And then I had an epiffany why not make multiple effects for the same thing as time delays. They are all using the same image so it won't actually make the file size larger but will make the compare array a little bigger... on the other hand effects are really tiny icons. After playing with drunk for a few hours of head banging do to an OOO error it works now. Should allow well for short term effects, I hope.


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