Thursday, March 31, 2011

The joys of being an accountant.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Three separate sorters allow for reasonable control over all the information (Time, Girl, Type). And the best part adding a new category to the sorters is very simple. I'm sure I'll get suggestions to add to them as we go on.

Don't really got anything else.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Paper Dolls and a New Orihime Cleaning

Another day of somewhat lazy. Positioned Redcape's bunny girl outfit. Finished off Orihime now with a few more images, (She's not as popular as she used to be and her pic list doesn't seem to be growing much anymore.) Started on Mio. Will once again begin on the playerscreen accounting tonight.

Redcape has posted a list of the items and where we are at paper dolling them that is rather interesting. It does seem to point out that tattoos and brands are going to have to stand out more and maybe have a few more slots.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Paper Dolls

Thought you guys would like to see more paper doll examples of Zero_Profile's bodies and Redcape's clothes.

More or less a lazy day. Finished converting the princess to the new format and adding at least 50 new pics. Started working on Orihime next. Lonewolf has been just a monster at changing the girls over to the new format and has almost all of the other girls done already.

Both of these projects are available on the SVN where you can go play with them yourself. Like always though you will need a copy of flash to compile the programs.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Player Screen Sorting



Still more player screen stuff and I'm going to redo it again. But this is the current sorting system (Girls work, time... doesn't). I rather like how it lets you see the incoming and outgoing costs of a girl. Should in the long run show you if you made a total profit from purchase to sale and everything in between.

More of Redcape's closet for those who want to play they are in the SVN.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

And even more and more and more Player Screen

I would say this is a final version, but I'm going to re-write it again and make it the same way that the one below is made. The layout/format isn't going to change, its just I figured out a better way to make the widget and am going to make the change.

This was the new accounting screen and then Docclox pointed out that most people would probably like to sort by girl. Back to the drawing board. Expect it to be longer tomorrow with more ways to sort... not that the sort was working to begin with and was only showing today.

Redcape's School Girl Uniform Papers. Very nice.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow! More mods to the player screen.

I really didn't get much done last night. Started some accounting screen but didn't get it finished. I realize that some people don't play Otherworld as a business sim, but some do. And as always my goal is unfocused play as you want to play, play it as a h-game, sim, rpg or whatever combination you feel like.

Just thought you guys wanted to see the options that Docclox and Redcape are putting together for the paper dolls. LOTS of OPTIONS and there discussing adding more. Really looking forward to seeing this integrated into the game.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Player Screen again and again

Player screen again, added some more stuff. Morality has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. As I think its fun to watch your character slowly slide towards evil or good. Appraisal has to do with your ability to judge slave quality.

Redcape has been having fun making clothes. And I thought I would share you some of the papers (is that the right term?) with you guys so you could see just how much work he is doing on these.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girl_Tester and Player Screen

Okay, so I thought I would package up the girl tester and let you guys have some fun. Now with Asuka thanks to lonewolf. Please understand that most likely its already out of date, I'm adding pictures to the princess when ever I get bored with way. But this will give everyone a compiled version to play with.

To change girls I've highlighted it. Also if you want to make your own girl you can just type her name in there or go bug the chat and I will build a version with your girl name in it.

Download Girl_Tester

My update for the day. Player screen getting some more features and beginning to show data. I don't know if I mentioned it before but Docclox has built up a way to change avatars (and yes I will fix the misspelling).

And Docclox's worked hard to get a new layering system out for clothing. Redcape has been pushing hard for more layers to do skirt and blouse and under where and garters and jewelry and... You get the picture. Should make for a great version in the long run, lets keep cheering Docclox on!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Girl Tester

Redcape's maid outfit. Got to love the "He is my master" maid dress. Excellent choice, bravo, Redcape!

