Monday, May 2, 2011

Explorer - Square - Tutorial

Squares are the highest priority of the Dungeon->Map->Square. Basically squares allow you to do specific events at a specific point on a map. They are still in development so some things may change.

x - the spot on the map left and right starts at 0

y - the spot on the map up and down starts at 0

type - the most import command and required this tells the game what type of square event to trigger so far
type = "exit" - another exit out
type = "treasure" - a treasure doesn't have to be a chest
type = "event" - still working on it
type = "enemy" - force an enemy attack
type = "trap" - a trap

lootNumber - loot by its number unlike previous this is not a random list but a specific loot

lootName - loot by its name unlike previous this is not a random list but a specific loot

lootRand - use the maps or dungeons loot table

startTile - this forces a tile in a specific spot. This allows you to even in random maps and specific tiles where you want them. Be careful the recursion doesn't check it

changeTile - If an event happens change the tile to this

eventer - force an event does nothing right now

next - floor to go to when stepping here

search - search required to trigger?

end - is this a stair case that goes up?


Enemy - Acts just like the previous enemy versions for map and dungeon.

I'm still really working on this system and a lot of the events aren't quite working yet but it should be the standard.


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