Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slowly, very slowly, and little progress

I have decided to take Mugi home with me, and she will never be heard from again.

Worked a bit on a rather annoying pen bug that I finally got solved.  And that was it.  Some days it just isn't that interesting to play with.

So I offer a distraction...

Mission Brothel 3.0  wow its a time sink I will tell you that already, but quite a bit more complicated the previous versions and the early game is actually pretty tight, the late game hard to get too... anyone got a 40 yet?!?!  Anyways the link...



  1. fun game until it needed different programs to play im no programmer or error searcher i just like playing and testing games

  2. while playing mission brothel i watched 3 episodes of anime, i passed almost 30 days ingame...than i gave up

  3. That was a good movie. Funny how there was more music played by the girls in it than in the entirety of the show tho.

  4. Too many programs too install, takes to long to even start up a new game. Not worth it in its present form.