Was playing with Docclox's Girl Tester, last night trying to convert the princess. Its very impressive, those with zero programming experience should still be able to make there own slaves. Those with experience can easily build events, and unlike where you had to compile the game over and over to check stuff now you can do it all though a simple flash program. You don't even have to have flash installed on your computer to build a girl! (Just a flash running program, which you have to have to play otherworld, so I don't think that will be an issue.) Tutorials to come once I have a better feel for it and its integrated a bit in the game. Those though that want to play with it are more then welcome its in the SVN. If you need help just pop into chat.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clothing Example

Redcape made the fine outfits, Zero_Profile made the girls, and Docclox did the coding. Creating these great examples of the paper doll. Definitely getting there, though as Docclox pointed out Bikini Wax will quickly become popular for the low legs. To me the fact that this was all by three different people to create something that I think everyone will enjoy and that I had very little to do with just shows that Otherworld is quickly becoming more then a one man show. Which I'm sure everyone will agree is the important next step to expand content to a full sized game.

Lazy Day,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Character Screen and Girl Tester

The counter system about done (for girls, still need to play with it for players). Not really going to do all the sex acts until they settle down and get finalized with the new system.

The worksafe version. I'm rather proud of how it does the worksafe by doing an inline string function.

Docclox is obviously doing the cool stuff compared to my instancing and counters. He has built an entire girl tester that allows for testing events as well. This will really help out the slave creators out there. And allow for testing of girl specific events easily. Very thrilling, stuff, plus it cycles through all the pictures allowing testing to see if there working or will pull a generic version if there not. To tell you the truth it is awesome. Go play with it your self. Its in the SVN trunk/otherworld/lab/generic_girl/girl_tester.fla

SVN is up to date.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Even more Character Screen Updating

Okay first off I want it known that this is an early working version. PLACEMENT is NOT done. But the combo box is up and running... expect it to appear much more orderly tomorrow. But it does show the new interface. Tonight I will clean it up and continue working on the counters as I got a little side tracked last night.

Docclox has finished a preferences XML loader. Yay! That means you can now can change worksafe and it will stick around to the next game. Thanks Doc.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Character Screen continued

First look at the counters showing in the character screen. Then I head home from work and I find out that the chat crew had come up with a better mod for it better then my little plus sign.

(Mock up screen)

So expect some combination of the two come tomorrow...

Must play more way.


Friday, March 18, 2011

More Character Screen Updating

Not much surprising here did exactly as I said I would and added icons next to skills. There a bit small but no real way to get around that with the screen size. As always I much rather use images over text because the human mind reads images much faster then text. Some float over needs finishing up then will work on counters like I said I would and ran out of time last night.

With in the last day or so I convinced Docclox to allow for player image changes that should be in the next update. I know a lot of people out there really wanted to change there image away from the blank white one. And the way he was setting it up people should be able to mod in there own images very easily.

That's all I'm going back to playing Way.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Instancing Character Screen

Character screen instancing, expect it to look a little bit different tomorrow as I start adding new stuff. Going to add some icons and place for counters.

Docclox finally convinced me to change up how sex skills work and that the slaves can learn more then there own tree. IE a non-futa can learn straight skills, and lesbian skills. A futa can learn all 3. After all its not about the slaves pleasure but skill... though I think there will be happiness and love mods. Anyways we shall see I feel that this may cause a bit of discussion.

SVN is updated.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Cards

Redcape + Docclox got together and we have a very interesting different take on the main screen. I think the mock ups speak for them selves. Also moving everything to a job/room screen. Which isn't that bad of an idea to begin with.

Still want to stress that these are all just theoretical at the moment and won't be in the next update.

Overall it does show that we keep trying to find a better way to make the widget.

Have a great day,


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Docclox idea for the cards, not updating the main screen in the upcoming release but that doesn't mean its on the back burner. Doc calls this a Mac menu.... personally I have used a mac in a 4 years and i still don't understand why the mouse only has one button. But the menu idea is sound.

My idea on how to get around the girls being hidden by the slide show for this variation.

But you know what I think we should re-open the discussion on designing the main screen and see if there is a more brilliant idea out there.

So if you have a brilliant idea please post it, and pictures are worth a thousand words...

Message Board Thread


Completely and utterly off topic!

