Monday, July 2, 2012


Rudi Stoned has released a demo version of his variation on Otherworld, Pytherworld.  Really a fun idea to use the xml from Otherworld as the data base and then design your own game system.  He's put in a lot of work to get this demo up and running so everyone please take a look and give him your feedback.  If this doesn't show the power of xml nothing does.

Download if you don't want to enter the forum.



  1. Well, i will give it a try.
    But i hope, you can use each others ideas and make one great game out of it (or two :D )

  2. Of course it had to be a place where the general public cannot get to... (I feel no great desire to sign up to every bloody site out there and this sentiment is shared by a great number of folks.) I would have loved to have had the opportunity to try Rudi's take on the game since it's an actual release, but alas, too much to hope for.

    I am not trying to offend, but truth be told, I had actually given up on this blog (and thus, the game itself) and only swung by now via a link. The blog is just so random. Also, the last "alpha" for Otherworld that was released so long, long ago was practically unplayable (and painful to the eyes). All traces of the game is gone on this end. I see work being done for the game, but without having people to try it, it just doesn't mean anything. Another alpha release might be nice but I do not see that forthcoming. Heck, I could be wrong and they are indeed being released at the other site, but then what's the point of this site, the "official" blog, if the other one became the main site... It just surprises me how interest is kept up as much as it has.

    Again, I'm trying not to piss people off with what I said (but I know I have), but I think it's just something that needs to be said. Think of it in a hotline scenario since the game/blog is shown to the masses, if one person is thinking all this, then that really means that there are a lot more people thinking along those same lines. More likely with those being not active on the other site and here. It's not to the same level, but it's like how Schick, the razor company, get their calls with a person equating to about 468 people in 2001. You get the idea, yes?

    It's nice to see the release but too bad it's only for those that are within the gate. Again, I was trying not to be offensive with this post, but if you feel slighted or offended, then I apologize in advance. Sorry, and I mean it.

  3. I politely disagree with the above poster. He (I can only assume that the poster is a "he") fails to realize that Otherworld is a free product that we are not entitled to and as such, you (Daisy) owe us nothing at all.

    I know that you will release your product to the masses when such a time comes that you see fit. Until then, thank you for the daily updates on your free product, it is much appreciated.

  4. I've always assumed a new version would get released eventually. With all the XML, I think it will also be a lot easier for people without a lot of coding experience to add a great deal to the game. Once that happens, new releases probably won't be nearly as important.

    Oh, and the above post made me think of something. I once read a pretty extensive article about a problematic trend with open source development. Basically, people act like developers should never be questioned or shown any criticism, simply because they aren't paid.

    That's basically a disservice to open source projects, because criticism can demonstrate how development might improve. It's certainly important to be respectful and polite, but it's also ok to question. I've done some open source work myself, and I don't have such an ego that I think anyone owes me a thing for it.

  5. I'm sorry, but I really can't sympathize with the guy above who whines about having to sign up to try the Pytherworld preview. I realize that he tried to be polite and constructive, but he didn't succeed.
    I mean, I've put my spare time of two months into Pytherworld. If a simple registration, a matter of a few minutes, is too much already then there's nothing I want to do about it.

    That being said, I actually forgot that you need a registration to access the Pytherworld release thread on the forums. I certainly did not intend to keep anyone from trying it, even though it's more a tech demo than a game right now. Don't expect too much from it. Anyway, here's the download link.

    1. That link leads to an ad

    2. @AnonymousJuly 3, 2012 6:09 PM: Pretty much it seems that multiupload is petitioning for The Internet vs Hollywood this time around so that's why the mutiupload link(s) are not working for now.

      In any case I will take a good crack at it to see how it matches up with daisy's current work that I've done so far.

      Oh speaking of which any chance that daisy would actually show how much was updated. I mean the work looks good so far, so I'd like to take a shot at that as well.

  6. Never happened to me. Have you tried it a few times?

    Well, here are a few other DL links:

  7. Sorry but I'll have to agree with the second poster - I won't register for a forum before I can determine if it'll be worth remembering another ID/PW pair and the risk of giving my email to a SPAM-er. And if I can't see at-least part of the content then there is no way for me to determine that ...

    No offense rudi_stoned but if the only thing that partially works is the jobs of one slave in the pens and the next shift button what was the point of this the demo? If that is not the only working part of the demo it'll be nice if you cud put some document/txt explaining what works and what should a user do if it doesn't work for him.

    P.S. I don't want to hear/read the opinion's of people who don't know why it isn't a good idea to be using the seam ID/PW pair on multiple sites just for convenience's sake.

  8. I never called it a demo (except a tech demo), I called it a preview. The point is to give people a look at the current state of development of Pytherworld, as is explained in detail on the forums.

    If you don't want to register, don't. If you don't want to try the preview, don't try it, that's totally fine with me. With that attitude, you won't contribute to my game, so I don't lose anything if you don't try it. Since you are not interested, you also don't lose anything by not trying it. In conclusion, everybody's fine.

  9. Argh post got ate. i'll just make a quicker post: i agree with poster 2 and 4 and the 2nd one above this. it's great, it's a hobby and its' awesome that the fans are sharing in part of it.

    But why not have bugged/experimental releases after a bunch of updates? Developers would get valuable relevant feedback which in turn should make a better game in the end. Lots of places do that. it's up to them ultimately what they want to do as these types of things are their baby, but how could it hurt?

    Like anon 6, i don't like having passwords all over the place either. s/he got it in 1st paragraph. 1 other reason is sites get hacked all the time and i hate spam. i don't want to check things all the time either ->time management.

    Again, it's the developers choice what they want to do with their hobby and the fans are pivilaged to be part of it but alienating future fans or making it hard for people to try your games doesn't seem like a good idea, rudi. This i'm sure is going to sound offensive but that's not teh intent. You were smug. it's like you were trynig to start a flame war? Why do that? Why cut off people and try to start a fight? Anon 3 disagreed but s/he wasn't rude about it. Personally i won't try your tech demo that previews pytherworld and i know you're totally fine with it so everybody's fine. If you give up on it, then ok, if you make it into a great success and have a good time with it, then that's okay too. We all win.

    tl,dr hamburgers are great. Beta releases are a good thing but it's the developer's show.