Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lazy Day

Cmacleod42 (Slave Maker) tossed Otherworld a shout out on his blog and so I am returning the favor. Go check it out at:


Then again if you read this blog you have played slave maker I should think.

Not really much mroe to say today just taking a weekend off for once. Will catch you guys later.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Combat, even more dull, now enriched with vitamins

Got assistant attacks up and running, a way to give each assistant there own special attacks. SP removal is up and running. Started working on healing.

Goals for this week.

Exploration (Primary Goal)
-Build a stand alone program that will allow for the creation of maps.
Have looked into parsing and actionscript seems to support string to text recently will have to figure out a splice to array, convert the array to integers, display the map and then make sure that the text is still copy and pastable so it can be walked away with.

More Combat (other junk)
-More Special Attacks
-Interface for getting to arena
-Start up enemy creation

But I'm taking tonight off, so have a good one all.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Combat... I ran out of silly names

So got it set up that enemies push back the dead. It was a bit entertaining more with sprite positioning then the actual programming or math. Yay.......

Now on to something a bit more interesting if you haven't noticed finally getting specialty attacks in place and SP (which forever more will be refered to as Skill Points). The game is getting better and better at selecting attacks and adding more variations. Still need to add more math to select attacks and more attacks, more attack sprites. May also spend some time actually making some animated attack sprites if I feel like it.


Completely offtop I wanted to point out that Darkhorse is releasing Omnibuses of CLAMP classics like Chobits and Card Captor Sakura for about $20 you get a 1000 pages. I hated the Chobits anime, the manga though is poingnant about its main theme of human isolation through Technology. And well CCS is CCS, how could anyone not love having a 1000 pages at once, and CLAMP is just MUCH BETTER in manga then anime, none of the nomal slow down either anime seems to have chronic problems with. Go check them out, there worth it.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sakura and Combat

Lonewolf has created a Sakura (the one from Naruto if you counldn't tell). Will be in the next update. Please ignore the odd buttons my build is currently... flumoxed this will be fixed later on.

Speaking of the next update it probably won't be till January. Just too much stuff to try to get up and running to do it in one month. Expect though a few debug combat releases in a week or two as I have you guys pound it over and over.

Did more behavior on death. IF the front row dies you get an auto flip pushing the backrow forward, assuming there not dead too, and flip buttons do not appear when people are dead. Enemies do not target the dead. Enemies though need to have a similar system added to them... which is my next step most likely. Also playing more and more with the combat math.

wow that was a good wall of text for me.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Still combat.... surprised?

So after fighting it out with objects. A long painful fight at that. I still can't believe that you can't copy objects in flash, and have to premake a bunch of objects or they will all link to the same thing. An example would be helpful. I attack Mugi Zombie and hit for 10points. Every Mugi Zombie on the screen then lost 10 hps... GRRR... got it fixed in the end but drove me nuts for hours. The worse part was that this is how I actually did the girls, but I thought that hey I've been programming flash for 6 more months should be able to do it better now... nope.

So whats left with combat:

1)Remake combat formulas they are hitting extremely hard and the players keep losing badly.
2)More death logic. Players no longer attack when dead, enemies still do. Death should result in flipping and moving of enemies to the front... not yet.
3)Integration of combat attacks for slaves, enemy, and players.
4)More Combat attack effects, the only real UI upgrade still needed.
5)Items... Drag and drop, combat item array, combat items. Anyone feel like making a bunch of one shot combat expendable items, please do.
6)SP generation.

Item Suggestion Thread

Overall I feel that maybe a week or two before all the toys are in place. Not bad actually. Feeling a January release still possible.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Its thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving and I have family obligations.................. Catch you guys tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And we all fall... down

And everyone dies. HP/LP/SP smooting is all in place. Everyone and there clothes fall over and die.

Started a suggestion thread for what you guys think combat attacks for the different classes should be:

Combat Attack Suggestions

Flagnine1 has suggested this screen as the new lounge. And I got to say rather nice, upgrading assistants and there AI is on my I REALLY WANT TO DO LIST, a long list. Go discuss it over here.

Screen Suggestions


As a side note and completely offtopic but near and dear to my heart. DesuDesu has started translating Ane-Inu 1-6. One of the two series on my super short list I wanted to see translated. YaY! Make me happy please and go donate for its finishing. Thanks to Clef for pointing it out.



