Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lazy Day - Stats

Stats for this months Daisy_Strike's SDK.

I find stuff like this facinating. First off to all you followers of the mac, your only 1% of my audience, stop trying to put on airs. (Though they are beating out Linux.)

Firefox be just killing IE.

Country wise, I am a little shocked by how many German's follow the site. Beating out everyone but USA. I would think that English speaking countries would have a stronger representation. Since the game is in English. I don't know it's just really interesting. I'm definitely hoping for translation support becoming easier and making it easier for non-English speakers.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to the tester

So after re-writing items almost completely I began re-writing them again. The version I was working with was a simple array of item name's as strings. This worked really well but for one thing that doesn't give quantity. The big advantage was array.push(item_name); and that was the entire code.

But as has been a gripe for a while is milk creating tons of milk and I needed to figure out a way to also to have ammo. So I changed the simple array of strings to an array of classes. The advantage of that is obvious you can have more then one property in a nice set up for arrays. You lose the easy push though and have to use a constructor. Oh well. On the other hand you know who has made an item and feed your milk cow her own milk if your a pervert... like me.

The actual stacking mechanic is still not working as it requires a pop up, which is proving to be interesting work as a class. But I'm working on it. Though tonight is officially a lazy day... we shall see though.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Furniture Done - On to Player and Assistant

Got Furniture done, player is about done just got to do un-equip and points. Assistant will fall fast it uses the same engine. That only leaves girls, not sure if I will get to them tonight or not. I'm thinking of renaming all the combat variables (hp, sp, lp) to make them universal for girls, assistants, players to make stuff easier in the long run. Right now there asHP, girlHP,charHP and this is making it a pain in my rear to make universal changes.

You know just a fun day... and I have been wondering this for a while but who wares clothes on just the elbow?


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Furniture Update Day 1

So broke furniture while trying to update it. Not really that surprising it has one of the most complicated drag and drops. Drag from Player Items to Furniture, Furniture to Player Items and Furniture to Furniture. Oh well finished tonight.

I can't believe no one noticed that I had forgotten finger rings also added an armor slot for combat.

nipple left
nipple right
ear left
ear right
ring left
ring right
other left
other right

Not sure how these will position out on the girl screen.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Sorting + Integration = Pound Head

Another 6 pack of sorts. Value sorting now added since it was suggested in the comments.

One of the coolest things of the new sorting system is that I can set a default sort upon entering a screen. So if you go into the tattoo shop, it defaults sorts tattoo plans. If you go into the blacksmith it default sorts locking items. Drops player confusion level by quite a bit. Though the combo box is still there so if the player wants to see everything he/she/it can.

Still working on the integration, of the sorting last night in the shops didn't quite get it perfect, but I think will get it done in an hour or so tonight. Then will start working on furniture I think.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


The new arrangement of items using Omega's idea of worn transitional sorting. How does that look to everyone. It was also mentioned on the boards what are the new slots, so in order from left to right...
nipple left
nipple right
ear left
ear right
other left
other right

Working last night on a sorting class.

The sorting works still need to do multiple pages though. IE if over 20 items but less then 40, if between 40-60, if over 40 but less then 60, etc. Just a bunch of math will have it up and running tonight I think. Are there any sorting that people want that I am forgetting?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It was brought up in one of the comments about how sets are going to work. First a definition, a set is a group of clothes that when worn together will give a bonus. How I am going to get this to work is in 2 parts.

The first is the actual item which will have a tag (set = "cow"), that's it.

The second part will be a separate xml that parses in the sets. I'm still a little shaky how this will work but most likely it will be a list of if, 1 item is worn in set, if 2 items in set is worn, if 3 items in set is worn, etc. Also it will have the ability to add effects if a threshold is met and to remove them. What that means is that if you have 4 parts of a cow set your girl might not lose lactation even when you don't milk her, or might get the milker bonus. ETC.

I also want to change items set colors in float overs and a few other things to make them stand out. As is my policy the player needs to know what stuff does or there is no point in it.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lazy Day

Another lazy day...
Just some notes that seem to be popping up. First of all release, soon, I want to do a stable release before Catherine comes out. I want a bugged version out by the end of next month. Items will take about another 2-3 weeks at the very least if everything keeps going smoothy. Then pushing, pushing, towards a release and stability. This is a pretty flexible time table.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Blacksmith upgrade part 2

Making every slot have the possibility to be lockable (except tattoo, weapon, shield). That way my lack of imagination won't stop item creators from making locking items, such as a bone corset that locks or latex stocking with locks... etc.

