Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Update

One day early but I really want to get to working on the rooms and homes, which means I will most likely break the build for a couple days...weeks... ye... nevermind. Download link is to your left.

Main upgrades in this version: new girl Blonde Princess (name pending contest on blog), branding, brand effects, 10 new items, new quest: Sugar's Needle, saving and loading, rework of sex acts(not all pictures in place), classes can now be learned, some items are lockable, new locations: Guild Hall and Blacksmith.

To get the blonde princess walk a slave in town until you meet her, until I get a quest set up for her.

If you have any problem playing the file try playing it in a browser.

Update fixed bugs and reloaded

bug - Options Screen text - fixed
bug - Radio button in character screen giving wrong description - fixed
bug - mouse overs in shops failing - fixed
bug - radio buttons in guild hall giving bad text - fixed
bug - nipple peircing not taking - fixed


bug - opening walkthrough love potion script is working issue with the new class change scripts before it - finally fixed.. PITA
moved save and load button to the option screen... they were annoying on the main screen. kept accidentally clicking them when paging through text.
bug - first shift change in tutorial doesn't actually advance time. - complete and unterly cheated - fixed
bug - free gift present only getting last line of text - bug created by the PITA - fixed
credit screen formatted its ugly but fine i guess
girls will display some image, even if its incorrect, until i get the generic images in place.

Last chance for you guys before I declare victory and I think I have finally found your weakness... 35 year old shoujo anime. Now that I know your weakness I will be sure to exploit it.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Contest winner - Neos

After compiling the results it is mathematically impossible for anyone to win besides our winner, Neos, congratulations! You have won the prize of naming the princess. Enjoy! Please contact me to get your prize.

The actual stats:

7/1 Nerva
7/3 AJ
7/5 Neos
7/6 Nerva
7/9 Nerva
7/10 IrresponsibleTy
7/11 Kenki
7/13 HighPriest
7/14 Neos
7/16 Lord_Ian
7/17 Neos
7/18 Neos
7/19 Neos
---Bonus after this---
7/21 Davealooba
7/22 Neos
7/23 CoveredByBlankets
7/24 Flagnie1
7/25 Neos
7/26 Flagnie1
7/27 Flagnie1
7/28 Neos

11 Neos
6 Flagnie1
3 Nerva
2 CoveredByBlankets
2 Davealooba
1 IrresponsibleTy
1 Kenki
1 HighPriest
1 Lord_Ian
1 AJ


Still more bug hunting.


updated town screen added text street name and prettied up the buttons.
updated and played with buttons in auction screen... there still ugly but there consistant
bug - changing radio buttons in icon changer will show radio buttons for classes that dont exist - fixed
reorganized functions in to make more sense
bug - shop arrays are disapearing when reloaded and not rebuild on each load - cleaning code was happening before checks ;_; - fixed
shops now only get new items once a day... saving and loading will result in empty shelves :)
removed old function catsPawShuffle()
bug - next day went 3 days - unable to duplicate - maybe pressed button 2x by accident
bug - change name pressed on empty array crashes game - fixed
bug - appraisal pressed on empty array crashes game - fixed
bug - certain images disapearing in blacksmith screen on empty array - fixed
bug - locking items on empty array crashes game - fixed
bug - loading an empty array crashes the game multiple issues - fixed
shop jewelry store will now display the girls name and image
blacksmith show will now display the girls name and image
futanari slaves can't wear strap ons
futanari slaves can't wear basic chastity belts

Not that it counts but no one actually Ided this girl... Hints: Tennis Rachet, blonde permed hair, older series.

Wunder did get the bonus question :)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Offtopic ~ Nana to Kaoru YA 16

New Nana to Kaoru go grab it:

Nana to Kaoru YA 16

As always its worth the read, Nana is definitely jealous.

