Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Over Dude!

Got the death of sprites up and running. Not really that exciting.

Started work on combat math. Not going to post it all here again. But for those interested it is on the board please pick it apart going to need it to be balanced as much as possible before it actually starts up.

Combat Thread

I have decided to try something rather odd for actually programming of the special attacks.

attack1Cost:0, //mp cost
attack1Pic:0, //image displayed when hit takes place
attack1TypeofTarget:0, //0 = enemy, 1 = freindly, 2 = both, 3 = enemy front, 4 = enemy back
attack1DamageorHeal:true, //true = damage, false = heal
attack1Magic:false, //false = not magical use defense, true = use magic defense
attack1DamageModifier:1, //modifier to basic attack %
attack1DamageHitRate:1, //modifier to hit rate 999 allways hits %
attack1StatModifer:0,//stat buffed
attack1StatHowModified:0, //how stat is buffed
attack1EffectPercentage:0, //odds of an effect happening
attack1Effect:0, //type of effect
attack1Elemental:0, //0 = none, 1 = fire, 2 = water, 3 = earth, 4 = air, 5 = light, 6 = dark
attack1Special:0, //0 = none, else anything not covered
attack1PowerAffectedbyStat:false, //class stat affects the attack? This is the stat listed at attack1StatRequiredType
attack1StatRequired:0, //is a class stat required to become available
attack1StatRequiredType:0, //stat that is required
attack1StatRequiredNumber:0, //stat level required

Thats right doing them all as variable objects. I'm thinking that will mean a lot less programming in the long run and a lot less if statments and code should we ever get more then about 10 classes. Will make it also easier to update and change special attacks. But we shall see if it works.


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  1. Can change the design appearance of the battle, such as in a game Sengoku Rance (Rance7) / Civil War 7 ...
    There is a view view of their own and enemy characters instead used now ...