Thursday, June 30, 2011

Even more updating of girl screen

So more updating of the girls items, not really that surprising or thrilling. But got remove items done, got placement of items around the gap done (and then just noticed a bug with it right now) got multi slots somewhat done. Working on removing from specific slot if multiple items and that should be an easy finish tonight.

Thinking about re-starting eve, a lot of work buddies are playing it now. As MMORPGs go eve is about the most different from any I have ever played. Which is a good thing it has resisted the wow nerf bat. That has affected so many games now a days. Plus stuff blows up pretty.

Fighting pirates,


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Need to post something...

I got nothing.  Will work on girl items again tonight.  Once I get them done its the dolls and then hopefully a release.  I'm still hoping to release by the end of July... still hoping.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lots of Fun Stuff

A small change, thanks to FlashNovice for the help. Lets see if you guys can spot it!

(This image is unedited and from a non-h show. Lets see if you guys can figure out which one.)

So after spending way to much on new toys (new computer/phone) I've finally stopped the DVD/Blu-Ray purchasing for the moment ;_; So looking for recommendations of new anime series that may have been missed in the last two seasons. If anyone has a must watch list please share. (Only looking for completed series.)


Cmacleod42 has updated slavemaker and either its been a while since I played, or there has been a lot of new content and is well worth going and taking a look again. So many new slaves to play with, finally. Started to think about updating Mugi...

Slavemaker Blog


Monday, June 27, 2011

Another day, another GUI modify

Once again even more GUI stuff rather then actually really programming, though getting there. Items now appear on the right side if they are equipped (except for weapons,shield, armor, ammo, still working on that.) That's the simple click to equip and as you can probably tell, not removing items from the player items at the moment.

And back to lazy days I think.

Probably won't do anything tonight.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still Working on Layout

So still working on layout of the Interface upgrade. Just about got it done last night, a few tweeking and will start adding listeners and behavior. Basically drag and drop, quick click adding, positioning of the items on the girl, adding points to the girls, and the list goes on.

So much fun so little time,


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Item placement on the girl screen

So like I said I wouldn't get to it last night, then my internet sucked, and left me with nothing to do... here is the basic layout for girl items I am working with. My only real concern is that drag and drop has gone rather far apart. But in my opinion the girl should always be in the center, not leaving many options. You notice that the girl combat items are on the bottom. As I received numerous requests that combat items be separate from normal items. This is going to make some interesting logic in the long run...

Have a good one,


Friday, June 24, 2011

That stupid XML is done

Okay after delaying for a week and doing other stuff I finally got the xml parser for the assistants done. Yay. It probably made some bugs but I think I have the majority stamped out.

Only thing left now is the girls which should be easy since I have learned most of the tricks by now. Also have a image builder for girl items already re-build (built it for the blacksmith) so only have to position it. But there is still quite a bit of item spot collision to play with and some drag and drop probably at least a weeks worth of work.

Doubt I will start it up tonight.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assistant XML

Okay got off my rear and started on the assistant xml parsing. It's the first two tier parsing that I have done and still having a little trouble with it.

Parse in assistant names, which gets you the file names, and then parse in the individual files containing the individual assistant information. Seems simple enough I got the files names up and running last night and could see the information files being parse but then they were empty... Some modifications later and I lost the file names... Oh well more to do tonight if I get to it.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Test playing on phone


More Distractions

Got the bribery system fixed. Not that many bugs once I linked up the actually assistant text... I sort of forgot about it earlier. Oh well.


I got done playing with this little game earlier and have to say it starts slow but gets quite a bit more interesting as you go along.

Well worth giving it a try you will need a client that I have never heard of... get it here.

Have fun,


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


How people can survive working during the day amazes me. The sun, it be killing me.

So since I got nothing, how about a reasonable futa game?

Its ate a couple hours of my life and has lots or room for growth.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Assistant Equip Items working

So didn't do any xml last night. I was so dead tired that I was cleaning up my own bugs and what was a copy and paste of the player code took hours as I fixed stuff that should have been obvious.

Lazy day tonight as I try to get ready for working days this week. :( Will do the xml parser sooner or later and I still have to check that assistant bribery still works. I'm hoping thats just one more nights of stuff and then I can finally do the girls and start looking for obvious bugs before a release.

Expect a couple ninja releases in the next few weeks as I ask people to search for crash bugs only. This debug is looking to be epic and finding crashes will be the first level and then other bugs next.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Made the data files for the assistants last night. Didn't get the xml parser up but that's about the only thing left. At same time I fixed one of the largest bugs that had been irritating me for the past few months. The fact that people had disappeared from the game. Oddly the assistants loading gave the hint for the disappearing people. Docclox had build an excellent loader program to load up all the .fla files and then he made them .visible = false a very understandable thing. People was never turned back to true. It only took me a few months to figure out.


