Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing with new events and a help file

So working a bit on playing with the new sex learning events.  More for the hell of it then anything.  I need to make a lot of them and to tell you the truth I've been spending much more time playing with Skyrim again.

Also started work on a new help system.  Now that we have event system that will run anywhere and a menu that appears in ALMOST all screens.  Why not have a help button to try to help players along.  Lots of text and images that need to get done though.

Help!  Google Doc

That will be an on going project and then encoded once I feel that it is ready.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Even more alpha bugs!

It is actually a lot more stable now.  Still hoping for a release in about 4 weeks.


Flash Novice: Monday July 23

Open the guard room, click on one of the Angel assistant heads, drag and drop it somewhere.
It stays there.  You can fill the screen with them.  If you go to town and return, they’re gone.

-- i think this was part of an earlier crash bug where you could not go same to same.  It has been fixed I hope.

FIXed### You can cycle through pictures by clicking at the red x (which I added with paint)
opened April 2012 ### rudi_stoned
Also, the fast forward buttons are still there, but now they break stuff when you use them.
these buttons should be removed as of the lastest version...

FIX LATER ### Long names can not be displayed
opened 2012/04/29 ### rudi_stoned
As can be seen from error messages, eg. “eve not found: whorejob”, long names can not be displayed currently. The text system always displays either “eve not found: “ or “whorejob”.

Is this in the top name section?  
I’m talking about this field.

It can only handle so many characters before they disapear.  Not really that much of a bug more of just a limitation do to the size.

I agree. Nevertheless, it took me a while to figure it out and I wanted to point out the limitation. If I remember corretly the princess had a rather long name, which might already be too long. Well, no big deal anyway. I’ll change to FIX LATER (if ever...)

OPEN ### maid class learning causes time advancement to break
opened 2012/04/29 ### rudi_stoned
I started a new game, bought a girl, set a schedule of lockdown / cleaning / cleaning / rest, and clicked through 34 days. Finally, maid class learning fired. I accepted the class. Afterwards, next day and next shift buttons did not respond any more. Nothing happened on clicking them. After writing this report, they worked again. No idea what happened.

Will keep open please tell me when and if you can replicate.

I encountered this bug again today, this time after accepting to learn the whore class. Nothing happened on clicking the “Next shift/day” buttons. After I went to town and triggered a conversation with the realtor (by entering her shop for the first time), the time advancement buttons worked again.
Curious. I switched back to the game and the buttons did NOT work. I triggered another conversation with the realtor, using the talk button, and they worked again, until the next day. Then they stopped working. Talking to other people (e.g. the carpenter) does not help, but talking to the Realtor helps every time.

As of rev 1019, the bug still exists. After learning a class, time advancement buttons will stop working, either immediately, or after a few shifts.

Duplicated... Really odd that maid is learned but is not shown as known under character screen but the icons for maid are there...

girlScreenLeftDisplay builder class1: none || none ← no class.
girlScreenLeftDisplay builder class1: house pet || none ← has learned one class it is showing up here...
girlScreenLeftDisplay builder class1: house pet || maid ← okay maby this is just pure ws screening and another issue...

nothing was showing here in worksafe mode now at least ws will show.. that was a blind alley

fixed - so stupid had .re for the replacement class .rep .. now it says .rep.

ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property re not found on otherlib.textcontroller.sRep and there is no default value.
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSysSetVar$/findReplacerReturnNumber()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSysSetVar.as:273]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSysSetVar$/percentMult()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSysSetVar.as:296]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSysSetVar$/eveVarReplacerChange()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSysSetVar.as:136]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSysSetVar$/eveSetVarAfterIf()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSysSetVar.as:72]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSysSetVar$/eveSetVar()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSysSetVar.as:37]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSys$/eveStart()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSys.as:103]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSys$/eveRun()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSys.as:84]
at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/startJob()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:196]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSys$/eveStart()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSys.as:120]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSys$/eveRun()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSys.as:84]
at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/startJob()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:196]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSys$/eveStart()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSys.as:120]
at otherlib.eventsystem::eveSys$/eveRun()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\eveSys.as:84]
at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/startJob()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:196]
at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/makeJobArray()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:117]
at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/makeJobArrayShift()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:19]
at otherlib.cardcontroller::buttonEvents/buttonShiftAdvance()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\cardcontroller\buttonEvents.as:23]


OPEN ### clicking save/load buttons causes event system to crash
opened 2012/04/29 ### rudi_stoned
I started a new game, clicked save/load a few times, nothing happend, went into town, clicked the two snips tailor button and received an “eve not found” error message.’