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Combat Sitll Dull

Yep setting up hp loss and checks. See image above. That seems to all be working the kill functions are having a little trouble being added to actual game events rather then test modules. But I'm sure thats just an hour or so of playing with them. This is about the end of the actual basic UI and system before we get to actual implementation of the combat. Some notes there is no mock up here it is completely intengrated with the main game. Thats why Aya(Menace) has 20 lust its what she is getting from the plug suit.

Disscusion of Combat System on Board


Still bored beyond belief UPS decided to take a holliday with 1" of snow in Portland and delayed my new toys. Really quitting with 1" of snow...

November 23, 2010 05:00:00 AM Portland OR US Delay in delivery due to weather or natural disaster

So bored... guess I'll keep playing with the game. Nothing better to do.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Same Old

Quite a bit of new stuff up and running on the display. Getting very close to Redcape's original design with some necessary modifications. And its completely integrated with the main game... Yay... I definitly have no life. Now that I finally got the hp UI and such in can finally start adding real combat rather then just tests.

Anyways I'm rambling.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Over Dude!

Got the death of sprites up and running. Not really that exciting.

Started work on combat math. Not going to post it all here again. But for those interested it is on the board please pick it apart going to need it to be balanced as much as possible before it actually starts up.

Combat Thread

I have decided to try something rather odd for actually programming of the special attacks.

attack1Cost:0, //mp cost
attack1Pic:0, //image displayed when hit takes place
attack1TypeofTarget:0, //0 = enemy, 1 = freindly, 2 = both, 3 = enemy front, 4 = enemy back
attack1DamageorHeal:true, //true = damage, false = heal
attack1Magic:false, //false = not magical use defense, true = use magic defense
attack1DamageModifier:1, //modifier to basic attack %
attack1DamageHitRate:1, //modifier to hit rate 999 allways hits %
attack1StatModifer:0,//stat buffed
attack1StatHowModified:0, //how stat is buffed
attack1EffectPercentage:0, //odds of an effect happening
attack1Effect:0, //type of effect
attack1Elemental:0, //0 = none, 1 = fire, 2 = water, 3 = earth, 4 = air, 5 = light, 6 = dark
attack1Special:0, //0 = none, else anything not covered
attack1PowerAffectedbyStat:false, //class stat affects the attack? This is the stat listed at attack1StatRequiredType
attack1StatRequired:0, //is a class stat required to become available
attack1StatRequiredType:0, //stat that is required
attack1StatRequiredNumber:0, //stat level required

Thats right doing them all as variable objects. I'm thinking that will mean a lot less programming in the long run and a lot less if statments and code should we ever get more then about 10 classes. Will make it also easier to update and change special attacks. But we shall see if it works.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moved Combat to Main SWF and The Numbers Game

Okay so moved the combat from the little test .swf into the big otherworld.swf. Well actually was hoping to import it in... that didn't work well, at all. After about 3 hours of trying I just gave up on it. The main issues the sprite creation wouldn't work on a remote .swf. Needed to have a multiple same enemies and girls. Also couldn't index on a remote .swf. The combat has 4 layers going at once background, path, sprites, combat effect. They all have to be in the right order or stuff is not seen. So combat is in the main .swf... yea.

You'll note some minor changes to the layout that I made again. Next up item adding, drag and drop on the player or enemy you want to give the item. Special attacks, thinking an object array for these. Still a long way to go before even ready to do the combat math.


The Numbers Game

MF MU Total
November(so far) 1003 835 1838
October 1585 940 2525
September 818 494 1312

(Counting only official Releases)
Broke 25 hundred for last months release and looking good for this months as well. I'm also killing the september and october d/ls not sure why they are still up to begin with.

Have a good weekend,


Friday, November 19, 2010


Updated the combat interface again. Starting to think that the text window might be extraneous in a final version. Most of the targeting seems to be working. Hotkeys are in place. Item menu is up in place, will have to add the game item array to go to the next part.
Combat Thread on the Board


J-list Mugi Onahole

In the Even I can't beleive it, from Japan list. How about a Mugi-Onahole, if you don't know what that is go ask your mommy. J-list has them up for sale, and while tempted I resisted and only bought a nice calander for work. It's hard to find a good work calender, needs to be not risque, but worth viewing. Anyways... they also had a Mio...

J-list Pixiv Calander


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Source November

Open source for Novemeber is up... downloads are to the left.

I made a stupid mistake and forgot to bring the current combat build to work last night. So instead played with exploration.