Worked all night playing around searching for bugs and making the game flow better for the release at the end of the month. A large part of the time I get focused on one little peice of the game and miss how those changes to the one peice interact with the larger game. So trying to fix those interactions, and look for bugs.


bug - pimp alley way no text game lock up - fixed
slight modifications to quest screen - position of buttons - incomplete quests shows first not complete
modified mainText so it now properly shows 5 lines.
bug - town screen was getting smaller - not sure why but it won't happen anymore - fixed
bug - icon changer was displaying label and option buttons for non existant classes - fixed
bug - icon changer some things were bolded while others wern't - fixed (i doubt it)
bug - label10 border - fixed
bug - auction is showing the princess for sale... but she's not actually the one purchased - fixed
bug - 1st girls auction value is way OVER what it should be - probably related to previous bug - no was wrong girl checked over priced - fixed
removed some useless code from AuctionShowGirlInfo()
removed most bolds from game... they were creating odd text effects. - finally fixed the bold problem... by removing all bold - fixed

Gratz to Neos who got Athena Tennos from Hayate the Combat Butler. He also got the bonus question. What can I say about Hayate... episodic crap with a lot of potential...yah. But it does give homage to the best anime of all time "Utena" and any show with constant Utena cosplay is good.

The last girl in the contest for the month. Maybe not the original drill hair but she is the one who made it famous, too bad there arn't that many pics of her. Her bonus question and of course the most important question ever asked by man kind: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spoilers and Text

The new text is up on the message board. Link is to your left, my right... or is it the other way around? Direct link Text please put any edits on the message board and thank you in advanced. Be advised there will be spoilers.

Enjoy your princess front image.

linking sex job -> text ->picture
new item futanari potion
bugs may be issues with change class if its done with sex double check
Text - Sex Jobs a bit light on words but there is something there
updated placeJobsinRoom to allow for all 6 rooms
update showStatIcon to allow for more rooms

Gratz to Flagnine1 who properly IDed Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency longest anime characters name ever I think. And her familiar is a frog named Robin. Great series "Familiar of Zero" which ended on such a cliffhanger... Hmm I should probably start reading the novels maybe that will fix that issue.

I actually don't remember this character from the anime, and never read the manga where she is supposed to appear. So can't really ask anything about her specifically. So the bonus question is in keeping with the theme the main characters 2 major pets.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trying to get ready for a release at the start of the month

Working towards a release for the first of the month. Should upload the text file tomorrow for review, and then hopefully will have the actual release on the first. I don't think that all the images for the new sex will be in, but then again thats a lot of images.

Enjoy your princess 4 pack.

adding sex personal jobs
new function slideShowFormatJob minor modification to slideShowFormat

Gratz to Flagnine1 who IDed Ayse Khadim and got the bonus question. Spent a day and got through Ladies vs Buttlers, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. THought for having Flameheart the series seemed to actually like loli's more then big breasts. Not that I'm complaining that much, lots of nudity is a good thing.

Our Mystery girl for the night. Keeping with the pattern name her "pet."


Monday, July 26, 2010

Sex, Sex, and more Sex

Rebuilding how personal sex jobs work. This is my current list, may add some addvanced training later on.

