Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flash Goddess Yoruichi

Thanks to lonewolf the flash goddess Yoruichi is now added to the harem. No talking cat with a male voice included.

A nice 6 square of the school uniform.

Plenty of new items added in the last few days for those interested go to:


I wanted to thank Flagnine1 for the item images, I missed him yesterday.

Lots of new outfits being added. Looks like item sets will need to be created soon with bonuses but thats just going to be a pain in the rear and not sure as yet how I would do it. The two ways that come to mind is to add another variable to all items that would be a set number. The other is big long item worn checks in the add or remove.... and no matter what it would be some interesting code as you would have to take off the last set check and then add the new check for every item added or removed. It can wait.


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