Item chest removing and rebuilding the dungeon is up and running. Going to other levels is now counting. Started work on the item screen pop up that will be for combat and exploration screens. Overall a slow night.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Working on targetting selection, with memory. That works. Still havent actually got the attacks to the different locations up. Which means I would have posted up and example but everyone would have pointed that out and then I would have gotten irritated. Better for all of us just to do a screen cap.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Combat UI tests

Princess Formal Dress...

More testing out UI peices for the combat screen.

Flip actually flips the position in the array not just the picture. Rather happy with that will need different buttons for it later on to make pretty.

The sprites now run through one simple positioning function.

function placeSprites(sprite, spot:int, indexSpot:int, xOffset:int, yOffset:int):void
//sprite = the pushed in object
//spot the girl spot 0-3, 4 summons, 5-12 enemyies
//indexSpot = child index
//xOffset x difference, yOffset y difference

placeSprites(SpriteArray[0], 0, 3,0,0);
placeSprites(combatSelectArrow, 0, 25, 20, -30);
placeSprites(combatDamageHit, 0, 25, 0, 0);
placeSprites(combatDamageFloat, 0, 25, 0, -30);

All those appear around the first character slot, damage, select arrow, hit animation, but then can be moved immediately over to the enemy by just slightly changing the function

Same Items now affecting the enemies

placeSprites(combatSelectArrow, 5, 25, 5, -30);
placeSprites(combatDamageHit, 5, 25, -10, 0);
placeSprites(combatDamageFloat, 5, 25, 40, -30);

All using the same function for positioning... which is very nice if I have to move one of the main player or enemy sprites.

Starting to work towards a system go take a look at this thread for details

Combat on the board

Expect this to be the main thing talked about for the next month or so. Going for a reasonbly good combat system and its going to take a while.


Monday, November 15, 2010

November Official Version:

New Quest Turn in Pop up!
2 New Quests(Realtors Twins, Lace and Mew's Maid)
1 New Class(Cow Girl Tier 2)
3 New Jobs(Milking, Painful Lockdown, Erotic Lockdown)
50+ New Items(Just tons of new stuff)
1 New Slave Yoruichi
2+ working new effects(Yes there are a ton that were added but not working)
2 New Rooms(Dungeon, Milking Parlor)






Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well I got all the bugs again, I think, but 1 last night. So hopeing for a release tomorrow. A little worried about indexing of the slide show again as I had to play with it and the main screen to make sure everything was underneith it. But other then that seems rather smooth less bugs each time. Rather pissed at that saving and loading bug I fixed it... but the fix shouldn't have worked. And spent at least 2 hours to find and resolve it. Release tomorrow...


Updated the text thanks to all the editors.
bug - Forgive my nit-picking here, but the Phantom-of-the-Opera mask occupies the "head" slot, rather than the "mask" slot. - fixed
bug - On character screen, if you mouse over a Welfare stat (Happy, Sanity, or Health) the pop-up description will also appear on the line overwriting the Name of the slave. - issue with the quest listerners not being remove after leaving the quest screen - fixed
bug - quest screen some of the current quest is cut and completed quests - fixed
bug - Eating a mint leaf has no effect on Sanity. Is it supposed to lower the value? - cures insanity and now raises sanity a tad
bug - Got a Haruhi archetype after day 200. Lesbian, Combat, and I Screwed Up...- some slaves hadn't been updated with the new maid numbering for arch that is fixed - haruhi though wasnt one of them - checked auction it looked fine
bug - If I sell off a few branded slaves, I end up with brand objects cluttering up the inventory. I'd expect these to disappear if not in use. - fixed
bug - so completed all 4 quests and the cats paw quest is not appearing. - oddly it was looking for a variable that doesn't exist - fixed
bug - items are floating behind the quest turn in screen on cats paw thought they are locked - fixed
bug - A minor bug actually, the background when you work at the greens or guild hall is not displayed. - fixed but scared now other stuff will be hidden.. though nothing was in testing
reported - also when i turned in the girls for the real estate agent the pic did not appear in the turn in box. - seemed to be working for me got the girls were appear as well as the agent - not sure what else could be hidden - unable to duplicate
suggestion - This is only an opinion but I think it's strange that you can go home from every district but can only go to the main street when you go to the town, the home button in temple and red light district should be taken off and you can only go home from the main street. - done - though this may depend on where your house is in later updates
reported - counting of pens + assistant needs to be in the warning message - done
bug - Yoruichi, in 6th room (Bottom) of Mansion, stat icons (Health/Happiness) show over text box during actions of other slaves. For Yoruichi's action, the buttons are correctly hidden behind the text, but are drawn in front of text for the actions of other slaves. - seriously I got this fixed but the labels were killing me - fixed but now the drunks in the alley way have disapeared again - reindexed the background - think fixed again
bug - Night Time Action, all 4 Master bedrooms filled -- The Mini-pic of the Slave in the 3rd Masterbedroom is still off center to the right. - wow it is just the night shift I have been trying to find this bug for months but could never figure out why it was so intermitten - fixed
bug - save/loading is broken, it can't be normal to receive this screen right after reloading...this screen is shown when I load and have no slaves (so it doesnt necesarilly happen at start up, but ), when I have some slaves when loading 2 slaves dissapear... and when I load again (even whithout resaving) other 2 slaves dissapear, and so on until there are no more slaves and then it shows that screen.- confirmed - i swear i am this close to just throwing away saving and loading - always cuts the number of girls in half for no known reason - found the problem - not happy with the solution but its working now - sorta fixed

