Friday, November 30, 2012

Still working on re-doing effects for the umpteenth time

It feels like I'm not moving forward but maybe its going somewhere... basic checks work and adding works... I hope removing works as well.  At the current rate may be done by new years.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

SVN Broken for the next few days

So I ripped out the effect stuff again to turn it into two separate commands eveeffectchange and eveeffectcheck.  Basically 2 different thought trees, like the rest of the system and making it more in line.  I'll write up a guide once it works.  The main thing to take away is that most stuff is now broken.  Oh and girls get pregnant every turn but its false pregnancy.


Monday, November 26, 2012

effects counters and exhaustion

Effects now have counters as a native to the new xml event system.  That almost work.   This gives some basic support and allow for wearing off.  I am still working on it but the stuff I said about a new girl variable called girlPregnant ignore it, it no longer exists.  This will allow for not only pregnancy but also stuff like lactation.  It's been  a huge pain and the event system grows even bigger.  I should probably go ahead and now split effect events into 2 like every thing else change and check and I may still need to the current version is getting really long hand.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

One step forward a bunch of head pounding backward

Think all the bugs are gone and a lot of events have been updated.  But going a step back and working on effects again.  Counters do need to work with the event system.  Continuing on...


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Playing with the laboratory more like debugging other issues

Today was supposed to be spent working hard on the laboratory for hatching demon spawn.  Instead spent the day finding out why every room entry was spawning an event.  In the end I just added the event it seemed the easier answer.

So hatching tomorrow.


Friday, November 23, 2012


The hardest part of adding pregnancy so far is spelling it right every time.  Anyways building a pregnancy system that basically adds like the sick system.  All event system based except that there is a variable in the girl to count days pregnant as it would have been a pain to do it using on the fly variables.  Event for pregnancy pops fine, days down pops fine.  Still working on popping pop day.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Defense and security events that triggering with points

Yay there is output to the event system.  What more could you ask for... well besides actual events that do something.


Monday, November 19, 2012

The option list gets longer.

Difficulty on security and defense are coming along working on the internal event pushing right now.  Got the UI sort of working.  It's good enough but it's not great I could spend a few more days on it but it would require an overhall of a lot of the internal girl changing systems for shops.  I still might do it later on though as a universal system.  Maybe.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Missing in Action

Well fixed last nights odd bug...
Dirt works now.
Added a flag girl.girlMissing that throws events like that above.  Still need to add a lot of UI upgrades to support missing and a way to recover the girl, a way to actually set the variable in game...  Lots to do.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yep it's broke

Think I got dirt working... using an evekey but not able to test because all of the shops right now give me the above default shop so working on that and a bit sidetracked.  I could verify that dirt was growing and reducing but didn't get a chance to check with multiple rooms and with maids skills.   Feels like an XML error but not seeing one...


Friday, November 16, 2012

UI done working on events

So got the UI showing for all screens now working on actually events to go with it.  Dirt will be added automatically rather then a manual event because its a pain in the rear to do the other way.  Still working on that then throwing events for defense and security hopefully tonight.  Most likely won't be any thing done after that do to work for the week.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Security / Defense / Dirt

Still having some internet issues but thankfully they no longer affect upstream so can get back to work.  (Down stream is a head banging disaster of losing connection about every minute.)  Just doing the GUI right now but the goal is to have dirt, external security, and internal defense back and will hopefully have tentacle attack events possible as well as runaways.  Anyone interested in writing the text for these please contact me also going to see about fixing the message board somehow this week or next.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vacation ~ After Action Report

As is my way I normally do a rating on what I wasted my vacation on.  Last time I didn't include my rankings so lets do that and why.

A - Go WATCH NOW.  This is a classic.
B - I would watch it again.
C - I saw it.
D - I hated it.
F - I couldn't complete it.


Mugen Soul B+

Another of the NIS / Compile Heart RPGs.  And one of the better ones.  The plot is very simple you go around conquering all the worlds, making the inhabitants your peons, by moe killing them.