The best anime series ever has been remastered!!! Even better its on sale right now... I purchased a copy and already have it on DVD. If you have never seen Revolutionary Girl Utena, you have missed out. One of the best sound tracks ever pushes a ritualized combat story that is part fairy tale and part mystery. Did I mention the lesbianism and incest. On and the princess of the Onion Kingdom (I love you Wakaba!).

What I'm saying is 40% off pre-order, and I don't work for rightstuf.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Inari Shrine

Running a bit late do to Custom Maid so just going to plop in one of the histories I had written up. Expect more tomorrow. Docclox suggested a new variation on the main screen and maybe I will have time to talk about it then, still trying to see if I can do a virgin maid.


Inari Shrine

Exterior Appearance:

Typical Shinto shrine, lots of fox statues. Classic wooden Japanese shrine architecture. Charms, good luck items, can be purchased from a small hut to the side.

Interior Appearance:

Classic wooden Japanese architecture.


The shrine was created by *Noble Fox Miko/demi-goddess*, one of the heroes that defeated *demon*, soon after the founding of Magmell. It sat alone in an overgrown area of the green that would later be pushed back and become temple street. Which more then anything reflects the Inari Shrine's tendency to want to be left alone, and some how always pushed to the front of history. It was *Noble Fox Miko/demi-goddess* spells that provided large bountiful harvests and finally put an end to the lean years. After that she began to disappear more and more and has not been seen by the populace for years.

Some portions of *demon* and other demons are sealed around the shrine.

Quarterly year harvest festivals are held at the shrine.

People of Note:

*Noble Fox Miko/demi-goddess* - Powerful, spell caster, and one of the enshrined gods at the Shrine. She is constantly irritated by the antics of The Fox's Dens Mistress. Never seen in public and is mostly spirit or Higher Dimensional Being now. *Princess Miko* is the daughter of *Noble Fox Miko/demi-goddess* and the King.

*Princess Miko* - the daughter of *Noble Fox Miko/demi-goddess* and the King. Also rarely seen in public she speaks for her mother to the other Miko's and only appears during the quarterly festivals as the lead dancer and priestess.

*Miko* - Constantly harassed by Zange. She tries her best to appear calm and collected and constantly fails. If you visit the shrine most likely she is the one who you will meet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Church of Salvation

Updated otherworld.fla again and removed another 5-10 layers. Getting closer and closer to the base.

SVN Updated.

Doc has a new test of the auction screen up with a magnifier class that is rather interesting.

The Church of Salvation


Goth stone church, lots of sharp pointed roofs, gargoyles, and busts. Large prominent stained glass windows, high above the ground let in light. A bell tower on the left side holds an enormous, cast iron bell. A stout wooden building holding the orphanage is behind the church.


What you see from the outside is mirrored on the inside. Rows of pews lead up to a raised stage, back lit by stained glass windows.


Originally founded by *Noble Nun* who defeated the *demon* with the king. The Nun created a place for those who survived the horrors of the pit could receive treatment and help rebuilding there life. The Church had a rather peaceful, if financially poor, history for about the first year after founding. The faith based on worshiping a monotheism god, seemed to strike a cord with a reasonable number of people, and the charity helped with the others.

Then *Priest* pulled himself out of the pit. At first *Noble Nun* and *Priest* seemed to be a solid match. *Priest* was an excellent orator and would gather many just to hear him speak. His speeches though quickly began to insist that those who had come through the pit were sinners forced to leave their homes and go to Magmell as punishment. Needless to say that some of those searching for any reason that this disaster had befallen them quickly converted. *Priest* though continued to press harder pushing further and further about purification, denouncing the rest of the religions that had sprung up around Magmell and denouncing those that were not fully human as demons.

It was at this point that *Noble Nun* left the church.

The church (denying all knowledge and of course denouncing all violence) became more and more violent attacking non-humans, and non-believers. Then came the years of starvation. Any such rioting be it religious or not was put down by the king and all religious centers of worship were forced to move to the same street. For the church the years of starvation were even worse, what had started out as a charity organization, was looked on for help and instead received only scorn and violence. Food over worship was the priority and even more members drifted away or died of starvation.