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bugs - Exploration - Combat

So bug reports are rolling in nothing game breaking overall. The official release may be in the next day or two if nothing changes.

Now on to more interesting things.

The exploration test is finally up and working to a level that makes me smile. It allows for new random dungeons every time. But can also be used to make new preset rooms if that is what you want. Go give it a test drive on the boards and see if it has any major bugs.


A first look at the combat testing timing and the sequence of events using Redcapes combat screen. No actual combat involved but getting a better feel for timers and there events. Go give it a try at...


See what did I tell you bugs are boring.


Friday, November 12, 2010

November Bugged 2

Bugged version hotfix. A lot of new changes with text indexing to fix the issue with the previous lock up issue. Which has me a little concerned so doing another bugged release to make sure that every thing works before an official novemeber release. Thanks to all the debuggers.

This is a hot fix which means only the otherworld.swf file is included please put it in the previously downloaded novemeber late.

Down load links are to the left.


reported - Item descriptions for some rare items are missing effects. It's possible the items have vague descriptions intentionally, but it seems very odd to me that people face "great danger" for items with "miraculous magical properties" and sell them for tremendous prices without knowing what the magical properties are. (Or that someone would *pay* that much for something they have no idea about the function of.) - most of these arn't implemented
bug - - Not necessarily a bug, but I think Lace image position in the Cat Paw's trading is not right and obscuring the sold item grid. - fixed somewhat I need to find the original version or reclean it to really fix it
bug - Save/Load functions aren't working properly. It seems that the game keeps data from after I save to load from. (I tested this by saving, selling off all my girls, quitting without saving and then loading and found myself with no girls.) I also managed to break the load feature altogether, which in turn took away the New Game button. - the array is killed now and then rebuilt
bug - adding effects when loading crashed game... problem with the change of addeffect - fixed
bug - I think the new effects aren being saved when you do a savegame. Must test this further. - issue with the new addeffects modification fixed
bug - Something else I noticed is that if a girl has an effect and you use an item that gives another effect to that girl, it will overwrithe the first effect (tested by using the love potion on a girl, then using the lactation gem on the same girl). - think this is an interface issue. - fixed
reported - Second application of lactation gem does not increase the breast size. - works for me
bug - the dildo and kamasutra items both have the 'I screwed up! special text' after their description. still shows all the numbers and stuff though - fixed and fixed
bug - second application of lactation gem gives milked status but she can still be milked and makes the items. - this should be fixed with the interface thingy i hope - fixed
bug - Message box of Yoko's text is not displayed when you don't have enough money to tattoo in the tattoo parlor. - fixed
bug - There's no player items/equipment grid display in the cafe. - they don't want your crap - Sometimes A little time Cafe is empty (no item to be bought) if you save and then load your game - expected behavior to prevent save/loading repeat to refresh shops - but it wasn't refreshing on new days that is fixed
bug - milking does not give the milked effect. - fixed
reported - Having a slave clean the milking parlour counts as having her milked, it seems - unable to replicate
bug - I was having this problem as well. that quest is not recognizing that the girls are the same archtype. and in your screen it looks like its saying that at least one of them isn't a virgin. Interesting thing however: it won't let me add a second girl unless the first archetype matches. And I don't think it accepts non-virgins at all, although I haven't formally tested that. - fixed image issue but is now letting non virgins - fixed but made some modifications with checkforeffect that may have repricussions
bug - the ok button the the twin slaves turn in is not functioning properly there is a sweet spot along its edge that does complete the quest.- fixed
reported - did the sex skills (lesbian specifically) have icons? if so they aren't showing. in the icon changing screen. in the supervise your slave screen they do. (well masturbation doesn't, but not sure if that had an icon anyway) - no one ever made any
bug - walkthrough in char screen still doesn't automatically advance. - think its working fine now - fixed
bug - - When pimping your slave in the red light district and succesfully lure customer, pimp image is not displayed. (Isn't it supposed to display the PimpBackAlley image?)
bug - personal training up button is behind the hidetext, also repeat - seems to be fixed bit worried it may have broke indexing for everything
bug - Blowjob training doesn't show the picture - fixed
bug - some times milking shows other pics (lock down I believe) i think this is connected to the house in some way. - was fixed in previous version double checked - fixed
bug - also i don't think not milk effect is wearing off have milked her twice today and she is still claiming to be unmilked - fixed
bug - item popping up at the wrong time, i have a screen for it but contains nudity, she learned farm animal training and had an item for a latter test box in it. she did go on to make that item. - think fixed

