Friday, October 1, 2010

October Bugged Release

New release what do we get:

1 new item
3 new classes
9 new normal jobs
5 new sex jobs
4 new rooms
1 new quest
100+ new images
6 new slaves all thanks to Redcape
Character Screen remodeled, Room Screen Remodeled, carpenter Screen Remodeled

This is the bugged release of course and for the first time, I'm asking everyone not to share this release until the de-bugged release comes out. Why? because its just a pain trying to explain bugged releases and then reposting debugged releases.

I'm hoping you guys enjoy. Feedback is always apreciated... and motivational.

Downloads are to the left like always.



  1. Really smooth compared to the previous two releases, or at least they're with things I can't tell for the most part.

    The only thing I came across so far was that Cow mimicry and pony mimicry are switched. When using the stables and using the Cow mimicry job, she gets pony mimicry and vice versa. I think it has to do with the fact that in the job slots cow mimicry is first, pony mimicry is in second; while in the character status screen the pony mimicry stat is first and cow mimicry second. Although that could just be coincidence.

  2. Thank you, Daisy.

    Thank you, Redcape.

  3. Load function still not working, pls fix it asap.