I have finally gone to the 20th century and broke down purchasing a cell phone. It met my major requirement the same price as a home phone, android, and unlimited web. Now if only I can figure out how to type of the stupid touch screen. That will hopefully mean though chat during the night at work with out being monitored by big brother.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Assistants again

That's actually the real text from the manga...

So assistants actually are going along much faster then I thought they would. I got the classes done last night. As for all there internal functions right now I'm just linking them back to the old external pic functions, because I don't want to spend a month on them. And the game isn't crashing though all the assistants are angels. No data in them... will work on the xml tonight probably.


So nice having a computer that compiles the game in 15-20s rather then over 2mins. Over all very happy with the new Laptop, was a little surprised it had a num pad, goes to show how observant I was, but thats a very nice feature once my hands figure out where it is :).

Another Saturday,


Friday, June 17, 2011

Started Assistants

First off I finished up the basic part of Combatant. I'm sure it will grow later on but for now its all about stat changes.

Once again on Paste Bin, cause it keeps formatting.

This though revealed a new problem, a rather spectacular one. Assistants are still the old version and haven't been pushed over to instance classes. I forgot that... So now I got to work on assistants. Which means everything gets pushed back at least a week. SOB. Tonight will probably just be xmling up the assistants.

As another little issue that slowing me down... next week I have training for 4 days, during the day, ugh. Which means nothing will get done for those days. (It also means I am scheduled for 12 days in a row... and gaining a 4th account that I am the only one who is trained for on my shift... Enough Complaining.) But that means push all times lines back at least 2 weeks if not more.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pounding my head against a target.

Okay so trying to use the extends class stuff. So it work perfect for assistants and girls. Unfortunatly not for player. Basically if everything works fine you get...


What you get for player though is


Because it was basically a static class... Which defeats the entire purpose. So after playing with it for a nice few hours I got a plan. I re-named the Player class to cPlayer and made the variable Player an instance of cPlayer. This created a few bugs most of them I fixed by every class that bugged out I added a new variable of Player and then assigned them at the start of the game... There has got to be a better way.

var Player:cPlayer = new cPlayer();
Girl.Player = Player;
GoodsScreen.Player = Player;
AuctionScreen.Player = Player;
StringExpander.Player = Player;
Bidding.Player = Player;
GameTables.Player = Player;
PictureList.Player = Player;

But hey it seems to be working. I'm sure I created bugs somewhere that I haven't found yet though. But now I can get...


From an extension class.

Sorry about the code stuff and I am sure someone is going to write in that this was a stupid idea but... oh well.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game Compiles and Seems to Work

So the game is compiling and seems to work. Not pretty but it seems to work. All thanks to Docclox. So many odd bugs that are going to have to be hunted down before we can even call it ready for debugging. But that's fine no crash is good.

Going to play with extends classes tonight and see if I can get it to work or just set them up as a normal class. Either way should be interesting.

Rance 2 is done... only around 6 hours. :( But the ending was awesome. Two thumbs up. So to stop the inevitable e-mails.

Wiki - I updated the walk through enough that everything should be doable until the person who was doing a detailed walk through catches up.

Thanks to Anonymous for d/l links

Rance Translation

Have a great one.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rance 2...

Thanks to everyone who posted ideas for the code. I think though AcidSerra has the code that I was looking for and knew was out there but for some reason I just couldn't wrap my mind about it. Thanks.

Compuscribe has suggested changing them all to extension classes which is a bit out of my comfort zone but actually makes a lot of sense. It does go against my KISS strategy. In which you really only need functions, if, while, input and output. But slowly people are converting me to complex code.


Now onto Rance 2, I was only able to make it to chapter 5 in one night. I want to give my thanks to the Rance Translation Team. A good solid translation, very smooth, and people sound correct. No bugs found.

The game play is pretty standard stuff the almost board game style navigation was surprising but is easy to understand. Combat is not especially tricky but the stamina systems stops it from being a one button pressing show. My main irritation is that the healing items become really irritating after a while as they only heal a tiny part and you have to go through 3 menus to use one, over and over. The H scenes are about what you expect from Rance, there, but not especially long or complicated. Not particularly usable as "Instructional Material".

Plot wise, I'm a bit pissed that Sil is cheating on Rance. He needs to train his slaves better. Other then that its not bad but its not great, and very linear that you have to find the obscure item a before you need to find obscure object 2. Rather old school gaming there.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Player Equipment

So I spent the last night trying to find a really good way to do stat changes and make them universal from girls to assistants to player. This will make combat a huge less of a pain in the ass. Its just I'm not really happy with the code it seems to have to much redundancy. What would have been fine a year ago feels instead way to bloated. So if anyone has a better way I'm going to post the code...