After the lean years *Priest* had lost the majority of the followers he once had. Restricted to preaching only on Temple street, in fierce competition now with dozens of other religions, his power and influence waned. It was at this time that the state started paying charities to take in orphans and the orphanage behind the church was slowly built as *Priest* and his few remaining loyal disciples began taking in children. Through the use of constant brain washing, physical and sexual violence, the church is growing in size again and with a core of loyal brainwashed followers it is only a matter of time before new violence against the other temples and churches begin.

Those of the acolyte path will have escaped from the brain washing but not the emotional destruction that comes with it.

People of Note:

*Noble Nun* - No longer affiliated with the Church she now does charity work through the castle and is very popular with the populace.

*Priest* - Not as active as he used to be, he allows his followers to do most of the preaching and conversion for him. He can be found the majority time entertaining guests to the orphanage.

Zange - A product of the orphanage she can appear normal from a distance. But immediately talking to her will reveal that not a single holy thought goes through her mind. She is constantly making trouble for the other people on Temple Street. Trying to stir them up confrontations between the other temples and sects, mostly unsuccessfully.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fox's Den

Even more instancing removed a few more layers from the .fla.

Updated SVN.



Fox's Den


Garish and extravagant. Think any casino but with out neon lights.


First Floor:

Crowded with people and tables it is almost two casinos squeezed into one on the main floor. Not that anyone really seems to mind. Dozens of girls, employed by the casino, constantly bring drinks and anything else that is desired to the players. While even more work as dealers. The noise makes it an almost shouting contest at any time day or night for the crowd rarely thins. A bar at the back may seem the most quiet place but its only a moments breathing space, before the shouts of excitement and moans of loss reach your ears.

On the main floor it is not acceptable to mess with the help.


Whale Tables, for those wanting a quiet games. Better be ready to start a bid with over a grand. It is said that almost anything has been wagered at these tables. Requires "Golden Ticket" to even look.

The help is more then willing to do anything to please someone with a golden ticket, though you really should tip afterward, its only polite.

2nd Floor:

Exclusive club gambling rooms for those who have purchased "Golden Tickets." It is not unusual for people on the 2nd floor to enter masked. (It has it's own entrance.) Here where the gambling on the 1st floor was for the open populace, the 2nd floor is where the rich and nobles go to relax, many small rooms lead off to different gambling diversions. From normal craps, to the ever popular time until orgasm and every perverted and not so perverted game in between.

The help is more then willing to do anything to please someone with a golden ticket, though you really should tip afterward, its only polite.


When *fox* crawled out of the pit less then a year after the hero's had finally defeated *demon*, she spat into the deep hole and then turned and went into Magmell looking for fun, and booze, especially booze. The only problem was there wasn't any of either. One of the saddest moments in Magmell's history let me tell you. Determined to rectify the issue, she mugged a local rich looking guy (never fall for the honey trap my friends!) And purchased a shack, set up buisness, and never looked back making sure that no matter what the Fox's Den was interesting to *fox*. Of course there were imitators other people who wanted to open casinos, most of those that were starting to become serious competition had mysterious fires.

As one of the oldest business in Magmell it is one of the most well known. The tables don't cheat too much and there is always something going on. Respected, probably not, but then again would you really want to go a casino that was respected? I say not. After all if your throwing away good money you better be having fun!

People of Note

*Fox* - from a medieval world filled with mingling humans and spirits, she likes all types as long as they are entertaining and their money gleams. She presides over the Fox's Den like a queen and is usually refered to by the populace as "The Red Queen." Some say that not one gold piece changes hands in the red light district with out her knowing it. She can change forms at will and still enjoys toying with people by appearing as a large range of female, from child to adult, and from unknown to famous. Normally though she appears as a stately blond woman with a large number of tails. The exact number is almost impossible to gage as they are always in motion... perhaps on purpose?