This may be the new lay out for items. I think the visual sorting seems to make a little sense. If anyone has a better visual sorting method for the images please share.

Thanks again to Flashnovice for the extended images again.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blacksmith upgrade part 1

So one of the things that people have been asking for quite a long time, you can now choose where to lock items on. Still adding some logic to it, and I want to add that if you click on the space the item goes to that will change the combo box. Sounds like some fun logic. Also the new extended items aren't added yet. Expect the screen to look a bit different tomorrow. And I need to fix the pink...


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slight Delays

So a slight delay last night. The blacksmith had a day of reprieve and I spent the day building an effect tester, will be useful when effects are parsed in later on.

Redcape has been working over time on the combat sprites. Tell me those don't look awesome. If you see Redcape give him a slap on the back for a job well done.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tattooist back up

Got the Tattooist up and running. Blacksmith, branding works, locking still needs love. Comes back to my old enemy the multi-slots. On the other hand it should be a lot easier now that slots are parsed in in an array. Look in this slot... its full, look in this slot... its full, look in this slot... its empty, not for long. Arrays make it a lot easier to do compares with little code.

I want to thank Flashnovice for new images to be used for the extended girl slots.

Items keep on haunting my dreams.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shops back up and running

Standard shops are back up and running. Buy/Sell works the same as before, float over now gives all the text. It's the same old stuff but still all the names are xml text rather then numbers. All the images are built on the fly. A lot less ram usage that way as before there was an array of images used to compare against the current array of items that was also an array of images. With 150 items already in the game, that was a 150 items just sitting in ram for comparison plus the dozens the player has. Much more efficient version.

Specially shops are still needing work (tattoo, blacksmith). Over all though making good progress.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Float and Items info updating

Float over and item information now being updated in the shops again. Another, but we already had that before. Correct, but now all that information is being handled in the Items class using an excellent do it once and never do it again system that can be used anywhere in otherworld including other .swfs. And its just plain fun to play with. Hoping to have shops done tonight and can move onto the character screens.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Items Not As Broke

A long time ago, Flashnovice and I got into a conversation about Taiyaki needing to be in the game as an item... Lets do that in about 3 minutes.

First I need Flashnovice's Image:

Copy and paste some xml, maybe make a few mods...

And now the cafe is selling it...

Wow that was rather too easy. And that's all that is required to add items into the game now. Still got a lot of changing code to the new system to get it working for everything, but come on how cool is that. Also the items images are all made on the fly and everything does is referenced by a name not a number.

Ha! made it before midnight.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Sort of Broke Otherworld...

Started playing with adding xml items to the game and really broke Otherworld. Not that surprising. But holding off uploading it to the SVN for obvious reasons. Still trying to get it not to throw unrelated to anything errors. I think thats a pretty good goal. Or at least get the errors below 100 so I can see them all at once.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 Year Aniversary of Otherworld

So we have finally reached the one year anniversary of Otherworld. Its hard to go over everything that has changed but thought a few should get a before and after.

What a difference a year can make... How many of you remember the original title screen?

The original character screen vs the one were used to.

The original auction vs the one we're all looking forward to.

Whew... one year. Did I ever say that my original goal was to be done by last Christmas. I'm shooting for Christmas again but this time as a completely expandable project to hand over to the community. And take a back seat role from then on.

I guess I should thank people... but lets face it there are probably over a hundred now that have helped with this little crazy project. But I have tried my absolute best to keep a list.

Editors:docclox, Flagnine, flashnovice, lynn1, Mertius, slackerfuu, swordwind, Zincat

Writers:ctwo, dcb42, docclox, Edthere,
Firesflair, Flagnine1, Kitelse, spicypanda, tf, Toast

Coding:compuscribe, docclox, zenzou, flashnovice

Graphic Designers: Redcape, Flagnine1, Zero_Profile

Slaves: Sakura, Yourichi, and Askua created by Lonewolf. Saber created by Swordwind. Haruhi created by Flagnine1.
Rena created by Ryrain. Horo, Ranka, Mikuru, Lala, Mari, and Yoko created by RedCape

Bug Finders:akaisama, bighawk, bloodly, b00marrows, boredgamer, capontx, compuscribe, crocky, ctwo, daeworn, darkbringer, darkfiretim, deadlyshadow, docclox, ebuild, equincox, firesflair, flagnine1, flashnovice, flobby, ghost, hakker, ieraceu, inudemon, james, kawen, kenki, lonewolf, mbscout, mertius, milkyboon, missinglynx, molenir, nanosh, nerio, NuMysterio, porridge, pushtomorrow, ryrain, scythless, shosi, slackerfuu, slate, sotf, swordwind, tantor, tf, utinil, virath, yak300, zenzou, zero_profile

And sadly I'm sure I'm missing people. If you're not here and should be please send me a tell.