if (playerCharacter.charSex == 1 && GameArray[whatGirl].girlSexType != 3) {
total = jobShow(300, total); //Sex Blow Job Male Player + Female Slave
total = jobShow(301, total); //Sex fuck Job Male Player + Female Slave
total = jobShow(302, total); //Sex Anal Job Male Player + Female Slave
else if (playerCharacter.charSex == 2 && GameArray[whatGirl].girlSexType != 3){
if (checkItemQuest(17) checkItemWorn(17, whatGirl)) { //strap on
total = jobShow(310, total); //Sex Lesbian Job Strap On Female Player + Female Slave
total = jobShow(311, total); //Sex Lesbian Job Trib Female Player + Female Slave
total = jobShow(312, total); //Sex Lesbian Job Cunninglus Female Player + Female Slave
else if (playerCharacter.charSex == 3 && GameArray[whatGirl].girlSexType == 3){
total = jobShow(320, total); //Both Futari Vaginal Futanari Player + Futanari Slave
total = jobShow(321, total); //Both Futari Fucking Futanari Player + Futanari Slave
total = jobShow(322, total); //Both Futari Anal Futanari Player + Futanari Slave
else if (playerCharacter.charSex == 1) {
total = jobShow(330, total); //Sex Blow Job Male Player with Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(331, total); //Sex fuck Job Male Player with Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(332, total); //Sex Anal Job Male Player with Futanari Girl
else if (playerCharacter.charSex == 2) {
total = jobShow(340, total); //Sex Lesbian Job Strap ON Female Player with Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(341, total); //Sex Lesbian Job Trib Female Player with Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(342, total); //Sex Lesbian Job Cunninglus Female Player with Futanari Girl
else if (playerCharacter.charSex == 3) {
total = jobShow(350, total); //Sex Blow Job Futanari Player with NOT Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(351, total); //Sex fuck Job Futanari Player with NOT Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(352, total); //Sex Anal Job Futanari Player with NOT Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(353, total); //Sex Lesbian Job strap on Futanari Player with NOT Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(354, total); //Sex Lesbian Job trib Futanari Player with NOT Futanari Girl
total = jobShow(355, total); //Sex Lesbian Job cunninglus Futanari Player with NOT Futanari Girl
if (checkItemQuest(16)) {//anal Toy
total = jobShow(360, total); //Anal Toy
if (checkItemQuest(18)) {//Dildo
total = jobShow(361, total); //Dildo
//combinations that dont require special connections
//Lesbian Player + Straight Slave
//Male Player + Lesbian Slave

If i forgot or need to add something please let me know.

Enjoy your naked princess.

Last Nights List:

Images - added Princess Naked, Maid, and Swimsuit
bug - fixed some problems with the icon instances no longer hiding - fixed
bug - falling in love at 3% happiness again... - better be fixed now
new folder people
new swf people
added image bubba1FrontImage -- people will now be added to the people.swf to help out my poor labtop.
added raped image to all girls to work with new job events
Item - new ItemUndergarmentStrapOn
item - new ItemTailAnalToy
item - new ItemOtherDildo
rework of how personalized sex jobs work... sex should match up with players sex and slaves sex
effect - new effect ItemTailAnalToy
effect - new effect ItemUndergarmentStrapOn
effect - new effect ItemOtherDildo
Some items worn can be used by the player if there in inventory for sex training

Gratz to Neos who IDed Susie Evans from Valkyria Chronicles and the pig Hans.
Valkyria Chronicles is still one of the best games I have ever played on the PS3, if you own a PS3 and are an anime fan you should have already played it. The battles are EPIC and memorable. Nothing like clearing sniper alley with your own snipers watching fall like ducks in a row, or was it pigs?

I really couldn't find any good pics of the mystery girl clothed. Her bonus question please name the theme girl in the same series?


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Background stuff

Mainly did a lot of updating in the background last night. When doing stuff I tend to do it small make sure it works and then fill in the rest. So while the rooms appear on the main screen only 3 of them were built and was fixing that last night. Which means tons of industrial boring copying and pasting.

Enjoy your princess swimsuit.

Quest - finished up Sugar's Needle
Note - need image of bubba added
bug - guild background disapears... fixed
Content Start adding the rest of the rooms
updated - placeGirlNow() - to accomedate all rooms open
text - added 10 text fields label 50 - 59
updated - showStatIcon() - to accomedate all rooms open
changed all icons to instances -> add that was the night

Gratz to Flagnine1 who IDed Sherwood from Princess Resurrection and Ryu-Ryu her undead panda. I liked Princess Resurrection even if it was a bit too episodic. Reiri is the ultimate lesbian, school dress wearing, panty flashing vampire.

Today's mystery girl. Keeping with the pattern her bonus question is also pet related, what can't fly?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mio - Probably RIP

So it was asked, and yes Mio is probably dead for the time being. I am much more interested in Otherworld at the moment and there are just only so many hours in a day. If there are any dependable souls out there who won't "internet flake" I have her about 25% done and 6000 sorted pics of the cute lady, that I wouldn't mind handing off.

Menace I consider done. She is the largest slave ever made and close to bugless (I think there is one undefined that is the only bug reported.) This has nothing to do Otherworld, I don't normally pick up projects after I consider them done, much like Orihime.