*Mysterious Blond* - One of the high rollers in the casino. This high roller wears a mask of a wolf. She is famous for her flamboyant attitude and her tendency to spend huge sums of money. She also has a tendency to get under the skin of the *fox* being a rather arrogant person. *fox* and her have been conducting an ever escalating series of bets that have been the talk of the town.

*Serving Girl* - Holder, I have a feeling there should be a serving girl here, but I can't think of anything to make her special yet.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Even More Instancing

I'm not much for empathy at all, but it is Japan, so I will put up the link to donate. Not going to say any more on it.


Finished instancing combat, yay! Instanced the character creation screen, yay! Instanced the options screen and threw it into its own file... eh. Instanced the credits screen and threw it into its own file... eh, as well. The .fla is getting thinner every day and the number of layers is getting less and less.

Sorry for the dull blog lately but instancing is just that dull.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

More instancing

More Disgaia 4 previews.

Instancing combat just about done. Only thing left is a bit of layering to fix and then off to the character creation screen. Hopeing to have all the instancing done this month and an empty stage. Docclox is working hard on an xml loading quest/event creator, which is about 10x cooler then instancing some screens. I guess we're shooting for April for a possible release... that's sometime in April.

I got nothing else,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Auction Screen with Heads

Just about a finished mock up... I know you can't see it but she has pubes. Docclox and Zero_Profile have been working hard on getting them up and running. Go Team! Also new buttons to match the decor. Got to admit I like the overall really adding to the auction feel rather then a static buy screen.

Zero_Profiles new bodies are up on his thread on the board.
Go check them out.


Spoilers - More Spherian Background

People of Note:

Ambassador Mir of Clan Seed ~ The youngest member of the embassy she was more or less forced to take the role of Ambassador because no one else would. Raised on a spherian world this is her first time ever visiting a barbarian world, it is also the first time she has ever seen a man. She would prefer not to deal with the local barbarians and usually puts on a cool appearance of indifference to anything. Inside she is almost in a state of panic and is completely unsure in all of her actions.

Dr. Unamed of Clan Seed ~ There is a doctor of science, who is both in charge of monitoring the Rift, but is also in charge of the medical details.

Security Officer Unnamed of Clan Seed ~ In charge of the embassy security, also the spy master.

Clan Seed:

A minor clan of less then 20 sister wives. The majority of them are now part of the Spherian Embassy to Otherworld. They wish to rank up the clans status quickly, through any means possible. They own a garden planet and the embassy staff normally commute back to the planet each night through a DOOR. They are a young clan the oldest member only a 5th generation member of the empire.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Even More Headless Slaves

More of the headless slaves mock up showing the sold screen... If you don't get the joke here well its not my fault. Docclox has been working on these changes still just a mock up but still I definitely think he's onto something. Also Zero_Profile's new bodies are in testing.


I finished converting Mio going to go start on Mugi sooner or later. Will allow adding of new slaves and a walkthrough for creating new slaves as soon as we get all of the new body defaults set up. Still a lot of the older girls to be converted over to the new format as well.


Irrbloss was nice enough to write up some rules for submitting quests. And I want to thank him for that but I also wanted to talk about the one rule that I had to add and that's dealing with player dialog.

Otherworld, in my mind, is a first person game. You are actively making it into the game that you want it to be rather then a game on rails where you just passively observe like a visual novel. I want to show an example.

The player is playing a harem route and is trying to create a love slave harem. Quest dialog then has the player to say "A little pain here, a little whipping there, they will be obedient little sluts and fear the master." Just put words int he players mouth that are completely out of character for his/her/it's goal.

Same scenario player is playing a harem route and is trying to have a harem of obedient broken slaves. Quest dialog then has the player saying "I love my slaves, and make sure there all perfectly happily as my slaves."

Same goal, different ways of playing it. Trying to put words in the player's mouth then creates where the player and the in game player are of two separate minds. And that irritates me in most games. Docclox has suggested and used a great work around and that's using the assistants to voice comments. This allows conversation but still isn't putting words in the players mouths. And the personalities of the assistants are becoming reasonably well designed.

To all the writers out there, I hope that made sense.