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bugs and Exploration

Some bugs killed, a major re-indexing of text seems to fix all the lock ups. Text had been re-indexed to allow for the inline items. Instead that index was conflicing with older code that was indexing everything behind the transparency, that stops the player from touching the screen, locking the game. This has been fixed but the fix has had some interesting results, the old indexing can now float over the text and I have been fixing that.

You can only play with bugs so long, I got the collision to work on the exploration scene now and keyboard events to work. Also set the sizes as constants so making the actual exploration bigger or smaller is easy. One of the things I am really proud of is the collision. Basically set walls as 0 or below when numbering and positive if you can walk on it. So adding dozens hundreds even thousands of different tiles will be easy to set up collision.

Posting up a new version of the test program on the boards, for those interested.


bug - first up circut tattoo plans dont trigger tattoo event at the shop. - fixed
bug - going through the walkthrough, when you go to mainstreet the home button is clickable while she's talking. - fixed
reported - dunno if it matters, but in redlight district, everything but the futa palace was greyed out. I play as a female.- try checking at different times of day. there will be response to sex of characters events put in later on... some year -
bug - most if not all the tattoo plans have the 'this should never be seen' text - fixed
reported - you can drag the white box around. doesn't do anything, but still... - sure it does lets you put the player as the hall monitor and an assistant in the first master bedroom
bug - Was systematically visiting all the shops, and the game locked up at the carpenter's. It was on the first shift of the first day, and I hadn't purchased any girls yet. I'd already visited all the shops and bought the mansion.::Edit:: Managed to make it past the same place doing everything exactly the same, except that I started with a different assistant (catgirl rather than fairy), I bought a few different items from the shops (fairly certain I bought miso soup and an anal toy in the locked up game that I didn't buy in the one that worked), and I saved before going to the carpenter in the locked-up game whereas I didn't in the one that worked. - cant replicate
bug - piercing locks game - Game breaking bug: after piercing a slave in the jewelry store the town button didn't work anymore leaving me stuck in there.- fixed
reported - Clicking on a tattoo design in the girl information screen appears to consume the design. (I'm thinking it might be trying to *give* it to the girl, but the tattoo slot won't accept it that way, so it just disappears.) - unable to replicate
reindexed all text - who knows if it fixed stuff or made more issues
bug - character screen bug of lock up blank - fixed
bug - maid potion doesn't work since maid was updated to new number clicked on the present, text went back to normal, put it in slot 1: class: 'I screwed up! special text 0%', skills: 'I screwed up skill text' - fixed
bug - the game freezes during the sugars needle quest when you receive the needle. happened twice. - fixed
reported - also what is the trigger for the cat girl quest It's not popping up under the normal condition of second visit.- perhaps you should become more famous
bug - found the lace and mew quest problem: it's listed as completed in the quest book - hmm... i see it just don't believe it - false != true - fixed
bug - assistant is now ontop of text in main screen - fixed
bug - strap on training froze game - not anymore text indexing fixed it - fixed
bug - Another lock-up... this time when I took Menace out and ran into Anarista. - re-indexing fixed it - fixed
bug - Cerebro capsule and Sleeping pill picture is still the same (red capsule image). - fixed
bug - Eating marijuana results in crash (lol). - changed how the variables are set in addeffect... this wasn't updated - fixed
reported - Eating Chocolate cake decrease happiness. - works fine for me...
reported - Eating Cerebro capsule doesn't affect anything. (It seems effect haven't yet to be implemented). - correct

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exploration demo

So my version an exploration with redcapes back ground. This is just a test version I whipped up in about an hour and a half. Once I got the idea that the tiles are actually just arrays the rest fell pretty easily the actual game area is made up of 1s and 0 set walls and ground tiles. The actuall collision doesnt look for walls yet, just position, but I set it up to look for collision when i get around to it.

