Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Combat UI tests

Princess Formal Dress...

More testing out UI peices for the combat screen.

Flip actually flips the position in the array not just the picture. Rather happy with that will need different buttons for it later on to make pretty.

The sprites now run through one simple positioning function.

function placeSprites(sprite, spot:int, indexSpot:int, xOffset:int, yOffset:int):void
//sprite = the pushed in object
//spot the girl spot 0-3, 4 summons, 5-12 enemyies
//indexSpot = child index
//xOffset x difference, yOffset y difference

placeSprites(SpriteArray[0], 0, 3,0,0);
placeSprites(combatSelectArrow, 0, 25, 20, -30);
placeSprites(combatDamageHit, 0, 25, 0, 0);
placeSprites(combatDamageFloat, 0, 25, 0, -30);

All those appear around the first character slot, damage, select arrow, hit animation, but then can be moved immediately over to the enemy by just slightly changing the function

Same Items now affecting the enemies

placeSprites(combatSelectArrow, 5, 25, 5, -30);
placeSprites(combatDamageHit, 5, 25, -10, 0);
placeSprites(combatDamageFloat, 5, 25, 40, -30);

All using the same function for positioning... which is very nice if I have to move one of the main player or enemy sprites.

Starting to work towards a system go take a look at this thread for details

Combat on the board

Expect this to be the main thing talked about for the next month or so. Going for a reasonbly good combat system and its going to take a while.


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