Friday, May 27, 2011

Sorting + Integration = Pound Head

Another 6 pack of sorts. Value sorting now added since it was suggested in the comments.

One of the coolest things of the new sorting system is that I can set a default sort upon entering a screen. So if you go into the tattoo shop, it defaults sorts tattoo plans. If you go into the blacksmith it default sorts locking items. Drops player confusion level by quite a bit. Though the combo box is still there so if the player wants to see everything he/she/it can.

Still working on the integration, of the sorting last night in the shops didn't quite get it perfect, but I think will get it done in an hour or so tonight. Then will start working on furniture I think.



  1. Sorry if it is a bit late, but I just noticed that you are missing the elbow in your list.

  2. This all looking very good. I just like to pass on my thanks for all those involved.