Mugi... now Mugi is a different story if someone has new raw data I might take a day off or two to update her. I rather love Mugi... though it will mean that I actually have to get a current copy of Slave Maker.

Hope that awnsered everyones questions.

Enjoy your Princess Maid.

Cure potion cures tetanus
new function effectPercentPush
new function pierceTetanusCheck
running into the princess in town will now result in a free princess... until i build a quest for her
text - modified how roll over text for effects is displayed
bug - native created girls weren't being seen as native - fixed
bug - native roll over text not displaying - fixed
bug - text for red light district too long - fixed
bug - float over text in main screen not working correctly. - fixed
bug - item cycling on character screen removes effects - fixed
Job - New walk temple - Nothing Happened
Job - new walk red light district - Yuki's a bitch
Job - New walk red light district - Lost slave... toy for others.
text - Bubba at the guild hall

(Like I said work was busy will be tonight as well.)

Gratz to CoveredByBlankets who properly IDed Adelicia Lenn Mathers from Rental Magica and yes her mount is Forneus, the bonus question. My 2cents on Rental Magica... how can such a cool sounding series with cool characters be so damn boring?!?!? The anime is just a disapointing mess. Which just shouldn't be possible with a loli Miko and a princess type who rides a sting ray demon? And the main characters power is brilliantly cool...

Today's mystery girl! Her bonus riddle: Whats black, and white, and undead all over?


Friday, July 23, 2010

...and its already over. (No I don't know what)

Added a bunch of pictures to the princess she now has as many as the rest of the girls. Played around with the content adding new stuff. Will be a little less stuff done this week. When I get most of my programming done is at work, and... crap is going on, they actually want me to work. WTF?

Enjoy your nudie 4 pack.


added job images to princess
bug - Miko pic no longer showing all job non girl pics not showing. - fixed was not calling the right function the new internal version
bug - I cant spell beautiful - fixed but not forgotten
bug - falling in love at 3% happiness? - fixed
bug - Naked image of orihime is SQUAT - fixed
new Item Sugar's Needle
New Item Cure Potion
New Effect Tetanus
new function checkforeffect (really wanted to call it fire for effect)
played with the quest screen
quest screen - Roll Over links
quest screen - Added new quest Sugars Needle
Added new Text - Sugars Needle Quest

Gratz to Neos again who beat out Amoeba by 1 minute... and both got the bonus question. Great ID of the Archer from Disgaia. My love of disgaia is well documented, and was the main reason I purchased a PS3...

The mystery girl for tonight. Bonus question what is the name of her "mount"?


Thursday, July 22, 2010

And so it begins....

Adding to jobs, since a number or them were "Something happened and were done" for the POC... Fought with a bug for a while and the night is done. Pushing for a new release at the start of the month, and that will be the standard. A new update at the start of each month, (though probably one or 2 minor updates after the initial to fix bugs.)

Enjoy your Mio clean.


Cleaned princess front image
created princess Mini
added princess mini
added princess front image
new function makeGirlNative(girl:int)
bug - a number of bugs dealing with how introduction text was displayed. - fixed.
new function jobSendText(temp:int, girl:int) -> job text is now sent to for easier proofreading
bug - native girls are being sold at the auction block - fixed
Content - adding Text and events to jobs
Pimp - Jobs - text and multiple events
Walk Temple street - Jobs - Updated
walk Pit - Jobs - Updated
modified loveChance(statmin:int, chance:int, girl:int, eventNext:Boolean)
love should now be possible as an added effect if happiness is high enough untested and LOW odds

Davealooba correctly IDed Momo via Xenosaga and got the bonus question as well. What can I say about Xenosaga that hasn't been said before. You got Game in my Anime, or was it you got Anime in my Game. And oddly enough it wasn't a bad thing. (If only .hack could have learned from Xenosaga's example.)

Today's mystery girl, why do all the fantasy characters have zippers in there uniforms? Zippers weren't even invented until 1914... Anyways. Todays Bonus question name 3 special attacks of this fine lady from the "original series".