Unlike most games where you have elemental stats fire/water/air/earth instead you have moe stats ego/terse/ditz/bipolar/sadist/masochist/hyper/graceful.  Yah you heard me right you can go around as a sadist making monsters your slave.  And it only has a T rating thanks to censorship... ( you don't get to rub the girls in the hotspring in the English version...)
So by the numbers:
Plot - B It's not epic but its fun.  Love having a masochist princess to beat.  Love conquering worlds.
Music - C If you have ever played a Disgaia you are familiar with the music.  
Normal Combat - B It works well.  There are a few oddities though first of all is the peon kill, is okay if redundant after a while.  The peon ball is a pain as it basically forces you never to use your main character after a few consecutive battles.  Expect for party members to be one shotted a lot but this is one of the few games I have ever seen with multiple party member rezz, and you can switch out party members constantly and while a party member is off the field of battle they are regening hp/sp.  This is a fun feature meaning that you don't have to worry about sp or healing.  Especially in the Mugen field, Mugen Souls variation on the item world, you don't have to worry about running out of SP.
Ship to Ship Combat - C Irritatingly easy.  It's supposed to be rock/paper/scissors instead the AI isn't that smart.  This could have been a really cool system but it really comes down to spamming one attack until the other ship dies.
Interface - D First of all load times are Insanely long, way to long, no excuse to long.  In combat you have the special attacks turned off and it still takes 10 seconds of loading before attacking.  It speeds up as combat progresses but still what the hell.  Entering the town will take over a minute.  
Other issue with the 20 plus characters you can't compare items with worn items before buying in the shopping market its irritating and a standard from 10 years ago.

I have yet to see the true end still need 2% of my charm level.  But I am still playing did see the normal ending already.  Yes, I will repeat I have been playing for over 2 weeks now which is a good sign and why the rating.  Most of the stuff above is negative because that's the type of person I am but there is a lot of good and if you like this style of game I highly recommend checking it out.


Joshiraku B+

It's obviously based off a 4-com.  But it funny all the same and you get a good tour of Tokyo at the same time.  Plot wise... there isn't one it's based off a 4-com after all.  Some of the jokes are excellent and some just don't hit but then again that might be just no translating over to English and keeping the joke.  The girls though are well defined which is the key for this type of show.  If you liked Azumanga or K-on you might like this the main bonus is there not in highschool but actually at a job.


Haiyoru! Nyaruani C-

Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying, Annoying!

Can I leave that as the review...  The harem is Annoying, the trap is the only one of the harem that isn't annoying... THE TRAP!  The plot arcs are Annoying.   It doesn't rate a hated but it doesn't get above that.  Though the 5 minute mini anime were actually much more interesting then the full sized episodes... ANNOYING!


Persona 4 (including True Ending) B+

So a few things one... I only got about 60% through the game and have always regretted not finishing it.  It's been on my too do list for years now.  I still have it and the PS2 just waiting.  Second the reason I am only now watching the anime is because I was going to buy the blu-rays... but there DUBBED ONLY!  WTF???  You all just lost my money.

It's good, it feels though that they copied and pasted the game into the anime almost line for line from what I remember this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  The animation is top of the line excellent.  Well worth watching, though the two I had marked as the criminal were... which was a bit disappointing.


Arcana Famiglia B

While this is obviously a reverse harem show.  That can be fine if there's a bit of action and the guys aren't annoying.  Arcana Famiglia doesn't do any other this and is actually a pretty solid anime.  The plot twists are nice and rather unexpected.  The main female character though is a bit to much shonen jump.  Well worth watching if you don't mind reverse harem.


Tari Tari - C

This show is a tale of two shows, the first half is just nothing it starts off with character development, loses who the main character is, switches to another character and then just uses up all your care for the show.  Then the second half appears and there is a bit of plot the story actually pulls together and its not that bad unfortunately its a bit too late.  There are much better coming of age stories out there.


Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita B+

The dieing bread, OMG, the dieing bread will not be eaten.  This show is off the wall but that is not a bad thing, a huge amount of fun.  The main character, who has no name, is a lazy sarcastic girl that you just have to love.   The fairies are also interesting and very consistent.  The show is set up in about 6 arcs, unfortunately arc 2 and 3 are just not that good, otherwise this would have been an A series, I'm getting tired of the Otaku culture stories...   It's probably still the highlight of all the anime I watched this week so don't hesitate go download it.  Hell I will even through in the link.

Down load


Not as much anime this time around, as I am still beating on Mugen Souls.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Head Banging and Personal Screen

Two days and that is all I have to show.  I'm pretty much frustrated beyond belief.  Do to certain internet issues after the new install in my building I haven't really been able to work on it.  Hopefully after vacation this will be resolved but don't expect anything from me for the next week or so.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Posts where?

Internet hell has left me with a bit of trouble blogging.  My building was supposed to go fiber but that got delayed for a few minutes and they cut my cable so stuck with this crappy new cable from dish.  Add that to a day completely down, a day the modem just got "unplugged" and a day my computer decided to lock up... Nothing has happened so there are no posts.  But I am enjoying both Mugen Souls and Torchlight II.  Vacation in 2 days.