Sunday, July 22, 2012

Early Alpha

Blacksmith is working.  Yay.  I should add the girl paper doll to the paper screen, I might do that later.  Fixing obvious bugs and looking for more.  Also need to go work on the events and get the basic quests back in the game.  For those with SVN access please start testing the game and looking for bugs.

Speaking of bugs please remember there is a google doc with all the known bugs listed.  The link is over on the left hand side.  For those of you who have de-bugged before please send me a tell and I will give you write access.  For those of you new, I have to send you to the boards.

Basically I feel the game is there but right now we have 1.5 quests working in the entire game.  If I were to release the game like that even in Alpha it just be a headache as no one ever actually reads the comments.



  1. Updated my SVN to 1044. Launched Otherworld.swf by right-click, open with Adobe Flash Player 11.2 r202. Launcher hangs after "Loaded Girl List". Screencap here =>