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Contest Prize

So going to have a prize at the end of the month for all those who have been playing the little ID the mystery girl game. Naming the newest character slave girl in Otherworld. Standard princess type, with the drill hair. So your probably saying but I haven't been playing and now I want to win. Never fear now until the end of the month, each girl will have a bonus question about her. Get the question and the girl and you get twice the points. Simple enough, oh and most of the pics will be of girls used to make our princess. (Rules: I get final say on the name, it has to be princessy).

Enjoy your re-clean of Orihime.

The list:


New variable girlNative:false, added to all girls
auction house will not add native girls
new slave - unnamed
new .as - unnamed
new .fla - unnamed
new text Native
updating - changed all vairable names from stat -> effect
new effect virgin
new variable girlVirginPer:100, added to all girls
new function removeEffect
job upgrades straight sex removes virgin
new function checkItemWorn
modified how jobs work to make new class changes easier
chastity Belt reaction - Room Whore, Job Personal Training Fuck, Job Personal Training Pimp
jobs - Text - added a first meeting with Teresa Text
Text - Game Introduction
Text - choose introduction, and or walkthrough on/off

I really thought you guys would get this one on the first day, so I didn't even make a back up. Thats why I had to dirty this one up a little to get the hints out of the pic.

Bonus Question:What did the German subtext of the first volume mean?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I had a title, but it bit me.

I claim a slow day. But actually spent the most of the time cruising for images. Which seems like fun until you cruise for 3 or 4 hours straight. My eyes, my eyes!
Enjoy your Mugi Nude.


Front Image - Menace Nude added
Cleaned Front Image Mugi
Front Image - Mugi Nude added
re-cleaned Orihime Front Image
Front Image - Orihime Nude Added
Cleaned Front Image Mio
Front Image - Mio Nude Added
bug - small image issue with resizing pics - fixed
Image Collecting

Gratz to Neos who got both Shino and Seika from Legend of Himiko. Great little anime based off of an old PS game, by the creator of Sakura Wars. Right Stuf still has the series for $12.99, be advised only 28 left. One of the best parts of Himiko-den is the opening song... I hope I got the attached movie right.

Todays mystery girl is so easy that I consider it t-ball level. She's from another $12 rightstuf series.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Saving Finished

I think saving is working now, I got an odd feeling though that bugs will probably show up along the line. It works... moving on. Enjoy your maid 4 pack.


loading - deleting of old instance object character and assistant - working
bug - image of item floating on main screen and character appearing on load - fixed maybe(?) when fixing other bugs
bug - loading multiple times adds to total points - fixed
bug - loading - when loading from existing games still having character and assistant objects remaining - only happening on an old game onto a new game - fixed order of operations error
bug - pushing the load button on an empty file will crash the game... not that surprising - fixed

Saving - Effects - looks good
Loading - Effects - looks good
---Saving done... expect new bugs to appear but no known at the moment

now that the mini creation is an arch function see yesterday going to shift the minis to the girl.swfs-- failed, though it works now for actual creation in auction screen but they still have to be in the actual .as, is still better automation but drivin me crazy.

function MugiMakeMini():Object {
//var result = new mugi.MiniMugi1();
var result = new MiniMugi1();
result.visible = false;
return result;

working version is shown... for broke version just switch to external version. Anyone got any ideas I'm more then willing to listen.

front maid dresses added

Same series different girl. I'm hoping I finally stumped you guys only took a ten year old series.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saving Continued

I hate you all who mentioned you wanted saving. For the most part its up and working... for the most part. The real bugs that I have left are do to the instances of symbols. Items etc, I set up items for the image that you see displayed is an instance of the original. The reasoning being obviously that way you can own 400 dildos of enternal thrusting, without having to have 400 images but instead one original and 400 copies. But converting the copies to a number array... that works. But the old copies now when I press the load button keep on going. Same with the character and assistant pics. Say 80% working.

Enjoy your Menace as a maid (yes I know its really Siesta from Zero but you try finding pics of Menace dressed as a Maid, Go try it. I Dare you. Airi is the evil maid for queens blade so Menace does't get to play maid much.)

