Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guide - Events(This Girl)

Now here is a question for you?  What do you do if you want to make a specific variable for a specific girl.  Say MugiONE meets a fox on the street.  Obviously MugiTWO has never met that fox.  There should be a way for the fox to know that.  So now we have the thisgirl events.  They act the exact same as evechange and evecheck but are girl specific.  Also if the girl has never hit the label before on a change, and only on a change, it will add that label to the list of known labels to the girl and modify as needed.  That's a little complicated but it works the same as the sex classes and I will example.

Example 1

MugiONE has met the fox...  Learn Variable metfox and set to true.   So when checked she returns true. 

MugiTWO has never met the fox.  So when checked she ALWAYS returns false.  Because she doe not even have the variable metfox in her variable list.

Example 2

MugiONE has met the fox 3 times.  Has learned variable metfoxcount and has it set to 3.  

MugiTWO has never met the fox so even if metfoxcount is checking for zero it will still FAIL.  She does not even have the variable on her list.

Lets looks at the xml...  Like I said before it follows the evecheck and evechange syntax exactly just has a different call at the front.

System can check (eq and ne) and change boolean 
System can check (eq and ne) and change string
System can check (eq, ne, lt, and gt) and change int

Text replacement works off the variable name... make sure the variable name is unique or may replace it everywhere.  Tested to work with strings and int should work with bool as well but not tested.


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