Saturday, October 16, 2010

More about the stupid pop up screen

Princess school girl...

First off made another minor change to branding effects, I think I have fixed the issue again. Made a minor change on how the girls are selected. It worked for 3 days and 9 girls, and then I ran out of cash.

I'll admit it I got almost nothing done last night. But I got the cycling up and working so now there arn't blank spots when girls are already selected. Which created an infinite loop now that I think of it. Going to have to fix that tonight. Anyways still working on the popup, will be playing with it tonight as well.


bug - Brand effects still not working correctly. Made a minor modification with the girl selected which I'm hoping fixes the issue this time seemed to work perfectly for me again. Ran though 10 girls in both once a day and twice a day until I ran out of cash. - think fixed again
continued work on quest pop up

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