Actually thats the reload xml and it doesn’t work at the moment...

--- removed from game for now added to won’t be fixed added to won’t be working list.


Personal jobs crash

Main game play.  Selected first option... crash

ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.
at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/removeChild()
at otherlib.textcontroller::storyButton$/removeButtons()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\textcontroller\storyButton.as:172]
at otherlib.textcontroller::storyButton/buildButton()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\textcontroller\storyButton.as:19]

This fix is really odd not sure what was causing it but making sure the parent wasn’t null was the key... HOW THE HELL IS THE PARENT NULL?!?!

public static function removeButtons() {
while(storyMove.flButton.length != 0) {
if(storyMove.flButton[0] != null && storyMove.flButton[0].parent != null) {

Only rest jobs are firing!

- fixed for rooms
- fixed for assistants
- fixed for player

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wow I Amazed still more bugs...

So they seem to be fewer and farther between. Not that it makes any difference. Had some fun building the assistant lounge collision other then that more annoying and boring stuff. I am hoping for a release around the middle to end of august. At least a bugged version around that time.


Assistants need collision when coming from lounge.  -- added this was actually really fun code.


crash when putting room job back on room.  

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msDrag/hideLanders()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msDrag.as:164]
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msDrag/msDrop()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msDrag.as:60]

same spot crash from the mb bar just moving

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msDrag/hideLanders()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msDrag.as:164]
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msDrag/msMove()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msDrag.as:105]

Think this was fixed by other update unable to reproduce.

***May not be fixed***


Room Job -> MB

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at otherlib.cardcontroller::changeJob/setJobMB()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\cardcontroller\changeJob.as:218]
at otherlib.cardcontroller::mbRoomDrag/roomDrop()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\cardcontroller\mbRoomDrag.as:118]
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msDrag/msDrop()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msDrag.as:73]

Think this was fixed by other update unable to reproduce.

***May not be fixed***


character job running issue

ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property charMorning not found on otherlib.core.cPlayer and there is no default value.

at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/makeJobArray()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:77]
at otherlib.eventsystem::jobStart$/makeJobArrayDay()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\eventsystem\jobStart.as:26]
at otherlib.cardcontroller::buttonEvents/buttonDayAdvance()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\cardcontroller\buttonEvents.as:27]

--- This should have been GameData fixed.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buggity, buggity, bug, bug!

MB screen... moving assistants from guard to room 1 shows assistants who are not owned.  --- this is almost certain a continuing issue with other bug.

  • 7/27/27
  • Mainscreen Drag drop
  • mb-> mb assistants won’t move from gr to room1 will move to other rooms...
  • changejob droproom: 1 old room 0 -- fails
  • okay removed a return for the player in room... i’m a bit suspicious that this may create other issues but appears fixed for now.

2. New Game -> (select first assistant) -> Next -> (reload game) -> New Game -> (select second assistant) -> Next ... after that i have two different assistant images on the screen (see screen shot 2.png). + the second bug: after that i moved assistant image : 2_1.png -> 2_2.png and got 2_3.png (after that i can just reload game).  -- Lala Deviluke

added checks now assistants are all put in 0.

New Related Bug!

Player now is not getting jobs when moved with assistant.

okay fixed this new related but... guard room can become empty...

fixed I hope and new logic gate.  Seems to be working fine.


Home button on assistant screen gndn.  - fixed was never hiding assistant screen and its “on top” of main screen.


Can get more assistants then master bedrooms... ;_; - fixed

Friday, July 27, 2012

Stupid question

Anyone remember an older anime where the main character has a familiar ( i think of the dog family) that allows him to teleport (always ending up naked).  Do to this he ends up most episodes in jail as a streaker.  I don't even remember it as being good but the damn thing has been sitting on the edge of my mind for a few days and I can't remember the title.  Anyone out there have a clue what I am talking about?


Bugs part 42983293482.1383

Just so we are clear I added more bug reports then cleared them last night.



Stat icons are not being changed on girl cards.