The short list:


new .as
new function saveButtonClick(e:MouseEvent)
new funciton saveGame
new function loadButtonClick(e:MouseEvent);
new funciton loadGame

---mini pics crashing game again....

rebuilding new mini pics for loaded games
relinking arch functions to loaded girls
new arch function in object girlMakeMiniFuction:function MenaceMiniStarter():Object {return MenaceMakeMini();}
new arch function MenaceMakeMini():Object { //1 for each girl
saving and loading player items - working

modified function stripgirl() to stripgirl(girl:int)

saving and loading girl items - working (there should be a bug with girl total points but it seems to be working fine...)
bug - playerCharacter character objects and assistant objects no longer exist on loading... crash - fixed remake new objects every time
bug - one item no longer hiding itself when loading from save.
bug - remaking new objects now creates unattached old objects...

Successful ID by Neos of one
Aya Hoshino from Gals! Super Gals! is another one of those series that has so much potential and because episodic crap. The series would have been so much more interesting if Aya had really become a prostitute.

The mystery girl/series for the day. A little side story on this show. I was trying my best to get this series for the last year or two on amazon to replace my old fansub vhs (converted to dvd but still ugly) The cheapest I ever find the series was $35, actually placed the order and then the seller canceled the order and oddly enough the next week it was for sale for $75. Two weeks ago was cruising right stuf and they had the series for $12. Right Stuf is god, let us all worship in their glory.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Offtopic ~ Nana to Kaoru

New Nana to Kaoru go get it. If you can't tell from the picture why then your on the wrong blog. Go get it from

Your short update list for the day:


new symbol - SaveButton
new symbol - LoadButton
----Forgot notes on saving and loading will try to add tomorrow

Content - Skill Learning continued
modified how job text is displayed to allow multiple text in a row
questions can now be called during jobs! yay!
classes can now be successfully passed or accepted and text is automatic
verified item lotus blossom is working
function learnMaid(percent, girl) converted to learnClass(skill, percent, girl)
girls can now learn maid, whore, and house pet skills by doing certain jobs.
verified works for both room and personal supervision!
----skill Learning appears to be working now.

new function classRaise(raise:int, spot1:int, spot2:int, spot3:int, girl:int)

Gratz to Lord_Ian who got Angol Mois, from the Keroro Gunso series (Sgt. Frog). I wonder how you get the job destroyer of worlds. Is there a written test? on the job training? College? If anyone knows I would like to apply. As a side note Sgt. Frog is a great series for the first 13 or so episodes, after that just not worth watching. A sad waste of a great idea that quickly devolves into episodic crap.

A new day a new mystery girl. Since she's a main character not going to give you any more hints.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Okay, I get it, you guys want saving

That seemed to be a pretty unamimous vote of everyone wanting saving. So I am doing research to take my programming up to that level. It looks doable but experimenting is required.

Your long list for the day:


Finished moving images from otherworld.fla->to each girls .fla
moved girls .as to directory and includes to the loader .as

Content - final checks brand
new function girlsBranded()
new function brandEffectText():string
---brand finished unless there are new issues

Content - Skill Learning
new Item - Lotus Flowers
All girls - new variable girlPassedSkill:null,
new function changeClass(slot:int, classType:int, girl:int)
new function findOpenClassSlot():Number

bug - random girls no longer being made... crash - fixed error in how the game was put together after moving around the girl .as

debugging changed - was using the archtypes to debug changed that to 6 random girls.
Image formating - Character screen to auto format the images that were auto formated to begin with
auto format for character screen added additional formatting

new function learnMaid
new funcition checkPassed
new function addPassed

A couple people commented that they knew her... but no one gave her name or even series so I'm considering this lady with a fabulous job to still be unsolved.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Level up! (pause to see if board crashes by not putting otherworld in the title)

Slave girls are now loaded from external .swf files. Let me repeat that please, Slave girls are now loaded from EXTERNAL .swf files. Can you see my smile its big, what does that mean, girl development by 3rd parties, but more importantly my 4 year old notebook I take to work will hopefully stop locking up. Technically this was one of the last two major hurtles before Otherworld could really become a game, to rival the competitors.