Still so much to do, it feels like every time we get a bit done, we just have to rebuild to to make it better. Nothing wrong with that. Its an active project, and that's mainly because of you guys.


Saturday, May 14, 2011


A bit under the weather so getting nothing done. But Flashnovice has put together this rather nice Urd so I thought I would share.

I also wanted to thank Dancecat for xmling all the items. That was a large tedious project. Thank you.

Have a good day,


Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah! Misssed an update?!?!

First off apologies I missed an update... I blame the fact that blogger was down.

Second off we're about 3 days from the one year anniversary of Otherworld. As far as I can tell may 15th was when Otherworld got the name and was officially announced rather then just a bunch of test programs.

And so whats going on... Using Docclox rather brilliant pallet system, I have combat and exploration running in the same program to make testing going back and forth between the two possible. And it works. Passing information between the two is probably one of the most important things as combat and exploration are going to be clicking back and forth rather constantly in a final version. Not really that surprising. As you can see though I have been tearing code out of the combat, trying to hmm... see if I can break it. Almost ready to start trying to add in Redcape's sprites. As you can probably tell their is still a ton of work to be done, and then there's xml parsing that the attack tester was doing that has to be added... oh and updating the attack tester with the new sprites... and... not something that will be done any time soon. Also I want to rewrite the math all together for combat it just is to 1 shot.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sprites, sprites, sprites...

I just wanted to point out for those of you not following along Redcape has been working his rear off building an army of sprites. Like he is building his own Terracotta Army (I really got to stop watching PBS at work.)

Check it out.

Nothing else really going on.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New event frames by Docclox, Middleman by Irrbloss

Docclox has put together an example of the new frame Displayer. To allow for easy multiple people on screen. A picture is worth a thousand words but an example is worth everything...


Not to be outdone Irrbloss has build a little java program that lets you select what girls you want to bring into the game and edits the xml Master list with out doing more then selecting check marks. How cool is that. Especially with 20+ girls now.

Also Irrbloss has been promoted to "Text Editor and Chief". Basically a job he was already doing with a title now.

Lots of interesting stuff going on... I'm starting to think this release might be really cool.


Monday, May 9, 2011

slowly but oh so slowly effects

Still working on class based parsed in effects. Now get to implement it back into combat. Slowly but steadily getting to the point where I can bring the two together. Having the exact same system in both that doesn't require the actual otherworld game to be running is definitely something I want.

Still looking for volunteers to xml in items. No coding required. Will be around chat for the next couple days.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paranoia Level High

A bit of crap going on at work so I'm not getting quite as much done as normal. Also up for a raise in a week and really don't want management to have any reasons. So don't expect that much out of me for the next few days.

Worked last night on items spawning effects. Did not get it finished. But the interface portion and adding the effect was working just didn't get the actual effect part of the effect working. Still pretty interesting fun. If you remember last time the only thing items do is either add an effect or remove an effect. I'm parsing in the effects just like items and then they will be called based upon time just like before. Still not quite sure how effects will work in combat.... Oh well more stuff to do.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Looking for help

Looking to change all the current items and board items (stuff in the suggestion box) into xml, and I would rather be working on the xml effect system then actually be changing these over. So I'm asking for help, anyone interested head over to chat. And I will assign you a block. Also will soon be transferring effects over as well. So plenty of grunt work for those interested.

I think everyone will really like being able to add items on the fly to the game, just got to add a pic and effects. Gives infinite customization, with no programming.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Title Screen Poll

Docclox and Tyrranus have put together a new loading screen. Go vote for the one that you like on the website.



Still working on a new class based, xml parsed system. Its going pretty good and rather entertaining. Nothing really to show.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Item Stuff

Been working on an xml item system. One of the reasons I probably won't have the explorer in the next update. It's using a new item system as a test, that will probably be the standard in the version after this. Basically, items are being moved to XML, which means that if you want to add an item and share it with the community should take you about 10mins... give or take how fast you are at making images. Obviously that is a bit of a divergence from the current version, so I'm small testing it and building it around classes, which means I can test it in pieces like the explorer and combat. And it seems to be working so far. Can Drag and Drop, float text, the usual stuff.

In other words playing around with stuff that won't be in this release.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Status updates

Auction - is getting there, mainly done. Docclox just fixing bugs that have popped up.

Paperdoll - is still only done in test modes needs to be integrated.

