Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 Year Aniversary of Otherworld

So we have finally reached the one year anniversary of Otherworld. Its hard to go over everything that has changed but thought a few should get a before and after.

What a difference a year can make... How many of you remember the original title screen?

The original character screen vs the one were used to.

The original auction vs the one we're all looking forward to.

Whew... one year. Did I ever say that my original goal was to be done by last Christmas. I'm shooting for Christmas again but this time as a completely expandable project to hand over to the community. And take a back seat role from then on.

I guess I should thank people... but lets face it there are probably over a hundred now that have helped with this little crazy project. But I have tried my absolute best to keep a list.

Editors:docclox, Flagnine, flashnovice, lynn1, Mertius, slackerfuu, swordwind, Zincat

Writers:ctwo, dcb42, docclox, Edthere,
Firesflair, Flagnine1, Kitelse, spicypanda, tf, Toast

Coding:compuscribe, docclox, zenzou, flashnovice

Graphic Designers: Redcape, Flagnine1, Zero_Profile

Slaves: Sakura, Yourichi, and Askua created by Lonewolf. Saber created by Swordwind. Haruhi created by Flagnine1.
Rena created by Ryrain. Horo, Ranka, Mikuru, Lala, Mari, and Yoko created by RedCape

Bug Finders:akaisama, bighawk, bloodly, b00marrows, boredgamer, capontx, compuscribe, crocky, ctwo, daeworn, darkbringer, darkfiretim, deadlyshadow, docclox, ebuild, equincox, firesflair, flagnine1, flashnovice, flobby, ghost, hakker, ieraceu, inudemon, james, kawen, kenki, lonewolf, mbscout, mertius, milkyboon, missinglynx, molenir, nanosh, nerio, NuMysterio, porridge, pushtomorrow, ryrain, scythless, shosi, slackerfuu, slate, sotf, swordwind, tantor, tf, utinil, virath, yak300, zenzou, zero_profile

And sadly I'm sure I'm missing people. If you're not here and should be please send me a tell.

Still so much to do, it feels like every time we get a bit done, we just have to rebuild to to make it better. Nothing wrong with that. Its an active project, and that's mainly because of you guys.



  1. Congrats on 1 year! I hope it's still getting better this time next year.

    Also, when is a stable version coming out? I'm SVN retarded. :D

  2. Félicitations! Merci de votre travail

  3. wow, its sure in a blink of eye, go for it, bigger n bigger~

  4. before you brag about, it was necessary to lay out version of the game with this (3 comparison), in February of this not to be seen.

  5. Congratulations. I hope to see many more of these to come.