The other hurtle... saving. I'm sort of on the fence if this should even be added it allows the game to be hacked much easier. If you have an opinion leave a comment. Oh and enjoy your Orihime maid clean.


new .as loader

new function startGameNow();
new function loaderOrihimeHandler()
new function loaderMugiHandler()
new function loaderMioHandler()
new function loaderMenaceHandler()

new Global Variable

var orihime:MovieClip;
var mugi:MovieClip;
var mio:MovieClip;
var menace:MovieClip;

var swfOrihimeLoader:Loader = new Loader();
var swfMugiLoader:Loader = new Loader();
var swfMioLoader:Loader = new Loader();
var swfMenaceLoader:Loader = new Loader();


new Files

new mugi.fla
new mugi.swf
new mio.fla
new mio.swf
new orihime.fla
new orihime.swf
new menace.fla
new menace.swf

testing addchild index no longer works for remote loaded girls, rebalanced images to front and back for girls. This fix may not be perfect, since index might change as the game goes along. Monitoring is required and maybe a global variable with index stored in the future.

tried moving girl icons to new .swf and had issues with creating new copies... will hold off for now.

moved images from otherworld.fla to the girls .fla
changed symbols to girlname.symbolname
move partly done will do adult images later.

new function slideShowFormatInternal(pic) an alternate version with child indexing compared to the standard for the external images.
new function slideShowFormatAll(pic) universal code between slideShowFormatInternal and slideShowFormat

bug - label properties changed by counter and blacksmith screen - fixed constant battle
bug - girl change in jewelry shop no longer working - fixed listener removal conflict

It was a slow night. Are these too detailed or not detailed enought?

Gratz to Neos who got Kokoru/Cocoloo from Petite Princess Yucie. Petite Princess Yucie is of course the anime based off of princess maker game(made by gainax), princess maker was the inspiration for slave maker. But you already knew that. Something odd about a series of girls who are all 18 but stopped aging at 10.

Today's lovely lady has my dream job. If you can't ID her, i'm revoking your otaku license.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Otherworld ~ Do I really need to start every post with otherworld now?

Still putting around with the brand effect system. I think it adds a lot of diversity to the game system. Hopefully will get it wrapped up tonight and go back to working on the jobs. So instead of all that stuff enjoy Mugi the Maid. This was a pain to clean to much white on white, so not sure if it came out good or bad.

Content - Counter Continued
brand - new function updateBrandInfo()
brand - new function brandCost(true);
new symbol - ok button
new symbol - cancel button
Counter - re-arranged
bug - girl changing at counter, not working - fixed
text - mouse over brand labels
effect - new function brandEffect
bug - shiftItemController() crashing program undefined variable added GameArray[girl].girlItems[i] != null if and fixed the problem. Not sure why it just started acting up. - fixed Going to double check this tonight feel a little unsure about that.

Gratz to High Priest who properly IDed Yuka Sugimoto from 12 Kingdoms. I have always loved 12 Kingdoms, if your not familiar with this series it is an epic story of girl in a magical land, standard alice in wonderland formula, but cruel. The main character Yoko goes insane for a good 1/3 of the first novel and you can get the first 4 books now in english, something I never thought would happen.

Today's mystery girl should be as easy as pie, or ghost hunting, for any real slave maker fan. Only hint I will give you.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oherworld ~ Details Details Details

Working now on getting the brands to have an effect. My idea on this is that you pay the guild for the effect the stronger the effect the more you have to pay the guild. Seems like a good money sink and in otherworld everything costs money.

Content - Blacksmith Shop continued
Blacksmith - items can now be locked
Text - modified how items text is displayed
Blacksmith - items can now be unlocked
new item - hoop nipple ring
item - function isSpotPierced(item)
new item - Brand Link (ItemBrandO)
new effect - Brand (not doing anything)
Blacksmith - Branding
Character Variables - added
charBrand:0, // 0 never, 1 once a day, 2 twice a day 4 everyshift
Content Guild Counter - Branding Effects
new symbol - 10 radio buttons open and full total count or radios 35

No one got this lady yesterday so will try a better picture of her. I really don't think more hints are required. Good Luck,