Explorer - is working but with out combat integration. Also needs some tie in out. I won't hold up the release for it though.

Combat - needs more love, I won't hold up the release for it.

I think we are looking at mid to end month for a bugged. May not have all the features that are being worked on but will be something.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Explorer - Overlay - Tutorial

Overlays don't really fall into the Dungeon->Map->Square rules because, they do nothing. Instead they just float above the maps and allow for large overlays on the screen. They also allow small overlays such as monsters to appear on a single tile above the tile.

Example for Teresa:

info = "Teresa"
x = "7"
y = "8"
scalex = "1"
scaley = "1"
file = "tile/TeresaSprite.png"

Example for a large overlay (Pond):

info = "pond"
x = "1"
y = "6"
scalex = "4"
scaley = "4"
file = "tile/pondOverlay.jpg"

I want to point out that large overlays float above the map they don't look at the tiles underneath it so a person can walk on water if your not careful. Remember you can use the square commands to force the ground to be walls even on recursions but there may not be a path home.

x - the left right start top square is 0

y - the up down start top square is 0

scalex - how large the item is, left right, in TILES defaults to 1

scaley - how large the item is, up down, in TILES defaults to 1

file - where the overlay is

info - stuff to identify the overlay not brought in

Overlays should be used cautiously but allow for some large items to be added with out spending a week trying to do it all with tiles. A fun little extra though...


Monday, May 2, 2011

Explorer - Square - Tutorial

Squares are the highest priority of the Dungeon->Map->Square. Basically squares allow you to do specific events at a specific point on a map. They are still in development so some things may change.

x - the spot on the map left and right starts at 0

y - the spot on the map up and down starts at 0

type - the most import command and required this tells the game what type of square event to trigger so far
type = "exit" - another exit out
type = "treasure" - a treasure doesn't have to be a chest
type = "event" - still working on it
type = "enemy" - force an enemy attack
type = "trap" - a trap

lootNumber - loot by its number unlike previous this is not a random list but a specific loot

lootName - loot by its name unlike previous this is not a random list but a specific loot

lootRand - use the maps or dungeons loot table

startTile - this forces a tile in a specific spot. This allows you to even in random maps and specific tiles where you want them. Be careful the recursion doesn't check it

changeTile - If an event happens change the tile to this

eventer - force an event does nothing right now

next - floor to go to when stepping here

search - search required to trigger?

end - is this a stair case that goes up?


Enemy - Acts just like the previous enemy versions for map and dungeon.

I'm still really working on this system and a lot of the events aren't quite working yet but it should be the standard.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Explorer - Map - Tutorial

Maps are the second tier in the three tier Dungeon->Maps->Square. Which means that a map can overwrite all the general setting set by the Dungeon. There are also a few specific things that are required for a Maps to work. Easiest way to do this is once again just look at the XML variables.

info - The name of the level... it is displayed under the map name.

width - Number of tiles left and right defaults to dungeon if not set

height - Number of tiles up and down defaults to dungeon if not set

random - IMPORTANT - true = random map (recursion) - False you have to add your own map

floor - The actual floor you are on. Starts with 0.

startx - starting X (top tile is 0,0) tile of the player. Default is 1.

starty - starting Y (top tile is 0,0) tile of the player. Default is 1.

endx - end X (top tile is 0,0) tile of the player. Default is set by the game if random or needs to be hard set if not random.

endy - end Y (top tile is 0,0) tile of the player. Default is set by the game if random or needs to be hard set if not random.

tiles - if you turned random false this is where you put the list of tiles comma separated. "-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,3,1,1,4,-1,1,1,1,-1,1,-1,-1,1," etc.

exchange - if a tile changes, change to this type used for treasure chests right now.

scale - height and width of the tiles. Defaults to Dungeon which defaults to 38.

next - The next floor after this one.

previous - The floor before this one.

treasureodd - Odds of a treasure chest in a random map default is 1/25

trapodd - Odds of a trap in a random map default is 1/25

enemysafe - number of safe moves after an enemy encounter defaults up to dungeon setting

enemyrandom - random chance of getting enemy attacks after the enemysafe

The following can be added multiple times:

Square - will be talked about tomorrow.

tile - type - number. The tiles that are added to the dungeon. This is basically a list of all the tiles that are displayed normally. The game knows if there walls or not. So make sure though that you had at least one negative and one positive item. Though you can add as many of each type as you want.

enemy - acts the exact same as dungeon level enemies but they supersede dungeon level and are map specific.

overlay - will be talked about later. Large items on the screen.

loot - acts the exact same as dungeon level loot but they supersede dungeon level and are map specific.