If they are already existing they seem to work and trade but if there is nothing in the box they will not work.  Possible array length issue. - 7/27

It was an issue with trying to add stuff to 6 with a length of 0... fixed girls now start out with 6 stats preset ["health", "sanity", "lp", "obedience",  "nymph", "sanity"]


Infinite loop  -- appears fixed when ability was given to remove the new amBar

Error: Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msBuilder$/rebuildMS()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msBuilder.as:126]
at otherlib.cardcontroller::cardDrag/cardDrop()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\cardcontroller\cardDrag.as:31]
at otherlib.mainscreencontroller::msDrag/msDrop()[C:\Users\Nabiki\Desktop\SourceForge\trunk\otherworld\libs\otherlib\mainscreencontroller\msDrag.as:68]

When putting room on girl card back onto the card...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Room Select Bar

There was a little issue that I found when trying to actually play the game... there is no way to select the assistants and call there screen.  Now there is a little window to allow for that.  This fixes a couple of my major bugs that just stopped any possible release.

Still working on the obvious bugs.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slowly, very slowly, and little progress

I have decided to take Mugi home with me, and she will never be heard from again.

Worked a bit on a rather annoying pen bug that I finally got solved.  And that was it.  Some days it just isn't that interesting to play with.

So I offer a distraction...

Mission Brothel 3.0  wow its a time sink I will tell you that already, but quite a bit more complicated the previous versions and the early game is actually pretty tight, the late game hard to get too... anyone got a 40 yet?!?!  Anyways the link...


Monday, July 23, 2012

Hotkeys and Bugs

Playing with the alpha bugs.  A lot of issues go check the bug list if your interested.  Right now it be broke.

For those trying to run off the SVN.  You must rename the prefs.txt to prefs.xml.  That fixes the load issue thanks to FlashNovice for finding this.

Otherworld now has hotkeys.  For some reason though they won't work unless the main flash window loses focus and then regains it.

Main Screen hotkeys

space - next shift
enter - next day
t - town
p - pens
1-6 - rooms 1-6
ctrl -d - debug panel

Text Hotkeys

space - next

Hotkeys always have effects I never expect so please keep a look out for odd results.  Also any others that need to be done.  I will add quest soon.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Early Alpha

Blacksmith is working.  Yay.  I should add the girl paper doll to the paper screen, I might do that later.  Fixing obvious bugs and looking for more.  Also need to go work on the events and get the basic quests back in the game.  For those with SVN access please start testing the game and looking for bugs.

Speaking of bugs please remember there is a google doc with all the known bugs listed.  The link is over on the left hand side.  For those of you who have de-bugged before please send me a tell and I will give you write access.  For those of you new, I have to send you to the boards.

Basically I feel the game is there but right now we have 1.5 quests working in the entire game.  If I were to release the game like that even in Alpha it just be a headache as no one ever actually reads the comments.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Slave - Sheena

New slave Sheena thanks to Lyanel Pheles

Always fun to get a new toy.  Will be on the svn and added to the next version if you want to play her now...


Will need the head info added...

Head Info

And go check out his work on Futa palace as a Slave Maker.

Futa Palace


Friday, July 20, 2012

Lounge close to done

Another look at the lounge, compared to the old version I think it looks a bit better.  As you can tell it is integrated with the new shop system.  If anyone is interested the guild hall is currently layed out as

lounge <-> counter <-> main hall <-> blacksmith

And I have started work on rebuilding the counter.  Not sure how much I am going to do with it.  Also I've the blacksmith has issues and that may need some love as well.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Episode 12 - Death of Daisy

I'll miss you too, Yamada.  Sob!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Events ( Sex )

New Sex System means we need a way to play with it.  First lets look at how classes are learned.  It once again uses the evekey system.  For those interested on it go read on it.  

This isn't that complicated.  First off we got one new evekeycheck to find out if the class is already known.  Just so we are clear the class adding system is smart enough not to add 40 of the same sex classes... but we need this to make sure that the slave doesn't spam with you.  "Dollie learned Fucking." x 40


label = "checksexclassknown"  -- its a label required
arg1 = "fucking"                      -- the sex class we are checking if it exists

That's it for checking.

Learning class is exactly the same as it is with any other class but no worrying about slots instead just say its "sex".  


label = "learnclass"  -- its required
arg1 = "sex"           -- its required
arg2 = "fucking"     -- the class being learned.

Half way done and haven't even broken a sweat.

Points are added and subtracted and checked using there own key words.  I went pretty simple on these so for right now you can only compared against actual ints no replacement or in game variable checking is allowed.  If it is needed let me know and I can add.

