Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buggity, buggity, bug, bug!

MB screen... moving assistants from guard to room 1 shows assistants who are not owned.  --- this is almost certain a continuing issue with other bug.

  • 7/27/27
  • Mainscreen Drag drop
  • mb-> mb assistants won’t move from gr to room1 will move to other rooms...
  • changejob droproom: 1 old room 0 -- fails
  • okay removed a return for the player in room... i’m a bit suspicious that this may create other issues but appears fixed for now.

2. New Game -> (select first assistant) -> Next -> (reload game) -> New Game -> (select second assistant) -> Next ... after that i have two different assistant images on the screen (see screen shot 2.png). + the second bug: after that i moved assistant image : 2_1.png -> 2_2.png and got 2_3.png (after that i can just reload game).  -- Lala Deviluke

added checks now assistants are all put in 0.

New Related Bug!

Player now is not getting jobs when moved with assistant.

okay fixed this new related but... guard room can become empty...

fixed I hope and new logic gate.  Seems to be working fine.


Home button on assistant screen gndn.  - fixed was never hiding assistant screen and its “on top” of main screen.


Can get more assistants then master bedrooms... ;_; - fixed

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  1. Thank you for your hard work and diligience in solving all these bugs, i noticed not many comments when the technical stuff appears, i read it but i understand very little of it

    keep up the awesomesauce work Daisy!