Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Even More Stuff

Yay, baby labtop got her ram doubled and maxed out to 2gb. Hopefully that will fix a lot of the work ram issues. Fun times are had by all right now though just using it to catch up on "Mad Men" episodes as I work on otherworld.


Something new and interesting or crazy, in text items, with mouse over. So for a quest reward you can actually look at it and see if its worth while. Or if say your slave made some milk you can actually see it and the stats in the text. As always the max amount of UI as possible, to help out the user.


New rooms!!! Dungeon and Milking Parlor.

New jobs Milking, painful lockdown, erotic lockdown... I think those are self explanatory.

New effects unmilked1, unmilked2, unmilked3

New images... milking what a shock.


I just wanted to show off FlagNines suggestion for a trainer reputation screen:

This seems just about a perfect idea for atleast that screen... but suggestions are definitly welcome go leave your own comment on the boards.



  1. This game is complete? If yes, where you can download / play it? And then on screen it is not worked out worse than slave maker, and in some aspects even better ...

  2. It is not complete, there is a looong way before it can be considered complete.

  3. Hi, first of all nice work Daisy, i love your game... When we can have the november release? i'm impatient to see all the new things from the october release *_*