Go give it a try.

Board Explore Link


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Combat continued

Flagnine's proposed combat screen and very close to what I had in mind. Though I'll probably cheapen out and do a scrolling text screen for the initial versions as it will be easier to program then floating hit damage and status changes which will be in one of the late final versions. Though the large buttons seem rather distracting, not sure if theres a better solution but something to be kept in mind.

Redcape offers this for the actual exploration screen. I really like the backgrounds and sides, but the exploration is never going to look like that sorry but it would take years to program a map like that for me, and not very random those type of maps are predesigned zelda where everything is thought out and designed to force the players exactly where the programmers want you to go. Not something I think I can or want to do.

docclox variation I rather like the buttons, definitly a fan of the KISS method. Unfortunatly not sure if I'm a fan of putting the girls health there. My old FF love showing itself that HP/MP should be at the bottom.

Go check out all the variations on the board...

Board Link

Starting to make me itch towards building the combat system for at least an arena in game. Even if exploration is still a long way off. Don't be surprised if I start floating test math for the combat system on the boards in the next few days. I have an Ac of 6, my opponnet has thac0 of 8 and has rolled a 5, do he hit? Yah I don't remeber how to calculate thac0 in my head any more too... Those of you who don't know your lucky young people. Thinking though that there will be a leveling system for combat that acts like a multiplier to hp and combat skills. Won't matter unless the slave is a combat slave.

Enough Rambling, last day of vacation.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Some thoughts on Combat

So Combat.. one of the most requested features. To tell you the truth making a combat system is that tough. Sure I will probably need the help of about all the graphic designers on the board to make it look pretty. But the actual creation is rather just math and menus... simple.

The major problem is what comes next, an arena is easy. But the actual world exporation is the difficult part. I want it to be random dungeon exploration with 2 major dungeons (the green and the pit). And there are a few diferent versions that come to mind.

1) The tile system(I'm making these names up btw), where you click from room to room like Slavemaker and that futanari Miko game... which I can't for the life of me remeber. Advantages its the standard flash room exploration, real pain though to do random and its not very first person.

2) The first person shooter dungeon wall version. Go play a really early D&D game or Lightning Warrior Rady and you will get it. Basically lots of repeating walls that you arrow though, and in the end make me nauseous. All the walls look the same but easy to build hard to random.

3) 16 bit the world moves and you stand still. About any normal early final fantasy 16 bit when you move the world holds still. I have no idea really how to implement it. And building a random system would take a while.

4) Big room then another big room then another big room that you arrow through. Think, damn it what was the name of the game where you could be 4 classes and just advance room after room killing mobs and taking there keys, except with random combat in a seprate RPG Combat screen. Probably the one I'm leaning towards randoming it will be easy and easy to change the backgrounds.

No matter what this will be the time consuming part of combat, not the acutal combat system itself. And a dull boring exploration wil be a long dull boring exploration and no one wants that. So what do you guys think?


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rambling thoughts

Yah still spending time on vacation doing nothing. Finished off "Super Doll Licca-chan" for a show based to sell toys it wasn't bad for an 80s anime. But it definitly wasn't a "Hime-chan's Ribbon" or "Kodacha".

Lets see what else been thinking about moving releases to every two months with little test versions released a couple times on the blog for debugging. I feel lately that there just isn't enough content in each release. Any thoughts. Pizza's here... have a good one.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Offtopic~Paprika (Kon)

I finally got around to re-watching Paprika for the 3rd time after reading the book on his movies "The Illusionist", And just wanted to make a few comments about how much I love Satoshi Kon and was googling around for his next movie ("The Dream Machine") only to see that he passed away in August. To me Kon was always the best director in Japan, Hayao Miyazaki who is always held up as the best doesn't even hold a candle in comparison. But of course everyone here probably already knew about his death and find my late memoralizing dull.