Though using paste bin since it keeps formatting and doesn't create ugly code. Thanks in advance.


To the anonymous who posted the 4 megaupload files thank you. It saves me from trying to download 36 hotfile files... Still don't have it working but hopefully tonight some time.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lots of little stuff

Furniture is now up and working, again. Yay. Player is about done, which brings us back to my original idea about a week ago of renaming all stats from girlHealth, assHealth, playerHealth to just health to make modifying them easier. The reasoning made sense to me a year ago not so much now and means a lot of redundant code especially in the combat system. So probably will fight that for the next day.


Offtopic stuff

Which reminds me I hate humans and got almost nothing done as my company keeps adding new accounts full of stupid people. Nothing like having to explain the same situation to the Grandmother, the Mom, and the Child, while the other person who works with me smiles happily because they don't deal with that account or 3 others of the new accounts. I'm starting to get seriously irritated and get much less done at work because of this.

I did break down last night and bought the new laptop.

The Rance translation team, has finished translating the second Rance game. *cough* if anyone has a link to download Rance 2 I would really like it. (Not the patch they have listed there).

Cmacleod over in Slave Maker country haws released a new slave Princess Daisy... So I'm declaring war on Slave Maker (not really). Please arm yourself and receive attack targets from your squad leaders.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Middleman Update

Irrbloss built up a new version of middleman that stops the princess from being de-selected. I just wanted to thank him for this great little program that lets everyone select just the slaves they want in the game with out even having to look at xml.

Have a great day,


Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks for the help.

Good days everyone. Not really a lazy day just, stuck in training at work so not getting anything done. (Except screwing my sleep cycle.) Docclox has reappeared from the darkness of the internet so I'm hoping beyond hope the display code will get fixed and we can finally start going towards a debug. Since that was the next thing that was needed to be tackled and I didn't want to touch it.


Thanks for all the suggestions and knowledge about laptops. After a lot of review I'm really leaning towards:

Which seems like the best features for the price, just can't seem to find a deal for it. Will keep trying.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Working on furniture

Okay so furniture is all working except for one bug that I can reproduce and still haven't found a reason for it. A bit of a head scratcher, and that usually means I start re-writing the functions. Which is the next thing it seems my code in the main game is just turning into a function calls. I guess that's a good thing but it sure is interesting code to read and debug.

Today and tomorrow will probably turn into lazy days since I have training at work rather then actual work/programming time. Yes I chose my job based on the amount of time I have for doing nothing but surfing the net.

So completely off topic, I'm thinking of replacing my 5 year old dell laptop with a new state of the art one. Mainly because its taking the damn thing two minutes to compile the main otherworld game now. And when your trying to debug a head scratcher two minutes to compile for a 10s change in code is starting to annoy. So I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for labtops out there.

I am looking for one with:
8gigs of ram or more
good fast processor I can't even figure out the new processors its like there renaming them to be slower I still expect a 486 to be next years model.
15"-15.4" Don't want smaller and don't want bigger I have to cart the thing to work every day.
Blu-Ray player DVD/CD Burner
Looking at the touch screens, but not sure if its worth the loss of HD quality.
No Integrated Vid Cards!!! at least a 512

Those are my main items... pricing it out at dell was $1200 but that's a bit pricey. I want to be in the grand range, should I be requiring any other features? And is there a better model or whatever out there open to suggestions. Though I'm pretty Loyal now to Dell Laptops I carted mine to work and back every day for 5 years and the only thing wrong with it is its getting a bit slow...


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Choose your favorite.

Should have furniture re-done tonight.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lazy Day - I got nothing

I got nothing so thought I would offer you guys a chance to make some adlibs for this rather entertaining pic.

Write your version below.

It's just a lazy day spending it watching E3 on G4 and watching "Nana".


Monday, June 6, 2011

Shops done, furniture not so much

Shops are done, including blacksmith and tattooist. Built a separate class for placing the girl items like I had already done with the player items. Something that I'm really impressed with is that these placing classes actually add the event listeners through the use of using variables pointing to functions. Very cool, not something I would have tried to do even 3 months ago.

The furniture screen is a pain in the ass again just like always. Mainly the issue is the producer not being able to be linked to the image version and having to be linked back in through the back door I created through the pointers to the array. Nothing impossible but the answer I had made earlier not quite working perfectly. So more new functions...


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shops about done (again)

I had to share this pic. Though why can't there be tsundere big breasted lolis? Why are they always crybabies?