So to add and subtract points the tag is evechangesex

label = "fucking" --- the class we are adding points to.
vvar = "2"          --- the point change, negative need to  be negative


label = "fucking"  -- the class we are checking
vvar = "2"           -- The point we are checking agaist
check = "eg"      -- Type of check, lt, gt, eq, ne

That's it and a freaking lot of work to do on a day off.  But not something I wanted to do at work.  Depending on time zones this does count as Wednesday's post.


Internal stuff

Spent last night working on the sex system. Stuff that I didn't want to play with at work. Also got the assistants images back in the game, non-swf. So that they can be pulled by the event system. Also played around a little with the lounge. May work on the lounge or the sex system tonight not sure. Still weekend... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lounging Around

Rebuilding the lounge.  Not really that much here and pretty easy, but making sure that it can handle more then four assistants.  I know the pic lies you can only hire four but I just haven't added the logic.  Also adding a toy that floating over the assistant pulls up the image on the right side.  And adding a minor new mechanic, hiring bonus, a one time fee to hire an assistant.  This should even out super assistants forcing you to pay a large amount for the initial hire.

Weekend party... Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Daisy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What a Day...


  Hello daisy_strike@hotmail.com,

The file (Otherworld November Mediafire.part3.rar) violates the MediaFire Terms of Service. Due to it being distributed from your account, it has been removed. Also, a Strike has been placed against your account and can lead to a termination of service.
Thank you for using MediaFire as your cloud based file sharing service provider.
The MediaFire Team

So now we are on the direct download only

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Close To Done

(Really need to find an original high rez version of the Lamia...)

So just about got the assistant screen done.  A little clean up and a few more listeners to add and should be good.  After that I need to go play with the shift / event caller for the assistants.  After that will hopefully be ready for testing for a release... maybe.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Assistant Pay

So I'm thinking of a really simple system for assistant pay vs how great the assistant is.  Each assistant will get payed once a week (10 days yes that's in the lore...)  Each assistant will have a multiplier, this multiplier will be used in weekly pay but also bonus to stat increases when the assistant is doing the job and will also help with loyalty.  There will be a total of 10 pay levels.  Loyalty will still only affect how much the assistant does the training you tell her to.

So an assistant is getting paid (1 of a possible 10) x a mult of (2) her skill level would give the girl skill upgrade a 1.2 bonus... probably not noticeable and loyalty will be lowered because your paying her minimum wage.  There needs to be a factor on the pay as well probably 5.

(1/10) x 2 = .2   add base 1.2  Loyalty negative [ cost 10 ]

(5/10) x 2 = 1  add base 2  Loyalty will probably be positive at this point [ cost 50 ]

(10/10) x 2 = 2 add base 3 Loyalty very positive. [ cost 100 ]

Talking will also give some loyalty bonus.  (May add sex scenes here.)

The mult factor can then be changed as well if you trip a skill up for the assistant... (but that means the assistant cost more!)  Also different assistants will have different mults.  This will take a lot of balancing but I think it will work nicely.  Assistants should make training faster but they need to have personality.


Thursday, July 12, 2012


IT was on site all night so didn't get a chance to do anything, and yah its getting hot.  Stupid Summer.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lazy Day

Yes this is an actual screen shot from my computer.

Blame Docclox he got me to start playing Skyrim again.  For those of you who don't know Docclox wrote a good portion of otherworld but has been over playing in Skyrim trying to build his own slavers guild.

Skyrim Slavers  

Even better he has a working quest.  And there are plenty of other fun mods that are eating away my life.  So that was about it for today.


Monday, July 9, 2012

More little assistant changes

So over overwhelmingly people want percentages over faces.  I may do both at some time but percentages are far easier so oh well.

Some more changes to how assistant jobs work.  Setting it up so that assistants can learn jobs, no idea how this will be use but doable.  Assistants can refuse to do certain jobs during certain shifts.  (Neko takes an afternoon nap every day, the slacker!)  I fought with myself a lot last night on how to actually do this and jobs have to be added for each girl and specific like % is set for each job.  So the most hated and second most hated are not necessary hated at the same amount.

Lots of little customization here.  To get more flavor to the assistants.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Assistants, Assistants, Assistants

Making some large changes to how assistants work.  First off there going to event system no real surprise there.  But the actual set up will be like rooms in that you select the job they are doing and will give a success chance that the assistant will actually do what you do.  (Loyalty + happiness at job + assistant bonus)

So the event call will be assistantNekoWork and that an already thrown flag will show fail or success and events will handle from there.  The event system them matches up checks if it was a success or fail and moves on.