Now I'm just depressed so I'll leave you with my favorite picture from Kon's movie.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Vacation - Main Screen Remake

Just a quick item that I think is worth checking out...

Suggestion Thread on Board

Redcape with his always good design sense as suggested this for the main screen.

The floating taskbar at the top looks really profesional... and I'm sure will end up being a huge disaster to implement do to layering, and I finally got everything to stop disapearing, it will probably be in the next update.

Docclox countered with,

I rather like the black backgrounds and the idea of only showing rooms that are currently owned. Anyways I'm going back to Resonace, but definitly leave a comment on the boards before the main screen gets rebuilt.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ooh lots of new bugs... and I'm on vacation

(First thing when chosing a vacation spot... does it have wi-fi.)

Lots of good bugs and great pounding by the debuggers. I'm a little confused on why everyone thinks that a cafe would want to buy you vibrator... Not a bug. Which I've been meaning to ask but do we want weight altering if you feed her sweets all day. Anyways best screenshot goes to docclox...

So many things wrong with that, i really want to know how he got it to happen.

After 4 days of pure Otherworld, I am on vacation playing an odd game called Resonace of Fate (PS3) with an odd variation of almost valkarie's combat system but harder. (I keep wanting to get in my tank and take out the damn snipers.) Also featuring the by far most complicated world map exploration I have ever seen and its playing havoc with my Hypochondria OCD.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Late Bugged

Well I finally got a new game to play! Yay! and I have been hitting otherworld hard for 4 days around the clock so its time for some actual vacation.

Whats New:

New Quest Turn in Pop up!
2 New Quests(Realtors Twins, Lace and Mew's Maid)
1 New Class(Cow Girl Tier 2)
3 New Jobs(Milking, Painful Lockdown, Erotic Lockdown)
50+ New Items(Just tons of new stuff)
1 New Slave Yoruichi
2+ working new effects(Yes there are a ton that were added but not working)
2 New Rooms(Dungeon, Milking Parlor)

I want to thank everyone on the boards who have been putting up with my crazy requests the last few days to help speed stuff up. You guys were great.

Since this is a bugged release would apreciate if you guys didn't share it, until a debugged release comes out.

Download links are to the left, also will put out a new script today as well on the boards.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Even More Stuff

Yay, baby labtop got her ram doubled and maxed out to 2gb. Hopefully that will fix a lot of the work ram issues. Fun times are had by all right now though just using it to catch up on "Mad Men" episodes as I work on otherworld.


Something new and interesting or crazy, in text items, with mouse over. So for a quest reward you can actually look at it and see if its worth while. Or if say your slave made some milk you can actually see it and the stats in the text. As always the max amount of UI as possible, to help out the user.


New rooms!!! Dungeon and Milking Parlor.

New jobs Milking, painful lockdown, erotic lockdown... I think those are self explanatory.

New effects unmilked1, unmilked2, unmilked3

New images... milking what a shock.


I just wanted to show off FlagNines suggestion for a trainer reputation screen:

This seems just about a perfect idea for atleast that screen... but suggestions are definitly welcome go leave your own comment on the boards.


Monday, November 1, 2010


Orihime in a China Dress, one of the original from the Orihime SM, but recleaned and relighted.


A small note Menace had a bug its been fixed. D\L links are to the left with the update. Basically you could train Menace forever if you never accepted the change to seduction route. This has been fixed, Cmacleod42 was a great help in finding the error and a truly great bug report by Kyzond.


So what did I get done yesterday:

Text that was edited is updated thanks to slackerfuu.
New class added cow girl. But need to add rooms and jobs for it.
New quest added Realtors Twins... I really need to name her.... as a matter of fact go here and suggest a name:


Pop up box will now turn red if the girl doesn't qualify the stats for the turn in.

Think that is a pretty good day but must of them need a little debugging the pop up has a crash bug that I finally figured out. The quest needs to be added to the quest window. And like I said cow girl needs a milking parlor, needs a not milked event, etc. So much to do so little time.

Just want to mention also that there is a rather good thread on the board as well for suggesting the trainer stats and equipment please give me your input I'm not that interested in a trainer compared to a slave so your thoughts will definitly help guide me.


Redcape has posted a new version of the character creation screen

Flagnine1 has posted a new character screen lay out too

I highly suggest to everyone to go over to the board and make some suggestions as we talk about these screens.