Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ooh lots of new bugs... and I'm on vacation

(First thing when chosing a vacation spot... does it have wi-fi.)

Lots of good bugs and great pounding by the debuggers. I'm a little confused on why everyone thinks that a cafe would want to buy you vibrator... Not a bug. Which I've been meaning to ask but do we want weight altering if you feed her sweets all day. Anyways best screenshot goes to docclox...

So many things wrong with that, i really want to know how he got it to happen.

After 4 days of pure Otherworld, I am on vacation playing an odd game called Resonace of Fate (PS3) with an odd variation of almost valkarie's combat system but harder. (I keep wanting to get in my tank and take out the damn snipers.) Also featuring the by far most complicated world map exploration I have ever seen and its playing havoc with my Hypochondria OCD.

1 comment:

  1. Lol I love that game, Stylish gunplay rules.
    Any way that guy's ran into some serious bugs...
    read your comment about it and I laughed so bad.