As a side note for the odds of success would you like happy face, sad face, neutral face or just percentages?


You can talk to your assistant now.  Event System handled.


Adding new assistants should be easy though it will always be the first 4 who are the default "lover" assistant.  Assistants will still have tons of flavor and this should actually get more and more detailed.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Working on Assistant Screen

Been working on the assistant screen.  Still a bit to do with the girl screen but most of it stuff that I just don't want to mess with at work.  I''m doing the assistant screen pretty fast and dirty.  Mainly because I want it done.  I want it done and out of the way.  It's the last thing before I start clean up to a release.

As a note


directory no longer exists and the old files have been moved to the old files branch.  A number of other .as files were removed as well as a matter of fact we are down to only about 10 as files from the original game.

include "girls.as";
include "gametext.as";
include "savingloading.as";
include "auction_house.as";
include "charactercreation.as";
include "playerscreen.as";
include "gametextformat.as";
include "arrayController.as";
include "options.as";
include "credits.as";
include "task.as";
include "itemHandlingOld.as";
include "counter.as";

are the only ones left... removed we have...

//include "mainscreen.as";
//include "items.as";
//include "rooms.as";
//include "pens.as";
//include "iconChanger.as";
//include "character.as";
//include "shops.as";
//include "questscreen.as";
//include "effect.as";
//include "jobs.as";
//include "girlfunctions.as";
//include "tattoo.as";
//include "housing.as";
//include "events.as";
/*include "assistant/fairy.as";
include "assistant/angel.as";
include "assistant/lamia.as";
include "assistant/neko.as";*/
//include "assistant.as";
//include "assistantscreen.as";
//include "test.as";
//include "guild.as";
/*include "combatClassInfo.as";
include "combatSprites.as";
include "combatScreen.as";
include "combatMain.as";
include "combatEnemyInfo.as";
include "combatItemEffect.as";*/
//include "combatSetUpScreen.as";
//include "taskbar.as";
//include "arena.as";
//include "combatExpScreen.as";
//include "town.as";
//include "furn.as";
//include "dailyEvents.as";
//include "roomJobs.as";
//include "assistantJobs.as";
//include "popUp.as";
//include "itemHandlingOld.as";
//include "blacksmith.as";
//include "icon.as";
//include "carpenter.as";
//include "dungeon.as";
//include "mainScreenMove.as";
//include "characterEffectShow.as";

Yah that's a lot of files update and moved to classes and there own separate .flas.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another day

Lots of I thought it was working put when tried out of test it still needs a lot more love.  Items equip and un-equip and then disappear...  Positioning is looking better.  The gap on the right side will be filled with combat stats one day so just leaving it empty.

Class raising does seem to work compared to the bug reports.  Actually for anyone who has some time over all the game should sort of work and are welcome to try the otherworld.swf on the svn and give the new version a try.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So far what I have gotten done...

It is getting there.  Still working on positioning and adding logic.  But thankfully a large amount of the logic could just be copied and pasted then spruced up a little to work.  As can be seen dolls are working well, items are about 1/2 done and need more love.  But should be finished with it this week.  Still need to spend a lot of time getting the internal changes for the new sex system up and running... including a bunch of event system tags and help.  More fun thats for sure.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sex and how its changing

So as the forum followers know sex is changing.  The first major change is we are getting away from slaves preferences... The basic reason for that is that there a slave who cares what they want?  Second the system is very confining and doesn't work well when you have other sexting such as group sex.

So the changes that are being made is

1) All sex classes are learned.  They do not exist or are known on a girl till learned.  A girl can learn a large amount of sex classes.... infinite but the display is going to wig our after around 15...

2) Sex classes are added by xml and sorted by type... so custom sex classes can be added at any time.  For those who's fetishes were forgotten.

3) Items and events will still be able to change stats.

I'm hoping that these changes will allow for a lot more options for customization.  Actually if this doesn't allow for huge customization I don't know what will.


Monday, July 2, 2012


Rudi Stoned has released a demo version of his variation on Otherworld, Pytherworld.  Really a fun idea to use the xml from Otherworld as the data base and then design your own game system.  He's put in a lot of work to get this demo up and running so everyone please take a look and give him your feedback.  If this doesn't show the power of xml nothing does.


Download if you don't want to enter the forum.