So shops are just about done should get them finished tonight (again) and hopefully for the last time. Stacking is working inside the shops, it was actually the easiest part of the re-implementation. Fixing bugs of the string to class change was more of the head banger. Should get to furniture tonight and fingers crossed back to player and assistant. Hoping to be done with Items by the end of this week and polishing the piece of crap for a release after that.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yesterday's News, Today!

Okay what I wanted to show yesterday, but had a few technical issues. And not sure if I explained the issue well.

So I have an array of player items.

[apple object][apple object][beer object][beer object]etc

my [apple object] has

public class Item {
public var name:String; //name of the item a string
public var producer = []; // who created the item
public var number:int; //how many of them
public var IDNumber:int; //okay so this is a specific number for this item not used for much except
//for producer
public var IDArray; // a link to the array that this item is in.... used for producer again

[apple object].name == apple
[apple object].producer == [apple tree, apple tree, apple tree, apple tree]
[apple object].number == 4 //I have 4 apples stacked
[apple object].IDNumber == 26
[apple object].IDArray = Player.itemArray

We send my [apple object] over to the image builder and it makes an apple but got one problem. I can't add an array as a tag to an image. Not sure why but it did not like it. (this would still be an object as far as flash is concerned but) i'm going to call it [apple image] what I can do though is add the rest of the properties to my [apple image]

So then when I mouse over my [apple image] I get most of the information except I don't have the producer array. But because I sent in a unique IDNumber and what array the item is in IDArray as a pointer... I can just go look.

The actual code which does have a bug I will fix tonight. (The girls crash it because they can have nulls in there array, easy fix took me a while to figure out.)

for (i2 = 0; i2 <; i2++) {
if( ==[i2].IDNumber) {
stringy = stringy + "Producer: ";
for (var i3 = 0; i3 <[i2].producer.length; i3++) {
stringy = stringy + " " +[i2].producer[i3] + ",";

I'm sure there is a better way to do it, but if your making suggestions please use small words and examples.


Friday, June 3, 2011

...Insert Title Here...

So last night was rather fun then frustrating. I did something insane, to me, programming wise that worked. I actually put pointers to the array a class is in, in the class. And it worked. I had to for the producers to work or it was at least my fix. Since I couldn't tag an image with an array. Not surprising really but it meant that I couldn't an array of producers to an image to link for float over. Since the images and the actual item are two different things it created a bit of an issue. My solution was to add an id number to them matching the id number of the item in the array. But that added one new problem... what array do I look in for the ID number? add a pointer and were done. But still some weird backwards logic. I'm sure there was a better answer and someone is going to give me a complicated correct one, that I don't understand. But my way works.

Definitely think my programming has gone up a few more levels in the last weeks.

Then of course I tried to implement into the main game. And everything broke... for some reason the sorter is converting all my classes in the array into strings... I still don't know why its tonight's project. Then hopefully once that is up and running can get the stacker working.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stacking about ready to be Implemented

So a few examples. Pictures work better then trying to explain in my book. The cool part is that this is a little pop-up that appears where ever I want on the screen all class based. When you press the stack button it actually steals the arrays and functions and rebuilds everything again. That took a little time to implement properly, but was very fun to do. Changes all the listeners, and then when you get done with the sorting it puts them all back. The only way to do that is by using functions as variables.

So did you guys see the one weakness to the system? You can't have more then 2 stacks of greater then one. You can have a thousands stacks of 1. You can have one with 1000 and then a 1000 ones. Two stacks of 1000. Oh, well.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Offtopic ~ Revolutionary Girl Utena

Do you know? Do you know?

To see Utena Remastered and in 5.1 was one of the things I never thought I would see. Just truly wonderful, that the best anime of all time got the royal treatment. A special thank you to the Right Stuf for releasing it.

The first season "The Student Council Saga" is probably the weakest of the 3 seasons, but then again it is more of a prolog setting up the characters and there background. My personal favorite is the Jury Duel, "If you believe in miracles they will know your feelings." Truly an amazing and shocking battle.

Add all that and they updated the music to 5.1. Utena's music is one of the greatest things about the series, a different song for every battle. (I can't think of any other anime television series that even tries to do that.) The bells before and after the duels were just wonderful, filling my room with there call to battle.

The translation seems to be a bit different from the old CPM. I don't know if this is me confusing dubbed with subbed, but a few of the phrasing I'm familiar with feels different. And that can be a little troubling when your just used to the same phrases for the last decade.

I haven't had a chance to read the large special features booklet, but definitely a huge bonus. Since right now I'm re-reading the Utena Manga...

It has always irritated me that Be-Papas never did anything after Utena. Well except for "The World of S&M", retitled for English as "The World Exists for Me". Which is disappointing and almost incoherent. Maybe would have been better if more volumes got translated.

Anyways, if you have never seen Utena, please give it a shot. Official Web Site.

The absolute destiny apocalypse.